29 AUG 2001.

Robbing Whitey to pay niggers to guard niggers is indeed a losing proposition. It reminds me of a book entitled "John Bull's Nigger", written by a Black African LLB from Nigeria or Ghana, as I recall. Unfortunately, I cannot recall his name after some 30 years. (Charles Dillibe Ejiofor Onyeama. Born in Enugu, Biafra. His first book – Nigger at Eton, 1972. RF) I did not read the book, just the review, and the Black author's thesis is a simple one: Blacks have nothing whatsoever to offer Britain or Europe, but if they are allowed to proliferate, they will surely destroy those peoples who permit their entry, and they will reduce the standard of living to that of Africa. My observations of Black 'progress' in North America, where they have been in contact with White civilization for almost 500 years supports the Black writer's dire warning for Europe. The Black cannot change, but if he is permitted to multiply, he will destroy any civilization superior to his own primitive, parasitic, predatory lifestyle. Blacks are Africanizing American Whites, as you observe. I respond at work to the 'wigger high-five' by saying, "I can't go over where you are just now, so I'll just give you a 'Roman high-five'." I come to attention and give the wigger a snappy Roman/Olympic/Nazi salute. One wigger said, "I don' kno' ... That don' lawk like no hah five ta me." I tell people that I saw Israel Charlie Chaplin fly into some big city and all his fans wanted to give him high-fives, but if he'd tried to give everybody a high-five, he'd still be doing it, so he just gave them the old Roman high-five. Their reply is, "Who was Charlie Chaplin?"

I agree that there is nothing quite like a sugar-caffeine high. I am surprised that a San Francisco councilman named White, of all things, if I recall correctly, shot a jew-fag named Harvey Milk, if I recall the right name. Feinstein jumped right in as his kosher replacement. I was amazed to read about White's "Twinkie Defence" in which he claimed temporary insanity after gorging himself on high sugar junkfood, including Twinkies, but he did not quench his thirst with any Jonestown Koolaid. As I understand, White walked and is a free Goy, unless he, too, is a hebe.

Speaking of hebes, I understand that FEDZOGUSA has eliminated "Hebrews" as a racial category. Media kikes want to be included with Whites. Watch out, Whitey! That's what they did in Rhodesia and South Africa. The sheenie gets in close to do his dirty work on his trusting host. Suddenly, in 1974, the kikes started referring to us as "You White people!" Well, their attempt to fool the Blacks after they'd fooled the Whites was a flop. Blacks aren't as stupid as Whites, so the hebes skedaddled to safer, Whiter, countries, just like Rockwell's "Ducks and Hens" parable. (On this site. RF) This leads me to discuss the Jared Taylor/American Renaissance matter. Taylor features jews in his publication. I have challenged him to state if he believes jews are white, in response to jewish denials that they are. So far, no answer. Taylor looks quite dark in his photos, so he may have Parkinson's Disease or a large dose of Injun blood. As you say, he is a "palecoon" and I believe him to be a sold out (to the sheenies) patriot for profit. I suspect that he is a jew-loving Anglo-mestizo with a wornout message.

Your isolation is the sort of condition which we hope to correct, as I wrote in "What We Can Do." There is nobody here whom I can rely upon, either. All Ostensible Whites are either apathetic and living in their private worlds of talmudvision and Internet fantasies, or they are outright anti-White and suck up to spics or niggers or both. The only security one has in such a situation, if the proverbial balloon goes up, is to 'save the last bullet for yourself'. I have a distinct advantage in this overrun position: I make a very small target because I have no material nor human hostages for a pack of marauding muds on the make. Most of my possessions would tempt none of them. In fact, they'd demand that I pay them to haul them away! Still, the muds would take whatever they wanted and trash the rest if they had access to my bat cave quarters. One coworker, who I previously mentioned as being the chronic victim of spic thieves, had to move out of Zone D, where I live, because his rented house was invaded whenever he went out. The Hispano-mestizo bandidos were using his house as a convenient re-supply station for their household needs, including soap, lightbulbs and toilet paper! My comings and goings are not so obvious, and, since I live in an apartment building, there are always people around and the main doors are locked, and are not normally opened to strangers. Any denizen who is caught letting a stranger in is subject to eviction. So far, so good.

