20 MAY 01.

Hail Reader!

In regard to Harold Covington's book, The March Up Country, it's still timely, until the readers can only read it in Spanish or Chinese. I believe that day will come about in our lifetimes. For me, the present here is the most likely future of North America, provided the remaining Whites do nothing, as we saw in Rhodesia, followed by their insane self-betrayal in South Africa.

The chapter on AIDS et al. would have applied to beings capable of perceiving reality and behaving in accordance thereto. The lack of survival response on the part of the White Herd in the face of this deadly disease is a good indicator of our audience, most of which I attribute to race-mixing and downbreeding, rather than to the power of talmudvision and niggerball. Obviously, only downbred and/or race-mixed bipeds would watch that sewage in the first place. Thus, we can objectively confirm that the majority of the Ostensible Whites are on par with the Roman mob in terms of intelligence and behavior. As I wrote to one correspondent, those who will not learn from us will learn from the enemy, but by that time, most will perish. We live in revolutionary,times, but Whitey just does not want to know.

The population of 1919 Germany was Whiter and more intelligent and much better educated than the present population of North America, yet, they starved for months before they began to wonder why they were starving. The reason was that the jews and their Red buddies had seized control of the meager food supplies in Germany and they were systematically completing the mass-starvation program of the Allies. German war veterans sought out natural leaders. One such was a woodsman and sailor named Noske. He was approached by men who wanted to know what could be done to get food for their starving families. "Let's go kill the jews and the Reds!" said Noske. And so they did, first in one city, then in another. They took a name, "Freikorps", for themselves, and soon, they were invited to do their magic in city after city. Thus ended the overtly Red-jew domination of postwar Germany. How much suffering must Whites undergo here, before they seek their natural leaders? In view of their objective deficiencies, I would say they will come quite near extinction before they comprehend as much as did the starving Germans of 1919.

The most impressive thing about White cowardice and stupidity is their obvious failure to understand that it is easy to give away one's country and livelihood, but it is very difficult and perhaps impossible to take back our essential means of living which we are now giving up without a fight. Indeed, there will be a fight, even if Whites quietly fade away into extinction. The mestizo invaders will deal with the niggers in short order, followed by the Chinese. In the interim, our living standard will resemble that of Mexico and Colombia, as druglords carve out their turf. I don't think we will achieve the standard of living of Haiti, because the Chinese will not put up with that, any more than they will put up with a bunch of fat White drones and geezers. Only Whites can defend White interests, but Whites don't want to know that, either.

Some knowledgeable, that is, jew-wise White activists think that we have somehow failed to make our message of racial survival palatable to the White Herd. Perhaps more whirling, flaming Swastikas in our computer graphics would attract White interest and support. Perhaps if we had a really sneaky, sugar-coated message, we could recruit Whites in the service of their own Cause, before they realized what good they were doing for Our Race. Perhaps we could dress up and comb our hair like Elvis, but I believe that there is no way to fool the members of the White Herd into defending their vital interests.

I do not find this depressing, since I bear witness to the people and programs which did, once, defend members of Our Race. If Whites today wish to live and die as wretches, then our heroic dead will know that at least some of us hold them in the highest honor, and that we do not fear to say so.


Eric Thomson