24 MAY 01.

Dear Mr. Reader:

I would just like to excise a few bits of gristle.

I was intrigued that New Zealand's jew prime minister wrote a "prophetic novel", much in the spirit of British p.m. Disraeli's "Goningsby". Woodrow Wilson's jew-handler, "Col." Mandel House, also wrote such a novel, "Philip Dru, Administrator", in which Mexico is "annexed" by the U.S.A. Apparently, Jules Verne also had a knack for 'prophecy' when he wrote about a lunar expedition launched from Florida! I tend to view these "prophecies" to be the recipes of a powerful group of world-rulers, whose policies adhere to the results divulged in such "novels", just as the stated intentions of The Protocols of Zion have resulted in the very political-economic manifestations described therein.

In this same informative article, J.P. Morgan is described erroneously as an "American old wealth plutocrat." In fact, Morgan was a Rothschild agent and not at all independent of Zionist banksterism. This revelation is included in Eustace Mullins' book, "The Federal Reserve". The founder of The House of Morgan was one Peabody, who left America to work for Lord Rothschild in London as frontman. Peabody and Morgan then became Lord Rothschild's officially Gentile banksters in America, under Rothschild funding and direction. It's a smaller world than we may think.

The article on Sino-US relations raises some important moot points. According to my research, the actual purpose of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam "War" was to open a second front, allied with the USSR, against China, for North Vietnam was a Soviet client state, which China attacked shortly after the North achieved Vietnamese unification. I do not know of a single instance in which the U.S.A. did anything to "contain" Soviet expansion. The Korean "War" was waged against China and its North Korean allies and served to delineate previously-agreed upon spheres of influence. The U.S. instigation and betrayal of Hungary's 1956 attempt to achieve freedom from Soviet domination, and the Soviets' assistance to NATO in the 1968 "Red" upheavals in Western Europe support the thesis of de facto detente between the US and USSR. After Mao's death, FEDZOGUSA changed its policy and opened up to China, dumping Japan and Taiwan in the process. Since the USSR imploded, despite all the U.S. funding, fawning and feeding, it seems unlikely that the U.S.A. would need to enlist China to 'contain' the rotting corpse of the Soviet Empire. China makes no secret of its intentions of conquering more livingspace for its huge, hungry population, by peaceful or other means. Chinese colonization of the North American west coast, down to Panama, is proceeding unopposed, along with enclaves in the southern and eastern U.S.A. Canada's major cities are being occupied by growing hordes of Chinese, from "Hongcouver, B.C." to Toronto. Washington's Governor Locke is a Chinaman with commendable loyalty to his homeland, China, and his Chinese family values. Too bad "long- nosed, round-eyed foreign devils" lack such virtues! I believe that Locke was asked by a reporter how he felt to be elected governor. Apparently, the distance from his restaurant to the governor's Mansion or State Legislature was a short one, so Locke said, in effect, that if it took 20 years to go those 200 yards, it was a good deal. The Chinese think in the very long-term, compared to non-Chinese, for they know who they will be in 1000 years, and if you know who you are, you know what's good or bad for you. Too bad Whitey forgot this ancient wisdom.

The insane criminals who run the U.S.A. are funding and arming China, enabling it to import our industries and our military technology, in exchange for our imports of cheap Chinese manufactured goods and more and more Chinese! Such a deal! Since the USSR failed to "bury" us, it appears that we want China to do the job, by lending them the money to buy the rope to hang us with. What is actually going on is our surrender of technology and territory to China. I call that "treason", not "business".

