06 APR 2001.

Good morning! Many thanks for yours of March 30th and the Resister! I'm trying to beat the deadline when the post office closes in order to answer your letter. Yes, you do sign your letters like a Freemason. Three dots arranged approximately in the configuration of a pyramid is the signal. The Zud picked up some Freemasonic correspondence at a flea market and I read through the stuff. Their phraseology sounds slimy with all the pseudo-sincerity of an undertaker. The sweet stench of death and decay emanates from the fulsome praise. Well, it just happened that The Zud had ordered a truckload of A4 paper, but his jewish mistress's son had garbled the dimensions on the phone, so a big truck delivered 200,000 sheets, as I recall, all neatly wrapped in kraft paper in packets of 500. The dimensions were just off by fractions of an inch, and therefore unusable for the purpose intended. The Zud hemmed and hawed with the paper supplier: "You got our order wrong!" "No, that's exactly what you ordered!" etc. I volunteered to put my knowledge of Freemasonry to use. Obviously, the high mucky-mucks of the paper supplier were Freemasons, for they had Anglo and Scottish names. Ontario, Canada, is a hotbed of Freemasonry. Anyhow, I drafted a slimy, unctuous request in Freemasonic fashion and signed off, Freemason style. In one day after the sending of the letter, we heard an airhorn blast outside in the alley. It was the truck from the paper supplier. The driver wanted the paper back, so we hastened to help him load the entire shipment of paper. Within a few days, the truck returned. This time, all 200,000 sheets were cut to proper size and rewrapped, all at no charge! Three little dots did it! Knowledge is power, when it can be put to use.

It's interesting that you note the constant motion of people. I believe that I first encountered a cogent description of this phenomenon in two jew-books, "The Organization Man" and "The Lonely Crowd". What both described was the demise of community in North America. When everyone is on the move, relationships are necessarily temporary. The quickest way to meet people and make new acquaintances, for example, is when one travels by ship. One can go the same distance by airplane and become acquainted with no one, (a) because one cannot move around much aboard a plane and (b) because passengers don't care to invest themselves by making the acquaintance of someone with whom they will be for mere hours. Then, too, there is lots of paranoia, of fear that Something Terrible will befall a person who becomes acquainted with a stranger. I noted this social change when I returned to the U.S.A. in the late sixties. During the fifties, it was nothing for a passenger on a bus to tell you his or her life story. With females, one could easily strike up conversations. But in the sixties, it was easier to have sex with a female than to start up a conversation. In that brief time, females and males became reluctant to talk to strangers. American cafes were places where one brought one's own company. One did not visit a cafe to make new acquaintances, as in Europe, where strangers would sit at the same tables. I still don't know the origin of this paranoia during the "Hippy Era". Well, so much for my best-laid plan to finish this letter before the post office closed: I just got a call to go in early for work, due to a suddenly absent employee. Maybe it has something to do with sunspots or the phase of the moon.

It's interesting to hear that the economic disparities preclude one from living in certain places in DC, as well as cities on the west coast. To survive, I usually arrange to live within walking distance of my work. I have done so successfully for four decades on various continents. My rule is (1) Find a job and (2) Find a place to live as close to it as possible. Many people do it ass-backwards. They first find a house or apartment they like, then they start looking for a job, usually to discover that it's in another town. Somehow, they don't seem to mind spending five hours commuting every day! Another strange custom I have noted is that people incur debts on behalf of their chosen lifestyle before they even start earning an income. Usually, they find that their income never covers their debts, so they borrow more zogbucks and deem themselves 'lucky' if they can do so at a 'low' rate of interest. No wonder personal bankruptcies are increasing. I tailor my lifestyle so as to live just below my meager income. That way I remain out of debt and pay no interest.

I don't blame you for 'taking a break' on the racial issue. There is no point in endangering oneself, losing one's livelihood, etc. in a futile attempt to save people from themselves. I do what I can, with my limited means, for politics is "the art of the possible". By serving a Great Cause, to the best of my abilities, I derive a feeling of my own worth. Living merely for myself is not so satisfying. Been there, done that. Death is inevitable, but Duty can be a spiritually rewarding pastime until The Grim Reaper taps us on the shoulder. The majority of my race may be children or childishly senile, but I prefer to behave as an adult, and really get no pleasure from idle, consumerist amusements, as the majority appear to do.

