11 July 01.

The article on the White mummies of NW China was very informative. I shall photocopy it and send it to several correspondents who claim that "the Chinese invented paper, pasta, money, writing, textiles, bronze, gunpowder, the compass," etc. I tell them to stick around and some forgetful White will declare that the Chinese also invented the steam locomotive, since we no longer make them. As I understand, the U.S. Government sent China two models of steam locomotives in 1941. Those became the prototypes for China's currently-used steam locomotives. I read that a group of hobbyists and businessmen in Iowa wanted to keep their shortline railroad running. The mainline railroad company refused to supply them with locomotive service on their line, having sold it off as 'unprofitable', so the shortliners needed a locomotive to get their rollingstock to and from the mainline. A modern diesel-electric locomotive was priced way beyond their financial means. Since a steam locomotive can produce the same tractive effort as a diesel-electric, at one seventh the cost, they investigated the purchase of a steam locomotive. Domestic locomotives were museum pieces or junk; either too expensive or useless. The railroaders shopped overseas. India and China still manufacture steam locomotives. The Indian designs are British, and not robust enough for American conditions. The Chinese, however... Thus it was that the Iowans bought a brand new, American-style steam locomotive and the Chinese supplied them with a trainer to teach them how to operate it! Any railroader around in 1941 would have shaken his head in disbelief. How quickly Whites change, and how quickly we forget! The Chinese can go on making the same faithful copies for another thousand years, just as they did with gunpowder! I point out to the Yellow Supremacists that an inventive people usually improves something, and even replaces it with something better. The Chinese "inventions" are peculiar, for they came into use without signs of an evolution and they remained the same for centuries, without improvement, just like their American steam locomotives. The Chinese used gunpowder in war, but quite ineffectively, for their rockets rarely hit anything. For the Chinese, gunpowder was more a symphonic and visual accompaniment to battle, rather than a real weapon. The White visitors quickly grasped the potential and made cannons which actually hit and damaged their targets. A British officer, possibly Congreve, wondered why the Chinese didn't put the stick in the center of the rocket, instead of on the side, which always made the rocket highly erratic. The actual existence of a White civilization in NW China would explain a lot. These Whites, who are usually called Tokharians, also lived in Turkmenistan, where archaeologists have found their works for making "Damascus steel", long before the Arab incursions. The White failing is the admission of non-Whites into White livingspace and the transfer of White technology into non-White hands. This has been our dismal history for thousands of years, just as we see today!

Eric Margolis makes a good point in his Maginot essay, in regard to a people's unwillingness to suffer casualties in battle on behalf of anything. As Rome ran out of Romans to pursue their foreign conquests, they hired German mercenaries. When the Anglo-American Zionists need troops for their extortion rackets, where will they come from? Will the Chinese rent out their infantry? From my demographic observations, I wonder who would be willing to make any sacrifice on behalf of the U.S.A. (whatever that may be these days). Will the U.S.A. use Black troops to fight Blacks in Africa? Will it use Arab troops to fight Arabs? Mestizo troops to fight in Latin America? That would seem unwise. The USSR had to pull out their Moslem troops from Afghanistan because their religion made them ineffective and even rebellious. If the U.S.A. does get involved in a real military operation, it will need to juggle its military forces to avoid mutinies. Vietnam was the end of the U.S. draft program. Even little Rhodesia could call up conscripts, even foreigners, like myself. The U.S.A. cannot. I have watched U.S. society self-destruct over the decades. In the 1950s I was in Civil Defense. In 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis, there was militant division, with neighbor planning to kill neighbor, in defense of one's fallout shelter. The Sheriff of Kern County, CA, pledged to halt the ravening hordes from L.A. at the mountain passes. The Arch Bishop of L.A. declared that a man had the right to kill others in defense of his own family. In the 1960s, society became more divided and selfish. This was before the horrendous influx of aliens. Now, the alien population is so large that the general population can no longer be counted upon to behave with the uniformity of the U.S. population of the Pearl Harbor era. When the Star Spangled Banner is sung in Spanish, can the Mexican national anthem be far behind? Stay tuned! The flood of immigrants have entered the U.S.A. for THEIR interests, not for U.S. interests. U.S. interests may conflict with their interests, which will, as they say in bullfighting, be "the moment of truth." In my experience most volunteers in the U.S. military signed on for "3 hots and a flop" plus school tuition. They DID NOT sign on to fight!

