30 MAY 01.

Dear Sir:

The "Memorial Day" weekend was a real 'holocaust' for me in terms of employee absenteeism, so I have fallen behind, more than usual, in my correspondence. I received your letters of May 20th and 25th, and am just now able to read them!

Your observations on the diseased state of Canadian politics is congruent with mine, although you can supply more current details. Canada is in the pockets of the jew-banksters and their Goy stooges, and there appears to be no prospect of opposition, except from the Asian invaders, who will impose their own policies whenever they deem it propitious. The Chinese have their own organization, their own manpower and their own capital, which serve Chinese leaders, not jewish ones. The statement attributed to Hitler that North Americans must get the jewish monkeys off their backs in order to prevent the continent from falling into the hands of the Chinese seems timely, as well as prophetic. We have made money our god and we have given the jews the power to create our money out of nothing. I think that explains our problem and indicates the first steps we must take to deal with it.

I do not understand why you would even consider advertising your feature as a "racist website". The Zionists will hasten to do that for you! "New Age" would be the best way to go, in my opinion, for it appeals to the imaginative audience and free-thinkers in search of new philosophies and religions. As I say, the enemy will label you, sooner or later, but you need to avoid labels and let your ideas stand on their own, so uncommitted people can explore them. Don't rely upon blightwingers to spread your message, for they will not do so. Any connection, real or imaginary, which the ZOG can make between Dynasophy and the blightwing will surely be used against you. As one professor of epistemology told me, "People believe what they want to believe." I said that his statement pretty well described the limitations of education and information for most people. People prefer labels because of this belief factor, as well as sheer laziness. If they see a "racist" label, they will read the item or not, depending on their pre-existing preferences. By avoiding a label, they might read the item to find out for themselves. Those of us who deal in ideas and information sometimes fall into the illusion that ideas and information can move the masses. In reality, most featherless bipeds switch off anything they dislike, seeking bliss, even at the price of ignorance and death! As a White man, I believe those things which I deem to be true, whether or not I like them.

In regard to race, our differences are due to your insistence on using erroneous, out-dated terms, which you state derive from "anthropologists". The Franz Boasites took over anthropology from the more serious physical anthropologists like Carleton Coon and Lathrop Stoddard, whose information was admittedly far less complete than our present-day knowledge of racial distinctions. You state on page one of your letter of May 25th, "... only some Caucasians are White." Here is where the twaddle lies, for you have denied your own major premise that there are 3 races. If you insist on confusing Caucasian with non-White, then you are confusing people and you are wrong in terms of biology and DNA. I enclose a good likeness of the Negro/Caucasian mongrel Frederick Douglass. There are no "non-White Caucasians", as proved by DNA and hematology. That's where you need to straighten out your terminology. Your chart includes such non-biological terms as "Semite" and "Mediterranean". These are not sub-races, but linguistic or geographical terms. Race is biology, so let's go over the facts: (1) There are 3 races. (2) Admixtures of any one race or all 3 are not races, but mongrels. (3) Sub-races are NATIONS. There is a Japanese sub-race of the Yellow Race or Mongol Race, but all people living in the isles of "Japan" are not Japanese. Some have Ainu or Negrito blood. These are mongrels, and the Japanese recognize them as such. Contrary to Boas, nations are biological units with similar genotypes. Nations are subdivided into tribes, clans, families and individuals. Identical twins who speak different languages, live in different parts of the world, etc. are biological members of the same family. Nations often overlap borders or live within borders which include other nations. No Caucasian can have sickle cell anemia or Tay Sachs or lactose intolerance and be classified as "Caucasian", for such hereditary afflictions identify that person as mongrel, and not a member of The Caucasian Race, even if he is fair-skinned, blond and blue-eyed. That's biology.

"Mestizo" has its origin as "Eurasian". Mestizos can exist anywhere, as your specimen does in Belgium. A mestizo is a Caucasian/Mongol mongrel, and the term fits many people in Europe as well as in America. "Aryan" is related to language. That is why mongrels are fond of styling themselves as "Aryans". You say that some French family names can be traced from Mongolia. I wonder why a Frenchman would adopt a Mongolian name if he did not have Mongolian blood. More likely, this is coincidence. "Ohara" is a common Japanese name. It is also a common Irish name. "Taco" is a Japanese word for octopus. In Mexico it means a cornmeal cake; in Spain it is any vulgar expression. No biological relationship applies.

I have laid out "A Proposed Structure for an Aryan National State", and I thought I had sent you a copy. Maybe it got lost in the shuffle, so I enclose another. Hitler designed a building to be constructed in Nürmberg, which he called The Great Hall of the People, which would be the venue of the national legislature. If you define "democracy" as universal suffrage, then I despise it. Ancient Aryan Sparta and Athens had "democracy", to the extent that 90% of the Athenian populace had no right to vote, and in Sparta, voting was restricted to an oligarchy, similar to a fascist corporate state, whose voting members were chosen by their respective constituents on a functional, rather than a regional basis. A U.S. truckdriver has much more in common with his fellow truckdrivers, for instance, than he has with his non-truckdriving neighbors. A peasant from the north, south, east, west or center of Italy had more in common with his fellow peasants than he did with non-peasant dwellers in his village. Citizenship requirements in a viable Aryan state would be premised upon "duty" before "rights", which is the opposite of our present system.

The reason I do not promote this idea any more than other informational aspects is that nothing can be achieved without one hell of a fight, so I merely mark time until Whites get desperate enough to fight in their own self-defense. In a battle, there is no time to vote. One does what the leader says, and woe unto you if you have chosen the wrong leader! The German soldiers of World War I elected their combat leaders for action on the front, as any team of athletes elects the captain who will help them win. I am quite comfortable with that form of democracy.

As I wrote in my previous letter, the use of Black, White and Yellow for the 3 races is superior to the geographically-based terms of "Caucasian", "Mongol", "Negro" or "Congoid". These last two refer to the Niger and Congo Rivers. I don't care what liberals think, but "race" is biological, so we should use terms, both intelligible and accurate. I have learned of no "Caucasians" of naturally dark color who are not mongrels. That is why I equate White and Caucasian, but I prefer the term "White" for the reasons I have just stated. Some blighters talk of "White Aryans", which indicates, grammatically, that there are "non-White Aryans". I agree with Blacks, however, that there are both "Black niggers" and "White niggers", who are a credit to neither race.

The time for academic studies is now, before each of us goes into battle, otherwise the battle may be lost for lack of knowledge. In regard to skin cancer in equatorial regions, I can assure you that frostbite is equally likely for fools who dress inappropriately in the Arctic regions. I was born on the fringes of deserts, such as the Mojave and Death Valley. One quickly learns to protect one's skin, as do the Arabs who continue to dwell upon the deserts which they have created for themselves. Arabs are not totally Black, by any means, as your opinion would indicate. In Central Africa, I kept covered up, even wearing gloves when I went out for ten hour stints on my bicycle. I stayed White and have no skin cancer, thanks to my California experience. Neither did I suffer heatstroke, as some of my Rhodesian colleagues did, for I knew to drink whatever I could before going out on patrols in the hot sun. I also knew when to take salt tablets, as a result of my firefighting experience in the 110° heat of the California countryside and its blazing sagebrush. White people can live anywhere, and thrive, provided they keep their wits about them and use the brains which Odin gave them. As always, I declare that Our Race is Our Nation and that White = Caucasian = Aryan. This slogan is in accord with biological science. Truth is the only proper basis for politics, as history proves, provided we wish to learn it. I fear Dynasophy is not going to have much appeal, but I certainly wish you lots of luck in its promotion.

All the Best and ORION!

Eric Thomson