08 AUG 01. Your neighborhood sounds like at least one "future fiction" film about the denizens which lurk after dark, one being "Escape from New York", which I thought was a good idea: just put like with like and let 'em enjoy their antisocial diversity. "Soylent Green" had some nifty euthanasia centers, which I think could be a practical idea for the near future. I agree that the "hate piece" about the skinhead home invaders was on par with the "Tawana Brawley" episode, if I have the nigger's name right. It sounded 'too bad to be true' and it was! You may remember the jewsmedia blaming "White supremacists" for torching nigger churches. That myth faded quickly when ZOG-dicks found out the nignogs were doing it themselves. Another conspiracy down the drain! The jewsmedia are hard-pressed to equate Black crime figures with "hate crimes" perpetrated by alleged Whites. I note their anti-blond campaign, linking blondness to stupidity. I wonder if there ever was such a critter as a "dumb brunette". Funny how the hebesses love that old bleach bottle! Are they trying to pass themselves off as "dumb"? Stay tuned!

I remember some egregious examples of reverse-stereotyping, in addition to all the Black rocket scientists purveyed on talmudvision. There was a 'comic' strip called "Simpson", many years ago, which portrayed a dumb, White handyman of that name, which I suspect, was the inspiration for "The Simpsons" of talmudvision. Then there is the dumb White soldier, Zero, in the Beetle Bailey strip. No wonder the U.S. Army needs niggers. We gots ta git owah brain-power flum somewheres!

A local Yakimoron wanted to dump his black and white TV on someone, and offered it to me. I gratefully declined, saying that I received enough enemy propaganda outside my batcave, and I would not like to receive more of same when I come home. Somebody asked me why I read the jewspapers, usually 3 or 4 per day: The Yakima Herald-Republic, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Seattle Times, USA Today, and, if I am lucky, The Jew York Times or Wall St. Journal. I also read the Spanish language publications when I find any of them. My reply to the query was "that you can put more lies per square inch in the printed media than you can on a whole hour of the electronic media! I calculate my media on a lies-per-minute basis.

I leave sleeping winos lie. Getting too close might incur some cooties. Obviously, the large cities are becoming less and less habitable. I may be fortunate that I find work in smaller towns or cities. I don't know how long Yakima will exist, in view of the economic downturn in agriculture and fruit-growing due to drought and Chinese competition. The Mexicans are pouring in. They 'demand' amnesty and "fair wages". That is impossible since they were wanted only for their 'cheap labor' and the jobs which unskilled bandidos can perform are diminishing rapidly. Naturally, they assume that Whitey will continue to subsidize their feckless fecundity, but I don't see how. The ZOG's taxation is causing the sheeple to complain and inflation created by welfare will solve nothing, as I wrote years ago in my essay, "Mestizo America: the End of Aryan Enterprise". I really hate to be right!

I have noticed over the years that I have been fortunate in small, as well as large things. Since Buddhism is a heresy of Hinduism, it may be 'karmic'. Savitri Devi said that it was a sign that one was doing as one should. Does this mean we should follow the line of least resistance? In my own experience, I have learned that what comes easiest to me is what I most appreciate, my Scottish grannie to the contrary, who said, "what comes easily is not appreciated." I concur with Mark Twain who said that he never enjoyed money he'd earned as much as the dime he found on the street in San Francisco.

Nietzsche is fun to read, but I find him mischievous, perhaps due to his syphilis. He is basically an anti-social elitist who feels no loyalty toward the people who spawned him. The job of a real leader is to move his particular herd of sheeple into genetic improvement, much as the Black chief, Chaka, did when he willed the formation of The Zulu Nation. He was a Black version of the first Roman plus the first Spartan. He achieved Zulu nationhood and mastered all opposing tribes in short order by intelligent, directed brutality. Those who did not measure up were swiftly put to death or tortured to death 'to encourage the rest'. Chaka saw the creation of his mighty Black nation in his own lifetime, and his eugenics program made Hitler's look as if it were standing still, which it was by comparison.