The Jews and Americans are peculiar. They remind me of the ballad of "Irving, the 142nd Fastest Gun in the West" who was "mean and ornery, right clear through, which was kind of odd, for he was yellow, too!" Imperialism is masculine in nature. Masculine minds assess the price which must be paid for obtaining a prized piece of territory. They take the territory and pay the price. Feminine minds may want the territory, but no price is acceptable to them. The female mind can be characterized as emphasizing the price over that which is purchased. "Saving Pvt. Ryan" is a female mind on parade: the endangerment of 100 to save one. No sane military commander would ever do that, unless that single man were worth even more than the 100! No sane shepherd would risk his entire flock on the possibility of saving one lost lamb. No responsible father would sacrifice his family's interests on behalf of a prodigal son. No sane people welcomes "the teeming refuse" of another shore; no sane athlete wants cripples on his team. The 'need' of one does not justify the deprivation of another. Health, intelligence and beauty are not qualities to be ashamed of, and their opposites are not fit to be ennobled and venerated.

When the Jews invaded Lebanon, their soldiers suffered casualties from "friendly fire". One report claimed that two thirds of Israeli casualties were self-inflicted. This indicates to any trained soldier a severe lack of fire discipline, which is usually the result of poor training and, yes, cowardice. The Jews and Americans are 'tough guys', as long as they are dishing it out, but when, by chance, they get 'dinged' by incoming 'mail', the air is rent with their 'oy vehs' and maudlin exhibitions of self-pity, as we saw in the aftermath of the USS Cole attack, and as we see daily from the fighting in Israel. As our downbreeding and race-mixing bear fruit, the chances are that North Americans will meet their Nemesis in the form of a determined and competent foe. Imagine being attacked by an army of McVeighs! The zog-dogs would be running as fast as their bowels.

My question is, why are we playing such a dangerous game of Jew World Order, which requires us to bash others around, when we can't stand being bashed ourselves? Are we courting disaster from some sort of Freudian death-wish? Do we 'need' someone to punish us?

The specious agenda of the ZOG goes as follows: (1) Race-mixing will bring about world peace. (2) Borrowing money at interest will bring on prosperity. (3) World industrialization will end world poverty. I have refuted (1) by giving examples of race-mixed countries and areas of the globe. (2) Is an oxymoron. (3) Was disproved when the Industrial Revolution hit England. No economic system known can improve the standard of living and general prosperity in the face of infinite population growth, here, on this finite planet. Moreover, our production methods deplete and pollute our natural resources, just as more and more people become dependent upon them for a bare existence. Marx was wrong. Malthus was right, I'm sorry to say. Remember, Eric Thomson is one who hates to be right! Has anyone got the words of The Star Spangled Banner in Chinese?

I recommend the film, "The Battle of Algiers", because of the educational value it has in regard to the organisation of a national insurgency and its suppression. In my studies on the subject, I read an interesting little book on counter-insurgency by "David Galula". The tactics were not new: strict area control in order to have a proper basis for exacting reprisals against the population; public works conscription, which puts the population to work and places them under supervision. Labor conscription provides the lukewarm people with a good excuse for not collaborating with the insurgents: "We had to work on the road!" The strategy stated in the book, which I gather emanated from the French colonial war in Algeria is painfully obvious: the replacement of a French colonial regime by a pro-French, native-run colonial regime! The military victory was merely the first step toward the political/economic goal, which the French appear to have won, after their official granting of 'independence, to Algeria. Because the current Algerian regime is unpopular, because of its pro-French policies, the colonial war continues, as France is invaded by Algerians and other Arabs. The French have thrown out the baby and saved the bathwater! I have had the benefit of firsthand experience in the field of insurgency/counter-insurgency, so I am able to recognise such tactics as "counter-dissonance" and "phony combat cells" or "focos guerrilleros". These tactics have already been used in North America, before any manifestation of a popular rebellion against the ZOG. The Algerian population was more uniform in its ethnic makeup than that of North America, so I do not see how a coherent national rebellion could occur. North America's demography would more resemble the Indian subcontinent's, in which the two major groups, Moslems and Hindus, separated violently, shortly after the British pulled out. As the ZOG collapses, people will seek safety with their own kind, or die, as they did in India. In my Indian travels, I was impressed by the general veneer of civility in the Indian population, but I was also impressed by their awareness of their own identities and their vital interests, for which they would fight.

