27 MARCH 2001

In regard to the so-called Freemasons, their role is much like the mestizo Mexicans who I inform that: (1) If you worship your enemy, you are defeated. (2) If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved. (3) If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed. The Aztecs believed the Spaniards to be "the White gods who had returned". After being defeated, in a way which a Catholic might deem 'miraculous', the Indians were made to adopt the religion of the Spaniards, with the assistance of a brown "Virgin", whose image 'miraculously' adorned "a peasant's cloak". The "Virgin" appeared on the site of The Corn Goddess and was taken to be Her reappearance in Christian form. Thus is The Virgin of Guadalupe the religious symbol of Mexico. Of course, no Mexican is White nor Asian, but all are mixed. The adverse effects are recognized by all Latin Americans. Now and then, a mestizo will 'go on the warpath', and be aggressively out of sorts with everyone. Hence, one is advised to avoid him, because "the Indian is on top". A salesman, for example, is wise to await the reappearance of the White man. The Freemasons worship their jew-god, with some Babylonian and Egyptian rubbish thrown in. But that is mainly hocus pocus, a subterfuge for the real money-power operation, which resembles The Mormon Church. B'nai B'rith is the Jew-Masonic Lodge. As I understand, all members of B'nai B'rith must serve in a Gentile lodge for 3 years, before they may join. The ADL is a branch of B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Covenant). No Gentile may join. It's similar to a policeman who must do street patrols for a period before he gets a job in the station. The jews create the money; the White Freemasons serve the jews. It's all so simple and so obvious. The Freemasons are exactly as portrayed in "They Live": the earthling traitors who work for the jew-like aliens, who intend to destroy all human life on this planet. Like The Assassins, the Freemasons are organized like a cone: the lower circles of members are told one thing, while the next level are told something else, and so 'upward' or 'downward', if you understand that 'rising' in Freemasonry is equated with drawing nearer to Satan. The highest degree is the thirty-third. Satanist Alastair Crowley and Franklin D. Roosevelt were both 33°, which is 'honorary', meaning it cannot be earned, but only conferred, for "Great Service" The O.W. founders of the U.S.A. (Under Satan's Administration, as one Freemason told me) were Freemasons, and as such, anti-White. Since Freemasons are jew-supremacists, even if they are Gentiles, they are the foremost White members of the ZOG. The Freemason, whoever he may be, is OF the majority, and always anti-Majority, just as the jew is always anti-Majority, wherever he resides.

In regard to residence, I returned to Uszogland by default, after my foreign sources of income dried up. Most places I've been, my jobs were illegal, since I was only entitled to be a tourist or temporary visitor. Living in the U.S.A. is like living in any foreign country, for all the foreigners, especially the worst varieties, are here. The only distinction for me is that I am legally entitled to work, albeit at a coolie level which no self-respecting nigger would do. I am lucky that no Mexican beat me to it!

