12 AUG 01.

Aside from the crowding, Yakima is similar to a large city like L.A. or Miami, in terms of majority Hispano-mestizos. The Blacks are present, but appear cowed, unnaturally quiet and jittery. Well they should!

Since I am aware of the one out of twenty ratio of White shepherds to White sheeple, which was observed by the Chinese captors of U.S. P.O.W.s during the "Korean Police Action", I am not unduly concerned. Certainly, our penchant for race-mixing and downbreeding has no doubt increased the ratio to one out of fifty or one out of a hundred. It may even be one out of 50,000, in view of the utter lack of response to our demographic emergency in Uszogland and Canzogland. When whites are indifferent to their own survival as individuals and as a race, I can also be indifferent. When there is no love, there is no loss. If whites do not love their children nor themselves, their extinction can be seen as no loss, either for them, or for me, although I still deem it a cosmic tragedy, and I think that our collective decision to commit racial suicide will offend the Gods, most certainly the Gods of Our Race!

As you say, there can be no 'techno-fix'. Critters with ooga-booga values cannot use any technology constructively. I commented to a female clerk, who turned out to be an Ostensible White, married to a Mexican, about the wonder of air conditioning. She agreed that it made summer bearable. I said, "How long will it be around when we keep teaching 'ooga-booga' values in our schools?" Her eyes seemed to counter-rotate, and I half expected to hear a robotic voice announce: "Tilt!" "Does not compute!' Most Ostensible Whites I have met here are either anti-White, divided into those who love niggers or those who love spics; and Magical Sky-Jew cultists who do nothing, because Daddy Yah and his quondam son will sort everything out, just as they did for White Rhodesians who believed the same things. I see that white farmers are really slow-learners. We must bear that example in mind when we try to save North American whites from a similar fate. Only death can cure such stubborn stupidity.

Your assessment of The District of Corruption is trenchant. Not only did the Foundering Fathers choose to locate their capital away from the maddening crowds of such places as New York, but I understand that George Washington had some swampland he wanted to get rid of at a profit, and did the survey himself. Such a deal! After the jewish revolution in France, in which the Paris mob played a strategic role, Anglos were prone to establish out of the way capitals in their colonies, like Ottawa and Canberra, to keep the big city mobs at a distance. Madrid and Brasilia are not centers of commerce, industry and population, although their foolish founders hoped that they would become so.

Our Exxon-ADL rulers have made some blunders in regard to demographics, and they are bound to make more. The Russian jews thought that all Goyim were alike, and that they could use their brutal, sadistic tactics to rule Arabs, which had worked so well in the USSR, with its semi-Mongol peoples known as "Slavs", originally "Slaves" for the Viking traders. But what worked so well in the jews' Soviet empire has proved to be a flop in Occupied Palestine. Arabs are different Goyim. One Bircher-Bible-Banging Kikophiliac said to me, "What can the Arabs do with rocks, against the best tanks and planes the U.S. can supply Israel?" I said, "They can do plenty. Would you like to visit Israel if you thought you might get hit by a rock?" That was before the suicide bombers made such a scratch on the Israeli body politic. Tourism is a major source of revenue for the jews' bandit state, so the Arabs are indeed hitting the hebes where it hurts: in their wallets. The jews thought they could run their concentration camp for Arabs, at a profit; that they could create another South Africa for themselves, without those uppity Boers who thought they were 'the true jews'. Surprise, surprise! Obviously, Israel suffers from 'too much diversity' and the enemy nation is much too close for comfort, which largely nullifies such weapons as tanks and warplanes. The solution is simple: if the kikes want safety, they must obey JDL-Kach leader Meir Kahane to drive out all Arabs from the jews' bandit statelet, or the jews must themselves leave. The jews did not like Kahane's Nazi honesty, so they killed him, after banning him from the Knesset. The jews have this thing about Goyim doing all the useful work for them, so they wanted the Arabs close by. Oy veh, gevalt! Israel was founded by jewish Nazis who believed that jews could do their own useful work, but their successors thought differently. If Israel were a person, it would be a partial birth abortion. As long as the jews want a Zionist state inclusive of Arabs, the conflict will have no resolution. It is up to the jews to drive all the Arabs out of their chosen territory, or to dump Israel and come to America. The problem is that the hebes' policies have largely ruined America, and this will not be a safe haven for them, either. Funny how I cannot shed a tear for the rascals.

Even the Exxon-ADL regime may understand that the U.S.A. is not capable of massive military efforts on par with the two world wars of the 2Oth century. The gullible, yet competent white population is gone and what remain are dumb wiggers and 'clever' wannabe jews. From whence would come the ZOG's disciplined, courageous cannon fodder? What role, if any, can we expect from U.S. military forces in the Middle East? Would they go to war for Israel? Would U.S. troops be effective against the determined Arabs in an occupation role? Not very likely! The Arabs' ace in the hole is their belief in Allah's paradise to come, including the divine wine served their holy martyrs by those sexy houris. Their willingness to die on behalf of their people puts ZOG forces at a disadvantage, for zoglings live only for their pay and pensions, and they can't enjoy them if they get killed by some 'crazy Arab'. I surmise that ZOG minions stick around to protect the ships and planes which can deliver long-range destruction, rather than take part in any serious ground offensives against the Arabs. In this silly game, time is on the side of the Arabs, for ZOG forces can only wilt and disintegrate from their own diversity and downbreeding, as well as from the mounting chaos and incompetence emanating from Uszogland itself. It is incumbent upon the ZOG, if it intends to use what is left of its military might in the Middle East, to do so a.s.a.p. The same applies to the China mess, which is entirely of our own making. Had the U.S.A. not intervened in World War II, Japan would still be bogged down in China. We can largely thank FDR for the current mess we are in, an Asiatic mess which will likely spillover and drown us. One Pentagonian zogling stated in the jewsmedia that the U.S. would not be able to threaten China with its fleet in another ten years. Thanks largely to the U.S.A., China will have a large fleet of its own, using the best technology the U.S. can supply. The question is why are we doing this to ourselves? Maybe Clinton's jew-buddy of Loran can answer.