The North American population impresses me as a lot of decadent savages, lacking both civility and awareness of identity and interests. They strike me as a bunch of arrogant ignoramuses and cowards. It will be most entertaining to see how such a population copes with real crises. I see that farmers in Oregon have seized the controls of a dam, in order to direct its water into their own irrigation ditches. Will the ZOG send its minions after them? Stay tuned! Things will be a-poppin' on this continent before we start pushing up the daisies, or, in my case, the poison oak. Ha.

After rereading the magazine article about the White mummies, I wondered about the race of its author, Heather Pringle. Only a White person can sound so anti-White as she does, so that would be my guess as to her genetics. Her 'reasoning' is reflective only of her anti-White bias. Why did she choose to introduce alleged Nazi suppositions? Her 'logic' is that (1) Hitler was pro-White; (2) The mummies are White; (3) Therefore the Nazis would like the White mummies. Even if the ancient mummies had been Nazis, themselves, does this mean that their very existence should be ignored and no research done on them? Nazis were involved in genetic research, aeronautical research and health research. Does this mean that we should abjure such studies and destroy all evidence of research in these fields? The Nazis quite early discovered the connection between tobacco smoking and cancer. With this mentality, we should all light up and puff our lungs out! No Nazis here, cough, cough!

Rather than smear the mummies with these P.C. value-judgements and anti-White prejudices, would it not be possible to find out whatever we can about them before the Chinese censors decide to incinerate all evidence that they ever existed? The question in my mind is, what do the Chinese have to fear from very ancient, very dead White people? Pringle's ideas of 'superiority' are non-sequiturs. Since when does age confer 'superiority'; what has physical location got to do with 'superiority'? I see no support for "White Supremacy" in these mummies, as the author and the Chinese apparently do. Notice how close she comes to labelling researcher Mair as a "Nazi". How dare a White man research White mummies! If Mair were to research Peruvian mummies, his credentials would be 'flawed', just because he is White. How far we have fallen below the standards of science in our frenzy to kiss up to mud-people and their sheenie spokesmen! I find such pseudo-intellects and their moral cowardice beneath contempt. Had the mummies been Black, would Ms. Pringle get her jollies? She could really indulge her hatred for Hitler and the Nazis in an orgy of vilification, rather than her muted fear and loathing: "What if the Nazis were to find out about the White mummies?" Again, I ask why she needs to inject "Nazis" into the Mummy Question. I don't know when or where or if Hitler ever made statements claiming that Genghis Khan and his Mongols had "German blood". By the same token, we could say that Germans have Mongol blood. Either way, racial purity goes down the drain. I wonder if Ms. Pringle was confusing Hitler with Kaiser Wilhelm II who made some similar statements about Germans behaving like Huns. I believe that statement occurred at the time of The Boxer Rebellion, when German troops were engaged in the fighting in China, along with allied western countries. I would like to know if Hitler ever encouraged his armed forces to behave like Mongols! It is amazing where prejudice can lead, and I truly believe that Ms. Pringle is a victim of prejudice in the extreme. I began, as she has, with leftist-liberal egalitarian principles which I was indoctrinated with in school. Over the years, I divested myself of these prejudices and began to see the real world, with human and racial differences. I do not consider my own kind 'better' than other races, but they are my own kind and I relate to them best, after having spent most of my life with the rest! I am a Nazi, but I am certainly not prejudiced! If Ms. Pringle is White, she is a very sick White, indeed. If she were a jew, her congeners would dub her a "self-hater.' It's time for Whites to stop hating themselves. It is that self-hate which is the basis for the non-Whites' hatred of us. When Whites did not hate themselves, the non-Whites feared us and behaved themselves. Our problems and our solutions lie within ourselves. That realization and that awakening is what our enemies fear most. That's why they want us to "sleep", "obey" and "consume" our lives away. All the Best and ORION!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

