19 October 2001.

I agree that we can do nothing under present circumstances, other than behave as Committees of Correspondence. The idea behind the exchange of views and information is to bring our plans and efforts into 'correspondence', which is unheard of in the blightwing.

It is indeed intriguing that the jewsmedia have not mentioned the demise of any CEOs in The Trade Towers. Were they also 'out to lunch' at 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.? I think that there are so many red herrings involved in The Trade Tower Holocaust that ZOG will exercise its weapons of mass-distraction to hush up the questions about "the 50,000" occupants, few of whom now seem to have been in the buildings at the time of the attacks.

Yes, the Anthrax Affair is somewhat mysterious. As you observe, we see the less-than- astute use of a substance which can only be prepared by intelligent people. The gradual introduction of the anthrax seems designed to accustom the public to bio-warfare, just as the sheeple have become accustomed to living with AIDS-carriers. "I'm not dead, yet, so "ho hum." The sheeples' attention spans are moronic, as is their capacity to stay alert and to exercise precautions on a daily basis. Both defects indicate severe downbreeding in the general Ostensible White population.

I can appreciate your difficulties in 'staying out of trouble'. I have not experienced the jarring juxtapositions you have so eloquently described, mainly since I was born a foreigner, surrounded by others than my own kind. As I recollect my experience from elementary school, onward, Whites were in the minority. In my kindergarten class, through 6th grade, there were no more than 3 Ostensible Whites, including myself. The majority were brown Anglo-mestizos and one nasty Hispano-mestiza. In junior high, there were more spics and some niggers to provide 'diversity' and in San Fernando High School, there were many more nigs and spics who formed gangs. That was in 1953. The school was within easy bicycling distance from home, but the gangsters had an efficient bike-theft ring. They would spring the lock or cut the chain, and your bike would vanish into some ghetto or barrio as quickly as you could say "unindicted co-conspirator". My parents arranged with the parents of a friend of mine to change my official residence to their house, which was sufficiently far from the school so that I was eligible to ride the bus. Every morning, I would race my bike to my friend's house and walk to the bus stop to catch the big, yellow schoolbus. After school, the process was reversed. The 'Final Solution' to the mud-gang problem was White Flight. We moved to Newhall, CA, where I attended a mainly White, gang-free high school. Newhall was just 10 miles away from the San Fernando Valley. It has now become 'spiculated' into one huge barrio called Santa Clarita. Most of the raggle-taggle O.W.s and nignogs have fled the brown flood up to Lancaster, CA, but "Aztlan" is steadily moving north, so they will have to flee elsewhere: to Covington's Great White Hopeland! One Yakimoron said she'd never seen so many niggers, until she visited the Seattle-Tacoma area.

I grew up with an attitude best described by a friend of mine who served on The Eastern Front: Don't walk over there. It's a minefield. Keep down and run between the two trees, for there are snipers. In a covered vehicle, drive with windows rolled down, so you can hear an attacking Sturmavik as it begins its strafing run. I guess you could call it 'duality', but as a lifelong foreigner, I am totally accustomed to being surrounded by non-Whites and anti-White Ostensible Whites. In regard to marriage, it did not take me long to spot females who would put me in the position of "sleeping with the enemy", were I not prudent. The jew-wise, racially-conscious White male must choose a female comrade in the struggle, rather than a cuddly distraction from his cares and woes, or he will wake up to the unpleasant reality of incompatibility on all other facets of life. White Nationalists who have married anti-Whites often discover that their erstwhile mate is using his politics as a weapon in a divorce case. White Nationalism is at least as good a weapon in such proceedings as the accusation of child molestation. My essay on ZOG-tots refers. One can be physically close to someone, and feel just as lonely, if not moreso, than one would feel when standing all alone on some ridge as he gazes at the wilderness, with a cool, pine or sage-scented breeze in one's face. The former loneliness brings one to despair. The latter fills one with exhilarating prospects. Been there. Done that.

The demographic dung will hit the fan when Whitey's handouts are exhausted. If anything, Bushy's War will accelerate the process, the longer it continues. The scenario depicted in "Hear the Cradle Song" is the most likely outcome, according to my observations: the muds will plunder, rape and murder the remaining Whites, who are such soft targets, before warring with other muds to acquire turf and resources, but this does not 'have' to happen.

ORION!  Eric Thomson