13 AUG 01.

It's a rare (and growing rarer) privilege to discuss topics free of censorship, and the fear of losing one's job because of un-P.C. or 'thought-crime' content. Topics of interest and importance are not to be discussed by Goyim, as any so-called Freemason will tell you: "No religion nor politics!" How easily 'science' can trespass into 'the forbidden zone'.

Your knowledge of physics is light-years beyond mine, and I am certainly glad to know that others who do know the possibilities of your concepts are taking them seriously. Good luck! Will this enable us to put niggers on Mars?

The reasons for the propagandizing of Chinese' inventiveness' is obvious: Whitey 'needs' the Chinese in his livingspace, so he can take full advantage of their wonderful inventions. We are supposed to overlook the fact that Chinese produce many more Chinese than they do inventions, but Whites are very, very gullible, which is derived from their trusting natures. Other races correctly diagnose our trusting nature as 'stupidity'. When it comes down to our extinction and their conquest of our territories, without a fight, I think they are correct. A racist need not be arrogant in regard to Whites' defects and the non-Whites' strengths, any more than a parent of a gifted child should arrogantly disregard the sudden onslaught of a grizzly bear upon the infant. I have not seen, as yet, people who were torn limb from limb, but I have had the unpleasant duty of seeing those who were cut into bits and pieces.

The mystery remains: why do the remaining White farmers of former Rhodesia, who have seen what I saw, persist in behaving as if the Black savages will no longer hack them with machetes and skewer them with spears, and/or rape White females. It appears that neither reason nor emotion can sway them from their chosen form of suicide. I fear that it is exactly this mentality we are up against in North America, which comprises both complacency and self-delusion.

On an amusing note, re: Chinese invention, a jew has recently written a book on Mediterranean cookery. According to the feature on NPR, this hebe schmecked and schmoozed his way around, noting samples of foods, methods of cooking and copying (yes!) all the recipes he could find. On the subject of pasta, i.e. noodles, he introduced some doubt as to the authenticity of Marco Polo's travels, and thought that they were a bunch of tales stolen from previous travellers of The Silk Route to China. As for pasta, the jew said that the Sicilians were eating pasta long before Marco Polo came on the scene. As we know, because we are taught in school: "If it comes from a jew, it must be true! "

Jewish contributions to science are much-ballyhooed, almost as much as "Chinese inventions" are touted. Einstein was a devout Communist. As a scientist, he was more of a plagiarist, a "third class" clerk in the Swiss patents office. In regard to Einstein, what was intelligible was not original and what was original was not intelligible, although he spoke in a universal language, math. Herbert Marcuse, another jew-commie, lectured in English at San Francisco State College (now 'University'). I found him truly amazing, as I sat with pen poised over my notepad for almost half an hour. Each word on its own was clear and understandable, but when Marcuse coupled them together as a train of thought, they meant absolutely nothing! I have since heard politicians like Hillary Clinton speak without saying anything. After 20 minutes of Herbie's performance, I left, blank notebook in hand. Ostensible Goy girls sat, entranced, enraptured, to be in the presence of a man whose thoughts were so far above them, as "wisdom which surpasseth understanding." I recognized the old kike as a flim-flam artist. Picasso confessed to a female journalist of Le Soir in 1935 that he was not an artist, but a prankster, and if "the stupid bourgeoisie" were fools enough to pay for his hokum, "they deserved it!" Of course, the jewsmedia were praising Einstein and Picasso to the heavens, and, as the writer of The International Jew observed: such repetition indoctrinates the gullible into believing something to be as good or as true as the newspapers say it is. In "The Hunting of the Snark", the Bellman declares: ."What I say three times is true!"

I guess it is not surprising that your idea has gone into a "black hole". An Italian elevator repairman submitted his idea for a linear accelerator, but was ignored by the scientific establishment, who had to discover the technology with their own speed and methods. Years afterward, one fellow remembered "that crazy elevator guy" and found his invention in his "nut file". The "crazy guy" was absolutely right, and years ahead of The Establishment.