16 July 01.

At long last, I am endeavoring to reply to your insightful letter of July 8. The Mestizo Factor deprives me of my spare time, so much so that I only recently completed processing my jewspaper clippings which went back to January 01. These past six months have been a 'Chinese fire drill' in terms of my work schedule. The White sheeple of Yakima are bleating about the singing of The Star Spangled Banner in Spanish at the 4th of July celebration here. The usual liberal twaddle is that "diversity is just wonderful" and that singing the "National Anthem" in Spanish is "what America is all about". Having lived in Mexico, I would like to put this incident into the Mexican context: Suppose that a bunch of Gringos sang the Mexican National Anthem in English, at a major Mexican patriotic event? The Mexicans would deem such an action as sacrilege, an insult to Mexico and rampant Gringo imperialism. The singers would be lucky to escape alive, for Mexican reactions are swift and violent when an insult is perceived, even if it were unintentional. Now, let's look at the Mexicans' attitude toward Spanish: it is their "national language", just like their anthem. No Gringo would be allowed to behave in Mexico as Mexicans are allowed to behave in the U.S.A.,with such racist political organizations as La Raza (the race) and La Mecha (the fuse), an acronym for "Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan" or Mexican Student Movement of Aztlan (the territories of the U.S.A. which they claim).

There is a concept known as "machismo", an exaggerated form of masculinity in which mestizos of Mexico and Latin America take pride. Anglos would call such behavior 'bullying', for the role of the "macho" is to 'prove' his masculinity by imposing his will on the weak and defenseless. To be perceived as weak and defenseless is thus to invite attack! White Americans' behavior is very weak, indeed. In Mexican terms, we behave like a bunch of "putos" (male prostitutes who take the woman's role), "jotos" (fags) and "marijuanos" (people who may look like males, but who are totally passive and un-macho). By giving away our land, our jobs, our money, our women and our children's future, American Whites have convinced the Mexican invaders that we are to be despised and despoiled. So far, it looks as if the Mexicans are absolutely right about us! The poor dumb sheeple who think that the invaders are grateful for that which they take from us have another think coming.

I am glad you enjoyed your sojourn in West Virginia. I did not find many Ostensible White people in the places I visited, however. Most are mestizos, with a dash of incest, which makes them simultaneously outbred, inbred and downbred. The growth industry in the Reedy/Spencer area was the loonybin. Yes, the countryside is beautiful. A good neutron bomb would do much to improve the dismal demographics of the state, however.

In regard to I.Q., I agree with Robert Frenz that "intelligence is what works", rather than "what potentially might work". A person can be well-read and over-read, with total recall of everything he ever read or wrote, but that is no more intelligent than a computer hard drive. What is often lacking is the INTELLIGENCE to analyze and to prioritize information, in terms of reality and experience. I have known many 'highly-educated' denizens of academe who were very good at articulating erroneous ideas which had no basis in reality at all. Dr. Pierce may be a "racist", but he appears to know little about race, nor what constitutes a jew or a White person. This would be like a woodsman who has a real problem distinguishing trees from other foliage. I credit Dr. Pierce with more intelligence than you give him, for he must know that it is impossible to 'protect' one's mailing list if he uses the U.S. Postal Service. FEDZOG's minions can photocopy the addresses of sender and receiver as they appear on any envelope, without a search warrant. Anyone who uses the postal service for his mail can only protect it from other blightwingers, but not from the ZOG. Sometimes I wonder what planet Dr. Pierce thinks he lives on.