In regard to beauty, which Whites appreciate for itself, and for inspiration, the jew sees it only as a means for selling something. Often, the jew gets his jollies by defiling and destroying beautiful people and things. White Americans' lack of appreciation of beauty is due to their jew-dazed mentality. It's coincidental that you would mention thinking of becoming a policeman, at the same time NPR reports the police suicide rate to be four times as high as that of officers killed by criminal suspects. In the schizo-liberal context, coupled with anti-law racism on the part of privileged non-Whites, the cop is placed in an impossible situation, like the U.S. soldier in Vietnam. General Gavin was offered a 5th star if he would preside over the mess in Indo-China. He took one look at the parameters of his command and resigned, saying that the self-imposed restrictions of the job precluded any military solution to the conflict. Obviously, Gavin remembered the fate of General MacArthur who belatedly discovered that "we were not supposed to win" in Korea. The cop is placed in a dangerous no-win situation, and like the U.S. soldier in Vietnam, he has no support from the people (law-abiding citizens) he is supposed to protect. Vietnam was a symptom of our national disintegration, and police suicides are a symptom of our community disintegration. The Law of the Contrary obtrudes once again: when community is strong, few police are needed. When community is weak, no number of police will suffice to make the populace behave as if there were a community.

Balkanization, i.e. the multiplicity of communities in an area, make the enforcement of a single set of laws quite difficult, if not impossible. I observed the sort of law enforcement one could expect in colonial Tangiers, except that the place was San Francisco, CA. Remember that the police were supposed to enforce a single set of laws, uniformly. Not so! In the Hashbury District, cops would stroll through the marijuana and incense smoke which billowed from hippie apartments and flophouses, but just outside the hippie haven, people were arrested for possession of minute amounts of pot, just as the law prescribed. Public intoxication was illegal, and cops would take obvious drunks into custody, outside the Irish district. In that neighborhood, drunks were staggering around in abundance and/or passed out on the sidewalks, and the cops left them alone. I remember being on a streetcar which was blocked by a drunk who'd parked his car across the tracks and who was apparently attempting to enter his car via the engine compartment, by climbing under the hood. Passengers got off and helped the drunk push his car into a parking zone, out of the way. Then we resumed our trip, with nary a comment by anyone. As you may know, U.S. citizens are not allowed to possess firecrackers, unless they are Chinese or "Injuns", as distinct from real Indians from India. Use and possession of firecrackers was indeed illegal, but not if one set then off in S.F.'s Chinatown, and not if one were Chinese! A certain amount of violent crime was tolerated in nigger neighborhoods, for cops knew that equal enforcement of the law would mean arresting virtually all the Blacks.

Anglo-Saxon law enforcement is predicated on the idea that the public will support the policeman if he should need assistance. Over the decades of darkening demographics, cops have found themselves in the frequent role of alien occupation troops who attempt to impose alien values upon an unwilling and hostile population. Cops report their prisoners being taken away from them by mobs, usually of Blacks. Cops in Canada complain of the same feelings they have of general hostility from those whom they have sworn "to serve and protect". Their rate of suicides and resignations, as well as transfers is on par with that of U.S. Cops.

In Mexicanized Yakima et al. the statutory rape law is not enforced, for the "age of consent" with hispano-mestizos is "whenever". If a girl gets pregnant at 11 or 12, she is, by their definition, "a woman" and no longer a child. If the authorities attempt to enforce the law against the male perpetrators, they will have no witnesses and no one to sign a complaint. Cops are encountering a growing frequency of "omerta", the code of silence and distrust of authorities in regard to law enforcement. Of course, there are valid arguments against our entire system of 'justice', which seeks 'to enforce 'law' in the abstract, rather than the protection of the public and the provision of redress to crime victims. When fines are levied, the money goes to the state, rather than the victim. The over-emphasis on criminals, "rights", and the corruption and incompetence of the 'justice system' cause many victims to seek instant justice, rather than rely upon cops and courts. Too bad if a cop gets in the way!

