29 APR 2001.

Dear Reader:

I will try to finish this letter to you before I must go to work. I think you should be aware of the grim fact that FDR designated mestizos as "white". A quick perusal of Wanted Posters in any U.S. post office will confirm this fact, when you see a "Sally Bluefly" or "Juan Orozco" listed as "White" in the racial category. The pictures reveal them to be non-Whites, as well as the other identification features. Virtually all so-called "American Indians" are mestizos, and they may use Anglo or Hispanic surnames. Many people with Anglo names are mestizos and are classed as "White" on such official documents as wanted posters and birth certificates. As I recall, most of my elementary schoolmates were Anglo-mestizos, who were proud to say that they were "part Mohawk", although "Cherokee" seems to be more fashionable these days. They could have passed for light-skinned Mexicans. As a White, I was already in the minority, back in the 1940s in Southern California. I'm sure you will find that the true racial situation is not "White", but mestizo in most of the northern U.S. states. The Scandinavians seem prone to race-mix with the local Indians, and I have found that most of those with Scandinavian surnames are indistinguishable from full-fledged members of the local tribes. I know many blond, blue-eyed, palefaces who are entitled to collect ZOG handouts based on the percentage of their "Indian" tribal affiliations, down to the 32nd degree. Most of these mestizos are what we call "White Trash". It really doesn't take much non-White admixture to spoil the entire critter. One of the main reasons that the pro-White racial message is unheeded, is that the recipients are not White. If I were a majority mestizo, which is what the North American population has been a lot longer than we'd like to admit, I would just ignore appeals to White survival and go on about my tasks of immediate personal gratification. Since I was already part Asian, I would not understand that more Asians would threaten my standard of living. Race-mixing brings about "the loss of understanding", which is the root of all evil, as Savitri Devi quoted from the Hindu scriptures. It also stands to reason that the mud masses which are flooding into North America will do as they did in the places from whence they came. They are not solving their problems by coming here. They are simply transferring their problems into new areas. The proof of this is in the fact, that they did not work to solve their problems in the places they came from. If we want to see the future of North America, all we need do is look at Asia, Latin America and Africa, unless we decide to do something to avoid that grim future.

Our situation reminds me of the Hollywood "B" thriller, "The Invasion of the Body-Snatchers", in which humans are taken over by space aliens. Obviously, the remaining humans who are aware of the situation and who try to fight the aliens, attempt to warn their ostensible fellow-humans, only to find their warnings not only falling on deaf ears, but getting them attacked by those whom they attempt to save! I strongly suspect that the MESTIZO FACTOR is a major component of our survival problem as Whites. As for the "majority" arguments, it is of no importance whether or not Whites are a "majority" or a "minority", if they refuse to defend their racial interests, as opposed to their immediate, selfish interests. I have recently travelled through the entirety of "The Great White Hopeland", and I saw mainly sullen, semi-Asiatic specimens from Kentucky to Washington. Maybe the "Whites" are off, somewhere, in the hinterlands, but I doubt it. I find this no more dismaying than I did when I found myself the only Ostensible White on a train to Bombay. We are, and always have been, THE MINORITY RACE. If we are dismayed by this fact, then we are not worthy of being Whites.

The idea of a White Homeland has always been correct. The idea of establishing such a homeland at this time and at this place is futile because it is passé, like booking passage on the Titanic. The mud-majority are already here, and well-entrenched on tax-payers' money and the jobs provided them by the so-called White growers. As I said in my Sitrep (military jargon for Situation Report), a large White influx, anywhere in North America, would have to be conducted with the objectives, discipline and equipment of a military invasion, for our influx would mean the occupation of existing towns, farms, jobs and housing, under ZOG. One tactic would be colonization of areas which could be purchased from existing landowners and then developed by fatcat financial backers of White colonization, but why bother with idle fantasies? The ZOG would soon be aware that White communities were forming, and it would act to break them up, as it has done everywhere, with success. Thus, the advocates of The White Homeland are putting the cart before the horse: the first requirement is the destruction of the ZOG.

