21 APRIL 2001

Dear Reader:

Thank you very much for your informative letter of 12 April, and thank you, also, for your offer of Erik Wallin's book, "Ragnarök"! My advice is to find a young Swede for whom that book, with its somber, yet inspiring message, can do the most good. Even if I were fluent in Swedish, it would be, as Christians say, "like preaching to the converted." We can best use our information by making it available to those of Our Race who do not know. Here in Yakima, there is no one I know who would be willing to read "Ragnarök" in English or Spanish.

I recommend for your reading, "I Was Quisling's Secretary" and "Wenn Alle Brüder Schweigen". I forget the name of the author of the excellent biography on Vidkun Quisling, the patriotic leader of Norway, who knew the horrors of Judeo-Communism from his Red Cross relief work in the Soviet Ukraine, during the Stalinist famine. According to that book, the Norwegian Communists wanted to keep Norway militarily weak so that the Soviet Union could easily annex Norway to its jew-bolshevik 'workers' paradise'. The author mentions "Leon Trotsky" (Lev Davidovich Bronstein) touring Norway, after his departure from the USSR. He travelled in luxury, provided by jew-bankster families. "Trotsky" did not appear to know that he was being given a Mafia sendoff, that his days as leader of Red Jewish Russia were over, and that he was being sent off to exile and retirement. "Trotsky" had failed to conquer Europe on behalf of his mongrel tribe, so that job was now given to Messrs. Djugashvili and Kaganovich, the former being the jew who called himself "Stalin". In Norway were other traitors who loved Britain more than their own country. This bloc wanted to keep Norway defenseless so that FDR's lackey, Churchill, could invade without difficulties. For these reasons, the Germans quickly occupied most of Norway. The Zionist royal family departed for England; the Communists went underground and Quisling remained to give Norwegians a voice under German occupation. For that, the real traitors accuse him of being a "traitor!" As we often see, those who accuse others the loudest are usually guilty of the same accusations, to a much greater extent. There is an old saying that "one who points a finger at another points three fingers back at himself." We must remember this every time a jew calls someone a "liar". After the Ragnarök of World War II, Trygve Lie, the Norwegian Communist, represented the postwar Norway as Secretary General of the Jew-En. These same traitors tried Quisling for "treason". His trial took place in Oslo's Freemasonic Temple.

"Wenn Alle Brüder Schweigen" is an excellent picture book of the Waffen SS, with text in various languages, including German, Spanish and English. Some editions are bilingual, in German and English. It was first published by Munin Verlag, although I no longer have the address. A source would be on the Internet, I'm sure.

My major problem at present is total lack of time, even for letter-writing. My coolie jobs require me to work seven days a week, at irregular hours. I am reminded of this as I attempt to type this letter: I just received a phone call to come in for work earlier this evening than usual, because one of my dysfunctional, dysgenic co-workers just quit. Good riddance! But until my employers can hire another, probably of the same ilk, I must fill in by working additional hours.

My disagreement with the philosophy of the SS can be summed up as: THE BEST SHOULD NEVER BE SACRIFICED ON BEHALF OF THE WORST! The rabble of Europe should have been driven in front of the SS, into the jew-bolshevik and Allied Zionist gunfire. The kosher commissars of the USSR did exactly that with their prison populations and any Gentiles they could find to fill up their companies of cannon-fodder as they advanced. As I understand, the Soviet Jewnion had very few resistance fighters in their rear areas, after the Red Army had scoured the countryside for conscripts. I knew Ostensible White Europeans who bragged of their acts of subversion and sabotage in wartime. Some said that they disliked the Germans. To them I replied that they were helping the worst enemies of Europe to win the war, and that they would probably not have survived a Red Army occupation, if they had been able to invade Western Europe. They did not invade, thanks to the Germans and the Waffen SS! Thus, these 'heroes' of "The Resistance" have lived to brag of their sneaky exploits. Well, I see by the clock that I must stop writing. Maybe in a few days, I can resume.

22 APRIL 2001. This thought before I resume work today: When Churchill toured the Normandy invasion area in 1944, he saw how the French had fared under German occupation. After noting their fat cattle, Churchill sneered, "These people have had it too good!" As Allied "liberator" Churchill and his jew masters obviously intended to change that! I think this quote came from Max Hastings' "Operation Overlord", a good history of the Allied invasion of Europe. Once again, I must rush off to work.