In Latin America in general and in Colombia, in particular, the Marxist "withering away of the state" has been ongoing for decades. People with nothing to lose form bandit gangs which purport to be 'political', in order to take from those who have. The haves hire similar gangs, with political labels, to protect their persons and property. This has been going on, long before the cocaine trade erupted in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and elsewhere. Drugs provide all 'sides' with money to buy arms and ammo, as well as mansions, limos and Learjets. In such a society, no amount of wealth will ever bring peace, for the breeding rate of the 'have-nots' is like that of cockroaches, and that is the real problem. All sides tap into this inexhaustible resource of conflict and cannon fodder. Has it ever been different? In this context, a 'government' becomes irrelevant, sidelined by its own corruption and incompetence, its unpopularity and its ineffectuality. That was the role of the official Colombian government, even when I was there in the mid-1960s. Colombian society is composed of tribal entities and extended families, whose loyalties are primarily to their folk and their "patria chica" or region, rather than to any entity labelled "Colombia". Colombia is midway between Balkanization and atomization, and I see no reason why it will ever change. Whenever I took the bus from Cali to Palmira, we had to stop at a tollbooth. I always heard passengers grumble that the toll money was going to Bogota. The general attitude was that any money taken from Cali should be invested in Cali, rather than into a national road system. It was naturally assumed that "los bandidos" in Bogota were using toll funds for their own purposes. Never have I heard such comments on a U.S. bus which stopped at a tollbooth anywhere in the U.S.A.! The Colombians do have a point. Perhaps American sheeple are indifferent because their money comes much easier than that of the Colombians. However, I strongly suspect that U.S. sheeple are much more ignorant and possibly more stupid than the average Colombian sambo-mestizo and would be bandido. As you probably know, the violent chaos will continue throughout the territory labelled "Colombia", but revolution is unlikely, for no one wants to change the corrupt system, he merely wishes to derive the maximum goodies out of it. It's like a mob of looters at a shopping mall: kleptomania Uber Alles!

In "Pawns in the Game" by Guy Carr, a Canadian author whose books are banned in Canada, he describes the insidious pattern of corruption occurring in Canada, as the result of Prohibition in the U.S.A. The contagion of corruption spread from the Bronfman-Kennedy bootleggers and rum-runners into the depressed Canadian countryside, where previously honest loggers were brewing bootleg hooch in backyard stills, for export, illegally, into the U.S.A. Bribes began to corrupt the police and customs officers, then judges and legislators. Eventually, the crooks' influence became so extensive within the government, that they and the government were indistinguishable. Usurpation by corruption! A revolution had occurred. Power had passed out of the hands of a legitimate government and into the hands of gangsters and booze barons! We know what Prohibition did in the U.S.A., but few are aware of the corruption which spread into Canada. The profits of the drug trade are even greater, so the pattern of corruption will likewise increase throughout North America. That means there is no place for an honest cop in a society filled with sheeple and crooks. It's like being the marshall as portrayed in "Outland": a dangerous, thankless job, which no man in his right mind would want to take on.

I don't need to visit Colombia, for Colombia has come to the U.S.A., and its presence will become manifest, in due course, to all the little sheeple and the wee, timorous White mice. Meanwhile, back in Yakima, the district affectionately known as "Zone D" by Vietnam vets, used to be the nigger district, but the nigs are being pushed out by the spics. "Black Flight", ain't that right? This movement has already occurred in Southern California, where Blacks have fled all the way to Lancaster, to escape the Brown Bandidos. Back to Zone D: In the course of selling my car, I became acquainted with an Anglo-mestizo married to a Hispano-mestiza. They had sold their house in Zone D and had rented it to a mestiza whose sources of income appeared to be prostitution and drug-dealing. Being such a pillar of the community, the spickess vanished, leaving the house unoccupied, until a gang of normal, rowdy niggers moved in, to 'party'. A local resident tipped off the mestizo owners who did two things: (1) they assembled two vanloads of armed spics, and (2) they called the police to evict the invaders. The Yakima cops were caught between a rock and a hard place, for they were called upon to enforce the law against the nigger V.I.P.s. Had the plaintiff been a mere White man, they might have ignored the complaint, but when "Juan Valdez" showed up with sufficient force, which was discreetly kept out of sight in the vans, to blow away the niggers and the cops, it seemed time to enforce the law. The cops advised the nigs that they were trespassing, and they began to vacate the premises. One 'soul bro' started 'jiving' the cops, who coincidentally discovered an outstanding arrest warrant and took him into custody, much to the amusement of the mestizo spectators. No wonder Blackie be scared in Yakima! Whitey is too dumb to be scared, but there are more and more places he avoids. Whenever I move to a new location, I like to reconnoiter the area on foot. The 'bad vibes' and evil stares I got in Zone D reminded me of streets I was wise to avoid in downtown Panama or Buenaventura, Cairo, et al. There is one section of street which I detour around on my way to the supermarket. It's obvious why such a measure is prudent: the sidewalks are blocked by parked cars, "spic-bombs" (soiled disposable diapers) spicklettes and the hostile, appraising evil eyes of the elder denizens. A gringo and his groceries are soon parted, as the local saying goes.