Inventors are of different types. The biographer of Nikola Tesla compared Tesla with Edison, who combined persistent trial and error with logic and observation. Tesla, on the other hand, could see his invention in 3-D, just as he'd done with his 3-phase AC motor. After 'seeing' the device, Tesla would derive a theory and draw up a formula, followed by a blueprint. If his instructions were followed correctly, the unheard of device would work just as Tesla envisioned it. We know about James Watt, whose genius was in associating unlike phenomena: the flapping of a lid with the turning of a wheel, but it was a near thing, for the materials available were weak and the machining pretty sloppy. Leonardo da Vinci's inventions languished for lack of a technological infrastructure. Dr. Diesel saw some Polynesian islanders using a pressure device to ignite their tinder, instead of a spark. Back in Germany, he experimented by putting coal dust under high compression. It worked, and how! His engines exploded like bombshells. By reducing the carbon, and hence, the shattering effect of the fuel, his devices became wonderful engines. One of the originals is on display at the local Agricultural Museum. It's almost one story high and runs quite well, but even on a thick concrete slab, it makes the earth vibrate. Unlike Watt, Diesel made no profit from his invention. This brings me to Bull, the Canadian artillery genius whose guns could launch satellites much more cheaply than NASA's "showboat", to quote Dr. Oliver. There was a TV documentary on Bull, which included the Mossad warning him to drop the whole business. Bull's refusal resulted in his murder, according to jew spokesmen who practically admitted killing him. As you say, your idea would have excellent military applications, but the military may not realize it. Tesla demonstrated a remote, wireless-controlled electric boat which could be sent amongst units of an enemy fleet, without risking a single sailor. The visiting naval attaches hadn't a clue about what could be done with such a device! Just be careful.

Of course you were right in predicting the desirability and eventuality of Canada and the U.S.A. combining into one country. The ZOG will see to it, along with Mexico, Central America and the entire Western Hemisphere, once the Whites are gone and done with. Mexican president Fox has no objections to annexing the lost territories of Mexico, even under anew name. Mestizo presidente Bush wants to annex all land down to Tierra del Fuego.

As Orwell said, "Who defines controls." The U.S. government defines all mestizos as "white", including American Indians. The ZOG criterion is not biology, but place of alleged origin. The entire Middle East is deemed populated by "whites". This means that a sambo from Arabia is deemed "White" by FEDZOGUSA. Hell, if darkies are "white", how can the ZOO bash Whitey? Here's how: when a hispano-mestizo is attacked by an Ostensible White, the O.W. is guilty of a "hate-crime" , because he attacked a "hispanic" , but when a "hispanic" attacks an Ostensible White, that is not a "hate-crime", because ZOG sees it as White versus White. It's heads they win, tails we lose. As one writer observed, "the darker the population gets, the more "Whites" there will be."

In Rhodesia, for instance, Indians were classed as Asians, but Chinese were classed as "European" or "White". Orwell also warned that "tyranny begins with the abuse of language." Right, again. In Rhodesia, my friends and I tried reason to save the Whites, along with emotional ap- peals and humor, to no avail. As you say, it was like attempting to save The Titanic. Of course, most Whites knew they could flee to South Africa, which would, supposedly, hold out until they were dead. As for their children: "That's their lookout!" I hear the same selfish statements here. One fellow said "we have a good 20 years before the spics really take over." I cautioned him not to bet on that. I don't know if you ever saw the movie, "Khartoum", which starred Charlton Heston as Chinese Gordon. When the Mahdi's forces breach the walls and smash open the gates, the demography of the city changes all of a sudden, and the outnumbered garrison is massacred, along with the civilian 'infidels' who remained in the city during the siege. When so many invaders are already within our gates, change can come about quite suddenly. Will there be a White Remnant who have the mental and physical means to save themselves? Stay tuned!

A friend of mine who is a machinist does gunsmithing as a sideline. He is German and was trained in Germany. Apparently there are no particular machinist training programs in North America, so Canada and the U.S. rely upon Europe to provide us with skilled workers. I find that pretty scary, kids! I have never known a machinist who came from America. The gunsmith was not only a ballistics expert, but something of a historian. He mentioned that the MG-42 which the Germans introduced in WWII was the fastest firing single barrel machinegun, over 1000 rounds per minute, as opposed to the 750 rpm of conventional infantry machineguns. The high speed was due to the use of a spring, instead of lever recoil or gas. He said that the look-alike versions of the MG-42 are gas operated, because the spring-maker's knowledge of metallurgy has been lost. Metallurgists know the alloy components of the spring, but not the method of tempering, which they think may be the reason that their attempts to duplicate the 3 original springs have so far failed. Invented and forgotten!

