15 September 2001

Well, The Balloon has gone up. Most people don't know what that means, any more than primitive, jungle savages. When the balloon goes up, the observers are ready to call in accurate artillery barrages. That's why the primary mission of WW I aircraft was to shoot down the enemy's balloons. Lack of interest in reality on the part of the masses of asses simply means that reality is about to hit them, as they mill about in self-induced and jewsmedia assisted incomprehension. But will the sheeple go to war?

In Brownest Yakima, a tiny gathering; no more than half a dozen, Ostensible White Judeo-Americans raised a U.S. flag at Yakima's Chinese Abomination or Millennium Monstrosity, which is designed to bilk the dumb, round-eyed devils. The Chinese seem to excel at a style of art best described as Rube Goldberg Kitsch. That's one more reason why Yakima earned the title of "All-American City". This title also infers that the majority of the local population is non-white, and that English is not the only language spoken. As Cromwell wrote, "tyranny begins with the abuse of language." The ZOG definition of "American" is now inclusive of non-Americans. ZOG-jargon aside, THE MAJORITY of the Yakima population are largely unconcerned with the events of September 11th, except as they concern their immediate interests. There is neither impact nor concern amongst the large Mexican majority, although local Arabs and Moslems appear worried. Judeo-Americans' periodic shows of 'patriotism' have about as much effect as that of a Gringo on Mexico City's Paseo de la Reforma singing "Yankee Doodle". In short, Judeo-American war hysteria which was rampant in the Spanish American War, The Moro Wars, WW I and WW II, has faded away, along with the percentage of Judeo-Americans, who brought in their successors in the first place. Unless one is wearing a burnoose or riding a camel, it would be extremely difficult to distinguish between Mexicans and Arabs. More confusion for the ZOG, as it so richly deserves.

In times of emergency, it's probably best not to associate with prowling niggers. I am reminded in this case of Lawrence Dennis' admonition in his "Dynamics of War and Revolution", if I recall the title correctly. He warned that "foreign adventures" do not solve domestic problems, but tend to exacerbate them. Will an incursion of armed Judeo-American sheeple into Afghanistan et al. 'solve' the North American nigger problem? Certainly not! Rockwell feared that FEDZOGUSA would send Whitey overseas and militarize the niggers and other muds to attack the remaining Whites on this continent. Certainly, that ploy is entirely possible.

The jew-ape factor is most relevant in recent activities on the U.S. east coast, where such people as Jared Taylor of "American Renaissance" and "American Friends of the British National Party" appear to have included jews as "Whites". This is pernicious folly in the extreme, as I have warned. No good can come for Whites if they include jews and identify their interests as jews', which is the usual outcome of permitting jewish infiltration. This is like a host actively incorporating its parasites! In this regard, it appears that Harold Covington is once again infatuated with a jewish hero in Nazi uniform. First, it was Frankie Collin (Cohn) and now a kike named Andrew Greenbaum! That's why I tell Harold to confine his political efforts to the writing of fiction. In regard to "The American Friends of the B.N.P.", I very much question the motives for breaching U.S. laws on "foreign agents" and in gathering financial support for a British political party, rather than individuals. The NSDAP was financed by mass-support of Germans, and not by foreign sources, according to my research. I've heard of "the Ruhr barons", and their support was either mythical or after the fact: after Hitler's election as chancellor. I also note at least one member of the B.N.P. who could easily pass for Mexican. This means that the B.N.P. is not biopolitical, but merely geopolitical. A wog with an English name is still a wog, and his inclusion will be the White Nationalists' undoing. As for including jews, in a pro-White movement, this is outright insanity, like firemen setting fire to their own firehouse.

In regard to "White guerrillas", I opine that they would stand out from the mass in North America as much as they would in Zimbabwe or South Africa. Hence, they would not be guerrilla warfare combatants at all, but visible minority types, like the Viking raiders. The ZOG or its successor would have no trouble dealing with them, just as the British dealt with the Boer commandos: simply remove the White population from around them, and begin with their extermination in British-run concentration camps. Without a supportive population, a guerrilla cannot exist. I do not say that guerrilla activities are forbidden to Whites, but I do caution Whites that they are a highly-visible minority, in the here and now, so the major characteristic of guerrilla warfare, of being indistinguishable from the majority population, is denied the White guerrilla, to a great extent in North America. I remember seeing fellow student at the U.S. Army Language School in Monterey, CA, who were learning Vietnamese: they were 6' tall, blond specimens. I wonder if FEDZOGUSA thought that their language proficiency would allow them to 'blend in' with the majority gook population, even in the dark. I rather think that they were chosen as targets. The ZOG hates tall, blond people, unless they are female trophies.

