23 APRIL 2001.

Dear Reader:

In this brief respite from calls to fill in for missing employees at work, I shall attempt to respond to your letter of April 18. With my dysfunctional work schedule, I could receive E-mail and still not respond promptly. I am rarely available to answer my telephone, which demonstrates the power of dysgenics over the best of modern communications technology! You have quickly noted one major characteristic of the blightwing, whose theme song goes, "me-me-me ... " ad infinitum. In decades I have found (1) None who are willing to correspond about ideas apart from their limited, often erroneous spheres of interest and (2) Total rejection of networking and/or collaborating on any idea which they have not thought up themselves, and which makes them no zogbucks. The mere mention that someone else may have a worthwhile idea would threaten their projected self-delusions of Omniscience and Infallibility. If you watch their behavior closely, you may see them stealing others' ideas, and pretending that they are the original products of their own godlike erudition.

I do not consider myself a blightwinger, nor am I in fact. I am a National Socialist and I invite all and sundry to steal anything I cook up, and claim it as their very own. My efforts are to manufacture intellectual tools composed of concepts and information which anyone can use. I expect no income from my work, nor do I receive any. Hence, I do not lose any income from others' appropriation of my intellectual products. I prefer that others claim my ideas to be their own, for I do not wish the ZOG to conclude that "Eric Thomson thinks up everything that ails us!" Such an illusion would probably shorten my writing career, and obviate any plans I might have for retirement. Modesty and generosity are not only virtues, but can be assets for longevity.

In this respect, I attempt to promote EDZI and AZA to any of my contacts, and most of all on the Internet. Once these concepts gather interested activists, neither of us is needed to lead those who carry on the work. I will be greatly surprised if you receive a single word from "Palestinians", who may be acting as a front for the ADL-Mossadniks. ZOG appears to dub Arab activists as "terrorists", no matter who they maybe, nor how pacific and just their cause. That goes with the territory, as they say.

I agree with the validity of the EDZI goal: to urge the withdrawal of support for Israel. My reasons for saying that we need Israel to make the jew visible, obnoxious and vulnerable remain valid, and anti-Zionist, that is, anti-Israel jews agree with me. Despite Zionist propaganda statements which you quote, Israel is not an asset to world jewry (1) Because it spotlights the fact that jewish interests are contrary to the interests of the nations under Zionist Occupation (everyone!). (2) Israel increases its impossible demands upon all Goyim. Several times, the Israelis have tried to enlist U.S. military forces in their violent occupation schemes, but the Anglo-American oil monopolists have refused to immolate what forces they still have in a Middle East Holocaust. As for the masses of asses, I have noted that their 'humanitarianism' usually coincides with their own perceived selfish interests. You may remember Israel's brutal invasion of Lebanon, which demanded further military aid and intervention from the U.S.A.? Suddenly, there were 'humanitarian outcries' against Israeli depredations, and no U.S. military intervention on behalf of Israel. That does not stop Israeli desperados from attempting to spread the street riots into a larger Middle East conflict, which would require massive U.S. military assistance. FEDZOGUSA is fully aware of this country's military deficiencies, so Yiddish-speaking Colin Powell politely demurs.

But let's go back a bit to examine present-day Israel's founders: Jabotinsky and his band of jew-nazis who believed that Israel would be a jew-state, populated by jews, only. They intended to drive out all Arabs between those two blue lines on the Israeli flag, which represent the Nile and Tigris-Euphrates Rivers. Then, supposedly, the jews could be self-sufficient and do their own manual and menial labor. Since this idea was definitely unpopular, the jews opted for an apartheid regime, like a mini-South Africa, in which non-jew peoples would be kept around as labor, as well as a market for Israeli goods. This neo-Zionist 'dream' became a nightmare, a concentration camp for unruly Arabs, to be guarded in perpetuity by jews who can look forward to lifetimes of thrown stones, sniper bullets and explosions, even if 100 Arabs are killed for every Israeli jew.

The jews' livelihoods and their strength have always come from the Diaspora, which existed long before the Romans' conquest of Palestine. By creating the bandit state of Israel, the jews have fallen victim to their own Lie: the myth that they could ever live without a host people or ever had done so. Israel is for jews as the Tar Baby was for the arrogant Fox in the Uncle Remus tale. The more the jews are involved in this ill-fated venture, the worse off they become. Let's look at the chess pieces, as I perceive them: On one side of the board are the Zionists and the Anglo-American oil gangsters; on the other side are the Arabs and the rest of us on Planet Earth. The former have been exploiting, murdering and impoverishing all of us in their own predatory and eventually destructive interests. The pro-Israel Zionists are not only politically bankrupt, but they are terminally insane, for they are willing to destroy their most powerful ally, the U.S.A., in support of their confused and self-defeating efforts to sit upon a growing and hostile Arab population.

The Anglo-American oil gangsters desire "a Crescent of Crisis" in the Middle East on behalf of their oil monopoly. These criminals tell us, through their presidential mouthpiece, Bush, that "we must continue our blockade of Libyan and Iraqi oil for 'moral reasons', even though higher oil prices result from that blockade." Crisis is one thing, but general war is apparently not what the oil gangsters want, and they have let Israel know. This does not mean, however, that the Zionists and their Christian-Armageddonist allies won't stop trying to enlist the American 'golem' (Goyim) on behalf of Israeli insanity.

As I see it, Israel could continue to rule its riotous concentration camp for Arabs, without a general war, but I don't think the jews are so stupid or so patient. The long-suffering Arabs have clearly given the jews a real case of the heebie-jeebies. The realistic option would be to drop any Zion-nazi intentions of driving out all the Arabs from "Eretz Israel", making a secret deal with Arab leaders, and then, after "declaring victory", a "democratization" of the Israeli government and a gradual dissolution of the Zionist state, with relocation of jews to the U.S.A. at U.S. tax payers' expense, of course. The religious jews could remain under Arab rule. Those who disobeyed the law could be expelled to the U.S.A. where they could look forward to living off the fatheads of the land, if only the kikes had not opened this country's borders to the mud-flood of Asians and semi-Asiatics! But that is another saga.

There is another option: the use of weapons of mass-destruction, specifically, the neutron bomb, which supposedly kills mammals, without damaging property and natural resources. Arab labor is not required for exploiting oilfields, for example. Only jew Israelis need Arab labor. The dilemma is typically jewish: if they solve the Arab Problem by eliminating all the Arabs from the Middle East and taking over the oilfields, then which Gentiles will do the useful work, which jews are obviously unwilling to perform for themselves? Israel has already imported Thais and other Asians, but will they remain docile hewers and drawers? Not likely!

If such a "Final Solution" is feasible for the petro-bankster-gangsters, they might even use Israel as the cat's paw. By blaming Israel for dropping neutron bombs, the Anglo-American oil gangsters might be able to convince North American Arabs that they had no role in the extermination of the entire Arab population of the Middle East, unless the Israelis blow the whistle on them. All very interesting!

Whatever efforts EDZI and AZA can do in the way of Jew-Awareness would serve the larger purpose, as you have attempted to explain to various blightwingers. In this regard, I admire your efforts, but it seems you have discovered exactly why these specimens are blighted.

Thank you for clarifying the Esperanto issue. I agree with you fully. Perhaps one day a White Nation will choose their own language. Esperanto would be fine with me. Now, off to work.


Eric Thomson