14 MAY 01.

Dear Reader:

I shall attempt to reply to your letter of May 8th during this brief respite from 'urgent' work calls. (1) I am gratified to learn that you have received at least one of my letters sent before your official visit from CSIS! (2) I appreciate your racial chart. I note that you have omitted the Negro from North America. How I wish that were so! So what should we call the 3 main divisions of Caucasian, Mongol & Negro? Races or species? Consistent nomenclature can do much to explain our biopolitical position. I have seen "race" used up and down the scale, which is like using the word "automobile" to describe (a) a motorcar (b) a tire (c) a piston, &c. I have even seen "the Christian Race" in blightwing publications. The joke is that the jew declares, "I am not a jew; I am a Christian." The Black man says, "Ah ain't no niggah, 'cause I'se a Christian, too!" Cardinal Lustiger was most informative when he declared: "I am a Christian, but I remain a jew." That is entirely correct, for it is like saying: "I am a Christian, but I remain a Chinaman."

Yes, indeed, there is a whole lot of fudging going on with human bio-typing, because of religion and politics. The more we learn, the more differences we discover; yet, we must ignore those differences by order of the ZOG. Robert Frenz points out the slippery taxonomy when writers move from the 'animal' to the 'human' biological scene. Suddenly, humans comprise "only one species", while crows are divided into several "species", which hardly differ, as compared to the 3 human species, which differ not only in appearance, but in most identifiable attributes known to science.

The number of Scots and German immigrants who went for 'cheap' females, that is, squaws, here in North America, is sufficient that there need be no ancient Mongol ancestry in the Bush family, which their ancestors brought from Europe. Bush's wife has quite slanted eyes. I assume those feature came from North American mongoloids, rather than her ancient European heritage. The mestizo, sambo (Tiger Woods), mulatto and other mongrel mixtures tend to separate toward the 3 species, according to Mendelian observations. That is why a racially-mixed population is so unstable in regard to its features, exactly as in the plant and animal mixtures. As more and more mongoloid genes are added to a given population, the other factors will be bred out, as we see in the case of the darker, more mongoloid mestizos.

The racial conflict is much more ancient than any recorded history, as Kennewick Man reveals. Naturally, his people could account for the "White God" legend of the Aztecs & Incas, as well as the caucasoid admixture of so-called American Indians, perhaps before the Vikings and Columbus. When I see an Anglo-mestizo, I tend to think that his mongoloid genes came from North America, rather than his original England! There are, of course, mongoloid Scandinavians, some of whom come to North America, but the majority of the mongoloid Swedes (that is, mongoloids with Swedish surnames) are the products of race-mixing with North American mestizos.

In Yakima, the Anglo-mestizos resent the overwhelming influx of Hispano-mestizos, even if they speak English. Obviously, race-mixing is not "the key to world peace", as ZOG claims. By maintaining its present policy of open borders, CANZOG & USZOG will merely prove Malthus correct and Marx wrong. The proof will not be pleasant for anyone. It is so much easier to breed than it is to feed!

The Black locusts of Zimbabwe are now invading the factories, as well as the last White farms, that is, farms which produce food surpluses. There is no system of production nor of distribution which can keep pace with the mud people's birthrate. This lesson is being taught in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, but no one seems to have learned. Worst of all, North Americans believe they are somehow exempt from Nature's Law, so let 'em all in, the more the 'merrier'. No doubt exists in my mind that "who the gods will destroy, they first make mad."

I hope CANZOG lets you keep up your informational efforts.