I recently read of fatalities due to a boiler explosion at a state fair which featured antique steam tractors. The reporters were obviously mystified, and their descriptions of the cause of the tragedy sounded like those of primitive savages attempting to describe the workings of a telephone. According to their version, "a faulty water gauge may have caused the operator to put in too much water, all of a sudden, which caused a 'steam-surge' that ruptured the boiler." I was scratching my head at that. Victims of the explosion were spattered with hot oil, which they simply could not explain. Subsequent reports were not much different, but my guess was (1) that the safety valve was in operating condition and (2) the water gauge was not, or some dullard was not watching it. When the water level had dropped, the crown plates in the firebox did likewise. The steam escaped via the firebox, taking lots of fuel oil out with it. That is a classic case of 'backfire' in a boiler and is usually fatal to those in the vicinity. On Rhodesia Railways, the locomotive instructor declared: "If you, as a fireman, ever drop a plug, you shall be sacked immediately. I don't care what lodge you are a member of!" The locomotive fireman's primary job was to assure the safety of the boiler and the members of the locomotive crew, one of whom is himself. If the all-important water level dropped below the safety zone, a lead plug would melt, and the steam would escape from the side of the boiler, before rupturing the crown plates in the firebox. The damage to the boiler could be averted by adding water and dumping the fire. Further damage would be prevented by dumping the dozey fireman.

In case we ever decide to dump the future and get on with the past, I have a great idea for a steam locomotive, with due respect to Messrs. Chapelon, Crosti and Garrett. It would be a condensing version of the Beyer-Garrett design which was so successful in Africa. The idea would incorporate the maximization of power, tractive effort and fuel economy with simplicity, reliability and ease of maintenance. The range of fuel would be unlimited, since the engine would be external combustion. This would allow for maximum oxidation of fuel and reduced waste fuel emissions.

On the automotive front, I have been investigating the powerplant of the WWII steam torpedo, in conjunction with a mechanical engineer whose hobby is steam propulsion. The torpedo ran on two counter-rotating steam turbines which drove two counter-rotating propellers for stability. Steam was supplied from a "combustion flask", which was an internal combustion boiler, into which was sprayed a high pressure mixture of air and alcohol ("torpedo juice"), which was exposed to a spark plug. The system produced the desired volume of steam instantaneously. My idea would be to use a similar system to drive a piston engine for automotive purposes, although turbines would be applicable to aircraft. Such a system would work well upside down, and would lend itself to the performance of aerobatics. A superheater might provide additional efficiency. Flashboiler technology has been around for at least a century. These eliminate the need to store water in the boiler itself, thereby reducing efficiency and increasing the danger if the boiler should rupture, for the hot, pressurized water turns to steam as it escapes and can quickly cook those within range. A flashboiler will go 'bang', but its range of devastation is not much greater than that of an internal combustion engine when it blows up. My father became accustomed to dodging anvil-size pieces of diesel engine whenever one blew up in the engineroom of the oil-drilling vessels he used to work on. Of course, the shrapnel was accompanied by flame and steam from the ruptured cooling jackets of the exploding diesels. Being a skilled mechanic, my father knew when a big GM diesel was about to blow, for lack of preventive maintenance. Usually, he would phone the driller that he needed to take so and so off the line for repair, but the driller would refuse, for he wanted "full power". Eventually, the sick engine would take itself off the line, and Dad would duck behind the control panel to avoid flying pieces. He said that the GM diesels rarely outlived their warranty periods, for they were run flat out for 24 hours a day. In the oil business, men, tools and equipment are often pushed beyond their limits. Eventually, Dad died by diesel, for the smoke and high pressure oil vapors of the enginerooms destroyed his lungs. He said that a one inch diameter jet of hot, high-pressure sea water, escaping from a corroded expansion plug port on the diesel engine block usually sprayed into a DC generator, which would create "a real light show". The generator had to be shut off immediately, to stop it from burning out, and the missing expansion plug would have to be replaced a.s.a.p. He was a true "Hero of Production". He often had useful ideas, which he would give away free. One such was the application of airvanes on the inner sides of aircraft tires. When the landing gear was lowered, the airstream would cause the tires to rotate, before the plane touched down on the runway. This rotation would reduce wear on the treads. Goodyear sent him a curt reply to the effect that they had studied the idea and found it to be impractical. Along with that letter was the subsequent Goodyear ad in Saturday Evening Post, comprising a full page announcement of their wonderful idea for saving aircraft tires by fitting them with 'turbo-vanes'. Back in the 1950s he wrote the Defence Dept. suggesting that missiles be placed in underground silos, not only for protection, but to increase their initial acceleration, like a bullet in a gunbarrel. He received no word at all from the D.O.D., but silos were soon the norm. I doubt that his idea was unique, for I would guess most others would see the need for missile silos, too. But, maybe not! That's why he wrote them, to make sure they had considered this option. In those days we thought we were citizens, but unknowingly, we were already serfs of the ZOG. Dad would have made a first-rate fighter pilot. He even looked a bit like Charles Lindbergh, Jr., but he drove a Model T milktruck when he was 12, for his family was broke. For lack of a high school diploma, he could not enter a pilot-training course. Yes indeed, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so the nigger college fund ads say. But Dad was 'just' a White man, and ZOG would like us to depart this Earth a.s.a.p. A rock group called "Cowboy Junkies" has a ditty entitled, "Whites off Earth, now!" I don't think they mean as space voyagers to Mars.