The wogs of the Trade Tower demolition have much to teach Whites in terms of skill, discipline and determination. Until September llth, the only major power capable of ruining and devastating U.S. territory has been the U.S. Government, whose policies have succeeded in making major American cities look like scenes of war devastation. Much of the mumbling and maundering I have heard on the jewsmedia is wondering what "they" will do next to surprise us. Here and there, token jews proclaim their 'concern' for 'civil liberties'; that we must not make the 'mistake' we did by rounding up the Japanese, and that ALL American denizens must be subjected to the same security procedures, especially Whites, who may be clones of Timothy McVeigh. Wiser heads know that 'total security' cannot work, since it is impossible and unaffordable. As Frederick the Great opined: "He who would defend everything defends nothing."

Profiling is a major tool in police work. The knowledge that a robbery suspect is male eliminates at least 50% of possible suspects. The knowledge that he is a Black or White male further reduces the expenditure of limited resources on chasing all males, etc. Wise warriors know that the tying down of an enemy's forces and expenditure of his resources constitutes a victory. That's the main reason for the laying of mines, rather than the inflicting of actual casualties in war. In fact, any competent military strategist like Clausewitz or Sun Tzu, would describe American society as being at war internally: by subsidizing the increase of social enemies, so that one can only conclude that America is governed by enemy conquerors or usurpers. Hence, the ZOG. Are American policies toward criminals assuming the form of prisons or garrisons? White Russians discovered that reality in 1917, when the kikes threw open the prisons to terrorize the majority. Don't think it 'cannot happen here'. I'm sure the street niggers can smell their great opportunity in the offing: White Meat!

In a society so much at war with itself as we are, the advent of new warriors on the scene has merely added to the mix in the American Witches' Cauldron. We have made some dangerous people really angry. These people have a solid identity, unlike "Americans", with strong beliefs, to which they are totally committed. Such "fanatics" are deadly to muddle-headed, mercenary hedonists, no matter how well-armed they may be. Since politics is the art of the possible and warfare is a key aspect of politics (people-power), we could deem it a mighty artform, with the maximum opportunity for human creativity and expression, as well as the maximum opportunity for destruction and repression. The limitations of America's Maginot Line Mentality, with all its false assumptions, is becoming obvious, even to Judeo-American Joe Sixpacks, who arrogantly assume that there will be a meaningful high-tech response to a low-tech conflict, so that Joe Sixpack can gloat over TV representations of missile attacks on human targets. Meanwhile the Gooks and semi-Gooks bide their time and multiply within U.S. borders, watching the Judeo-Americans prepare to do the jews' bidding, by rushing lemming-like, into the abyss of extinction. If this is what the remaining Whites have decided to do, then, I too can say, good riddance!

Your article on Orwell (Eric Blair) is very timely. One cannot rub the Reds' and Pinkos' faces in their own hypocrisy too often. The photo of Orwell and his BBC ("Mini-Tru") colleagues reminds me of an English acquaintance's description: "A right lot of comic singers and brown-hatters (queers)." I am also reminded of Arthur Koestler's very unsympathetic comments about the starving Goyim of the Ukraine, who begged for food in the railway stations. Such 'humanitarianism'! The god of Communism is "The Future", toward which all Goyim must be sacrificed, which sounds very similar to U.S. war policies. I heard the criminally-insane words of Presidente Bush, and/or his jew speechwriter, who recently declared that U.S. war aims were to eradicate "terrorism" and "evil" from the planet. Our presidential dementia has grown apace with every war since the U.S. Civil War. In World War I, we officially fought "for civilization", "to end all wars" , and to "make the world safe for democracy" ( which the U.S.A. never has been). In World War II, we fought for "the four freedoms", and now, we are to eradicate terrorism and evil! I should remind 'our' presidente that no god has succeeded in doing what he has declared, so Bush's statements are terminal signs of madness. It is likely that the gods have decided on our destruction, with our able assistance. If I were the worst enemy of The United States, I could not imagine treating this country and its people any differently than they are treated by the U.S. Government. When I saw such cities as Buffalo, New York, Detroit, Chicago et al., my first reaction was to ask the busdriver, "When was the last air raid?" The places looked like partially bombed out cities from WW II. This simply demonstrates that niggers are more devastating than the Luftwaffe ever was, and those who feed them are even more responsible for the Black Plague. Will the first Chinaman to take over the former U.S. please turn on the lights? As for you, bad jew, what ya gonna do when dey come fo' you? When Whitey goes, the jew goes, too, as in Africa.

All the Best and ORION!

Eric Thomson