28 June 2001.

We are poor indeed if we lose our sense of humor. Germans have a saying that one who can laugh, despite everything, especially his own misfortune, is rich. I agree. Your Hunter S. Thompson impression was grotesquely funny, and quite true. His prose reminds me of Ginsburg's "Howl", the beatnik 'poem' full of verbal fireworks. The salient lines which I remember, always with a sense of visuals is: " ... angel-headed hipsters, stalking into the starry dynamo of night, looking for an angry fix ... ". Thompson strikes me as a relative of H.L. Mencken on mescaline. To paraphrase his acid impression of the highway to Las Vegas: the whole world is a bat cave.

It is hard to say whether it's merely silly season for Babes in Zogland, or if there is a general sense that this is the last dance on The Titanic. Methinks the feckless fun may be a bit too frenzied, out of desperation: Don't look back. The bogeyman is gaining on us! Here, snort this, pop that, shoot up; screw that, before ... ? Why do I keep feeling as if we are doing a replay of 1929? I wasn't around then, but I have this feeling that a huge financial bubble is about to burst. The Fed feeds it, causing more zogbucks to be diverted into pure speculation. Greenspan says, "There's no inflation!" (Except at the gas-pumps and supermarket check out lines.) Well, also at the retail merchants whose prices reflect increased delivery costs due to rising fuel prices; well, there's also the gas and electric bills. As in a Monty Python skit in which the true dimensions of a disaster are given out bit by bit, in a vain attempt to minimize the catastrophe. My rabbinical radio newscast divulged that Pentagon spending will increase, but that will be eaten-up by inflation, so it is not a real increase in military spending. The zogbucks earmarked for Bush's dubious anti-missile shield sound like a Tom Clancy version of "The Emperor's New Clothes". If approved, the project will be a lucrative boondoggle for the nomenklatura, like The Manhattan Project. I don't wish to sound too cynical, but the Space Program also lent itself' to fund-siphoning shenanigans. Blacks claim that Whitey nevah done gone to da moon. Well, what evidence do we have that we did? We have pictures and statements from FEDZOGUSA, but no independent sources. Hollywood certainly has the technology to purvey on film and video everything which was purported done on the moon, on location in Arizona, or on an indoor set. That raises similar questions in regard to the McVeigh "execution". "Witnesses" watched the proceedings on closed circuit TV or from behind bulletproof glass. McVeigh lies on a gurney with a tube attached to his arm. He does not move. The man in the white coat feels his pulse and prods him with a stethoscope, after which he declares him "dead". The curtain is drawn. Did we land on the moon? Is McVeigh dead? Do we know for sure? No, we don't. I would not be so sure about the moon-landing as I am of McVeigh's death, however, for whatever his role may have been, the ZOG would want to shut him up, so I have no difficulty believing him to be dead, based on my knowledge of the ZOG. In the world of fiction, "the truth makes one free". In the ZOG world, too much knowledge is hazardous to one's health. During the era of the Cold War Hoax, I came close to O.D.ing on knowledge which was dangerously relevant.

To return to Thompson's "search for the American Dream", which he declared to be The Circus-Circus in Las Vegas, I disagree. The American Dream is Miami Vice. The Hollywood fantasy touch was, the two cop-heros who were not on the payola! Or, perhaps that was the Hollywood idea o f humor: "O.K. Hymie, we got this drug scene, with two straight cops ... Stop laughing for a minute, will ya? There's more. One of the cops has this alligator ..."

You point out the "thin blue line" which just barely keeps the gremlin-hordes from rioting, looting and general Mau-Mau mayhem. How they achieve this ostensible order is a 'miracle', for they lack the numbers and the respect, born out of fear, to keep the mob from showing its real strength. What keeps things quiet for ZOG? The old formula: bread and circuses. The race riots in Liberty City, FL, stopped so the Black savages could watch da Soopahbowl on dere 'liberated' TV sets. The cops did not stop the rioting. Had electric power gone out, it would have been quite a different 'ball game'. Then there are The Opiates of the Masses, one of which is Talmudvision. The role of real drugs keeps the populace distracted, addicted and stoned. Drugs did in the Sheeny Rebellion of the Sixties, which I witnessed on the scene in San Francisco during the "student strikes". It is hard to herd Goyim who are disoriented on acid, stoned on pot, freaked out on speed or ga ga on heroin. Black Panthers were instructed not to show up for shindigs under the influence of 'recreational substances'. This zonked-out state of the masses of asses caused the mean little hebes of The Weathermen to have a hebraic hissy-fit and a talmudic tantrum, all by themselves. Oy veh!

* * * * *

28 June 2001.

Many thanks for the two NSV Reports. I'm sorry to learn of the demise of Comrades Prins and Clerkin. I guess I take the survival of such 'permanent' fixtures for granted, but how time flies. You have been fighting the good fight for decades, so I want to show my appreciation by sending you, under separate cover, a pocket edition of MEIN KAMPF, which was one of several given me by my friend and departed comrade, General Remer. If anyone tells you that "Hitler wrote such and such in M.K.", you can look it up, and with a German-English dictionary, determine exactly what he wrote. The Roman typeface is great for modern readers of German. As I recall, jew-propagandists Quentin Reynolds and Louis Nizer concocted a phony, kosher baloney version of M.K. and sold it for 10 cents a copy, claiming that it was a "translation". The author, Adolf Hitler, sued them successfully in a California civil proceedings, and forced them to withdraw all copies of the phony version! How's that for a bit of trivia? As always, NSV Report fills in many gaps which the jewsmedia leave for Whitey to guess at.

In your biblical research, I suggest you check out all references to "adultery". The term has been purposely mistranslated as 'fornicating with another man's wife or another woman's husband'. Adultery really means the mixture of something with something alien, and/or inferior, as, for example, "adulterated milk". There is a separate commandment against coveting another man's wife, so the separate commandment about "Thou shalt not commit adultery" has to mean the mixing of seedlines, whether of a family or a race. There are many passages condemning the marriage of an Israelite with a non-Israelite, and I believe, that members of the Phineas Priesthood went around skewering offenders with spears. "Judeo-Christians" are accustomed to ignoring or misinterpreting biblical commandments which are "politically incorrect", such as adultery and the absolute prohibition of homosexuality. By such arrogance, they show their own disbelief and disregard for their god's "own words". Why are they not afraid? They may call themselves "Christians", but they are certainly not!

The ZOG is promoting two lies in theme variations: The first is that race-mixing can bring about world peace, and the second is that global industrialization will bring about universal prosperity. These are Big Lies, as history proves. A third lie we see is that increased debt promotes prosperity. That's as absurd as claiming that increased alcohol consumption promotes sobriety. I guess the masses of asses believe these whoppers, as long as the liars tell them with straight faces, although they know that the joke's on us. All the Best and ORION!

P.S.: "Diversity" was divine punishment for mortals who tried to build the tower to heaven. We inflict the punishment upon ourselves, without the tower! Such a deal!

Eric Thomson