02 MAY 01.

Dear Reader:

I charge for my interviews with zoglings at $100 per hour. Perhaps that is why I have never received a visit from federal hooligans or ZOG-thugs. First and foremost, the CSIS female lied to you. They already have your complete mailing list. This is done simply by photocopying the addresses on your outgoing mail. The FBI is entitled to do this without a search warrant, as long as they promise, like good little zoglings, not to read the contents. The same procedure is followed for incoming mail, ZOG willing. You are correct that neither I nor Robert Frenz (to my knowledge) have received the slightest indication that zoglings would like to pay us a visit. Our words merely add to the Babel of babble on the Internet, like the ravings of inmates in a huge insane asylum. Britzog permits great freedom of speech in Hyde Park, which is viewed by the general public as an outdoor version of Bedlam. This is how the hebes drowned out Father Coughlin, before the Vatican pulled the leash attached to his dog collar.

The freedom we currently enjoy in USzogland may vanish overnight, since the First Amendment has been abolished by the Genocide Convention, a treaty, with the same effect as the U.S. Constitution, according to Article 6, paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution. In The Protocols of Zion, #12, the press is not only to be licensed, but taxed. No unlicensed person is to use a printing press. In the real Soviet Jewnion, all typewriters were licensed and access to a photocopier was severely restricted and controlled. In Italy, we see the first steps toward the licensing of persons using the Internet. In Bundeszogland, alias "Germany", we see laws which make non-kosher use of the Internet by Germans and non-Germans alike a criminal offense. In Soviet Canuckistan, CANZOG is trying to enforce thoughtcrime laws which punish Internet receivers as well as senders of unkosher content. Obviously, world ZOG is trying to put the computer genie back into its bottle, a bit clumsy at first, but ZOG will eventually get the hang of it, and the Internet will be censored as effectively as are the major media of news and entertainment. The ZOG is guaranteed success because NO ONE is defending the freedom of expression which we now enjoy and take for granted. Of course, people who don't think, have nothing to say, anyway, so most people will not miss such freedom of expression.

Obviously, CANZOG dislikes your access to the Internet. As I mentioned in my previous letter, you are choosing exactly the wrong venue for a network of correspondents. In practice, "hate" is anything a jew hates for Goyim to discuss, so take care!

White freedom is not going to be gained any more legally than the so-called independence of the 13 colonies. When you say that certain areas of Canada are "overwhelmingly White", I hope you are using better sources than the U.S. census definitions of "White". I did not divide humanoids into the 3 races. Science has done that. I don't care if "race" exists or not. I do not reason a priori, for I am not a jew. The 3 races exist, whether I "like" them or not. As for bone structure, the so-called Caucasian nose is found in West Africa, amongst Blacks who may have interbred with Arabs. Are we now going to have "Black Caucasians"? There are 3 types of hair which infallibly indicate the 3 racial distinctions. Mongrel strains can exhibit varying degrees of the 3 races which make up the mongrel. Non-Whites prefer "Aryan", since they feel they can include themselves in that definition. It is indeed regrettable that you did not first investigate the racial issue with the most up-to-date findings. What is the point of attempting to save what cannot be defined with any precision nor consistency? As I say, were there a hundred "races" or no "races", according to my research, I would not hesitate to acknowledge what appears to be factual. As for Bush's mestizo looks coming from his European heritage and your mixing of "Caucasian" with mestizo (Yellow/White mixture), I fear that you have wandered into the dismal swamp of utter nonsense when it comes to your definition of "race". As for Neanderthal ancestry, I have read that most Whites resemble the Cro-Magnons. The difference is obvious. Whites do have the most diversity in terms of hair, eye and skin hues, but let us not confuse non-White admixtures as being members of the White Race. A "White person" with sickle cell anemia is not a White, but a Black/White mongrel. Let's stick with DNA and hematology, instead of phrenology.


Eric Thomson