As a long-time student of International Relations, I can honestly say that I am not a cynic. To be a cynic, I must first be a disillusioned romantic. I never believed in the Tooth Fairy, so I was never shocked to learn who produced the dime under my pillow. On the other hand, I have been surprised at the antics of FEDZOGUSA: their confiscation of my doctoral dissertation notes and outline at gunpoint was indeed a surprise to me, as well as my FBI escort out of the USA. For FEDZOGUSA to burn "The Chosen One" also surprised me, for I consider such actions as both recognition and compliments. Indeed, I have been given V.I.P. treatment by East-ZOG and West-ZOG, as if I were a very dangerous spy. In response to such attention, I can only wonder if I could be as dangerous as they make me out to be, or do they think I'm somebody else? After the Waco Massacre, my self-esteem went down a few notches, for the ZOG revealed itself to be a bunch of hysterical, panicky old women. Really, zoglings, there's nobody here but me and my typewriter! I know you have searched my premises several times, for my low-tech unauthorized entry device was tripped on 3 occasions. If it had not been, you would not have been doing what the sheeple pay you to do.

You see, I did not steal all your missing laptops and weaponry, nor did I hide any of your records. You don't need me at all, for you are your own worst enemies. Maybe you are the victims of an X-File conspiracy. Tell your sheenie shrinks about your space alien suspicions, by all means.

Humor aside, you are correct in stating that Whites are divided and self-alienated. The dumb ones behave like niggers and the 'smart' ones act like jews. As economist Werner Sombart wrote: "America is the distilled essence of Judaism!" No wonder a White man cannot feel at home here.

I admire your patience and can only recommend that you persevere. The female problem in North America is part of the jew-dazed nature of our society. Women see themselves as commodities, for sale or rent to the highest bidder. Most male-female relationships, including marriage, are basically co-dependencies of co-consumers. What we want are allies. I have had the good fortune of working at dangerous jobs with great female allies. Unfortunately, they were either married or had other obligations which precluded marriage to me.

In the 'battle ' of the sexes' I can only say, "there, but for me, goes myself." I have the advantage of being able to put myself in others' places. When I see a man drink half a bottle of whiskey and pass out, I am pretty sure that I would behave the same, were I to copy him. Thus it was that I listened to my unhappy coworkers in the insurance office, which was my first and last 'straight' job in the Jew-Ass-Oy-Veh. Upon graduation from college, I wanted to see the world, just like my miserable coworkers. But, since I needed money to start my travels, I got the best paying job I could find, although it had nothing to do with my field of academic interest, just like my miserable coworkers. I aimed at saving $100 a month for a year, then quitting the soul-destroying routine, just like my miserable coworkers. As I became acquainted with them, I learned that they all began to rationalize departures from their initial plan to save as much money as possible. Why live like a monk, they asked themselves. Why not enjoy a stereo and socialize a bit? O.K., so an improved lifestyle might cost another year at the job. Then the girlfriend would enter the picture. At first, it was fun of the sort depicted in Playboy magazine. O.K., she earns a good salary, too. Wouldn't it be fun to see the world together? As the relationship became more steady and intimate, the girlfriend got pregnant. Now, she wanted marriage and a suburban house to go with the baby. Adios, dual income. Adios, world travel. Hello debt-slavery, penury, divorce, alimony and child-support! The gates of hell closed behind them, and they were condemned to serve out their lives in the best-paying job they could hope to attain, with their irrelevant college degrees. When I discovered that starting salaries for new employees were higher than the salaries of employees who'd hired on 5 years earlier, I knew that this was a trap. Since I knew that my fate would be the same as that of my miserable coworkers, I adhered to Plan A, saved my zogbucks and "left the straight life behind". I was wiser and luckier than I knew at the time. Compulsory co-consumption accompanied by debt-slavery and despair was not my idea of 'the good life'.

The Struggle provides. In some cases, it even provides female allies. Had I never got into the "hate business", I would never have known such courageous, competent and congenial female colleagues. It was a privilege to work with them.

Over the years, I have outgrown my fantasy of 'doing things differently', in the wish that things might have turned out better. The likelihood is that they might have turned out worse! No, I did not meet my Dream Girl, nor did I marry The Monster from Planet Earth. Having done pretty much as I wanted, nearly all of my adult life, I have no regrets, nor seething, unfulfilled ambitions. Indeed, I count my blessings in the form of my experiences which I am lucky to have survived unscathed. The Adventure is not over, by any means! Keep your powder dry and hang onto your hat in the meantime. All the Best and ORION!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

18 July 01.

"FAEM" is pronounced like "fame" in English. It stands for "First Amendment Exercise Machine". As I wrote in "What We Can Do", I do not consider all "rightwing" organizations to be useless, for some of them do publish useful information. None of them that I know of provide political leadership nor organization for political activists as did Zündel and Rockwell. As we know, Rockwell was shot and Zündel went 'flop', but that would not deter me from joining an activist group, if I knew of one. I do not refuse to collaborate with Dr. Pierce in regard to the exchange of concepts and information. I would not subordinate my editorial policy to his, however.