The jew Toland cast light upon the connection between so many losers and National Socialism/ White Nationalism: Hollywood. The cinema-kikes have portrayed the NS leaders as kooks, and as losers who could not make it in any non-NS society, but, miraculously, such bumbling drop-outs could become brilliant, but crazy, evil, successes by donning a Swastika armband! Toland said this was not true at all, for none of the NS leaders fell into the loser category. Each had already made successful careers for themselves in pre-NS society, and as for Hitler, the bohemian artist and heroic war vet: "Even when he was a 'nobody', he was a 'somebody,'" said Toland. I know people who are indeed losers who adopt the outward trappings of the NS era for two reasons, at least: (1) As losers, they swallow the Hollywood hokum that NS can make them winners, and (2) Their alleged NS beliefs are the reason for them being losers, so they fantasize, because dey be poisecuted. One such fellow discarded his pro-White Nationalism, such as it was, and attempted to out-jew the jews as a salesman, which he was anything but. When it finally dawned on him that he was indeed a loser, he shot himself, leaving six Ostensible White kids and a somewhat demented wife to enjoy the insurance policy he'd sold to himself. I tried to advise him to work within the realm of the possible. He was fond of white collars, as was my father, whose real work was that of a rig mechanic. After he washed up and donned his leisure business suit, he looked like any middle-class shoe salesman, but he was never ashamed of his livelihood. He just liked being clean and wearing a suit, instead of coveralls. Come to think of it, he probably HAD to wear his suit, for his coveralls were in the wash! So much for 'bourgeois pretensions'. Well, this suicide fellow had really big bourgeois pretensions, and he preferred to earn less while wearing a white collar, than to earn more for his family wearing a blue one. Where was his National Socialist ethic, that all work, even the most menial, is necessary and therefore honorable? You guessed it. He was not NS at all, but just a loser. You've probably noticed bikers and skinheads wearing SS insignia and/or Swastikas, which I perceive as twofold statements: (1) We wear these, and that's why we are losers and (2) these symbols show we are real bad losers.

I have known people who always thought of themselves as bums, no matter how much money they had. I have lived like a bum, in terms of earning low wages or no wages, but I do not perceive myself as a bum. I was a student for almost 7 years in universities, so I learned to live like a student. A student is just a bum with some books. In short, I am a bohemian who does his own thing in terms of the Life of the Mind, plus some action now and then. I do not consider myself persecuted or targeted by the ZOG, any more than any White man. I am paid what I am worth, in terms of the 'work' I do. I recall the president of MENSA being asked what he did for a living. He astounded the interviewer by answering that he was a janitor. When he was asked why such a high I.Q. fellow would work as a janitor, he replied intelligently: It provides me with the maximum pay for the minimum B.S. In other words, how much B.S. are you willing to take in exchange for zogbucks7 My B.S. tolerance level is very low. My chief complaint is that my present job is apt to demand more hours of my life than I care to give it, but it is the easiest job I've ever had, and it appears to be the only job available. That is my reason for coming to "The Bulawayo of Central Washington", shortly after my return to the Jew-Ass-Oy-Veh. The job I'd hoped to get did not pan out, and since Yakima is similar to "Loserville" KY in economy, I eventually obtained a minimum-wage job, which allows me to scrape by, as long as I do not exceed my 1935 lifestyle.

The "Loserville" economy was split in two: "service jobs" working for burger joints, etc. and serfdom on a landed estate. I chose the latter, by working as a groundskeeper on a beautiful 30-acre estate in the posh area known as Harrod's Creek. It was like being in upper class England: travelling on well-paved two-lane roads which wound along the rolling hills of parkland, with English-style mansions tucked away amongst the stately trees. It was a 3-D postcard, and every square inch of the ostensibly natural beauty was manicured by people who did my job. It was hard work when the temperature rose to 100° and when the humidity rose to 100%, but I could keep up my efforts when younger men flopped. Of course, as soon as I got back to my apartment, I had just enough energy left to shower and go to bed. Although I had applied for any jobs I saw advertised, I received no response. The same proved true of answering want ads in Yakima. Race was very much a factor against me, as well as age, for I was pushing 60 and am now over the hump. It's definitely not what you know, but who you are and who you know that determines your employment. Yakima is rife with anti-White racism, for I am bilingual in Spanish and no one can use my 'lack' of Spanish as an excuse for refusing to hire me. I am simply melanin-deficient and lack the Asiatic features of the mestizos who get job preference, whether they are U.S. citizens or not. Since U.S. citizenship is becoming a joke, why must we take U.S. military service seriously any more? Indeed, what would we be fighting for, and for whom? Certainly not for ourselves nor our race. That was the gist of The Resister's article on the Korean War, Vietnam, et al. Vets tell me "we 'had' to fight" World War I, II et al. I tell them that is like saying "we 'had' to get hurt and die" so jews could increase their wealth and their power over us, as we diminished our own numbers.