My stint with the U.S. Army was brief, at my insistence. There was that little bit of us wearing Bundeswehr uniforms, while speaking German. Very interesting, and very embarrassing! I had no desire to get into the spook business, so I let the Army know that a whistle was about to blow. That's why they let me go with a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions. That's when I finally took over the direction of my own life. What a joy, as well as a relief. I got out in 1961 and worked at various jobs in the S.F. Bay area, one of which got me down to the docks frequently, where I noticed all sorts of heavy cargo destined for "Saigon". I looked it up on the map. That was the year when General Gavin refused the 5th star, and resigned his distinguished military career, because, he said, the situation in Indochina was not within the capabIlities of the U.S. military to solve, especially under the self-imposed limitations. Gen. Gavin predicted, if I recall correctly, that the U.S. could expend its blood & treasure in Indochina for even 12 years and achieve exactly nothing, within the parameters he was given. Not only was he a great soldier, but he was also a prophet! U.S. involvement in Indochina was a 'many squalid thing', foremost of which was to stimulate the U.S. economy, like World War II, but without any risk of being attacked on the U.S. mainland. By engaging grunts, it would "absorb" the unemployed, most of whom were Blacks. Ha, ha! "We gon' frag yo ass, you honky mutha!" Then there was the Big ZOG Picture: the hebes and their cohorts wanted a war with China. The USSR would open a northern front, and the USA would open a southern front in Indochina, thus splitting China's huge military. When Ellsworth Bunker tried to hang this idea on NATO, I understand he was refused. Meanwhile, the U.S. military was destroying itself with drugs, mutinies and fragging and the homefront was boiling with anti-war activism, as well as nigger riots. Nixon's 'sin' was to recognize Red China and end U.S. involvement in the Indochina conflict by "Vietnamizing" the war. I know U.S. navy personnel who dumped ammo destined for Chiang Kai Shek into the ocean, and I know sailors who did the same with South Vietnam's ammo. The kosher fallback position was to assure the Hanoi regime that it would inherit all the U.S. ports, bases and military equipment intact, along with the rest of Vietnamese real estate. As soon as the Vietnamese Soviet client state was unified, guess what? China attacked! The message to the Vietnamese was blunt: "Don't mess with Big Chink, you wittle wogs!" Things settled down to a proxy war in Cambodia et al. between Chinese-backed Khmer Rouge forces and the Vietnamese Army-backed opposition forces. It's good to know that Buddhists are all so peace-loving. I'd hate to imagine what they'd be like if they were blood-thirsty! Subsequently, we saw the disintegration of the Soviet Union and jewry's shipments of technology and capital into China, which continues as China grows more desperate and bellicose. The jews appear to feel that China's saber-rattling should be supported with more and better sabers, from good old Uncle Sap. Anyone who aids China, and is not himself Chinese, must be insane, as well as criminal. Apparently, the jews hate Aryans to such an extent that they would see themselves perish, as long as we perish with them. The Chinese have no liking for any hairy, long-nosed, round-eyed devils, even ones wearing sheenie-beanies.

My view toward interracial mating between Whites and Yellows is expressed more fully in my essays on race-mixing, which is genocide and certainly not "the key to world peace". White males who indulge their needs for 'machismo' by means of Asian females are anti-social and anti-White. I have no more 'respect' for such critters than I would for drug addicts. I guess I really am a racist, for I care about my race. I would not sell my freedom for a bowl of rice and I would not destroy my race for some Asian poontang. Under an Aryan government, such behavior would be a crime, specifically genocide, which we hanged people for at Nuremberg. The Genocide Convention has been ratified by Congress. Since it is a treaty, it and the U.S. Constitution are "the supreme law of the land" in terms of Article VI, paragraph 2 of The U.S. Constitution. Right now, the ZOG and its minions are guilty of every act defined as genocide by the treaty, and their foremost victims are Whites. If I became President, I would certainly enforce this treaty against all perpetrators of genocide, as defined by the terms of the treaty.

I was called to work early, so I must interrupt this letter. I have lived some 12 years in countries in a state of civil war, but nowhere have I experienced such a degree of employee absenteeism as I do here in Yakima. There are no bombs, snipers, landmines, etc., but these employees frequently cannot make it all the way to work and when they do, they frequently cannot remain on the job for their full shift. Their excuses are many, but the cause is race-mixing and downbreeding, with each generation worse off than the previous ones. These specimens are the biological bottom of the barrel, and their offspring have fallen through the cracks in the barrel's bottom, from what I can see. Geezers like me are the best employees, for we like to keep our employers in business for our own job security, and we are unaccustomed to receiving pay without working for it. There are 30 and 40 year olds at my jobs who have flunked out of life and live with their aged parents, after having children of their own, whom they cannot support. I advocate retroactive abortions for all those in need. America is indeed an anti-social society, as I described in "The American Delirium". This is the Jew World Disorder that we wish to impose upon everyone on this planet. "They Live", all right, and we sleep.