FAEM is a forum for ideas, facts and opinions. I am a guest on that website, and whoever is admitted thereto is welcome to contradict whatever I have to say. FAEM is not a political party, so it has no chain of command nor 'partyline'. Robert Frenz is welcome to disagree with me whenever he likes. We merely present our ideas to the 'jury' of our readers, who are free to decide for themselves. FAEM communicates. It does not coerce. We require no gulags nor firing squads to enforce our version of 'political correctness', as befits a forum for free discussion.

In regard to a White Nationstate, I have experienced something along those lines in the U.S.A. and Rhodesia, in which Whites from all parts of the world formed a loose-knit community which put White interests first and foremost. The fact that such White communities no longer exist does not preclude their re-establishment now or in the future. Under a pro-white White government, the members of a White Nationstate would be obliged to consider "Is it good for Whites?" whenever they make a decision to do or not to do anything. We would naturally emphasize that which unites us and minimize that which would promote disunity, for our own collective well-being. The essence of community is conformity, just as the essence of individuality is extinction in biological terms. Freedom, as opposed to licence, is that set of obligations which provide us with the optimum of fulfillment. As far as describing the White Nationstate of the future, I leave that to my successors. I have outlined my idea of a White government in previous essays. Since the physical territory of this nationstate must be recaptured from our enemies, I cannot presume to describe its geographical outlines.

Violence is usually the last resort, when all else fails. If violence is necessary to achieve White survival, then so be it. When violence does occur, Whites must choose their allies, if any, with extreme care. The Anti-Zionist Alliance makes provision for collaboration between Whites and non-Whites who see the ZOG as their common enemy. An ally can never be one of us, and must seek his own destiny in his own livingspace when the ZOG is defeated.

Black slaves living under White masters were much better off than 'free' Blacks, living in Africa under Black rulers, whose custom it was to sell their own race into slavery. In White terms, slavery is immoral. In Black terms, it is perfectly natural. As a former member of a colonial government, I see no reason to impose White morality upon non-Whites, just as I see no reason for jews and Blacks to impose their 'morality' upon Whites. That's why racial separation is both moral and necessary.

To appear White is merely the first step in achieving full Whiteness. I believe that the first requirement for all Olympic runners is that they have two legs. Blacks can ape White behavior, just as Whites can ape Black antics. Women can behave as men and vice versa, in contradiction of their biology. As far as I am concerned, it is wise to treat Ostensible Whites who behave like Blacks or jews as one would treat a Black or a jew. Perhaps events will cause them to change for the better; perhaps not. We must all live in the present; otherwise we may not have a future with which to contend. A crook may become honest, but for now, it is wise to treat him as a crook.

Liberty Bell was in a mongrel semi-ghost town. Some of our best financial supporters were mestizos who disliked Blacks and jews. Liberty Bell was a publication. Publications are paper. Politics is people-power. The publisher of Liberty Bell chose to remove his operation from the people, so we had a few subscribers, but no political organization.

Commander George Lincoln Rockwell may have been the Last Great White Hope for American Whites. I did not know him personally, but he certainly had the makings of a leader. Sadly, he was right on time, which is to say, he was light-years ahead of the political comprehension of the masses of asses. I see no such personalities on the American political stage today.