The jewsmedia and nignogs are working overtime to "de-racialize" the "Fat Tuesday" fracas. The lesson is that Whites should shun any public gathering in which muds, chiefly Blacks, are present. It's not our country any more, so why behave as if it were? One interesting statistic purveyed in the jewsmedia is the great disparity between young crime victims and elderly ones. The oldsters have the good sense to come home before dark and not wander around "the negro streets", in the words of Alan Ginsburg. Young Whites haven't learned that lesson. Of course, the muds are becoming more arrogant and more intrusive, so geezers can expect to be visited in their dwellings, as is already happening here. Mestizo bandidos are going where the money is, with home invasions and abductions of fatcat gringos who hired them. Such 'cheap labor' and such 'wonderful' diversity! That is why I am prepared for hand-to-hand combat here in my bunker, for I would not be at all surprised were I visited by some marauding mud-thugs who would kick in my door when I am home. I know how to defend myself in World War I conditions, where bricks, bayonets, clubs, spades take precedence over firearms in such close quarters. I have the skill, and as long as I have the strength, I am reasonably secure. Of course, my idea of 'security' is a fresh shell crater, so I may be more tolerant of 'diversity' than other White wimps. In the event of fire, earthquake, riot, etc. I recommend that everyone have a 'bug-out' bag handy. There may not be time to hunt for flashlight, passport, spare cash, warm jacket, pocket knife, etc. while the building is falling down. One movie had a good line attributed to a gang of professional bandits and burglars. Their safety factor was expressed as being able to walk away from any person, place or thing "in 30 seconds". I wrote about such a security-prone lifestyle in "Your Rights in A Police State" in White Power Report, November 1976. When I look around my apartment, I wonder exactly what any mud would want to take from me. Realistically, they would demand payment for hauling it away. Not so with those who have the latest electronic gismos and/or the most fashionable nigger/spic clothing. I doubt my old German Army raincoat and dusty pith helmet would be of interest, fashion-wise, nor my well-worn British Army haversack which I carry groceries in, as well as mail. The only new items I have are some canned goods and six bars of soap, oh, and two spare lightbulbs. My furniture is a tasteful assortment of luggage and sturdy crates which I scrounged from alleys. I have a forklift pallet which makes an excellent shelf for canned goods, when leaned against a wall. Well, I go for comfort, rather than style, and I still live within my income. The Germans would call that "ein Wirtschaftswunder" or "economic miracle". I call it "indoor camping".

I "feel your pain" in regard to your frustration at marking time as The Titanic goes down while Whitey fiddles. That can change quite suddenly, for government exists in the minds of the governed. Perhaps our first step is to let Whites know that they are inmates of a jew-zoo, and that our keepers intend to use us as live food for the muds to devour, like the live mice which were thrown into the snakepits to feed the cobras. It's like being prison inmates, and not knowing it! I am aware that the ZOG provides agent provocateur outlets for expression of thought-crimes. "His bread I eat, his song I sing" is what I keep in mind when I encounter a cop or soldier on active duty, claiming to support the White Cause. If such a fellow is genuine, then he should do his own thing, within his own group, rather than be included as a member of a civilian group of White activists. I am certain that I am on the ZOG's hitlist; otherwise the ZOG wouldn't be doing its job. As a White man, I am always on the muds' hitlist, and I can be shot by any mud who dislikes my complexion. To be taken out by the ZOG would be a compliment or flattery in my estimation.

