30 AUG 2001.

Many thanks for the article on the Black Middleclass from Instauration. I shall make photocopies and pass them on to people whom I think can appreciate it. The American Black Middleclass is dependent upon the survival of a White host society, if they are to realize their social and material aspirations. I naturally recommend total racial separation, for Whites do not need a Black middleclass, when we have difficulties in maintaining our own. As the Black middleclass author of the article notes, the relationship of the Black Middleclass as wannabe members of a White society is definitely unhealthy for all concerned. Indian author, Shiva Naipaul, pointed out this unhealthy Black/White relationship in Black Africa. In White-ruled Rhodesia, there were not only Blacks in the middleclass, but there were Black millionaires, such as Kozimaaurewa, who was listed on several Black-owned company directorships. These savvy Blacks knew how to use their Black tribal membership in combination with White technology and White business practices. By playing according to the rules of both games, these Blacks maximized their social and economic advantages. If they were to fatten and sell their cattle, most Blacks, who worked as messenger boys would have had more money in the bank than their White bosses, but then, they would lose their social status in their respective tribes. Most of them could live quite well without White men's money. Robert Mugabe's tribal Marxism is likely to change the rules of the game, not only to despoil the remaining White farmers, but to rob the Black middle and upperclasss as well. We have all the other 'independent' Black African states to go by, as well as Haiti and Liberia, where the bush-niggers wiped out their respective Black upper and middleclasses. The only rulers who can govern Blacks are iron-fisted authoritarians like Chaka of the Zulus and Henri Christophe of Haiti. I have never met a Black African of any class or tribe who used the word, "Why?" They are raised not to question their chief or their father. This custom is extended into other fields, as I discovered when I attempted to explain to my Black troops WHY they needed to keep their rifles clean, so as to make them deadly to the enemy, rather than to the soldier who attempted to fire a clogged weapon. I discovered that reason had no effect, but orders, followed by a run in the sun at high-port would result in clean rifles. In short, I see little future for a Black Middleclass in a Black society. The Black author of the article is right in describing the American role of the Black Middleclass as that of running interference for profit between the Whites and the ghetto niggers. Obviously, Whites don't need either type of Black. If we go, the mestizos and Chinese will soon teach Blacks about their inessential role in American society.

The White man accepts truth, whether he likes it or not. I agree with your assessment of the White middleclass. They are sheeple whom the nigs and jews fleece and/or feast upon. Dr. Oliver called them "rabbits" who may pretend to be citizens, but whose first reaction to perceived danger is to run and hide in the weeds, in hope that the fox will devour some other rabbit. Nietzsche despised them, but no tribe can be all chiefs and no Injuns, nor can a White society exist without its sheeple. At present, most White sheeple choose to follow Judas Goats, who will get them fleeced and slaughtered, or they actually think that they are shepherds and not sheeple. When the heat is turned on, they go bleating to their mothers. Your description of the 'macho' poseurs is one example of sheeple who pretend to be other than they are. Looking 'tough' is no substitute for being tough.

I know what it is like when one wants to "lead the life he chooses", as the song goes, but knows that the time is not ripe to do so. Had I had my 'druthers', I'd have shipped out as a merchant seaman, rather than go to college. My mind and body were aching for adventure and action. As an undergrad at Berkeley, I would take a telescope and watch the ships steaming in and out of San Francisco Bay. Then, I would return to my books and lectures. When I was 8 years old, I saw a map of South America, and I decided to go there. Everything I saw as an opportunity toward that goal, I took advantage of. I took Spanish instead of French, the only two languages offered in high school. I studied the flora, fauna, the history and the politics, the natural resources, clear through university. One summer, I went to Guadalajara, Mexico, to take summer courses at the University. That's when I began speaking Spanish, as well as writing it. I got The Aztec Two-Step and lost 20 lbs. in four days. The third day I was afraid that I would die, and the fourth day, I was afraid that I was NOT going to die! The thought of retreat, of abandoning my courses to flee back to Gringoland, as others did, never entered my mind. If I would die on my first tentative expedition, so be it. Death and disease were never deterrents for me, when I was determined upon my goal. Nor are they today. I have never believed in life 'at any cost'. At last, I landed a job in Colombia, and left the Judeo-American rat-race behind. Latin America was really one steppingstone in the creation of a life composed of chosen experiences, which serve to form and/or enhance my character as a person. How much has been Nature and how much Nurture is a moot point, for I see that I lived a life of sea travel and exploration like most of my Orkney ancestors. When I recall my decisions, I see them as organic expressions of biological imperatives. I was not made to be White Rabbit, conforming and cowering in my suburban burrow. If that were "the straight life", it would sorely tempt me to leave it behind, and all the silly materialist values it represents. Still, I liked the idea of starting a family, but that required a career with a steady salary. I thus had the idea to pursue a doctorate in International Relations, with a sideline of journalism. That sounded much safer than running guns into Durango, but I sure got a big surprise, courtesy of FEDZOGUSA!