As a long-time resident of the U.S.A., I have noted major changes in demographics, technology and attitudes. In World War II, all it took to get American Whites to fight was to hint that Japs or Germans wanted to invade us. Now, the general tone is, "Let them all in, if that's what they 'need'." I ask WWII vets why they fought to keep some foreigners out, just to let them all in. I further point out that neither the Japs nor the Germans ever wanted to invade the United States and never said so. That's what FDR alleged and he was a liar. The real invaders don't announce their plans in advance. They just invade us and takeover our territory.

No amount of warnings, facts, logic or yelling can make Whites do what they refuse to do, which is to defend their own lives and their own interests. We appear to have become soulless zombies, for even cowards are aware of their own interests, and try to defend them. Most Ostensible Whites appear to exist in a semi-comatose state of drugged unawareness and indifference. I find that amazing.

Thank you for giving me the address of "Fair Folk". I had heard of the book, "WHAM". I shall send an introductory parcel to their address. White people shun racial continuity and, above all, networking. I have never heard of Fair Folk! Our lack of cohesion, communication and teamwork makes us as ineffective as members of a sports team who refuse to play together! The jews appear to enjoy access to Whites' minds, but we do not. Whites have lots of tears and blood, as well as zogbucks to give for jew causes, but little, if anything, to give their own. "They Live", we sleep."

The timidity in announcing one's beliefs, even when it is legal, is understandable: un-P.C. statements usually affect one's source of income. I remember Harold Covington declaring himself leader of The National Socialist Party of North Carolina. The IRS seized his bank account, he lost his job and his jew landlord evicted him forthwith. That's without doing or saying anything illegal! Such 'freedom'! Eventually, it is merely sufficient to be White to incur political and economic privation and attacks. The kike, Carl Shurz, wanted every White Southerner to give up a female relative if any Black tapped her on the shoulder and said, "You's mahn!" That was back in 1866, but jews are noted in retaining their programs for use at the first opportunity. Stay tuned! I can anticipate the time when White couples who have White children will be deemed "racists". White children are already deemed to be offspring of "racist" parents, so it's just a matter of time, and it will probably occur sooner than we think. Sleep on, fair fools! Your graves lie open and ready, whenever the muds decide to push you in. The crazy thing is that we have dug them ourselves as active participants in our own extinction. I'm sure our biological enemies can see lots of humor in our situation, and I agree that the joke's on us. Mud behavior I find quite predictable, but White behavior I find entirely despicable. No need to ask me, Whitey, the mud people will be glad to tell you that. I take some satisfaction in knowing that, if we go, they go, also. On that joyful note, I wish you all the best and ORION!

Eric Thomson

P.S.: A recent newspaper 'blip' mentioned the discovery of an artifact of carved bone in Alaska. The report glibly stated that it could be "200 or 2000 years old". I understand that carbon dating is limited, and that mummies and artifacts over 6000 years old 'do not compute'. As you say, race is more than skin deep. I cannot be a Navajo without my people, nor can I be a White man without my White people. Beethoven confined to an African kraal would soon discover this fact.