10 June 01.

I do not know where you gather your views on "race", aside from out-dated studies and ZOG propaganda. Let us assume that the Whites/Aryans are indeed a subdivision of the "mostly non-White" Caucasian race. I hope we agree that racial mixtures are not races, but mongrels, which are biologically unstable, in view of their frequent regression to the parent stocks, as we find amongst plants and other animals. Our area of disagreement is in semantics, as well as biology. So far, I have maintained that the Caucasians are not Caucasians if they are mixed with Negro and Mongol genes, even when this adulteration has survived in certain areas for many centuries. So far, all the "dark, non-White Caucasians" I know of have genes from the other two races, so they cannot fall into the "Caucasian" category, being of mixed race. As we should know, from observation, a mongrel can have a "Caucasian" nose, with Negro lips and hair. Why not call him a "Negro"? You and the jew distorters of knowledge like to call him a "Caucasian", but I do not. For this I am "dogmatic"? I cannot understand your fixation upon non-White "Caucasians", such as the Amerinds with their "Caucasian" noses and their obviously Mongol hair and complexion. I am only concerned with Whites, not with mongrels, and I see no profit in comparing one mongrel breed with another.

I do not understand why you only go half-ZOG, when you could go whole-ZOG by accepting the 'scientific' findings that we all "evolved" from the Black Race. This would mean that Caucasians and Mongols are subraces of the Black or Negro or Congoid Race, and are not true races at all. The next step you can logically take is to adopt the Black Muslim thesis that the Whites were evil mutations of the Black Race which were the creation of mad scientists, who were Black renegades and race-traitors. I do not and never have judged a mestizo by its nose, but by its Asian characteristics: skin color, hair color and texture, eye color and facial structure. Northern Chinese often have "Caucasian noses", just as many Whites have pug noses, similar to Mongols. I am sure that most Irish are not pale Mongolians. In fact, the ancient Tokharians resembled the present-day Irish population in their facial features, hair color and texture and complexions. Their clothing is mainly wool plaid, like that of my ancestors of the Hebrides. It would be well for you to read every word of Colin Renfrew's findings on this topic, as you should have done before you got off on the wrong foot in terms of race and racial definitions. The addition of the "Caucasian" nose to Asian features means "mestizo" or "Eurasian", just as the Spaniards observed. I am sure that there were mongrels living amongst the Romans on the Italian Peninsula, but this does not mean that Romans were a mixture of White and non-White races, any more than it would be true that "all Japanese" are Ainu-Mongol mixtures. They are not and have never been so. We can conclude this comical commentary on "race" by saying that "Whites are only a part of the general Negro spectrum". Show me a non-White "Caucasian" and I can refer you to current genetic science to prove that he is a mongrel and a member of none of the 3 true races. Please read "The Genetics of the Jews" by A.E. Mourant et al. If I had any reason for believing you to be correct, I would not hesitate to agree with you, but factually, you are wrong about race. I have no personal axe to grind in this matter, as I have said before.

Of course, I am a "nit-picker" in terms of the "human genome" which is said to be at least 90% the same as vegetables and around 98% the same as chimpanzees. There is only a teeny weeny, itsy bitsy difference between White people and Blacks, apes and vegetables, so all I can say is vive la difference! For this, I am a bigot and "dogmatic". Robert Frenz pointed out the importance of small differences: a healthy person can be drastically affected by the addition of a very small thing called a virus. Need I say more?

In your own terms, the anthropologists' "definitions" of races and species are not "proper", as you say, for you have previously written that inter-species breeding produces infertile offspring. It is the anthropologists' use of the term species and subspecies which is not only improper, but incorrect. Please reread your letters. Anthropologists of the current Boas school are frauds and liars, so it is not worthy of your intellect to cite them. There is no problem with nomenclature when you know the facts of race: mongrels living in the Mediterranean region are mongrels, just as mongrels living in North America, Europe or in the Arctic Circle are mongrels. Your efforts to distinguish them as "subraces" amounts to self-deception and misinformation. Hominids move around. Rudolf Hess was born in Egypt. In jew-anthropologist terms, he would be a "Mediterranean" and even an Egyptian. His parents were both Germans, which again demonstrates the importance of biology over geography.

