05 OCTOBER 2001.

Back in the batcave and suffering from what I call Yakima Jet Lag, which one gets from changing from closing to opening shifts and vice versa. From a correspondence aspect, I am under a constant state of siege, attempting to defend my tiny portion of free, creative-thinking time from the inroads of mongrel demands The Law of the Contrary dictates that those with little to say have abundant time in which to say it. People seem willing to fund those who have the least to say that is worthwhile, even though they may use many words in which to say it. The big bucks are raked in by those who talk the greatest twaddle imaginable, such as the Bible-babblers of talmudvision. Not only do they rake in the shekels from the sheeple, but they have devoted adherents who prattle such perverse pseudo-pieties as "the End Times" of Daniel and Revelations. They drool their drivel in orgasmic anticipation of "The End of the World and the Return of the alleged son of The Big Sky-Jew, Jesus ben Yahweh". Needless to say, such silly sheeple are abundant in the Great White Hopeland, to which Covington promises to pay a visit. I said, by way of assistance, that he could save time and money by giving Brownest Yakima a miss, since I have nothing in common with him in regard to race, religion nor relevant political options, nor do I have any spare time in which to participate in a literary evening in which to discuss his judeo-christian-confederate novels.

Now, to more pleasant topics: the Trade Tower casualty and/or survivor figures are still unavailable. Surely, it did not take that long to do a body/survivor count after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Haven't people come forward to identify themselves as denizens of the Trade Towers, who 'just happened' not to have been in their offices at the time? How many people, even approximately, did not come home from work? Assuming a normal occupancy of 50,000, we would have to believe that over 50% were singles working under the table, with no financial records of payrolls, no records of employment, no wives, husbands, children or 'significant others' who could report them missing, and no landlords who would report their absence and lack of rent payments. The paper trail in regard to the Trade Tower casualty figures is as conspicuous by its absence as it is for the Holohoax's mythical six million. Methinks that the casualty figures and the 'proof' for bin Laden's villainy will be put on 'hold', like the whereabouts of the 'missing' Polish officers in Stalin's Russia, who were allegedly transferred north, from one gulag to another. The Red Allies were satisfied by Stalin's little joke, and the ZOG likely assumes that the dumb sheeple will also be satisfied by similar subterfuge in regard to the total number of dead at the Trade Towers. I suspect that greater events will bury that question in the near future.

I cannot predict with any certainty what action America's remaining Whites will take, nor when. In Rhodesia, the armed forces were about two-thirds Black, before the handover to Black Marxist Misrule. North America's armed forces are quickly growing darker, and the remaining White units are being dumped in the sands of Arabia. Now you can see why I objected to White men and women joining the ZOG-forces, even though I did not know The Balloon would go up so soon. To use the Roman analogy, White Americans are arming their very own barbarian invaders right here at home.

There is not much the U.S. and its "coalition" can do in Afghanistan, aside from making the rocks bounce, just as they did from years of unsuccessful Soviet bombardments. I can foresee that the region, including the Moslem territories of the former USSR will become a meat-grinder for U.S. forces, just as they were for the "Russians". Since the 'enemy' is already here, at home, the fighting is unlikely to be limited to those forsaken regions of Central Asia. It seems logical to predict that this "war" will affect the U.S. much more than it will affect Afghanistan, as we have seen recently.

As is noted, it is questionable how much deprivation and sacrifice the White sheeple will tolerate and for how long. We know that it is impossible to maintain troops on a permanent "Red Alert" status, and it is even less possible to do so with a lazy, consumerist population. The first general response to the attack on the Trade Towers on the part of Yakima denizens was to tank up on gasoline, in anticipation of prices skyrocketting. I guess we could call that "me-first patriotism".

Meanwhile, the important factor is "the dog that did not bark in the night" – the dark demographics of North America. Let's consider the "red-niggers", the first welfare bums, alias "Indians": their numbers have swelled almost as drastically as have the numbers of hispano-mestizos. They are a sullen, self-righteous bunch of anglo/franco-mestizos. Aside from boredom on their reservations, what would motivate these swarming skraelings to go to Afghanistan? The darker mestizos of the "Indian" persuasion populate The Great White Hopeland in large numbers, as well as states to the east, right to the Atlantic coast. Some dim wit Ostensible Whites claim that the Injuns are one of "the lost tribes of Israel" and that they are 'fellow Caucasians'. Unfortunately for these deluded 'true-jews', the Injun response is: "What you mean, 'we', White man?" White Flight is unlikely to be organized, and the mass flight to the hinterlands will most likely result in the disappearance of Ostensible Whites due to massacres and miscegenation. The' safe havens' exist only in Whites' imaginations, for they are already populated abundantly by non-Whites. Only an organized racial offensive can save part of North America for its remaining Whites, and that effort will take more resources and ingenuity than Whites' present 'survival strategy' of subscribing to the newsletters of "Great White Hopes". It certainly would not hurt for every isolated, disorganized White family to have a shotgun and be prepared to use it, but our salvation lies in leadership and organization. I do not believe that technology is our undoing, any more than the discovery of metallurgy has been our undoing. It is our racial disease of transferring such technology to non-Whites. An intelligent mind can make the most of whatever it encounters in the environment. Since technology is part of our environment, it is up to us to make better use of it, just as the muds are doing, within their capabilities. White intelligence should also be able to cope without technology, as it now exists. We recognize the immense potential of the Internet, but few Whites have made use of it for purposes of racial survival, as we know. How long we can rely on the Internet is anyone's guess, for ZOG action and/or social chaos could knock it out.

As I say, the "war" will most affect North America, for it will be ZOG's war against the North American peoples. The brown, mestizo masses show no interest in supporting the ZOG, nor do the niggers. What they expect is for the ZOG to continue to support them by taxing the White sheeple. Now, we must also support the Afghans! Plus we 'must' bribe all and sundry to 'support' FEDZOGUSA's imperial program in the Middle East and Central Asia. This appears to be a formula for the ZOG's demise. Our racial task will be to seize and hold territory. Stay tuned!

ORION!    Eric Thomson