On the subject of Freemasonry, I refer you to two revealing books, "The Empire of the City" (of London) and "The Brotherhood" by Knight, with whom I corresponded before his sudden death at age 33. Knight revealed the recent origins of Freemasonry in England in the 1700s, in which a group of wealthy conspirators infiltrated a moribund craft guild known as Masons, whose chief occupation was the construction of cathedrals. The infiltrators did not themselves work as brick and stone-layers, but they adopted the jargon and used aspects of the trade for their symbolism. The original Masonic guild had Christian overtones, including their Solomon Myth of Hiram Abiff et al., but the infiltrators removed specific Christian references from their charter, in favor of a "supreme being". Atheists are not allowed to join, but a Satanist would be o.k. I wonder about Buddhists, for whom Buddha is not a god, and who do not pray to any god. Freemasons, being hypocrites, would allow them in, I suspect. Jews would be quite welcome. The Mother Lodge of the Freemasons is in the City of London, close to The Great Synagogue and The Bank of England (sic). "The Empire of the City" extends, at the time that book was written, from London to Bombay, the opium port, to Hong Kong, the receiving port for opium. The British served the jew-banksters of London, the jew (Sassoon family) opium vendors of India and the jew (Soong family) of China. Yes, Virginia, there are indeed Chinese jews and there are jews of every hue along the great trade routes of the world, as far as history is recorded. The jews functioned as facilitators, middlemen, traders, bandits, etc., plying or plundering, trading or tricking, whichever suited their purpose, but nowhere and at no time have jews ever established a nationstate of their own. They have abundantly proved that they can only ruin civilizations, never run them. The jews appear to be the incarnations of a cosmic curse, of which they are the ultimate victims. By going along with their schemes, we shall be the first victims, of course. Thus it is that by saving ourselves from the jews, we save the jews, for a time, from the consequences of their own death-wish. But that will be another saga. The jews, like the termites, never stop doing what it is in their nature to do. When the psyche of a people decays, the jew rushes in. Christianity destroyed the Aryan immune system, according to Dr. Oliver.

The Freemasons do indeed recruit blue-collar class people. They do so to have their eyes and ears and fingers in as many places as possible. In The City of London, one lodge membership included cops and crooks, who made deals and caused a scandal to erupt. I knew one of the C.I.D. 'chaps' who had to resign prematurely and proved to be an accomplished con-artist in Rhodesia. His profession was stamped in his British passport. Naturally, you can perceive the usefulness of having access, influence and information from all areas of one's society. With covert methods, people can speak their minds to their local commissars, as long as these state representatives don't wear their uniforms. The Freemasons are always on the lookout for potential leaders in every level of society, who may be recruited and co-opted by the ZOG. Mexican president Porfirio Diaz used to do that with bandits: if a bandit were talented and avoided capture, Diaz would send him a telegram with a curt message: Silver or lead? If the bandit agreed to retire or join the Rurales, Mexico's equivalent of the Mounties or the Texas Rangers, he would receive a substantial salary. If he continued his banditry, he would be ruthlessly hunted down and killed. In Diaz' days, Mexico had few bandits. Oh yes, there are Black Freemasons who have their separate lodges. The kosher connection between Freemasons and Communists, liberals and communists, has long existed. Freemasons are predominant in Latin American politics, as I have determined in my own studies, and personal contacts there.

As an undergrad at U. of C., Berkeley, I met a Freemasonic recruiter who asked me if I were interested in joining his organization "to increase my knowledge". I was staying at that time in the Rockefeller-funded International House where I could meet foreigners, since I had foreign travel and residence in mind. I told the Freemason that I had no use for superstitious mumbo-jumbo, that I was an atheist and that I condemned anyone putting knowledge under lock and key, since it was so hard to teach people the truth, out in the open. My final shot was, "How do you equate secrecy with democracy?" Although we saw one another frequently thereafter in the student snackbar, he never spoke to me again. The recruiter was a retired marine navigator for U.S. President Lines steamship company. In Rhodesia, Freemasons were THE power group in the White population. All my fellow employees and bosses on Rhodesia Railways were Freemasons. They proudly told me so. The Freemasons had no worries about the advent of Black Rule, and I wonder where they are today. Since duplicity is the watchword, I would not be surprised if these White 'brothers' got duped. Sheep were made for fleecing and slaughtering. As you point out, there are clubs, lodges, organizations etc. for the top-kick kike Freemasons and their Gentile stooges. In addition to the CFR and Bilderbergers, which are work-groups, there is The Bohemians in California which feature anything the member desires in the way of 'fun' and self-indulgence. Their sylvan resort area is heavily-guarded, and anyone invited there could disappear without a trace, ZOG willing.

If I recall correctly, the Know-Nothings were anti-Freemason, anti-Catholic and anti-immigration, so they were not all bad by any means.