In regard to my knowledge of the people you mention, I can offer you nothing but hearsay, which I will not repeat, since I have not confirmed any of it myself. I have been a journalist for decades, and I believe in checking out facts for myself, before I repeat anything I have heard in the blightwing grapevine of malicious gossip. I have heard enough calumnies about myself from blightwing sources to preclude me from corresponding with myself, were I to believe any of them! Thank you for your interest and ORION!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

19 July 01.

Due to my mestizo work schedule, I am behind in my correspondence. I type 62 words per minute, but I cannot take my typewriter with me to my various part-time coolie jobs. My brain and fingers are not often free to do their business of communication because of my chaotic schedule. Every day is a struggle to wrest some of my waking hours away from my occupation of eking out a bare and hectic existence. I therefore apologize for the dilatory nature of my correspondence.

Many thanks for your letter of July 14th. Let's go back to what I call basics: Mendel observed in cross-breeding that the mixed offspring of mulattos have about a one in four chance of resembling either parent. Let us examine the tragedy of race-mixing of a Black with a White, assuming both are pure members of their respective races. The next generation, using Mendel's observations, we could expect, out of 4 offspring, two mulattos, neither of whom resemble either parent, and two offspring who resemble one or the other parent. Thus, a Black-White mulatto crossbreed would produce one Ostensible White, one Ostensible Black and two obvious mongrels. Along comes one of your "authorities", an anthropologist with his calipers, which he uses to classify the 'race' of the four mongrels. One or two have long noses and thin lips, so they are "Caucasians". The other two specimens he could call "Mediterraneans". If he discovered these mulattos on Java, he might dub them members of a "Javan Race". We visited the Mediterranean in my last letter. I told you what I found there: some Whites, mainly tourists, but mostly mongrels. We both agree, I hope that there can be no mongrel "race", since a mongrel is a mixture of races. Therefore, a "White Mediterranean Race" is extinct. Let us go to the region of the Caucasus. Most of the inhabitants are obviously part Mongolian, but let's whip out the calipers and measure the noses! Aha! More "non-White Caucasians!" The ancient mummies whose civilization extended from the Caucasus into northwestern China are not merely "Caucasian" in appearance, but White. Naturally, calipers are a poor substitute for DNA analysis, but you insist on using a specious structure of concepts and terminology which was entirely ignorant of genetics, which includes your 'authorities' of the 19th century, like Breasted. I not only have his map, but I have pictures of the mongrels who live throughout Arabia, as well as my firsthand knowledge. They are mongrels. If you wish to use ancient history to claim that the inhabitants of the Middle East were, once upon a time, "Caucasians" and/or Whites, I merely ask you to show me some living specimens today. You have not, and I dare say you cannot, unless you import some Aryans into Mecca and tell me that they are "Arabs".

I have travelled widely in Asia and I lived in Japan for a time, regularly bathing at public baths. Yes, there are Yellow people, but as you say, some northern Asians have skins which are almost White, but usually opaque. Most White people I know, who I would call White, are bluebloods. Yes, you can see the bluish veins on their forearms – especially in the wrists – and their ruddy complexions. Maybe we could refer to a "pink" race and a "blue-white" race. You choose to confuse matters further by introducing "Aryan" as a different "race" so you can have "non-Aryan Whites" and "White Aryans"'. The Aryan is to White as the Englishman is to White. We can talk about "non-English Whites".

In terms of race, we are talking about members of the same race, but of different nations. The Aryans cannot be a different race, unless we wish to confuse ourselves. How would you distinguish an "Aryan" from another White person? Perhaps differences existed before your "Mediterraneans" mixed with your "Aryans", thus rendering both subraces or nations extinct. It is obvious that there is no point in making nonexistent distinctions as to tribe and alleged place of origin.

In the matter of racial identification in terms of color, I suggest you put away your 19th century calipers and use your eyes. Color is the first thing one sees in another person. Next come facial features and hair, which is of just 3 varieties which correspond to the Black, White or Yellow races. That's all, folks! Then, there is DNA which reveals the minutest admixture and identifies one's genotype. Look, Ma, no calipers!

The albino members of any race are exceptions. I have seen a couple of albino Blacks in Bulawayo, where I lived for 5 years (Zimbabwe). The black Blacks viewed them with fear and superstition. Otherwise, the rest of their Black characteristics were intact. Neither could be mistaken for White, for Whites usually know what they look like. I think we may justly bury the "non-White Caucasian" along with the formula for "cold fusion". Good luck on your Martian Project!

ORION!   Eric Thomson