Skin color as a primary category of racial distinction is not any more superficial than your emphasis on nose structure. Our practical problem is to decide who we shall include as Whites and/or Aryans and/or Caucasians, and we seem to disagree fundamentally on these essential definitions. So far, you include non-Whites in the Caucasian category, and I challenge you to offer one proof, and one current scientific source in proof that "non-White Caucasians" are not composed of Mongol/Negro strains and therefore are not members of any of the 3 races. The same goes for your "non-Aryan Whites": to my knowledge, such critters are mixed with non-White-genes, like the blond, blue-eyed, long-nosed, fair-skinned "Indians" who receive one thirty-second of their FEDZOGUSA funding because of their official tribal admixture. Hereditary diseases like sickle cell anemia derive from Negro genes, and that illness (Mediterranean anemia) is prevalent amongst your so-called Mediterraneans, which again proves that they are not a "race" nor a "subrace", but mongrels. In ZOG-terms, they are 'just' Caucasians of the One Race, that is, the Negro Race, and part of The Great Black Racial Spectrum. If that were true, I wouldn't give a tinker's dam, for I would still look out for my own kind, as do non-Whites. The problem is that the races are not part of a continuum or bell-shaped curve. It can be said that giraffes, wildebeest, kudu et al. are members of "the antelope spectrum", but we cannot ignore the all-important distinctions in physique, mentality and behavior. The same applies to the constant differences in human genotypes or races. As I gather, your problem is not in your ability to distinguish, but to define the important distinctions. Using enemy terminology is mischievous, for as Orwell warned: "Tyranny begins with the abuse of language." Jews in Africa and in North America defined themselves as "White" until it became convenient for them to advertise themselves as "non-White". With your confused, erroneous terminology, you would be setting yourself up for victimization by these congenital liars. You may call long-nosed tri-racial mongrels "Caucasian", but once again, you'd be wrong, for 3 races in one person do not make him a member of any race, even in the specious definitions you choose to use. The "Caucasian" features of mongrels in India, the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean are historically derived from the Tokharians whose civilization extended from northwestern China into the Middle East. But, the inhabitants of those regions are adulterated with Afro-Asiatic genes, and no longer satisfy the criteria for "White" or "Caucasian", with extremely rare exceptions. To maintain that regions where White/Caucasian/Aryans once lived have Caucasian/White populations is as erroneous as to maintain that the present inhabitants of Harlem, NY, are "non-White Dutch". The inhabitants of present-day Greece are racially distinct from the Aryans who built the Acropolis and waged the Trojan War. Because they live in Greece does not mean that these dark-hued denizens are White or Caucasian. The imposition of such abstract geographical criteria for determining "race" denies biological facts which one can see. Yes, there are a few Whites living in the Mediterranean, but most are tri-racial composite mongrels, and are members of no specific race. Your idea of "Caucasian" ignores the swarthy skin and kinky hair of a mulatto or quadroon, like Frederick Douglass, whose picture I sent you. Let's have done with this nonsensical prattle. Long noses do not a Caucasian make!

In my dim view of the future, we shall see Natural Selection in the form of survival-oriented behavior. As Pendell wrote: "When Nature gets tough, Man improves." This is because natural crises kill off the masses of problem-makers and leave more problem-solvers to breed. Nature is Nazi. The dysgenic and destructive policies of the three jewish curses upon mankind (Christianity, Capitalism and Communism) are depleting and polluting our essential resources on behalf of problem-makers whose 'need' increases even faster than they breed. Since certain future-oriented behavior is Aryan, as opposed to any other group of featherless bipeds, we may anticipate an Aryan resurgence. The longer the natural crisis lasts, the more secure will be that resurgence. Such a crisis has already begun and is likely to become quite obvious in our own lifetimes. You can rest assured that the principles of Dynasophy and Newton's Laws of Thermodynamics will remain in effect, even if no lifeform called human exists anywhere in the universe. What could be more certain than that? Good luck in forming your association.

Thank you for your praise of my essay on the proposed structure of an Aryan nationstate. You have been the only one to express interest in the topic. Maybe we should recruit each other to our respective "organizations". That way, we could each boast of having one member! All the Best, and ORION!

P.S.: In our next metaphysical discussion of "race", we can talk about "non-Black" members of the Negro race and the "Caucasian Chinese". Once again, we will be talking about mongrels and not actual members of the 3 races. Naturally, these mongrels must be included in your "race" chart, – to make it logically consistent, with "non-White Caucasians". As I say, you may as well go all the way and agree with ZOGlings that all of us are subraces of the Black or Negro race. Why go half-way? Your drawing ability is far superior to your understanding of race.

11 June 2001

I just received your letter of June 8th with the out-dated "racial" enclosures. I have so little free time that you are outpacing me in our correspondence.