In regard to 'infiltrating the military', I saw a bit of that in Rhodesia, in two specific cases. Both fellows I knew were from the U.S.A. and both appear to have been killed by 'friendly fire'. The Rhodesian military forces performed their 'duty, of ensuring the peaceful handover of the country and its remaining Whites to the Black Marxist savages. Such 'good' soldiers, and the same held true for the White police force members. A White in the ZOG forces is under constant scrutiny and he or she must 'prove' his or her anti-racialism at all times, that is anti-White racialism. ZOG military training is quite contrary to that required by any guerrilla force combatting it. In other words, ZOG military training must be unlearned. Che Guevara recommended the use of bolt action rifles, rather than semi-automatic ones, since the guerrillas' ammo was limited and every shot must be used wisely. So much for "laying down a field of fire". As Pierce wrote in "The Turner Diaries", the ZOG-muds will sell their opponents the latest weaponry. This will happen if FEDZOGUSA gets more involved in Colombia. The mercenary motives are omnipresent, as proved when the FBI set up a sting operation at a Marine base in CA. The "Semper fi" types were so eager to sell stolen military items that the zoglings shut up shop, after realizing that they were really exacerbating the thefts of Marine Corps equipment. That was almost 20 years ago, as I recall, and I have no doubt that the 'loyalty' and 'ethics' of FEDZOG's 'elite' units are much worse today. As one of my characters in my first novel, "The Chosen One", opined, the U.S. forces and government had become strictly professional, with no loyalties beyond personal profit. Incidentally, that book served to inspire Dr. Pierce to write "The Turner Diaries". The perverse thing was his total reversal of target selection from the strategic, that is revolutionary, to the non-strategic, like the Okie City Zogblg. I have studied Pierce's output for decades, and I find that it has many important bits of disinformation in regard to jews, Whites and target-selection. For decades, I have attempted to convince blightwingers that the electric grid is an all-important strategic asset, as we are beginning to see in CA. In none of the blightwing diatribes, novels, etc. have I seen any acknowledgement of the importance of uninterrupted electric supplies for the benefit of the ZOG. A teed-off lumberjack who used the CB handle "Jayhawker" put the ZOG into the heebie-jeebies when he expressed his anger by blowing up powerlines in the NW. Had he taken out one more power-tower, he'd have blacked out part of B.C. and California. He helped the ZOG catch him by blabbing on the CB radio, rather than use the communication technique described in "The Chosen One" in which a note demanding ransom for the state of California is left at a stunt site and the message of acceptance is to be broadcast over the TV and radio networks in the form of a homily, so none of the masses of asses know that the state is being attacked and held for ransom by the bandits. As I advise putative White activists in "What We Can Do", it behooves them to distinguish mere publishing from politics (people-power) and salesmanship from leadership. Most of us who claim to be pro-White are really just consumers. We consume ideas, publications, gossip and Third Reich mementoes. Some even associate Confederate stuff with White Nationalism. But what would the Confederacy have been without niggers? Only Lincoln expressed a desire to repatriate them to Africa, as far as I know. The South fought to keep 'their' niggers. Like Mark Twain, I would have chosen to sit out the Civil War, although my American great grandfather chose to remain and to serve as a surgeon in the Union Army, thereby alienating his part of the family from the well-off relatives who were Confederates! We lost by being on the 'winning side', just as we did in WW I and WW II. That's one more reason why I tend to believe in The Law of the Contrary.

I tend to agree with H.L. Mencken and P.T. Barnum in regard to Whites in general, as proven by their long-term behavior which evinces gullibility as well as stupidity. No amount of reasoning can deter them from their lemming-like ways, just as I witnessed in Rhodesia. Then, some began to die prematurely and others fled to South Africa, without knowing the reasons why. If one examines an amoeba under a microscope, one sees the organism contracting, so as to avoid a probe. The Rhodesian Whites fled the Blacks' machetes with no more intelligence than that of an amoeba, only to repeat the same blunders in South Africa. I therefore have a healthy knowledge of what Whites are really incapable of achieving en masse. That is why I was never a "White supremacist", but a National Socialist who believes firmly in eugenics and in our racial responsibility to cull our own dud-specimens, if we wish to survive. If we don't wish to survive, so be it. When there is no love, there is no loss, as I observed in "Must We Despair?" If Whites would fight, there would be no need for flight. The muds would flee from us, but to fight effectively, we would have to organize, and nobody wants to do that! At least, we would have to agree on who we are, who the enemy are, and what objectives are desirable. So far, I see no such agreement amongst so-called White Nationalists, so I can't blame you for 'doing nothing', as you see it. At this stage, informing ourselves and informing others appears to be our foremost possibility. Since my definition of freedom is in choosing that set of obligations with which we are most comfortable, I carry on my informational activities, such as they are, because that is what I like to do, anyway. I don't need to be paid for my work on behalf of White Nationalism, but if I were, I could and would do much more.