Western Destiny makes frequent mention of Maj. C.H. Douglas' Social Credit program, without stating the basis for issuing currency. My understanding of "Social Credit", as it appeared in Canada, was that population, rather than economic productivity, was the basis for issuing currency. Certainly, that's what the Catholic supporters tout, that "we can breed our way to prosperity". If that were true, then India and China would be the "richest" countries in the world! Since all people are not equally productive in terms of goods and services, it would be inflationary folly in the extreme to issue currency on a head-count basis. Unfortunately, the picture I have seen of Maj. Douglas makes Rabbi Schneerson look Aryan by comparison. My own experience with "Social Credit" was in the form of "Technocracy". As a youth, I read most of their textbooks. Everyone was issued "Energy Certificates" in their 'brave, new world', which was predicated on the idea that most all work would be done by machines. The remainder of necessary work would be performed by the compulsory labor of all fit citizens for a limited term of social service. Savings and ownership would be abolished. All surplus Energy Certificates were to be retired at the end of every year, if they were not spent. Then each citizen would receive a new allocation of spending money for the next year. Such things as houses and cars would be allotted to people, like equipment and barracks in the military. "Use" would be granted, but not "possession"! As with other proponents of "the labor theory of value", the "market theory" of supply and demand was omitted. All value was decreed to be that amount of energy required in the production of goods and services. A woodcutter expends much more energy than a brain surgeon or concert pianist, so his services would cost more than the work of a skilled and highly-trained person whose efforts burnt up few calories! I have attempted to explain the deficiencies of a labor theory of value in market terms. I can exert myself mightily to produce goods which no one wants to pay for. Conversely, I remember a beachcomber in Australia who found a big diamond on the beach. All he did was pick it up. That diamond commanded the same price as do similar diamonds which have been wrested from the bowels of the earth at great risk, cost and effort! I asked what ever became of Technocracy, which was quite popular during the Depression of the Thirties. An American witness told me that the "leader" was invited to speak at a huge gathering so he could explain the wonders of his economic system. As I understand, the Grand Panjandrum of Technocracy appeared to be so confused about his program that he could convince no one of its superiority! Was he as ignorant as he appeared to be, or was he paid to talk nonsense?

The Canadian Province of Alberta elected a Social Credit government in 1936, which issued "Prosperity Certificates", and these had the desired effect of alleviating the banksters' Depression, but the bankster regime in Ottawa threatened to invade Alberta; the Social Credit leaders were invited for a confab in Jew York City, and the "prosperity certificates" were withdrawn so the Depression could resume.

I know many who are probably laboring under the restrictions of freedom of expression imposed by your own ZOG, but I would like to point out that no system of Social Credit, Socialism, Fascism, etc. is superior to the people who must make it work. Rome perished for lack of Romans. Mussolini and Fascism could not restore The Roman Empire, even with modern weaponry and technology, for the quality of his manpower was lacking. No political-economic system can save people from their own genetic deficiencies. This is why race and the improvement thereof is of paramount importance. As long as I can say this, I shall continue to do so. Truth is all too often "politically incorrect."

If you discover any Goy plutocrat who is hostile in word, thought or deed to the jew banksters, please let me know, for I shall contact that fellow immediately! It is all-too likely that the Goy-mestizo Bush is chosen to do some real dirty work for the Zionists, so his jews are well in the background. Gershon (sp?) writes Bush's speeches, so whatever he says is guaranteed 'kosher'. Hope is great, but not false hope.

The article, "Deluge", appears to be a non-sequitur. The facts are that the deserts of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Brazil et al. are largely man-made from the 3 Os: Over-population, over-grazing and over-logging. This over-population may be causing "global-warming", to some extent, but it is not "global-warming" which is causing the invasion of White, surplus-producing countries. Global-warming may indeed be another kosher red herring, since the first person to "observe" its possibilities was a jew. Scientific research in Antarctica reveals that the earth has its own cycles of warming and cooling, without any need for human intervention. The Chinese have produced and are still producing their own deserts, and that is why they are coming here, along with all the other colored locusts. If permitted, they will do to North America what they did to render their own countries uninhabitable. My South American geography professor, Wilhelmie, warned the Brazilian government that their deforestation program would produce a desert in a given rainforest area, within 20 years. The sambo-mestizos of Brazil proved him 'wrong'. They made it a desert in ten years, only! That was back in the early 1950s, before the massive destruction of The Amazon rainforest.

In the demographic nightmare described in "Camp of the Saints", it was unnecessary to use atomic bombs to halt the influx of non-White invaders. Only the will to stop them was lacking. In Yakima and other parts of the U.S.A., plutocrats want the invaders' "cheap labor", which costs the tax-payers much more than these laborers pay into the system. It's a good deal, initially, for the fatcat traitors who hire them, but it is a very bad deal for the U.S. workers and tax-payers. I agree with my colleague, Coletti, that America is not about to implode, and that little is to be read in favor of that thesis from voter apathy and complacency. America is rather in the process of bloating as dead bodies do, from the process of decay. If this analogy fits the relevant facts, as they now appear, America will go out with a gruesome 'bang' or a great fart. Stay tuned. Best regards and keep up the good work.


Eric Thomson