ORION! Eric Thomson

09 AUG 01. Thanks for the very interesting news clippings which the jewsmedia chose not to include in their NW editions. Jew censorship has a definite pattern. A local atrocity is given local coverage if the victim is White and the perpetrator non-White, but when the alleged perpetrator is "White", then the story appears coast to coast. The Internet can overcome Zionist censorship, if the users wish to do so, but for those of us who remain pre-computer dinosaurs, newspaper clippings can be quite revealing, often for what is NOT reported in one's locality. There are definite ZOG-lines of censorship. One runs NS, in mid-Atlantic to control the flow of news from Europe to America and vice versa. One runs EW along the Uszog-Canzog border. In North America also, a ZOG-line of censorship prevents the flow of news from EW. The ongoing TB epidemic in Yakima was reported in the Jew York Times, but not here! Similarly, a TV news item on a trainload of radioactive milk, bound for Holland to feed cattle, was snuffed in all but the Chinese newscast on CBC-TV in Toronto. The reason I knew about it was that the original newscast was in German, and I heard enough before the Chinese voice-over to know what was going on: Germans were blocking the railroad tracks to prevent the toxic train from entering Holland from Germany. As usual, Bundeszog thugs were 'doing their duty'. I detest this robotic mentality in White people. As one old NSDAP member said about the German police: "One day they were bashing our heads, while the Commies stood by, laughing. Next day they were bashing the Commies' heads, while we stood gaping in astonishment. The difference was, of course, that we were now in power." In 1945, a picture was taken of German police marching under red banners which proclaimed their 'loyalty' toward the "Soviet liberators". As Machiavelli warned, no prince should put his trust in mercenaries, and the police are just such mercenaries. This fact may work in our favor when the old balloon goes up, as long as we can promise them pensions.

Previous writers have warned about U.S. logistical preparedness, in regard to the lack thereof. As you say, US-ZOG seems to rely upon gangster tactics of hit and run, but blowing things up is not the way to run an empire of "The New World Order" or any other order. It takes men on the ground, fighting men, to run an empire. Since the U.S. lacks the transports to move large numbers of men and materiel, such as the Abrams tank, overseas, large garrisons must be maintained in place for rapid local deployment, as we see in the Middle East. But the question remains: how can these forces be moved overseas, at short notice? Ships are the most efficient option, but the U.S. no longer has crews who know how to operate them. One nigger sailor who was assigned to engineroom duty in a WWII vintage Liberty ship asked where the computer keyboard was, and "how come we gots all dese 'wheels' down here?" The 'wheels' were valves, of course. On one U.S. Navy tanker, a fire occurred in the boiler-room because someone turned the wrong 'wheel' and flooded the deck with fuel oil. One Navy officer commented that "World War II technology" posed a severe challenge to contemporary sailors.

Either US-ZOG never intends to fight a major land war, and thus allows its naval transports to rust, or it has foolishly crippled itself though lack of foresight. In any event, no war which requires naval transports can be fought if naval transports do not exist. US-ZOG may flit around blowing things up because that's all it can do, which I strongly suspect is the case.

The news story with the picture of the negroid Moslems confronting the jews in downtown L.A. was quite revealing. NPR reports that there are over 100,000 Iranians living in L.A., in addition to unreported numbers of Arabs and Palestinians. The jews used to demonstrate on behalf of Israel, unopposed, but now they face pro-Arab demonstrators more numerous than they are. It sure looks good on 'em. Blacks and jews are losing their minority-monopoly status. Is this a victory for Whites? Not if we persist in giving away everything to the new invaders, as we have done in the case of the jews and niggers.