The difference between Romans and Ukrainians is simple: The Romans were Aryan and the Ukrainians are not. People who think with their brains and not their glands are the foremost Aryans. I am capable of killing for a reason, but I would never think of it on behalf of emotion. Reason is permanent. Emotion is fleeting. Savitri Devi described it as "detached violence". That is what gives me the consistency and continuity in my work: I carry on because it is right. I do not drop it because I am lonely and receive no shekels nor kudos for it. My pro-White involvement is my reward, as well as my duty. Perhaps I am a throwback Roman or even a Spartan. When the jews formed a mob in front of Hate H.Q. in Toronto, I said to some of our supporters, "Well, it looks as if we are finally getting some company." I believe the small contingent of JDL activists within the mob fully intended to kill The Zud and trash the building, but we had prior warning and were there to welcome them, and that made them so furious that I could literally see the hatred flashing from their eyes and hear their snakelike hissing. Jews hiss when they are really mad. I have never heard White people do that. Maybe we never get that mad, but these hebes were really insane. I have seen them perform that way in several other situations, so it is definitely a kike characteristic. Had the murder taken place, there were over 2000 eye-witnesses who would be able to testify that The Zud had attacked them with a Tiger Tank which held concealed in his hip pocket. We were prepared to sell our lives dearly and the Toronto cops knew that, too, so they showed up in large numbers and kept the lid on the situation, just barely, for the hebes charged their line, after one JDLer shouted, "We have the strength! Let's use it!" I wished they had, for we had fortified the premises for medieval warfare. The front entrance was bricked up, the windows barricaded, with the only access being the rooftops, where we were prepared to defend. The jews' only other avenue was a narrow passageway, like the fortifications of Zimbabwe, which would allow a small number of defenders to attack the mob on equal terms, while bombarding them with lots of bricks, which 'just happened to be' on the roof that day, 3 stories above the would be attackers. There were some other items of plumbing down below, which 'could have' functioned like spears and truncheons, were someone to use them as such, but there was always lots of 'home-improvement' supplies on the premises. None of the bricks were licensed, to my knowledge, and we had no permits for the plumbing supplies. Funny how all that stuff can be lethal in 'accidents'. No, there is no 'nice' way of ridding ourselves of our parasites. As I see it, defence is no longer an option. Our only salvation will be in activism and attack, rather than passive flight.

As you say, there is no real escape and no salvation to be found in adopting the degenerate lifestyles of those depicted by Kerouac, Henry Miller et al. I live with such denizens of the 'marginal' classes and the 'downwardly-mobile', but I do not partake in their ways. I am a Nazi, leading an orderly existence amid a chaotic, degenerate society. I have no desire to join such featherless bipeds in jail, in detox, in the hospital or out in the street where they live out of and inside dumpsters. I have no desire to compete with them in pimping, whoring, drug-dealing, thievery, gambling and boozing. Fortune has thrown me in with them, but it does not force me to be like them nor behave like them.

As a former soldier, I was well aware that our job description included expendability. That is what soldiers are for. My only quibble was in regard to what and for whom I was to be expended. Anyone who would join the military as a career must feel that he has offered his life thereby, to a Cause Worth Dying For. Otherwise, he may be due for an unpleasant surprise, as I suspect would occur in the case of your Costa Rican acquaintance. It's like a "career kamikaze pilot". One mercenary commented that I really cared which side I fought for! Yes, I do. That's why I am not a career soldier. Eventually, every soldier will hear the equivalent of "that small metallic 'tink'." If you can find a copy of "The Little War of Private Post", I recommend it. He volunteered to fight against Spain in 1898 and just barely lived to tell about it, after escaping from a U.S. Army death camp where soldiers with mysterious diseases were kept in quarantine and left to die of neglect and ignorance. The foremost job of a military person is to defend his purported country's interests. If he survives intact, that's the topping on the cake. If Goyim could only think through the logical consequences of their actions, they might be reluctant to join the ZOG's forces. But asking most Goyim to think is like asking Mad Magazine's mascot, Alfred E. Newman, to worry. In effect, most Goyim would rather die than think. OOPS! I see it's time for work.

