by Eric Thomson

Dear Burnt Out:

Your observations were very much appreciated, and I entirely sympathize with your plight as a man of action who must exist in a period of decay and doldrums in which Our Race heeds nothing and does nothing to avoid extinction. Since you no longer wish to correspond, I think the issues you have brought up are worthwhile for our readers' consideration and I shall try to address them for the benefit of others who may feel as you do.

You rightly complain about the whining and 'bravado' in the so-called White racialist 'movement'. What do I do about it? Nothing, for I have nothing to whine about nor do I mistake 'fighting words' for bravery in a real fight. Fighters fight. They do not write about their deeds before they do them. Written words are appropriate to thought, which may lead to relevant action on the reader's part. Written incitements to commit illegal acts can get the writer and the perpetrator into trouble and such incitements are often indications that the writer is a ZOG agent provocateur. I believe that no leader worth the title would advocate doing something he would not be willing to do himself.

There is a tendency for people who feel they can have no influence upon events, nor even upon their own lives to ignore information: "Why should I study a problem if I can do nothing about it?" My answer is that knowledge is like learning First Aid. You never know when you may need it. It's better to have knowledge in any case, for even if you cannot use it, others might need it. As our racial situation worsens, it is certain that Whites will need every scrap of survival knowledge they can get, and the sooner, the better. This raises a question about people who plan to head to some perceived 'haven' when the muds hit the fan and the ZOG comes tumbling down. If I knew of such a place, I would go there immediately. It does nobody any good to have his Shangri La a few thousand or even hundred miles away when travel suddenly becomes dangerous or impossible. Where I live is overrun with non-Whites, but I know of no other place where I would be any safer, nor where I could earn a bare living. Of course, I have only myself to defend and nothing but my own life to lose, so I do not worry.

You mention that you are tired of worrying. After my residence in Cali was bombed for the second time in six months, I stopped worrying over things which I could not control, once I had taken all defensive measures at my disposal. As it was, I only survived one incident by inadvertently over-sleeping exactly one hour. This caused me to miss the first bus out of Ibague, which never arrived at the next town, since it hit a landmine and wound up at the bottom of an Andean gorge, with no survivors. I suppose I could have worried about landmines, in Colombia, Rhodesia et al., but I just couldn't be bothered. I took what few precautions I could, and let the Norns handle the material arrangements. On reflection, I would definitely plan to take the second bus out of Ibague, were I to travel from Cali to Bogota again. Best of all, I would not go back to Colombia. I don't have to, since Colombia et al. is coming here. Information and events do not cause me to worry. I'm sorry if they have that effect on you. I am always eager to receive information, for there is always the prospect of opportunity therein. I, too, enjoy action, but I have learned patience.

You mention that your White community and society became "broken" when you and your friends had to endure forced busing. I never had to, for my schools were already integrated with mestizos and Blacks in the forties and fifties. In other words, I never attended an all-White school, not even kindergarten. I was never disappointed because my parents never promised me 'a rose garden' and my White society was not broken AFTER I attended school, but BEFORE I started elementary school in 1944. The mestizos outnumbered the Whites, and they were both Anglo- and Hispano-mestizos, i.e. "FDR Whites".

You say that you are tired of underperforming, of making yourself a social cripple and of draining energy from productive pursuits. You also state that people join "causes" because they fear life in the "wide, red-blooded world", which is logical if one adopts a policy of withdrawal. I live within my means, but I would not claim to be a "social cripple". I am a red-blooded Nazi, as some people say. To them I reply, "So what?" The non-Whites know that I am not ashamed of being a White man and a National Socialist. I treat everyone fairly and I am polite, even when someone has to be thrown out of the premises, literally. I do not fawn nor grovel before non-Whites as some do, just as I expect no one to fawn and grovel before me. I do not associate with drunks and druggies after work, nor do I take promiscuous women home to bed with me, although I know at least a dozen of the locals. I remember a fellow who came to visit me at my editorial office in Reedy, WV. As I excused myself to go typeset an article for White Power Report, this character asked me if I'd prefer to shoot some pool, smoke some good 'seegars', kill a bottle of whiskey and go grab some whores. I replied, "Do I look like a nigger?" He opined that I did not. "So, why would I want to behave like one? I ENJOY my work!" That was entirely true, for I worked without pay, out of a sense of duty and privilege. I have never considered writing what I believe in to be 'work'. The gin-joints, gambling houses, dancehalls and whores are here aplenty, along with the "seegars", although there are very few Whites in sight where such activities occur. I prefer my own company, along with my typewriter, to the company of the dark denizens of this region. I am not a puritan, but I know what I like and what I dislike, so I avoid participation in Afro-Asiatic 'social activities', and do not believe myself to be "socially-crippled" there-by.

You write that anger and cynicism resulted from your denial of your previously-experienced White community. To me, that would be like having my house burn down. Anger and cynicism would not be my response, for I would be too busy building a new one. As I say, I never experienced a White community, although I hope to, one day.

Whites live in a state of war, on all fronts. Once we realize this, we can begin to defend ourselves, even as individuals, although we could not only defend ourselves, but defeat our enemies, were we to organize! You remind me of the two French officers in the trenches of World War I. One of them really suffered during his stint at the front, partially as the result of his own attitude: "This is war, so I must suffer!" The other officer saw no need to suffer unduly, so he arranged to make his life at the front as comfortable as possible, for he knew this trench would be his home, until his relief arrived, or he was killed, captured or wounded. I believe in making war, but not upon myself. It is my experience that one who makes war upon himself exhausts himself before coming to grips with the enemy and thereby becomes a Burnt Out Case. Life is Struggle, so let's make the best of it.