To return to the topic of frustrated desire, which you describe as the death of a part of your personality, there is the old adage that one should be careful in making a wish, for it might come true. In my own experience, which was one of years of postponing the fulfillment of my wish to stand at the headwaters of the Amazon, I felt vindicated when the moment actually arrived. It was exactly what I wanted, and exactly as I had imagined it, neither more nor less. Some people define such a quest as 'ambition' or 'the completion of a developmental task'. I see it as both. My geographical explorations had not only intrinsic value, but they afforded me the opportunity of exploring the parameters of myself, and in discovering that I was an interesting character, who could surprise even myself, at times. In this regard, I realized my childhood ambition to be an explorer, not merely of places, but of times and my own 'inner space'. It was well worth it. By investing in myself, I have more to offer others, if they can stand it. One fellow thought I was "bull-shitting", at first, but he realized in astonishment that my offhand statements were quite factual, and even understated. A local Bircher let it be known that I was much older than I appeared to be, and that I was really a "Nazi ghost" sent to spy on him.

As you may imagine, "mental health" is one of Yakima's growth industries. A 'suburbaness', the former wife of a local attorney, called me "a monster", and forbade her former husband from speaking to me. My monsterhood was derived from my refusal to worship niggers, as she did, and she even suspected me of having killed a few, which may have led to her own untimely death. "The Shadow Knows."

One thing which surprises many of those with whom I have had arguments is that I do not dislike someone because I disagree with him. I am only annoyed with myself if I think that I have not explained my position adequately, so that our disagreement is really a misunderstanding, rather than opposed positions on a given subject. Most Goyim refuse to discuss The Holohoax, which they treat as a taboo subject. Hence, Hitler is not deemed a historical figure to them, but demonized. Suddenly, we are immersed in the supernatural by the hebes of Hollywood's Holohoax. What a magical world we live in! Who says 'evil spells' are merely the stuff of children's fairy tales? All we need do is to look around and watch the sheeple.

It's interesting that you should find Harold Armistead Covington's ancestor, who died at Gettysburg. The neglect of one people's sacred ground by other people merely illustrates our displacement, rather than disrespect for our dead ancestors. When the Confederate flag controversy was in the news, NPR interviewed a hispano-mestiza, who said in accented English that "it had nothing to do with her people." The U.S. Civil War has no more to do with our invaders than Hannibal's victory at Cannae would have for a Black invader of Italy. What does a Chinese invader of England care about The Battle of Hastings? Only our people have reason to care about our people. The Civil War is merely the 'heritage' of some Americans, but those people are fast becoming a minority, on their way to extinction.

I see no reason for us to be discouraged by the dismal demographic mess we see around us. Disgusted, yes, but not discouraged, for numbers can be turned into a liability for the enemy, for cockroaches and rats require food. For now, the best use of our knowledge is for our own self-preservation. The sheeple will need leaders as well as knowledge. Our most dangerous time will come when the jews smell a major change coming. That's when they go all out to kill the potential leaders of the Goyim, usually long before the slow, stupid Goyim even discover that they needed leaders, and teachers. Thus we should endeavor to stay alive, and keep our proverbial powder dry. Don't fire until you see the blacks of their eyes! White leaders can save the sheeple, but they cannot save them from themselves.

There is a great scene in the Jap film, "The 7 Samurai": Time is short, and the young samurai are arguing amongst themselves about their course of action. The senior samurai remains stoically silent amid the babble and shouting, until one after another realize that he, of all people, is saying nothing. Eventually there is silence and they ask their senior what he thinks. The elder warrior says, "Now that you are prepared to listen, here is the plan, but we must hurry, for we have wasted precious time, already."

Eric Thomson