Speaking of drones at work, I was reminded of them in your letter. My fellow drones in S.F. only spoke about baseball, whenever they gathered for lunch. That was truly depressing! I can definitely relate to the Dilbert comic strip, with its similar atmosphere of futility, stress and obnoxious bosses. The addition of computers cannot disguise such offices as anything but Hell on earth. By comparison, Colombia was a verdant paradise for me, with the spice of sudden death to keep one alert and appreciative of life. As you say, getting drunk in public places is asking for a two-legged predator to land on one's head. That's another reason why I stay sober. In Colombia I usually drank orange soda, which was obscenely flavored with anis, just like Colombian rum, which would be much better without it. Otherwise, it's a good cough medicine.

In regard to my late doctoral dissertation on Peru, which was stolen from me at gunpoint by ZOG-thugs at L.A. International Airport in 1969, I did not cook up my research project on my own, but with the advice and encouragement of my Jew faculty members at S.F. State, where the student strikes and riots had made further graduate studies impossible. Peru had recently been taken over by a military junta, with General Velasco as president and General Montagne as premier. montagne was head of the military junta and I interviewed him as a free lance reporter for OIGA magazine, the Peruvian equivalent of TIME magazine, shortly before I was called back to the U.S.A. by a Professor Simpson of my department of International Relations. In his letter on S.F. State letterhead, Simpson urged me to return to attend a "Task Force on Latin America", in order to report my findings on Peru. I had mapped out, with my faculty advisors, the tentative outlines of my research project: Was Peru to be the 'new look' for U.S. involvement in Latin America? The military junta posed as being 'true Peruvian nationalists' and therefore 'anti-Yankee'. My research revealed that their anti-Yankeeism was indeed a pose, and that the Soviet Union was collaborating with the junta and the U.S. government in this phony nationalist charade. That's how I first tripped over The Cold War Hoax. "Detente" between the USA and USSR was much more than a word of wistful hope for western liberals. It was, in fact, a partnership which went back to 1917, if not before. Since I desired to score brownie points with my faculty, I returned to the U.S.A. in time for the purported "Task Force on Latin America", but without my research papers! I encountered Simpson in the corridor and said I could attend, but I had nothing to show for my Peruvian research in writing. He said that he had never conceived of inviting me to such a symposium. I unfolded his letter and asked him if that was his signature, and he turned away, saying that he had "nothing to say to me!" As a sideline to my research, I discovered that Nelson "Wreckafeller", soon to be Vice President, was working a little scam in regard to an over-valued teapot refinery and oilfield, for which the U.S. tax payers were the 'marks'. The military junta had confiscated the rattletrap operation to 'prove' to Peruvians that it was really a nationalist regime. The Rockefeller scam was revealed in Harper's Magazine by another researcher, after I was in exile, so at least that much was known to USzogland's 'enlightened electorate'.

My faculty advisors knew what I could do in Latin America, from the research standpoint. Some of them were ex-U.S. State Dept. members, and when they said it was o.k. with them if I started poking around in Peru, I took them at their word. If they had given me the slightest reason not to go, simply by suggesting that such research might not be in U.S. interests, I would have taken the hint. I do not step on third rails intentionally!

I still cannot fathom their motives for setting me up with FEDZOGUSA, which is how it appeared. Perhaps the kikes in my department wanted to shut out a Goy who 'knew too much'. If that was their intention, they certainly succeeded, but I consider what I learned about Eastzog-Westzog collusion more than fair recompense for the trashing of my academic career. I would hate to be forced to lie to my students! Thus began my 'vacation' in Rhodesia. Life is just full of little surprises. In a short time I had learned who America's rulers were: they were also America's foremost enemies. Knowledge can be onerous, but to me it is a privilege. I was spared futile, time-consuming, dangerous forays into many a blind alley by this experience, which I have so far survived, unlike Yockey. Life is indeed very entertaining, so I want to stick around, just to see what happens next.

As I see the present political situation, the silly sheeple will continue to graze toward the edge of the abyss of their extinction. It may be that they will wish to retreat from the deadly drop which lies before them, just as the starving Germans did, shortly after WW I. Only then will they begin to seek leaders who have the knowledge, the courage and the ability to save them from their stupidity and folly. Rockwell offered his leadership to the heedless herd, long before they could begin to comprehend their self-inflicted plight. My reading of history tells me that leaders are chosen by their followers, not one moment before it's time, and sometimes when it's too late. Life is not fair and offers no guarantee, but death. That's why it's far better to fight than to fret and worry one's life away. Hail Victory! ORION!

Eric Thomson