15 AUG 01.

I was set to thinking about the role of the Ostensible White middleclass of the Jew Ass oy Veh, in regard to the extinction of the White Race. If a darky can mimic a White, and if a White can mimic a Black or other mud, race-mixing occurs much more easily. The ZOG scheme of concealing bio-cultural realities in a smokescreen of superficial co-consumption 'commonalities' shows signs of success. This is proven whenever a wigger says, "We are all Americans!" His disillusionment will come when a dark voice says, "What you mean, 'we', White man?" Middleclass consumerism is the basis of middleclass slavery. My South American geography professor, Dr. Wilhelmie, formerly of Heidelberg U. told us of his chat with an Argentinian gaucho, out on the plains of Patagonia. He encountered a group of gauchos at a campfire, where they were roasting some beef. The gauchos were eating it shish kebob style, off their knife blades. Dr. Wilhelmie asked one why he did not use a knife and fork, and the gaucho swallowed his meat as he thought about it. Then he replied: "Señor, if I had a fork, I would need a plate. If I had a plate, I would need a table. If I had a table, I'd need a chair, and if I had such things, I'd need a house. Then I wouldn't be a gaucho any more!" The gauchos have a motto: "Over the land, my horse. Over my horse, me, and over me, my hat!" No wonder the hebes of Hollywood chose Argentina as the location for "Taras Bulba", which depicted the Cossacks, whose views are amazingly similar to those of the gauchos. The Scottish philosophers upon who Henry Thoreau based his lifestyle were quick to realize how one's dependence on things deprived him of freedom. I know too many O.W.s who waste their lives as gardeners and groundskeepers of their suburban dwellings, so that idle passersby can gawk at their well-watered, well-trimmed lawns. A major source of groundwater pollution comes from these sterile pseudo-pastures, which are steeped in fertilizers and pesticides. The few opportunities I have to enjoy a pleasant outing at a restaurant are usually interrupted by one of my fellow diners who announces, "I've got the water going, so we'll have to leave soon." Adios, conversation and good digestion! I grew up in suburbia, so I know slavery when I see it. Veblen was right! I see no reason to 'keep up with the Joneses', whom I've never met and would not care to meet in their pursuit of ever greater material consumption and ostentation.

As you say, the doorway to individual freedom lies open: dump the talmudic TV and the plastic credit card shackles. Reduce consumption and stay debt-free. But these are truly radical steps for most even to contemplate, like "leavin' the straight life behind." The commie kike, Eric Fromm, wrote a thought-provoking book, "Escape from Freedom", which I read decades ago. Like a true-jew, he stated a simple idea in many words: freedom 'from' is incomplete without freedom 'to'. He opined that most people (sheeple) prefer an imposed order to a chaotic state of 'freedom'. But that gets into semantics, rather than substance. I have found in real life that order is the prerequisite for the most basic of freedoms: survival. Chaos is rarely coincident with freedom, but frequently associated with death. As one speaker in "Triumph of the Will" said: "Sometimes a folk needs a revolution to live, but no folk lives off revolutions! "Take that Messrs. Röhm and Jefferson! "Perpetual revolution" = paralysis.

The TV-addicted middleclass lifestyle is much like that depicted in "Fahrenheit 451", where TV screens the size of walls occupy every room, so that one can 'live' with one's "surrogate" family, in full-size, 3-D, living color. The only 'controversy' is which one the person wants to 'join', is in a participatory soap opera. Of course, our type have no TVs and are dubbed "the book-people". The estate where I worked in "Loserville" provided sandwich makings in the pantry. The house had at least one TV in every room on the groundfloor, all tuned to the same soap opera. I thus enjoyed eating baloney as I watched and listened to it. I marvelled at the intricate plots and the complex lives portrayed by the actors, and I said what a demanding job it must be to know more about the life of a fictional character than about one's own life. Imagine spending most of your daily waking hours living someone else's life, subordinating your own personality to that of a fictional character. It seems logical that the actor would lose himself and become the character he spent so much time portraying! What a way to earn a living! For many people, the play is their reality. C. Wright Mills observed that the power of the media is such that one can see an accident at firsthand, without the sense of 'credibility' which he derives when he sees the same accident reported on the TV newscast! The half-jew, Peter Sellers, was asked by a reporter how it was that he could portray different characters so well. Sellers replied, "Because I never really knew who I was." Young kikes whom I met in college would always complain to me that they were searching for their "identity". My 'insensitive' comment was usually, "What's the matter, did you lose your birth certificate?" Nazis are born, not made.

