PEARL HARBOR II: Judeo-America's Last Crusade?

by Eric Thomson

20 September 2001

Why am I not surprised at the events of September 11th? There are two reasons: (1) Jewish-Israeli desperation, and (2) Moslem and/or Arab, anger at U.S. bullying and blank-check support for Zionist atrocities in Occupied Palestine. The present leader of Israel, Sharon, believes general war will be "good for the jews". One U.S. student commented that Sharon would make a better U.S. president than Bush. Since Judeo-America's policies are subordinate to those of Israel, that question has already been answered: American and Israeli policy are one and the same, at least for Judeo-Americans, including Judeo-Christians.

Who are Judeo-Americans? They include jews and non-jew Zionists who perceive their interests as the same as those of jews. These jew-supremacist Goyim are largely Ostensible Whites, with the exception of Messrs. Powell and Bush, who could pass for Gypsy, but not White. In other words, Judeo-Americans are in the minority in the so-called United States. That does not mean they do not occupy positions of power. They do, at present. That is why the ZOG and its Jew World Order Monster exist. But power is often fleeting, and the color and convictions of America's masses are changing.

USSR-ZOG saw the same demographic writing on Soviet census statistics: the Asiatic Moslem population was increasing rapidly, as the European-Russian component rapidly shrank. That was one factor in the timing of the moribund USSR's ill-fated intervention into Afghanistan. The flinging of The Soviet Union's last non-Asiatic, non-Moslem forces into the Afghanistan hornets' nest proved to be no more brilliant than the British disasters of the 19th century.

The U.S.A. thought it could outdo the French in Indochina. But do our Zionist imperial rulers believe we can 'outdo' the Soviets in Afghanistan? My quit-claim deed to The Brooklyn Bridge is for sale to anyone who thinks we can.

As for the unscheduled airplanes and their unauthorized landing sites at the Trade Towers and the Pentagon, there are two possible groups who would be responsible: (1) Angry Arabs or (2) Angry Arabs working, unbeknownst to them, for the Zionists.

Angry Arabs may be so impatient to strike at The Great Satan in any way they can, that they disregard the distinction between strategic and nonstrategic targets. Neither the Pentagon, nor the Trade Towers are strategic in terms of essential production and distribution of the necessities of life, such as food, transportation and electric power. Perhaps the angry Arabs are gambling on demoralizing the Great Satan's people. Certainly, there has been a ripple effect of panic measures throughout the U.S.A. The down side of attacking symbolic targets with 'collateral damage' (Pentagonian zogling jargon for loss of human life) is its tendency to unify and galvanize Judeo-American support for a big Zionist imperial adventure in the Middle East. A strategic target, such as electrical power generation and distribution facilities sufficient to black out Jew York for some time would not only knock out the Trade Towers et al., but would likely result in riots and looting, which the ZOG would have to put down, thus denying the ZOG its emotional weapon against the Arabs. In terms of 'cui bono', I don't see what benefit angry Arabs would anticipate by so directing U.S. ire at Arabs and Moslems in general.

That leads me to suspect that we have indeed witnessed Pearl Harbor II, a ZOG-planned and orchestrated attack on symbolic targets, such as the obsolete battleships at Pearl Harbor, but in this case, the patsies are the Arabs, instead of the Japs. If this is the case, then the targets for U.S. 'retaliation' have been chosen in advance, and the ZOG's terrorist shell game of 'eeny, meeny, miney, mo' is just 'Goy-feed', to paraphrase Orwell.

But why would an angry Arab do the ZOG's job? It's an old saying in 'the intelligence community' that one never knows for whom one is working. Imagine that you are an angry Iraqi or Palestinian, with nothing to live for and nothing to lose, except for your undying hatred of your Zionist oppressors and The Great Satan which supports and protects them. If I were such a person, I would be vulnerable to the blandishments of an Ostensible Arab who would finance me out of poverty and provide me with the means to hit The Great Satan in a blaze of glory, wherein I would be wafted up to Islamic Heaven where I could enjoy all the booze and broads and say 'salaam' to Allah. I would also be deemed a hero in the eyes of my oppressed people. It is indeed questionable if such a 'true-believer' could or would distinguish between a strategic, ZOG-harming target, and a symbolic, ZOG-helping target. Neither Dr. Pierce nor Timothy McVeigh could make that distinction, so we cannot deem such ignorance to be a defect of Arabs, only.

Then we have our Orwellian "Hitler of the Year", Osama bin Laden, who has stated his hatred of The Great Satan. Obviously, there are many millions who have similar hatred, so Mr. bin Laden is not unique in terms of his motive. Is he, however, the villain of the melodrama, or is he a puppet, whose strings are pulled by someone off-stage? One thing I have noted is that Osama bin Laden does business in places under Chinese influence, including The Sudan, where 700,000 Chinese troops 'protect' oilfields and refineries; Iraq, where Chinese 'technicians' are using U.S. fiber optics to upgrade Iraqi air defenses; Afghanistan, where Pakistani-supported Taliban fundamentalists are the virtual rulers; Pakistan, a long-time client state of China.

China recently 'leaked' its war plans against the U.S.A. (1) China would entice the U.S. into some far flung conflict, which would stretch and deplete U.S. logistical capabilities and tie down Judeo-America's limited manpower. (2) After a period of attrition, China would threaten to nuke the U.S.A. with its improved missile and nuclear capabilities, thanks to Israel and Loran, all kosher sources. In the meantime, the Chinese are invading North America and making strategic incursions into North American business, universities and airlines, chiefly as copilots. If the Arabs were doing this, we might be worried!

Let us suppose that the ZOG has its way, and Judeo-American sheeple stampede off to a crusade, accompanied by the zoglings of NATO. Who would be left to populate Western Europe and North America? Why, the Moslems and the Chinese, as well as the Hispano-mestizos and Blacks. Such a deal!

The terrible truth is that the chief enemies of the American people are much closer to home than the nearest foreign country. They are America's Zionist-Imperialist rulers who make use of people as people make use of toilet paper. Are you willing to be soiled and flushed down the toilet of history? I hope not! Down with the ZOG.