I take issue with your objection that education is a "hopeless task". If I believed it to be "hopeless", I would not bother with it. I became educated, despite all the ZOG-propaganda I was exposed to in my schooling, and in the media of entertainment and information. If I succeed in educating even one or two Whites, I will consider my lifelong efforts successful. (2) What. I am advocating is not nearly so "hopeless" as attempting to win Whites' love and adherence to a disembodied set of values, which, of themselves, can have no purpose nor value without Whites who would abide by them. Newton's Laws of Thermodynamics will exist, whether sentient life remains on this planet or not. As you say, I wish to educate Whites everywhere, without thinking for an instant that this means ALL WHITES. It is to the "1 out of 20" that I direct my message, and I assume, that will be your best prospect, for promoting Dynasophy.

The thing I love most about National Socialism is its correctness, its proper combination of earthy knowledge and its appeal to the highest aspirations of Our Race. National Socialism knew that men had bodies, with animal needs, so it did not pretend, as do Christians, that such needs could be ignored. National Socialism also knew that men had ideals and higher aspirations, beyond themselves, unlike Capitalism and Communism, which dismiss such needs as "impractical" and "nonsensical". National Socialist man had his feet firmly planted on the earthly realities, and his mind roaming amongst the stars. Normal ideologies tend to leave out the animal aspects which provide us with such meaning and sustenance: can one's ideology substitute for a warm and loving woman? Can it even begin to supplant the thrill one receives when one's child grasps one's finger in its tiny hand? Does the ideology instill one with the love and appreciation of Nature, and let us know where we stand in the scheme of things? National Socialism did all that. Ideologies such as Judaism, Christianity, Communism and Capitalism do not achieve this wholeness, because it is in their very nature to seek distortion, dissolution, defilement and destruction of all Nature. "The Universe is a Monster", as the jews and their goy adherents proclaim. This explains, at least partially, their hatred of all beauty, health and natural order in general, and of those who incarnate such attributes. The Dark Age Forces are so logical, and so insane.

I do not think I have stated my objective as "saving the entire White Race". I am fully aware that no portion of Our Race can be saved if the foremost representatives do not save themselves. I am not a "White Supremacist", for I do not believe in saving any featherless biped with a light complexion. Every race produces its duds, and they must be culled, to prevent the destruction of the whole race. A dud is deficient in terms of character, as well as those of physique and intelligence. The Scandinavian socialists had a simple rule of thumb: those who were social burdens would be sustained by the public, but they would not be allowed to reproduce more social burdens. In regard to the character aspect, the prison system could be run according to the same eugenic principles, and those overtly lacking in good character would be denied reproductive rights. The Dud Factor can be easily controlled, for it is the productive members of society who would be paying for their upkeep. The sooner we do this, the better! The sudden curtailment of welfare checks would bring down the ZOG in a jiffy.

As things appear to be moving, any "White remnant" would consist of the tiny minority of leaders and problem-solvers, along with the usual number of drones, duds and sheeple. The primary task, as I see it, is to unify the Problem-Solvers of Our Race into the formation of a White Nation, with or without geographic frontiers. That would be the first step toward racial survival, although I would not hold my breath for its advent. Every Problem-Solver appears to have his favorite Problem-Maker, just as every German had "his favorite jew", so this separation might be impossible to achieve. But even mere control of the number of duds and dysfunctionals in any society would be a great burden off our backs.