Back from work. The more I consider the macho words of the purported USMC gunnery Sgt., the more my B.S. detector burbles. I understand that some B.S. detectors tinkle, others beep and some have a brown light which flashes. Mine just burbles, like a slight case of indigestion. I am reminded of General Patton's comment that the U.S.A. had "lousy infantry". In WW II, the Germans discovered that an entire U.S. division would pull out of the line if they could inflict 25% casualties on the 25% of a divisions effective combatants. We joked about the Italians being top-heavy with brass, but the U.S. Army of WWII outdid them by a large margin. The "Battle of the Bulge" was noted because it was the first time in the European theater of the war that some of the cooks and clerks had to fight alongside the infantry! Of course, it was not our infantry who won WWII, but our massive carpet-bombing and strafing of anything that stood still and anything that moved which "won". According to British historian Max Hastings, the Allied evaluation of the German infantry, even on its last legs, was that every German soldier was at least as effective as two Allied soldiers, Americans included. Even U.S. infantry weapons were not appropriate to the infantry mission: advance and capture, rather than defend and retreat. We won with sheer quantity, not quality of manpower and materiel.

Let's flash forward to the U.S. Marine incursion into Lebanon, where "two Arabs in a breadvan" blew the Marines to hell, and out of Lebanon. In the old days, that would have been a call for general war. Nowadays, it was the signal for retreat. Then there was that tiny bit of sand in the Caribbean called Grenada. It took a carrier task force group over two weeks to secure the island. None of our volunteer 'elite' forces wanted to deal with some overage Cuban reservists hiding in the woods with their AKs. In the old days, the U.S. Marines would have secured the island in a few hours, with some casualties. What the Grenada incident told me was that U.S. 'elite' troops feared to get hurt on behalf of FEDZOGUSA. Panama was not much different. Then there was the much-ballyhooed "Desert Storm", in which U.S. casualties were generally self-inflicted by "friendly fire". This means cowardice and incompetence to any vet I've spoken to. As an aside, the 'brave' kikes who invaded Lebanon suffered two thirds of their casualties from "friendly fire". The kikes were shitting themselves and shooting at anything that moved, including their fellow hebes. The U.S. forces are very jewish in their capacity for cowardice and self-pity. No wonder the Arabs have learned to despise us! In WWII the Japs said that they feared British explosives, but not their manpower, which usually fled as the Japs advanced, abandoning lots of wonderful equipment, food and trucks, as the Japs strolled down to Singapore, where the whole sorry lot surrendered by order of General Percival, who seemed more a trumped up catering officer than a commander of warriors.

Some recent training exercises in NC were most revealing, according to my sources. A bunch of U.S. Army tank personnel was on a night exercise in their Abrams tanks or land dreadnoughts, as I call them. As I understand, blowing off a tread will render them out of combat, like any tracked AFV of whatever conflict. Well, the exercise was simple: the tank commanders were to receive radio messages in a shack, in which rendezvous coordinates were given. They were then to rendezvous at their predetermined positions on a starting line and proceed toward their combat objective. The tanks were superb in their performance, but the men (?) were quite incompetent. It seemed that few could actually write down the information given in clear over the radio. They did not seem to understand where the coordinates were on their maps. Some followed the tank ahead of them, and soon, the woods were full of charging land battleships, crashing down trees, colliding with one another, raising hell, and otherwise having a good old time. I don't know how many, if any, arrived on time at the starting line. In my opinion, one can never substitute sophisticated equipment to make up for poor-quality personnel. As one writer in The Resister wrote: "Don't defeat the sensor. Defeat the operator."

As one who is not privy to the current reports on military efficiency of U.S. forces, I must rely upon what leaks out. I know some active duty personnel in various branches of the armed forces, and, in Wellington's words, "I hope they frighten the enemy half as much as they frighten me." With such 'defenders' as these, I would prepare for war by drafting a surrender document. All wars have similarities, but each conflict and theater of combat is distinctive. I am sure that any group of competent, committed Aryan strategists and tacticians can run circles around a bunch of mercenary hedonists, like the U.S. Marines et al. The weak link in the ZOG-forces is their manpower, not their metal. Remember Somalia? Members of Delta Force were allegedly defeated by the niggers' "low-tech". (1) There were no radio messages to intercept and decode. (2) Tribal affiliation was so obvious to the enemy that infiltration was impossible.