Colin Renfrew researched the movement of civilization from the northwestern parts of Europe, down to the erroneously called "Cradle of Civilization" in the Tigris Euphrates region of the Middle East. Judeo-centrists and their Christian stooges have claimed that the "first man" originated in the Middle East and that civilization moved into the northwestern parts of Europe. This movement of invention, architecture and White people was not toward the northwest, but in the exact opposite direction. The great residue of mongrel peoples with White features, or as you would say, "Caucasian" features, is merely ass-backwards. If Renfrew's findings are correct, the Caucasians came from northwestern Europe, long before the pyramids of Egypt and the ancient city of Ur. The non-Whites, that is, non-Caucasians, performed their usual adultery of the Caucasian makers of civilization, and these great civilizations sank into the sands of time, for archaeologists to wonder at. The Tokharian steelworks in Turkistan remain, but the blond, blue-eyed, fair-skinned Tokharians are gone, and the region which had flourished as a center of trade and industry is populated by nomadic, long-nosed, slant-eyed mongrels and their straggling flocks of sheep. You can call these bipeds "Caucasians" if you like, but they are mongrels and not members of any of the 3 races. So far, you have not explained the origin of the "non-White Caucasians" you choose to belabor. The origin of the 'White Semite" myth can be traced to Christian hokum, for no Christian likes to admit that they are kissing up to a wog-god and that the originators of the Jesus-racket were non-White mongrels, the misbegotten spawn of the slave trade, the brothels and the Habiru Sagaz, the bandit cutthroats of the desert, alias "Hebrews". Once you discard the distorted lenses of judeo-christian propaganda, you can perceive the racial reality which stares you in the face, and which is fully in accordance with scientific, genetic, hematological research. Again, I must complete these thoughts when I return from work.

You seem to be aware of jew tricks with terminology, yet, you fall for their misuse of "race", "species", etc. You point out the slippery usage of these terms, and you go right on slipping and slithering around with them. I find that odd, like a fellow who would strew banana peels in his own path. In zoölogy, social animals' groupings are designated as pods, herds, flocks, swarms, packs, prides, schools, etc. But when we speak of the social animals known as humans our terminology becomes inconsistent and misleading. Some researchers ascribe this obfuscation to the influence of politics and religion, which often make artificial distinctions between "humans" and "animals". The propaganda is built into our languages. That is why we talk of humans "eating", while animals "feed"; humans "procreate" and animals "breed". Judeo-Christians, Boasite anthropologists and Marxist agitators have no trouble describing human biological/social groups in increasing size, from the individual to family, to clan, to tribe, and then the screen goes blank, and is filled with twaddle and ambiguity such as "sub-species" or "sub-races" which are erroneously defined in terms of place and language. The next rung of human society is the nation, which is biological and is not determined by geographical location or even language. A nation is not a place. It is a people of one geno-type. The next human grouping is that of race. If you look at your own chart, you will note the peculiar inclusion of non-Whites as "Caucasians". By the same token you could include "non-Blacks" as "Negros" and "non-Yellows" as "Mongolians". Then the nonsense you have described will become much more obvious to you and you will understand that you are describing mongrel mixtures, rather than "races" or "sub-races". When you have researched Colin Renfrew's findings, you can get back to me on the racial subject.

I deem it a duty to be "at odds with modern" (jewish) "anthropology". In your letter of June 6th you state that, "fundamentally, Dynasophy is not a racialist philosophy." No doubt this is the origin of your racial confusion. If race has so little importance to you, I do not understand why you waste so much time delving into erroneous "racial" propaganda, which I am well aware of. I am a racist, so it is important for me to cut out the kosher crap and state the facts, however unpopular they may be with the Boasites.

Fascism placed the state above the individual. National Socialism placed the race above the state, which owed its existence solely to protect the race, as a vessel protects its contents. What matters to me is the contents, not the vessel, for no system can protect a people from their own deficiencies, unless that system culls the deficient ones. I am a politician because I am involved with people-power; living, breathing people whose suffering and triumphs are important to me because they are my own people. It is not the purpose of a people to 'protect' any set of disembodied principles. Rather, it is a people's proper choice of principles which protect the people. National Socialism and Dynasophy provide us with the principles we need to survive. Incidentally, have you contacted Dr. Pierce of The National Alliance? It seems to me that your philosophy and racial views are congruent with his. I believe he attempted to promote his own religion, "Cosmotheology", if I recall correctly. He resides, Zarathustra-like, on a mountain in West Virginia. You may wish I to write to him care of National Vanguard Books, P.O. Box 330, Hillsboro, WV 24946, U.S.A. hope you will not experience yet another blightwing disappointment! ORION!

Eric Thomson