Most Whites still think they have a stake in ZOG-world, just as they did in Rhodesia, at the advent of Black misrule. I liken it to a condemned man who goes to the guillotine, because he owns shares in the guillotine company. Sometimes I find White self-deception as inscrutable as any Oriental puzzle or Byzantine riddle. If only I knew some way to cut the Gordian Knot which paralyzes Whites' ability to see reality! What is the charm that will break the evil death-spell which rides upon Our Race? I would readily give my own life to discover it. In the meantime, we can only try to inform others, and enjoy the doldrums while they last. I think there will be lots of excitement, just over the horizon, which now approaches us. The status quo can go in a flash, and The New World Disorder will provide us with many challenges and opportunities, along with lots of death and destruction. All indicators that I am aware of point in this direction. It will not be as orderly as "Soylent Green", by any means. It is not a matter of "if", but "when". The mestizo invaders have already said that it is time for whites to die, to make room for the proliferation of The Cockroach People. They say that we are too old, tired and wimpy to have children of our own, and if White geezers think that mestizos and other muds will support us through social security taxes, we have a whole 'nother think coming. We cannot give away our country and hope to keep our property or our standard of living. That is what I told White Rhodesians almost a quarter century ago. Now I tell the same terrible truth to White Americans. I still hope that more will heed my warning than did in Rhodesia and South Africa, but I will not hold my breath until they do. On a positive note, it is certain that if we go, the ZOG goes, too, for we are its strength and its genius. The patient, wily Chinese can easily outdo the jew, whose tricks usually backfire on him. Nature is Nazi, and Whitey has joined up with the jews to break Her rules. That is why we shall pay the consequences, in blood, just as the vanished Tokharians did. Whitey can invent, but does he ever learn'? That would be my fondest hope. All the Best and ORION!

12 AUG 01.

Sorry the M.K. lacked General Remer's autograph, but I could hardly get a word in edgewise during his visit to Toronto, and I was lucky just to get the book. I do have Hans Baur's English translation of his memoirs, "Hitler at My Side", which he dedicated to me and signed personally, along with a photo of him greeting Adolf Hitler, which he dated and signed in ink. My hope is that I can find some activists who would make use of my modest archives for research and educational purposes, on behalf of the White Race, after I can no longer use them myself.

I recall reading one of Dr. Oliver's articles in Liberty Bell, which I may still have. He was, as you know, an atheist, so he could see things which most brain-dead religionists cannot see, because they live in a trance when they 'read' their holy book. It appears obvious to me, also, that the semitic god did not 'suggest' doing or not doing something, if the alleged believer felt good about it or not. Yahweh commanded and swore dire punishment for those who sinned, that is, failed to measure up to his laws. God so 'loved' the world that he destroyed it by flood the first time and vowed to destroy it by fire the next time! Nothing seemed to satisfy Yahweh like devastation and "howling wildernesses" for those who defied his orders. "God-fearing" was indeed the correct response toward such a semitic deity. But the 'new god' of the so-called Christians is Tolerance and Yahweh is now "Mr. Feelgood". We must now coddle criminals, perverts, unbelievers, adulterers et al. because we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. We don't give a hoot about Yahweh's feelings! Well, that means one thing: so-called Christians really don't believe in Jesus or Yahweh. "Christianity" is just a business, and in business, one wants to maximize the number of customers on behalf of monetary gain, i.e. profit. You remember how quickly the Mormon leadership 'received word' from Yahweh that Blacks were everybody's equals and should be admitted to the LDS Church. God also revealed that Coca Cola was 'kosher' to drink, because Mormons had gained control of the company! I see nothing to stop them from selling indulgences like Tetzel in Martin Luther's day: "As the coin in the coffer rings, the soul into heaven springs!"

Our latest traitor, the FBI's Hansen, confessed his treason to his Roman Catholic priest. The businessman of "god" advised him to turn over his ill-gotten gains to "a charity", which naturally included the R.C. Church. No 'God-fearing' people in there, either!

I am amazed to read in your letter that former Order member, Richard Scutari, may be released from the ZOG-gulag! I sure hope he gets parole. I also hope he can inform those on the outside about his experiences. Young people need to know. I hope his parole conditions permit him to speak in public or in private. So far, we have 'learned' about The Order from non-members. It would be great to learn about it from a real member! If he hasn't already done so, I would hope that Richard can write a book about his experiences, which could serve as history, and as a guide for The Order's successors, who are in dire need of education about political tactics and strategy. All the Best, as always, and ORION!

Eric Thomson