23 April 2001. It's fortunate that I can reread our letters so that I can pick up my train of thought before I must return to work. People tend to think of our ancestors as being not as smart as we are. This is stupid on our part, since an accumulation of technology does not make us smarter. If technology and its many gadgets make us so 'smart', then who could have invented such things, before they ever existed? How many of us could survive if we were dropped into a wilderness, naked, without anything but our present-day knowledge? Most would not. Like our earliest ancestors, we would have to adapt quickly to our new conditions, and we would have to provide ourselves with food, clothing and shelter from the land, with no foreign imports! As the earliest humanoids migrated north, into the colder regions, Nature got much nastier, so, apparently evolved the White Race, with Our intelligence, discipline and productivity. Blacks of today would not survive if they were living in Northern Europe and Asia, unless there were Whites there to look after them. Unfortunately, we welcome the Blacks into our hard-won livingspace, where they live off White productivity and enjoy White women and White security. Even one Black man wrote that we were insane to allow Blacks to occupy our countries, since they had nothing to give, but would only take and take, and eventually they would destroy us. The title of the Black writer's book is "John Bull's Nigger". If you ever know where a copy is available, please let me know. (Old Robert has one! Ed.)

I read a recent newspaper report that people in Norway no longer have the right to choose their associates, nor whom they will do business with. The report says that a tavern-keeper is being prosecuted under Norway's anti-White laws for refusing to serve a Black. In the U.S.A., I remember seeing signs in bars and restaurants that "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." The signs did not say, "Whites Only" or "No Blacks Allowed", as they did in the American South, into the 1960s. Now, such signs are gone, because we have no right to associate nor to do business with whomsoever we choose. Only non-Whites have the right to be exclusive. Whites can never keep out non-Whites without facing punishment under our own anti-White laws. No nation can survive if it does not maintain its exclusivity, so the intention of the ZOG is obviously aimed at destroying Whites and our civilization. "Our" Zionist Occupation Governments have declared war upon all of us, but we do not seem to realize this deadly fact.

The Vikings were wise to attack their far more numerous enemy, the enslaved Christian Whites of Europe, for their raids kept the enemy fearful and pinned down, so he could not mount a massive attack against the last true White people. The deadly poison of Christianity was used by greedy, power-hungry rulers to tighten their rule, by subjecting the people to priests who taught them to obey blindly, for fear of punishment in a jewish "afterlife". Aryan morality was superior to Christian morality, which merely placed jewish labels on our beliefs. The Ayran said "Lying is wrong." The Christian said, "Lying is wrong because The Big Sky-Jew and His Son say that lying is wrong." Then came the interpretations: "Well, here the Big Sky-Jew says that lying may not be wrong all the time." Nietzsche wrote that Christianity provided mental exercise for its believers, who had to reason around Christian dogma in order to do what they already intended to do. That reminds me of the mental gymnastics which Communists have to do in order to couch their intentions in terms of Marxism. If the jew, "Lenin", had not been so bloodthirsty, he would have been a master of absurd comedy. When he declared that "those who do not work shall not eat", he totally reversed Marxism's fundamental credo of "from each, according to his ability, to each, according to his need." With total impudence,"Lenin" called his political philosophy "Marxism-Leninism", an oxymoron like "Godly-Satanism", "Strength-through-Diversity", etc.

Christians still attack the Vikings with their lies. A daily feature in many U.S. newspapers is a cartoon strip called "Hagar the Horrible", about supposedly Christian Vikings who remain uncouth, unwashed, primitive, ignorant, violent, bloodthirsty "White savages".'As I understand from history, it was the Christians who were filthy and ignorant, etc. One "saint" even called lice "Pearls of God". As for bloodthirsty violence, Karl the Saxon Slayer, alias Charlemagne, betrayed and killed any White he could capture, who preferred death to baptism in the new slave religion. It's too bad such heroic genes were lost to Our Race, for we need live heroes to breed more of same, not dead ones who leave the skrälings home to breed more of their cowardly kind.

Of course, the Christian conmen popularized their jew-cult by putting jew labels on our ancient Sunstead or Solstice Festivals, just as they had previously incorporated other pre-Christian deities and beliefs into their "religion" of jew domination. The Jehovah's Witness cult points out the "pagan" nature of "Christmas" and "Easter", and they are 100% correct in that single aspect of their neo-jew cult. That is why I send Yule greetings to celebrate the turn of The Sunwheel of the Seasons.


Eric Thomson