In your 'back to the land' observations, you omitted one very crucial item in the early pioneer's outfit: his wife! My liberal-oriented mother sometimes let the truth slip out: The Spanish colonies went dark because the Spaniards brought only their men. The English brought their women and were able to carry on their civilization. Being of Scottish-Norwegian stock, via the Hebrides, I can state my belief that Scots are often cheap. Why bring a White woman, when an Injun squaw will do just as well in the boondocks? I've seen many a Scotto-mestizo emanating from the hills of West Virginia. There is no such thing as 'cheap' women, any more than there is 'cheap' labor. It is folly to win the land and lose one's race. The Portuguese proved that quite well, by losing both.

The role of the White Lone Wolf or the Solitary Political Soldier is indeed a heroic struggle, like no other. A soldier in an army has the moral, military and logistical support of his comrades in arms. The Solitary Political Soldier has no such support. His support lies only in his political doctrine, his skills and his determination. Until the Vietnam war, the conventional soldier could expect the support and approval of his society. The Solitary Political Soldier receives no such social support, as he finds in his search for recruits. In an area where Ostensible Whites are in the majority, he will find hostility and derision. In an area where Whites are already so outnumbered, and where they appear to have surrendered, it is like recruiting troops in a P.O.W. Camp! Whites are cowed or 'sheeped'. They are hostile, for fear that a mud will overhear and deny them their meager food ration.

Thus does the Lone Political Soldier usually find himself alone. How does the LPS differ from the 'leaderless resister'? The operative word is "soldier". No soldier would shoot someone 'just for fun' or out of personal pique. That would be poor target-selection and would endanger or ruin the soldier's mission. A soldier whose mission is that of saving his race would have a much better concept of target priorities. Since we are considering a Lone Political Soldier, rather than an army, which has replacements and reinforcements, the LPS must fight like a guerrillero, which means winning small victories, and avoiding encirclement and destruction by enemy forces. The soldier prepares for battle by increasing his knowledge and by training to keep himself informed, alert and skilled so as to maximize his combat effectiveness.

On a lighter note, let's consider Israel. The Arab majority fought the jews' incursions from Day One, when their lands were wrested from the Turkish Empire and fell under the British Mandate. This demonstrates that Arabs were much smarter than American Whites. Since the jew-invaders had the backing of their bankster tribesmen, money was never a problem. The problem for the Arab majority was that jew-bucks could be used to bribe Arab collaborators. This shows us that the Arabs have been smarter than Whites, but by no means perfect. After WWII, the jew invaders swarmed in, despite feeble British resistance. The Brits, like the jews, were accustomed to exercising the principle of 'divide and rule', so maybe they figured that the admission of more jews into already crowded Palestine might make their domination of the Middle East more secure. Obviously, they were surprised at how anti-Arab and how anti-British their jew 'allies' had become. Bled of their best men in both world wars, the Brits were tired and, as always, outnumbered. They had received their orders from the FDR crowd to wind up their empire a.s.a.p., and that is what they did, for the British had exhausted and crippled themselves in their criminally-insane wars against their fellow Germans. As we know, the jews poured in, and with well-publicized massacres, drove the Arabs off the land, but not all of them. Jews, being part nigger, like to ape their White predecessors. I know hebes who take up horse jumping and dressage in Kentucky, just because rich Whites did that. They also take up golf, not because they like it, but because rich Whites do it. The jew must ape the Goy upper-classes which he hates and which he must displace, so that he can 'be' the White man. A graphic illustration of what impels the jew occurred when one of John Lennon's fans wanted to be Lennon. Naturally, if he were "Lennon", then the "other Lennon" would have to go, so he killed the person he wanted to become. In Zionist Occupied Palestine, the jews wanted to ape the British, who used to call themselves "the master race". They wanted to be looked up to by "lesser breeds" and lord it over them. The Mongol admixture of the jews appears in this Asiatic need for others to kow-tow. The founders of Israel, the Jabotinsky bunch, were trying to ape the Nazis and do their own useful work! This was the era of the Kibbutzim. But most jews disliked doing their own work and were enthralled by the role of ersatz White overlords. Thus did the Israelis keep the Arabs amongst them, so that they could play as if they were the British of the Raj or the Whites of South Africa, forgetting that they were in Arabia! Some Goyim are more equal than others!" Moishe.