If Whites dither much longer, guerrilla warfare will be impossible, for, in Cmdr. Rockwell's words, "our skin-color will be our uniforms." ZOG forces will simply kill or capture any paleface they encounter. There will be no majority population in which guerrillas can hide. I recommend everyone seeing the film "The Battle of Algiers" in regard to a national independence movement. It's a great flick for entertainment, as well.

As for joining ZOG forces to "learn combat skills, and infiltrate the enemy", one might as well join the Red Army to save it from Communism. Will our brave gunnery Sgt. obey orders to fire on Whites? That will be The Moment of Truth, as they say in bullfights. Anyone who can read and write should deny his essential services to the ZOG's mud minions. Then the days of the ZOG would be truly numbered: the muds can't do math, either. Another weapon in the arsenal of White Nationalists and non-White Nationalists is that few zoglings love the ZOG, and in the spirit of American free enterprise, they will sell out to the highest bidder, or cave in to the biggest knife.

As I have learned from my travels, the places in which one finds most anti-White Whites is where Whites still outnumber the muds. If I knew of a White Shangri La, I would certainly go there, but I understand that Iceland is pretty restrictive, although maybe not if you are a mud. Once again, we can achieve little or nothing if Whites do not see why they need their own nation, and begin to behave accordingly. Right now, Whites are behaving like the White majority in "Camp of the Saints". They welcome the mud invaders and freely give up their land, livelihoods and children to them. Then they turn on their one-eyed jews and go back to "sleep, obey, consume", just as in "They Live".

In regard to joining ZOG forces, I read that Dr. Pierce also recommends Whites to do so in his Resistance 'zine.  If becoming one with the enemy is so effective, why did the Whites not 'join' the warriors of the most hostile Indian tribe they could find? Imagine the 'benefits' of training, weaponry, etc. The renegade, Simon Gurty, did not attract many followers, nor should our macho gunnery sergeant. Those who serve the ZOG are enemies of their respective race, like the earthling traitors of "They Live". Let's not mince words. Every earthling should reduce his service to the ZOG as much as possible and increase his disservice to it. He should be especially 'critical' of his own kind who serve the enemy from their positions of prestige and influence.

The winds of fortune blew me back to the Jew-Ass-Oy-Veh, and flight from hunger landed me in Yakima, the Brown Bulawayo of Central Washington. Until I find a better hole, I shall stay here. As you can observe by my letters, there is no one here to talk to, but the same applied to "Loserville", et al. Why is it that every place I reside in for over a year tends to resemble Southern California? Central Africa had much the same climate and Eastern Washington reminded me of Southern California before the houses sprouted up all over. We even have smog in The Yakima Valley, as well as spics, so I feel I never left 'home' at all.

Although I have no local acquaintances who are on our wavelength, I do have a diaspora of correspondents who are aware of important items, as you are. These contacts keep me busy in my spare time. Even if I had a local contact with whom I could actually have a face-to-face chat, my hours are so limited and so inconvenient that we would be forced to exchange notes! It is a grotesque existence, but that goes for most of my life, in my own opinion. I am ruled by the clock, which often stops of its own accord, for it was made in China. Whenever it stops ticking, I give it a shake and resuscitate it.

In regard to the Biohazard article in The Resister, there should be no wonder why the U.S. zoglings are not afraid of former Soviet CBW items: The USSR was always run from the USA, just as the USA is run by the City of London. What most 'patriots' claim we should fight for has long ago been in enemy hands, and that also goes for The Constitution, which may be abrogated in its entirety by treaty. Article VI, paragraph 2 refers. So much for the Paper God, to whom all U.S. citizens swear their loyalty. The Constitution has long been superseded by the paper gods of money, which the jews create out of nothing and for which they charge us interest, ad infinitum. A preacher once told me "the jews are our misfortune". I replied that, were I a great magician who would wave a magic wand, with the words, "jews be gone", what would we hear as soon as the jews evaporated? We'd hear the stampeding feet of myriads of Goyim, who were running to fill the jews' vacant shoes and to continue their rackets. Or, as Henry Ford observed, it was not so much jews taking over business, but businessmen behaving more like jews. Werner Sombert, the jew economist, wrote in his book on jews and capitalism that "America is the distilled essence of Judaism". So much for Whites who want to be "the true Israelites". Once Whitey expels his Inner Jew, he may be able to save himself from his own folly. Otherwise, we evaluate our situation as "hopeless, but not serious."


Eric Thomson