22 June 01.

Many thanks for your recent mailing, including The Zud's "Power Newsletter", which I suspect is his last. I was wondering how "Hate H.Q." in Toronto would wind up, so that newsletter answers my questions. According to form, all the material which The Zud has packratted away will moulder into oblivion, as it was doing in Toronto: unused, unread, un-distributed; a paper monument to his compulsive-hoarding syndrome. What a tedious farce. If reports are true, The Zud has vastly outdone Koehl in his "take the money and run" scam, but The Zud comes a long way below Carto's score as "Erbschleicher", or "inheritance sneaker". Without his own perpetual legal proceedings to write about, I guess he will publish comments from the sidelines about others' thoughtcrime trials. The truth about The Holohoax is there, for the Arabs to use against Zionist oppression, provided they can get their heads out of their camels' asses. I don't know if Rimland(er) will take over the role of his former jew dominatrix, "Anne Burton", but I frankly don't give the proverbial damn. Bismarck advised the politician to grab History's skirts as She rushes by and to hang on as long as possible. The Zud grabbed the money intended for him to make history, in the form of a political movement, and let go of History's skirts. He wanted the notoriety of leadership without the obligations of leadership. By his lights he is a 'success', but in my estimation, he betrayed the White Cause and wasted our precious time. I believe that there is a great deal of justice, right here on earth, and that he will receive his in due course. I see it's time for work, so on that sober note, I wish you all the Best and ORION!

24 June 01.

Many thanks for yours of June l9th. Say what they will about "snail mail", the 3-4 day delivery across the continent is nothing to scoff at. The delay factor is on my part, for I am interrupted in my correspondence. Were I 'retired' on my blightwing plunder, I would be able to send my reply the same day I received my mail. My letter to a Zud-supporter refers. Were I to be on the Internet, I could not answer E-mail any quicker. In fact, I would be inundated, as Robert Frenz is frequently.

Thank you for your concern about my often hectic lifestyle. The jobs I have are the easiest I have ever encountered, and I earn more, because of inflation, in numerical terms than I ever did in the Jew-Ass-Oy Veh. I left back in 1961, when $410 per month gross salary was considered 'very good' for university grads whose degrees had nothing to do with the insurance business. One job actually does pay $8 an hour, which is the most per hour I have ever earned, in inflated zogbucks, that is to say.

My personal economy resembles that of the character "Kat" in "All Quiet on the Western Front". You may remember the fellow who gets in line to receive a hog carcass from the supply boxcar, then lights out to feed his unit with the 'requisition'. It has taken me almost a decade to build up an underground community of interest here, so that I can live comfortably within my means. The jobs I have obtained were on a face-to-face basis, and many of the local contacts are members of the underground economy. The rules are simple: Do your job and keep your mouth-shut. Such "organizing" is essential for my survival, and it takes lots of time. One cannot cultivate trust quickly. The jobs I have are unique: no jew is involved in my employment. As a pro-White White man, I can still earn a bare living. No mud is after my job, as they are for the big-bucks and benes of zog-jobs and big business. As I say, if I knew of a better 'ole, I'd go there. This is good enough to mark time until the balloon goes up. I would guess that big cities will be the first locations which experience violence and civil upheaval. Backwaters like Yakima, the Durango or Bulawayo of Central Washington, will have some lead time, for this is a food stamp economy, surrounded by The Yakima Nation. Like the District of Charewa in Rhodesia, Yakima is relatively quiet, although it is a scene of big drug activity, mainly coming up from Mexico. Charewa was an R and R plus resupply center for the terrorists, just as Yakima is the major drug depot for Mexican shipments, hence, the big players prefer a low profile. Some say "it's too quiet", but if one knows the reasons why, one can get by and enjoy it.

I think you are quite a humorist, albeit 'dry'. I chuckled at your comment that I deserve some dignity and comfort. Well, I do enjoy the comfort I am accustomed to. As for dignity, I have all the dignity a member of a defeated nation, living on enemy territory 'deserves'. The fact that my nation defeated itself means that I am more deserving of derision, than any shred of dignity. Whites are so few here that we are not deemed a threat. The political scales have mud in both trays, so the conflict locally will be, as it is, mud versus mud.

Your observations on Black behavior are not necessarily signs that Blackie thinks his Jubilee done come. I think his wildness and aggressiveness are not due just to White passivity, but are rather signs of desperation, for Blackie is about to drown in a seething sea of brown, and he can see it, for he has no jew to tell him what he can or cannot see.

The jew, Bill Gates, is going all out to import as many Dravidians et al. on the pretext that they are "skilled technicians". They do have beautifully-printed diplomas to that effect, which can be purchased on the streets of Bombay, for a few rupees. One Boeing employee told me that there are so many ragheads in the parking lot at shift change that it resembles rush hour in Bombay. It's informative to know that your side of the continent is receiving the same varieties of black Wogs as we are in The Great White Hopeland. No, a peaceful solution to this conflict is most unlikely. This is a whole new game, with new rules. Nature is about to show us her fangs and claws, and our flimsy paper laws will be torn to shreds. As always, might will be right and the turf will belong to him who can take it and occupy it. I am only disappointed that Whitey forgot this eternal truth so quickly. Maybe he can learn quickly. Stay tuned! As Rockwell said, "I have my hate to keep me warm."

I do not flatter myself in regard to my 'exemption' from employment in any branch of the ZOG. I am definitely on The List, as compiled by the ADL and as heeded by their ZOGlings. My background in international relations, both academically and practically, would qualify me for a position in the State Department, but that would be like a policeman joining a gang of crooks: I know what they're doing and they know I know what they're doing, and were I with them, I'd be doing the exact opposite. As I wrote in "Our Egregious Elite", most of the Ostensible Whites I know here are working with and for the enemies of Our Race, and they feel proud of themselves!


Eric Thomson