28 June 2001.

Many thanks for your letter of June 17th. I do not intend to flatter you on your command of English, but I am a voracious reader of English, and I can honestly say that your written English is superior to that which I read in the daily newspapers, whose professional journalists frequently misuse English out of ignorance and laziness. Their written English is much better than that of the majority English-speaking population, so that makes you a champion. Congratulations! One typical, example of poor English I noticed today, in a local restaurant. The menu for the day's special listed the salads one could choose to accompany his meal. The word, and, was used instead of or! I asked the waitress if I could have potato AND fruit salad. She said, "No. You can have one, but not the other." I asked her to please erase AND from the menu on the blackboard and write OR, so that the intention is stated correctly. She thought I was peculiar, for "everyone knew what it meant!" I said that I only knew what I read and there was a big difference between those two little words. One's use or misuse of his own language reveals a lot about the condition of his mind! Since English is about 85% phonetic, I always have a dictionary handy to check my spelling. I am not a pedant, but I like to use English correctly, so as to avoid confusing my readers. I am not perfect, but that is my intention, out of respect for my correspondents. In propaganda, the hostile reader can easily dismiss the message when the writer is careless and sloppy with words, grammar and punctuation. The reader may think, "If his writing is so poor, his research must be also!" Few people will read a book with a dirty cover. Users of the Internet have the worst written English I have ever encountered! Now, to your questions:

(1) Which pro-white organizations do you consider the most important?

If I knew of an important pro-White organization, I would join it immediately! I know of none. My essay on "What We Can Do" refers.

(2) How would you summarize the differences between you and Dr. Pierce?

Dr. Pierce is a publisher. The National Alliance is another name for his subscribers. His degree is in physics. My degrees are in international relations, with practical experience in insurgency, government administration and propaganda. Dr. Pierce cannot define what is a jew, nor who is White. As far as I know, he thinks jews are "White". I know they are not, and the jews know they are not. I refer you to "The Genetics of the Jews" by A.E. Mourant et al, Oxford University Press, 1978.

(3) Who are the people behind FAEM?

FAEM is not an organization. It is a bulletin board for information and opinion. The only person connected to the website whom I know is Robert Frenz, who is kind enough to publish my essays and other items on the site.

(4) Who is white?

Whites are those people who have no Black or Yellow admixtures. If a blond, fair-skinned, blue-eyed person has any such admixture, he is not White. With White Man's science, DNA analysis can reveal any non-White composition. In the practical world, I view anyone less White than I am to be non-White. Biology and behavior are my own functional criteria for Whiteness. It has been my lifelong experience that Ostensible Whites who behave like Blacks or jews are mongrel-mixtures. In Africa I served in the last colonial war in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Our best troops were Whites under White officers, and, Blacks under White officers. Our worst troops were mixtures of those races, including jews. War is not a picnic, so race is terribly important to know about, for one's own survival in combat. One cannot depend on exceptions in dangerous situations. One must rely on the rule of the bell-shaped curve. That is how we distinguish one race from another. Race is subdivided into nations. Mongrels are not members of a race, nor are they members of nations. Like race, the nation is a biological entity, not geographical, cultural nor linguistic.

(5) Do you consider a completely white USA desirable?

I am a racial nationalist, not a regional chauvinist. I am in favor of an all-White state with its own territory, but I have no particular location in mind. The Whites invaded other races' lands and now, the non-Whites are invading White livingspace. Nothing short of war is likely to change this situation. As the Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, would observe: race war is already occurring, but Whites are not defending themselves or their territory from the non-White invaders.

(6) Do you think of yourself as an American?

Anyone can be "an American", for that is a geographical expression, not a biological designation. I see myself as a White Nationalist, so that is why I declare "Our Race is Our Nation" (ORION!)

(7) When and how did you coin the term ZOG?

When I returned from Africa, I already knew that governments were putting jewish interests first, even if their minions were not jews themselves. In 1945, Winston Churchill declared himself to be a "Zionist". The Attorney General of Ontario, Canada, Mr. Roy McMurtry, declared himself to be a "Christian Zionist". In short, the enemy identified himself. I merely repeated the fact. Since the majority had not knowingly voted a Zionist government into office in any country, outside of Israel, it followed that these Zionists, or jew supremacists, had achieved their positions of power dishonestly. They were in fact Zionist usurpers who had stolen our sovereignty by seizing control of our countries' currencies, without the noise and destruction of an armed invasion. All Whites are now under the predatory rule of their Zionist Occupation Governments, so ZOG sums up our situation exactly. I coined the term in 1976. "ZOG" spread because the 'blightwing', as I call it, did not know that I had coined it. "Eric Thomson" is considered "too terrible" for the brightwing, so whatever I have to say is usually attacked or ignored, but not by the Zionists! One writer said that "politics was the art of the possible". I believe that politics (people-power) is 'the art of the contrary'.

(8) What significance do you ascribe to Odinism?

For me, Odinism is a renewal of my contact with my racial roots. It is a mirror in which I can judge my own actions. If White people had been better Odinists, there would be no Christianity in Europe today. My analysis of the Christian Cult is just this: Christianity is a conglomeration of pre-Christian beliefs with jewish labels. It is a bastardized offspring of the misalliance of Old and New Testaments. It was Odin who spoke to me, ever since I set foot on earth. I just did not know his name. Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to any further questions you may have for me. All the Best and ORION!

Eric Thomson