30 APRIL 2001.

Dear reader:

I'd like to address some of the aspects I call The White Enigma. I have experienced it at firsthand in Rhodesia, where Whites did anything to avoid standing up for their interests. Often, they would use the most marvelous of jew-jitsu mental antics to avoid doing anything. I can plainly remember some of their 'arguments':

(1) IT won't happen, because it would be too terrible.

(1a) Ian Smith has promised that IT won't happen.

(2) Sure, IT will happen, for there are just too many of Them.

(3) IT will be o.k., because "Our Blacks" are different.

(4) Everyone knows that Rhodesia NEEDS White people.

(5) You sound like a Nazi to me.

There were more such cop outs, but I forget them. Unlike North America, Whites in Southern Africa were entirely aware that the Black majority existed, and that they were the Omnipresent Problem. One would think that such general knowledge would have led to the taking of defensive/offensive action. Instead, every step taken by the Whites, and their considerable sacrifices, did nothing to halt the planned sellout to Black Marxist Savages. When the international finance kikes snapped their fingers, Messrs. Smith and De Klerk jumped, and the White sheeple followed. The Judas Goat 'leaders' of Our Race had been long in place, and the White sheeple followed them into the slaughterhouse, exactly as we have been doing for centuries.

I'm composing this letter in a lull between shifts, although I had intended to shower and shave in preparation for work, later. Here in The Great White Hopeland, Turd World standards are appearing more rapidly than the Turd World immigrants. The water is periodically shut off in my building, without warning, at any time of day or night. That is no real problem, because I can use the water stored in my toilet cistern for a shave and a wash up, after heating it in a kettle on the gas stove. This makes me a 'couth' denizen of my apartment building. The un-couth draw their water from the toilet bowls. The owners' intention is to replace the gas stoves with electric ones, but maybe they read the newspapers and have deferred this 'brilliant' idea until the electricity shortage is somehow 'cured'. As it is, we also have occasional blackouts in this part of town, as well as in other parts. Streetlights are not turned on, to reduce electric consumption, except for the major arteries, like Yakima Avenue, although the lights are either defective or have been turned off in certain parts of that thoroughfare. My employment is entirely dependent on the uninterrupted supply of electricity. When it fails, we close up and go home. The outages are becoming more frequent: two last year. One so far, this year. The effects of the ZOG's social and economic policies are the same as those reported by George Orwell and others, during The Spanish Civil War in besieged cities.

So far, no fuel or food shortages to report, but food and fuel prices are inflating. In the food stores, the quantities diminish when the price remains the same. Yakima County has the highest rate of unemployment in the state of Washington, the highest car insurance premiums, the highest rate of traffic accidents per capita and the highest percentage of criminal justice costs (78% of the budget). It also has the highest percentage of Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal. The INS has given up enforcing the law, under its Mexican chief, and the deportation buses no longer appear. One INS official said that the illegals would be back here before the buses returned. One deportee paid for a week's parking in the lot where I worked. He returned to retrieve his car, right on time. No, I wouldn't be here, if I knew of a better place. The want ads which I have responded to, over the years since my return to the Jew-Ass-Oy Veh might as well go in with the comic strips as being entertainment, only, for I have never received a single reply. Some people tell me that the ad's are simply pro forma, and that someone has already been chosen for the job, as in the Rhodesian civil service, where the joke was that the job description just lacked the name of the one who would fill it. It is no exaggeration to report that illegal aliens have more 'rights' than do legal citizens, who merely have 'duties' to make the invaders as comfortable as possible.

Sometimes a little historical knowledge can give one a glimpse of the future: the modern state of Germany was first formed out of a customs union (Zollverein). The next step was the political union of the various jurisdictions. President Bush has announced his plan of making The Western Hemisphere a "free trade zone", as an extension of NAFTA. The mud-flood will swamp what's left of North America, reinforcing already existing invaders. For all practical purposes, the U.S.A. has dissolved, according to the wishes of the ZOG, in preparation for the scenario depicted in "Hear The Cradle Song". The Balloon went up long ago, but Whites appear to be too stupid to know it.

In regard to Whites supporting causes and funding leaders, they do indeed. The problem is that their chosen causes and leaders have no effect on the racial problems we face. I'm sure you could find Whites, even today, who would gladly donate money to buy brass polish for the Titanic, along with lavish handouts to holy hucksters who promise That Big Pie in the Sweet By and By. You may remember how the Rhodesian Whites wasted their time and money as their hour drew near, with social activities and pseudo-politics, in a frenzy of distraction. "We won't solve The Problem. We'll just avoid looking at it!" Then there were those do-nothings who believed that The Big Sky-Jew would come down from his celestial pawnshop and loanshark emporium to maintain the status quo with a nice miracle. There are lots and lots of those critters here in the Great White Hopeland who believe so much in the efficacy of some jew-book passage that any meaningful action is to them, akin to blasphemy, and besides, what would their mestizo kids say?

Like the radio operator on The Titanic, I will continue to tap out my distress signal, toward the awakening and salvation of Our Race, with the full knowledge that there may be no one listening. A Spartan would say, upon being informed that the dark masses overshadow the land, "That means we can fight in the shade!" Time will tell if the warrior genes have been bred out of the Aryan Remnant, for we do live in "interesting times".

In regard to geriatric care centers run by Whites, for Whites, I'd much prefer one of those nifty euthanasia centers depicted in the movie, "Soylent Green", where one can go out in style and comfort, as one quaffs a Brompton Cocktail. In reality, under ZOG, the best way possible to 'retire' as a wornout White man can be summed up in this paraphrase of Kipling:

"When you're left dying on America's plains

and the jew-quacks are coming to carve up your remains,

roll over to your rifle and blow out your brains,

and go to your god like a White man!"

Present day Whites seem light-years removed from any thought of survival. That, to me, is The White Enigma.


Eric Thomson