In regard to 'adventure', I think it's best to watch that sort of action in movies. I guess my life would seem adventurous if I could do some editing and put it on 'Fast Forward'. I don't think I am a very adventurous sort. What motivated me was to escape from the Judeo-American rat-race, in order to continue my chosen career of learning and exploration. In Colombia and Rhodesia, I was usually 'following instructions', but if a sudden emergency arose, I did not wait for 'clearance' to act. In Rhodesia, for instance, I had no orders to fortify my positions, but I did so, anyway, and considered it just good housekeeping. Nobody ever complained!

Your descriptive prose evokes great 'film noir' imagery, most recently your description of the Baltimore prison. Sometimes a film succeeds on imagery, alone, like "Blade Runner", which I saw in Toronto. My comment was that L.A. has changed a bit since I was last there: more rain and flying De Sotos; otherwise it was pretty much the same.

Now that you mention it, the current sheeplike adoption of a lifestyle or character from the jewsmedia constitutes both self-abnegation and self-enslavement. I recall 'Playboy' Magazine's ads aimed at the 'nobodies' who wanted to purchase the 'Playboy' attributes in the form of blazers, aftershave lotion, etc. Funny how all these 'individualists' tend to resemble one another. I hope jews have a sense of humor, however twisted, for Goyim give them lots to laugh about.

Even USA TODAY admits that 'downward mobility' in terms of salaries is overtaking the yuppie types. Employers will hire those willing to work for coolie wages, minus benefits. Like it or not, the major trends in the Jew-Ass economy are much as described in old economic textbooks, which feature such radical concepts as "supply and demand", although Saye's Law is still a 'no-no', for the sheenie banksters don't even want us to think about it. But that's like ignoring the law of gravity. What Saye, a French economist of the 18th century, if I recall correctly, had to say was simple: If employers did not pay their workers enough to buy their products, then the products will not be sold, and the employer will go broke. The post-WWII sheenie-scam was to up the prices, even though production costs had dropped, and make the producers go into debt to purchase all goods and services provided by the workforce! The sheeple stampeded into debt, big time, but the growing gap between the workers' purchasing power and prices cannot continue, as we are beginning to see, from reports in the retail trade. In order to stave off a recession, retail merchants are beginning to lower prices, and that has been (oy veh!) eating into their profit margins. Poor little kikes! Pathetic Goy sheeple!

In regard to Edward Abbey, who is new to me, I wonder about his background. You say be lived in the 'empty' Southwest desert, which I have not found empty, by any means, being full of Injuns, tourists, retirees and invading Mexicans. I wonder how Abbey earned his living. He is allergic to sirens, so he should not exchange Yakima for DC. There are sirens of police and emergency vehicles going here, day and night, as well as ubiquitous car alarms, which one FBI agent dubbed "the Puerto Rican national anthem". It has been well-known for decades that the 'poor' districts exert the greatest demand on emergency services, including fire, police and medical services. The 'poor' districts have the highest incidence of dysfunctional behavior, including mental illness. This means we should continue to subsidize their breeding? I believe that if X must pay, the receiver must spay or neuter. Scandinavian socialists believed in that rule, hence, no big welfare mamas. For that they are accused of being "Nazis", but what other country would pay for Scandinavian welfare spawn?

Mr. Abbey has performed his duty to jewish survival, yet, he does not perceive the jew factor which contributed heavily to the environment he dislikes. Nor can he connect the noisome squalor with the mud factor. Jew-commies love to brag about their use of niggers in the U.S.A. I would enjoy learning what solutions, if any, Edward Abbey would suggest to rake the muck-heap.

As you say, the jew-liars are fascinated by Hitler. When Ernst Zündel was on track, he was publishing books about "Nazi UFOs". The jews freaked out. It was amazing. They even organized a kosher UFO group under a kike named Tokarz, to butt in and attempt to drown out EZ's features. The ADL exerted pressure on book fair sponsors to ban Samisdat Publishers from their exhibitions and bookshows. One polit-jewess in Toronto told a largely kosher audience that "there is even one guy (Goy?) in Toronto who believes that Hitler escaped and is looking down on us from his Nazi flying saucer." An attendee said that the audience went totally silent, their faces showing shock or panic. The hebess tried to redeem herself by adding, "It was just a joke! " But nobody laughed, except for a few derisive "haw, haws". We Whites have failed to use the jews' superstitions against them, out of willful ignorance. We could leaflet thousands of Goyim, to no avail, but if one jew got one leaflet, we got maximum mileage!

