09 JUNE 01.

Many thanks for your letter of 9 May 01! I made some photocopies of your accompanying letter to the NRA to pass onto some acquaintances who may not be acquainted with the true nature of the NRA. Dr. Pierce published the facts in "Gun Control in Germany 1928-1945". Therein are the Weimar gunlaws and the Third Reich gunlaws in the original German text with English translations. In effect, Hitler liberalized gun ownership for German citizens. The kosher-commie regimes showed their fear of the majority by restricting gun ownership and inflicting dire punishments for the slightest infractions of ZOG gunlaws. In the USSR, for example, one did not have access to guns if one were a civilian. If one were a member of the nomenklatura or privileged class, he could use a gun for hunting, for which he would be allowed, say, five shells. When he returned from the outing, he had to hand in the unused ammo, along with the spent shell casings; otherwise, he faced severe punishment. A friend of mine who fled Czechoslovakia during the 1968 "Prague Spring" served in the army. He told me that one of the recruits in his company made two bad mistakes (1) he lost a magazine of ammo in the woods and (2) he admitted it! For that, he was sent to a Soviet-style camp in which he was taught "concentration", along with years of hard labor. In his court martial the judge told him that those bullets could be used to kill members of the Communist Party, which was quite an admission that anyone in the judeo-communist 'paradise' would want to kill a 'beloved' apparatchik or member of the nomenklatura! In "The Hitler We Loved and Why" there is a picture showing Hitler surrounded by shotgun-toting hunters and game wardens. In "The Triumph of the Will", one sees Hitler standing up in an open car, surrounded by thousands of cheering people, everywhere he went. Anybody could have shot him at short or long range, as we learned in the case of the 'beloved' democratic leaders, JFK and Olaf Palme. It is strange that "universally-hated dictators" required no Popemobile-type security, whereas "universally-beloved" democratic leaders must show themselves in armored cars, surrounded by mobs of bodyguards, much like gangsters. Could it be that they are indeed gangsters? The answer is obvious.

We have both been busy. I admire your energy and accomplishments. My time has been stolen by mongrel, dysfunctional coworkers who absent themselves without notice. I already work 7 days a week, but these misbegotten critters demand even more of my time. Unfortunately, The Injun Factor precludes the hiring of any better employees. When it comes to the mischief a dab of non-White blood can do in a person, I can heartily testify that race-mixing is a disaster.

Molly Gill's name popped up in the Letters Section of The Barnes Review. I guess she likes to see her name published. I think she is on a fishing expedition to acquire information. The question is, for whom? I would suspect the ADL. If you bother to read our correspondence, you will note her enquiries in every letter about where I live, where I eat, where I work, etc. Since she is around 80 years old, as I gather, she is not gathering this information in order to come out here for a visit. Funny thing: the only "Gil" or "Gills" I ever knew were jews! Please pardon the delay in my reply to your letter. As always, ORION!

Eric Thomson

P.S.: If gun ownership caused crime, then Switzerland would be the most violent, crime-infested country on earth! Every male citizen who is fit for universal military service must have ready access, at all times, to a fully-automatic assault rifle with at least 100 rounds of ammunition. These guns are kept at home, and not in some armory. The Swiss remain citizens, whereas we have become serfs under ZOG. The disgusting thing is that most people don't care.