15 MAY 01.

Dear Reader:

Thank you for your letter of May 10th! It appears that we are dancing in circles. Your racial (species?) chart explains our differences of word-usage. Let me explain my Color Chart of Race to you, once again: There are Black, White, Yellow and Brown humanoids. The first 3 are races. The last category are mongrels. This finding is in accord with all the latest scientific research in the fields of DNA and hematology. This means that your "racial" chart is nonsensical at least and erroneous at worst. Here's why: (1) The Khazar type, i.e. "Russian jew" is identified as a tri-racial mixture, as revealed by the jews' own hematologists whose writings were published in The Lancet and subsequently transcribed in a book entitled, "The Genetics of the Jews" by A.E. Mourant et al. Oxford University Press, 1978. Your "chart" would classify these mongrels as "Caucasian". Wrong! (2) I know, personally, the family histories of people your chart would classify as "Alpine". They are blond, blue-eyed and fair-skinned, but they have Mongolian grandparentage. Their "Alpine" characteristics are Mongol! (3) The "Mongol" type is notable for its distinctive body proportions: the legs being shorter in proportion to the torso. I have seen this type from Portugal to Japan. It is notable that the first Japanese car exports to areas whose populations were predominantly White, Aryan, Caucasian received immediate complaints about lack of legroom. The VW beetle had ample legroom, although the car was smaller than the Japanese autos. The Mongolian torso-leg ratio is indicative of Yellow genes, no matter what the shape or complexion of the person's head. In sum: There are 3 races or species of hominoid which can most easily be identified as Black, White and Yellow. Naturally, there are other features which correspond to these 3 categories, such as blood components, facial structure, body proportions, hair composition (3 types). A mixture of features which are common to any of the 3 races indicates mongrelization, rather than "a different race". So-called "Indians" of the Western Hemisphere are mongrels, regardless of the antiquity or novelty of their admixture. For accuracy, race is best expressed in biological terms, not geographical terms. There is no "American Race". White = Caucasian = Aryan. If you claim otherwise, your statements deny the findings of modern science and are mischievous toward the establishment of a racial nation-state. We are returning to our previous disagreements in regard to race/place/mixture. I know you have invested a lot of writing in your Dynasophy series, but I insist that your "racial" ideas are quite wrong and out of date. I hope you now understand why we use the same words differently. A computer would make textual alterations much easier.

I am wondering how much of my material, if any, you have read about the structure of a proposed White Nationstate. If you knew anything about National Socialism, you would know that it was never "one-man rule". Hitler was no more a "dictator" or as much a "dictator" as Roosevelt and Churchill. Stalin was much more a dictator in terms of "one-man rule" than Hitler, FDR and Churchill. National Socialism was participatory populism. One did not cast one's vote, then leave the problems for someone else to solve. The National Socialists joined groups in which they could actively solve those problems, from the public level on down to the personal. National Socialism demanded daily participation in the affairs of society, rather than selfish, passive consumerism. That's why it was called "socialist". People who live in societies and who are not socialist, that is, community-oriented, become the burdens and the destroyers of their community, and hence, their society. That is why America has become what it is today, in its progressive decay.

You have apparently forgotten or failed to read my Five Step Program, since you decry the lack of an organization on behalf of a White Nationstate. Let me explain: Any human activity begins with (1) The Idea. If others are required to realize The Idea, then we proceed to (2) The Information about The Idea, from which stems (3) The Organization. The Organization engages in (4) The Actions toward (5) The Realization of The Idea. Even a fishing trip is reliant upon this Five Step Program. Form Follows Function. In the IDEA stage, one man is sufficient. Many blightwingers I have known waste their time preparing organizational charts, with party names and posts like "treasurer", "propaganda minister", &c., when they lack even one person who agrees with them. If you fare any better attracting adherents to your Idea than I do with mine, I would be happy to know. Good luck! Under The Zud, we were entering Phase 3, the building of an organization comprised of real, live activists. That's where The Zud got cold feet and dropped the ball. And that's why I am back to Steps One & Two.

In regard to race-mixing, a 'miss' is as good as the proverbial mile. "Almost White" is never right in my experience. I prefer to deal with pure Blacks or Yellows than mischievous mongrels of any admixture. That's why I dislike dealing with jews, those mongrels par excellence. I hope that clarifies the racial issue.


Eric Thomson