In Toronto, we repeatedly faced down and fought with jew mobs who often outnumbered us, but we could see the fear in their faces, as if they saw an SS panzer division parked behind us! Obviously, we represented much more to the ADL-JDL thugs than mere numbers. As for our motives, which the Jews labeled 'Nazi" from their exaggerated fear, I would say that most of Zündel's supporters were more liberal-libertarian than NS. What we all objected to was the jews' efforts to suppress our freedom of inquiry, thought and expression. That is how we learned that "hate" is anything a jew hates for Goyim to discuss amongst themselves! That's how the thought-crime laws are enforced in Soviet Canuckistan.

I appreciate your frustration in your present circumstances, but in this relative calm before the storm, we can only survive by adopting 'the spirit of the bamboo' by rolling with the punches and maintaining our preparedness in watchful anticipation of dangers and opportunities. A 'lone wolf' can be effective when he is knowledgeable and prepared to do his bit as opportunities present themselves.

The essential Aryan is well-balanced and does not become obsessed by small pieces of the Big Picture. As you point out, we have allowed ourselves to become obsessed by materialism. As a result, industrial capitalism has gone to absurd and dangerous extremes. Since the population of the future will be small in comparison to that of the present, I don't think that electric power generation will be so much of a problem that nuclear energy will be required, with its long-term radioactive waste problem. As much as two thirds of all electricity generated is lost in transmission. That indicates the desirability of local electric power production, to save fuel and electricity. Our present power system is more a reflection of monopoly capitalism than energy efficiency. Jews are middlemen. They hate independence of any kind, which may cut them out of making parasitic profits and exerting strategic control over others. Hence, ZOG hates any local community's potential for producing its own food and energy. The pattern is obvious: where there are natural resources, there 'must' be no industry; and where there is industry, there 'must' be no natural resources upon which the industry depends. More profits and power for the predatory, parasitic middlemen!

Getting rid of the ZOG is only our most immediate problem, as you indicate. Even part of that solution is Aryanizing White people, so as to withdraw our support from our invaders and oppressors. I have never lived in a society which is of, by and for White people, but I am willing to take such a 'risk', having lived in the others, which are fundamentally anti-White, even when the majority are Ostensible Whites. The first steps in our self-Aryanization are immediately possible: (1) Staying out of debt and (2) Curtailing our crazy consumerism, which is the primary cause of debt and distraction from our primary racial imperative. One of my correspondents sent an article from southern California's La Voz de Aztlan, a Mexican conquistador publication, which advocates supporting the Palestinians by boycotting diamonds, one of the jews' "best friends". I have never, ever, seen such a sensible tactic advocated in any so-called White nationalist publication. I may have missed it, but I don't think so. Most Ostensible Whites want their swinish consumerism to continue, at lower interest rates! Such a deal! As you say, they do not see how demographic invasion and divide and rule 'diversity' have long been judeo-capitalist ploys. They are even ignorant of the jewish nature of capitalism, communism and, yes, Christianity. How can jews be defeated if all their victims want to become jews themselves?

I see no need to worry. If we do not choose to solve our problems, they will surely solve themselves, with or without us. Nigger behavior, un-subsidized by White fools, leads to fewer and fewer niggers. If permitted to do so by man or Nature, the locust-people of Asia will consume sufficient of the world's resources to bring about their own population crash. Disease is the wildcard, for the AIDS epidemic of Asia has been hidden behind the bamboo curtains for decades, and nothing is being done to stop its spread. On the contrary! Even the doldrums can be exciting, when one has a reasonable idea of what's gaining on us.

I point out to people that White imperialism has given way to non-White imperialism, both demographic and cultural. We have brought home 'the White Man's Burden', but why did we take it up in the first place? Hitler observed that European colonialism seemed designed to incur the wrath of those we supposedly ruled 'for their own good', and not for our good. Well, here they are, and Whitey's response is to give them everything they want: our land, our jobs, our standard of living and our children's future. Our main hope is that the muds will fight amongst themselves over Whitey's handouts before they slay the last of us. That will give us a tiny breathing space to get ourselves organized to fight or die, or both. Odin, the God of War and Wisdom would probably shake his head in wry bemusement of the dire situation our sloth and folly have put us into, which will require great wisdom, strength and heroism to get ourselves out. Truly, the cowards will die their miserable deaths and the heros will enter Valhalla. Maybe Odin has need of a clerk-typist with African colonial experience. Ha!

Eric Thomsom