Imagine how incredibly stupid it is for jews to make enemies of people who carry their hate well, and don't forget. Imagine going out of one's way to offend and insult a people who are very easily offended and insulted, as are the Arabs. Imagine the insult to top all insults: non-Semitic jews calling Arabs, the true Semites, "anti-Semites!" Now, that's real identity-theft. Imagine the jews' stupidity in keeping those they have taught to hate them in their midst, where even one Arab with a knife can do maximum damage! Well, it's wrong to call jews stupid. "Insane" is much more accurate.

In that classic insurgency film, "The Battle of Algiers", an Arab woman is getting herself 'Europeanized' in a beauty parlor. She has her hair done, her face made up in the French manner and dresses in fashionable clothes, casually carrying a beach bag. A French sentry at a checkpoint ogles her figure and says, "Are you going to the beach'?" "Cui," she says "with a smile." He lets her pass without checking bag or papers. She leaves her bag in an office with a mainly French staff. KA-BOOM! Bodies and typewriters fly in all directions.

The lesson here was that security is quite hard to maintain when your enemy is in your midst and may even be mistaken for one of you. The jews have long practiced such tactics in their terrorism. I note in jewsmedia pictures that Arabs and Israelis are getting very hard to distinguish. They all look quite Arab, with the few blond exceptions. The Palestinian police even wear their silly berets like Israeli police and troops. Imagine how easy such terrorism would be in the U.S.A. I find it difficult to distinguish Arabs from Mexicans or other mestizos. I'm sure the ZOG will discover this in due course. Yes, Virginia, there are Arabs in Yakima, which also has a new mosque. That's why Yakima 'qualifies' as "An All-American City"! Yakima earned the coveted title when the Yakimorons proved that they are multi-lingual, and not 'mere' speakers of English. An all-English-speaking town would therefore be "Un-American." The ZOG has set the U.S.S. TITANIC on a collision course: Babel dead ahead!

In a society so committed to self-indulgence ("the pursuit of happiness") as this one, it is no surprise that drugs are becoming such a problem. I encounter more and more dysgenic bipeds who have grossly enhanced their social dysfunctions by drug-taking and alcoholism. "If it feels good, do it!" was the hippie slogan, along with "Turn on, tune in, drop out." The younger dopers are the offspring of that zonked-out generation. Too bad they weren't aborted. Self-indulgence led to drug-taking, and now it is being used to encourage druggies to take therapy. You, too, can 'feel good', at tax-payers' expense! Even if such 'cures' could eliminate ad- diction, many currently popular drugs, like formaldehyde, methamphetamine and "ecstasy" leave permanent brain damage. I've met a few of the local "crank" or meth-users who have gone crazy, and they won't be coming back to sanity, period, even when they are off the stuff. I recall your use of the term "extinction burst". Well, I see some of the symptoms in those people who opt for drug-induced dementia and disabilities, which means that they can live on S.S.I. disability payments, as long as those last. More parasites to feed off the productive people! How do the Colombian drug-producers deal with drug-addiction? A Bogota journalist answered that question in an NPR interview: On the production level, anyone found or suspected of consuming the product is immediately killed. That's why there is no drug problem amongst the drug-producers of Colombia! Newsflash: liberal wimps have stayed the execution of a nigger who killed his victim as a minor. This will give all minors a license to kill, without the possibility of a death penalty. Stay tuned!


Eric Thomson