In regard to National Socialist economics, one writer, Wayne Tansill, characterizes it as Keynesian and opportunistic, a hodge podge of measures adopted to meet this or that contingency, as each occurred. One must bear in mind that National Socialist economics were subordinate to the well-being of the Nation, rather than the profiteering of the few, at the expense of the German people. Thus, one might compare NS economic tactics as the same used by jew-dominated economies. The difference is not in the tactics, but in the user, just as a gun can be used by a policeman or a bandit. The Tansill article fails to distinguish the National Socialists' "printing press money" from other printing press money, currently in use. He claims, for no good reason, that NS policy produced "inflation" and "deficit-spending". Not so, according to Germans who lived in NS Germany. The key was in PAYING the money into existence, as did Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Tsar Nicholas II and Adolf Hitler, which was why they were all killed. Every U.S. Federal Reserve Note is BORROWED into existence, at interest. If all FRNs were turned in to the Federal Reserve, which does not belong to the U.S. government, that would pay off the principal of the "national debt". but the interest would remain unpaid, and there would be no money to pay it! The charging of interest is inflationary, especially if it occurs at the very creation of a country's currency. The difference between banking and counterfeiting, according to my economics professor, who was on the Federal Reserve Board, was explained thusly: "Bankers do not print money and counterfeiters do not charge interest." When I said that banking sounded like a much better racket than counterfeiting, he just smiled and changed the subject. National Socialist money-creation was not inflationary, because Schacht advised that every Reichsmark so created was to be withdrawn from circulation by the central bank, after having done its work of stimulating economic activity. As far as I know, German inflation was minimal, even during the war years, which is remarkable, since war production is usually inflationary, as the earnings it generates compete with the earnings of civilians in the demand for civilian goods. Rationing programs were in recognition of wartime inflation. This currency-creation policy was introduced into Indonesia, as I said previously, but the wee wogs omitted the final step in Schacht's plan, and left the initial sum in circulation, while printing more money. The result was indeed inflationary! Those are the details, as I understand them. It looks like 'magic', but it is perfectly simple. The question is not in the system, but entirely in WHO runs it, and for WHOM.

Soviet Canuckistan is the least suitable region from which to run a network of un-P.C. correspondents. As you say, mail may be seized at the pleasure of CANZOG authorities, and Internet transmissions may be blocked and/or penalized, in defiance of the U.N. Charter of "Human Rights", Article 19, to which Canada is a signatory. U.S. booksellers have long known of Canada's thought-control policies. Loompanics Publishers of Washington State include a warning in their book ads to the effect that safe arrival of shipments cannot be guaranteed to "prisoners or Canadians" who are at the mercy of their respective authorities. It is a sad acknowledgement that a "free" Canadian citizen has no more right to receive mail than does an inmate of a U.S. prison.

CANZOG has the authority to raid one's private book collection, if they feel that it may contain currently 'forbidden' material. I asked a couple of ex-Gestapo officers about wartime policy in Germany and they said that "many legal procedures" had to take place before a warrant were issued to search a private house, unlike Canada, where "open warrants" exist to search any premises, for any reason. An individual in NS Germany could possess any book or publication, without fear of seizure and prosecution, as long as he did not open his collection to the public or distribute copies of pornography and subversive material. Even in Nazi Germany, one was entitled to his own thoughts and his own private property. Not so in "free and democratic" Canzogland! An attorney colleague of mine reported to me that CANZOG customs had seized a personal letter from me to her, because "it weighed over 30 grams and they were entitled to seize any mail above that weight"! In addition to some personal matters of purely economic interest, I mentioned one of the (to me) relevant aspects of jurisprudence in several ongoing Zündel thoughtcrime cases. No big deal, but very annoying. I think she got the letter, long after its contents were 'water under the bridge'.

I shall forward your publisher's address, but since it is in Canada, there may be political, as well as economic difficulties in doing business. In regard to the receipt and dissemination of ideas and information, you are living on quicksand, by living in Canada. Over a decade ago, the Ontario Provincial Police summarily seized all printed and recorded material from the Toronto Scientology Headquarters. No charges were ever laid, to my knowledge, and all seized materials, including truckloads of books, remain in some warehouse, under court order. I told The Zud that the Zionist authorities could do the same with Samisdat Publishers, far more easily than they had done with the much better financed and powerful "Church of Scientology", who were able to hire top-kick kike attorney, Clayton Ruby, whose court order (allegedly) prevents the Ontario authorities from rummaging through the seized materials on a prosecutorial fishing expedition. I therefore advised The Zud to distribute materials intended for distribution, rather than sit upon them, but whatever I would advise him to do, he would do exactly the opposite. Hence, he went on to accumulate more material to sit upon, until an arsonist and the fire department destroyed most of it. Apparently, CANZOG was not interested in seizing any of that!

Your description of your novel, "Mind Capsule", reminds me of "Brave New World". That does not mean that the subject matter should not be treated from different standpoints, since it is entirely relevant to our ongoing social problems. Well, it's time for work.


Eric Thomson