The Shape of Things to Come is generated by the forces described by Elmer Pendell in "Sex versus Civilization": downbreeding, to which I can add race-mixing, by observation. Pendell divides so-called humanity into two primary "'races", Problem-Solvers and Problem-Makers. As downbreeding, that is, the increasing proportion of Problem-Makers overwhelms the lesser proportion of Problem-Solvers in our society, things begin to crumble. Government becomes more brutal. In your District of Corruption the nignogs believe that stop signs are "racist", so they ignore them. "Why" is not a Black word, in my experience. Why stop signs? They aren't there to annoy, but to prevent accidents. Stupid people consider them an annoyance. One mestizo employee at my job complained that a vigilant cop had given him a ticket for not using his blinkers before he turned. The mestizo said that he only used blinkers if HE saw another driver. I said that's not the reason for using blinkers. It is to signal others of your intention to turn, drivers as well as pedestrians. You may not see them, but they need to see you. You did not see the cop, but he certainly saw you. I said that I always signal, for it is the person I don't see who most needs to know my intention! I could see that he did not understand. Obviously, he considers using his blinkers to be quite a chore. That reminds me of the joke in which a Black father forbade his daughter from marrying a Mexican, because the resulting offspring would be too lazy to steal hubcaps. Incidentally, I heard that break-dancing was invented when niggers tried to steal hubcaps from moving cars.

I agree that there will be no 'nice' way out of our predicament. Even if the Chinese were to cease their invasion, the mongrelized society promises to be a real chore to rule. Forget high living standards, etc. The major task of the rulers will be to keep the lid on, to prevent social upheavals and chaos, which merely lower the general standard of living even more. The major duty of such a regime will be to prevent the population from multiplying beyond its food supply. When mongrels rule mongrels, I don't see this happening. What is most likely is what we see in Latin America whenever the population breeds itself over the breadline: combat and chaos, which reduce the population for a time. Those were the 'good old days'. Now, the surplus muds flood into the U.S.A. and Canada, as they do in Europe. I guess I have already seen the future and it is COLOMBIA! Once that happens in North America, only a Genghis Khan or Tamerlane will have the appropriate means of 'communication'. It is folly to apply civilized laws to savages, who only understand savage laws. As I recall, it was said of Genghis Khan's empire that a virgin with a bag of gold could traverse it without fear. I must find a copy of The Yasa, which I think was the Mongol Law, of that period.

As the party continues aboard the U.S. Titanic, I see that all engines, the churches, the businesses, banks, media, et al. are running full speed ahead and that the ZOG-captain has the ship aimed for the biggest iceberg.

The so-called environmentalists are going to be crushed under "The Chinese Dream", just as the dam-busters have been in Washington State. Non-Whites exert ever-greater demands on the environment, and the bankster-businesses will exploit the environment to satisfy their insatiable wants. The environmentalists are hypocrites, for their parents made their money by exploiting the environment and the productive people in it. Since they are pro-immigration, they cannot prevent the have-nots from attempting to reach their higher status. Most of the 'environmentalist' propaganda is aimed against Whites, who are not supposed to reproduce, in order to save the planet (for muds who will ruin it, just as they have their own countries). The ZOG will have to seek diligently for words which can pacify those without water, electricity and jobs, but I doubt their cleverest jew word-distorters can find them. We are now supposed to 'live' off information, rather than things we manufacture for our own use. This means that I can tell my colleagues on the east coast that I am cold and hungry out here on the west coast and they can tell me how cold and hungry they are on the east coast. The New Economy is not new at all. It is merely a con-game. Let them eat virtual cake!

It does appear that White females are at least as gullible as White males. I note a peculiar phenomenon at my workplace where females are employed: there is a high proportion of lesbians amongst the ostensible heteros, but both persuasions drape themselves over a scuzzy nigger pimp cum drug-dealer who appears to include them in his stable. Even the bull dykes hang all over him. Maybe they like his aftershave, but then, he doesn't shave, either. Another mystery! Apparently, the local lesbians change their preference when the male is Black or mestizo. This means that lesbians can also carry AIDS. Such a deal! As you may have guessed, Yakima is not only a drug center, it is a great place for "STDs" or VD, as we used to call it. The mestizos are the primary carriers of all and sundry venereal infections, as well as TB, so let's enjoy the diversity! After all, if everyone were healthy, there would be no diversity, for sick people 'need' to be represented in all populations. All the cuddling of disease-carriers which I see on Judahvision and in my own environment informs me that I live in a huge insane asylum. I am no longer surprised, although I remain disgusted.

Please pardon the disjointed form of this letter, but my frequent work interruptions do derail my train of thought. In regard to your view of "Asian beauty", I can say that, for me, there is no more beautiful creature on earth than a healthy, pro-White White woman. I also note that you have a perfectly Freemasonic signature, with your 3 dots in the right places.


Eric Thomson