by Eric Thomson     24 November 2001

During the siege of Bar Koziba, the jews report in their 'holy' Talmud that "the Romans slew 400 million or 'as some say', four billion jews." The Talmud claims that the blood from the jewish victims burst forth in such a torrent that it rolled boulders from the hills, and stained the sea four miles from the shore. In 1919, The American Hebrew of October 31 alleged "the holocaust" of "six million jews", but no one believed the jew-liars and reparations-gougers at The Versailles Conference. All that had changed in 1945, because the Allies had libeled the defeated Germans with their own Holohoax, to cover up the real atrocities of their 'gallant Soviet allies'. The Allied liars made specific claims which alleged that the Germans hauled jews and other victims to "death camps" and 'gassed' them with hydrogen cyanide (HCN) which was used as a delousing agent, before and after DDT. HCN was also used to execute convicts in U.S. prisons, before, during and after World War II. No European country has adopted lethal gas chambers for executions. The alleged 'gassing facilities' in all the German labor and internment camps dubbed "death camps" were Ellis Island-style delousing facilities, and they were just as inappropriate for "gassing" anybody.
The original figure for jewish gassees was 45 million, which the Allies rejected, since it was outrageously absurd. For the same reason, the Allies also rejected the figures of 25 and 12 million. Finally, the victors of World War II agreed that "six million jews" were put to death in German camps, along with " 5 million non-jews". German records show that most inmates of concentration camps were non-jews, so the number of jew inmates and 'victims' has been grossly inflated by the liars. No matter how many jews 'survived' the "Holocaust", German tribute or 'reparations' payments are based on the fictitious figure of "6 million". In the 1980s, The Canadian Jewish News reported over 5 million "Holocaust Survivors" were receiving 'reparations payments' from the German government. This means that at least 16 million jews and non-jews had been 'processed' in German "death camps". This figure is also preposterous.

The definition of "The Holocaust" is kept purposely vague by its proponents, but we can agree that people were put into "concentration camps" for labor and internment, owing to war time emergencies and dislocations. Most camp inmates were not  jews. German jews who chose not to emigrate during the Third Reich era remained where they were, like the jews of Berlin, who helped defend their city against the Red Army, along with French SS men. Since no order has been found for "the extermination" of camp inmates for ethnic, political or religious reasons, the burden of 'proof' that "death camps" existed remains with the Allies. German camps were established to confine enemy aliens, for the protection of the civilian population. They also supplied the German war effort with valuable labor, for which the inmates were paid!

Deaths at camps such as Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen et al. were due to typhus epidemics and not executions, with very few exceptions. German camp commanders who stole the inmates' Red Cross parcels, for example, were executed in front of the inmates, by the Germans! Typhus-infected lice and water made delousing facilities and crematoria absolutely necessary. HCN was used to save lives, not to kill people, in German camps. Deaths occurred when there was no HCN!

In the Nuremberg Trial transcripts of the International Military Tribunal and the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, the Allies allege that "lethal chambers" existed in all the German camps, which used hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, steam, vacuum and electricity, apparently according to the whim of the commander, in addition to fleets of "gas-vans" (no numbers given) which took "millions" for lethal last rides. The Germans "recorded everything", the Allies claim, but they seem to have omitted the tons of records necessary to perpetrate mass-murder on such an allegedly gigantic scale!

In August 1943, The British Foreign Office invented the gas chamber hoax as part of a propaganda scheme against the Poles, to diminish the impact of the 15,000 murdered Polish officers by the Soviets at Katyn. Sir Cavendish-Bentinck, head of British Intelligence, objected to the inclusion of 'gas-libel' in the official British statement because there was no proof, and it seemed on par with British lies of World War I. Hence, the "gas chambers" were deleted. In 1944, they reappeared in the U.S. "War Refugee Board Report", with no further evidence.

With the occupation of Germany in 1945, jew film director, George Stevens, featured Dachau in an official Allied propaganda movie. Since Dachau lacked the 'required' gas chamber, Stevens had one built, complete with fake showerheads, then claimed that "200,000 to 400,000" people were gassed there. Germans were hanged for gassing inmates in Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald and Mauthausen, which were in Germany and Austria. But, in 1960, the Allies changed their lies. They claimed that NO ONE was gassed outside of six camps in Poland: Auschwitz, Birkenau, Maidanek (Lublin), Sobibor, Chelmno and Treblinka! As for Hollywood's "gas chamber" at Dachau: the sign now says "it was never used." The Six Million had magically jumped from Germany and Austria, all the way into Poland! But even there, the Holohoax is not safe, for the Auschwitz death figure has dropped from "4.2 million" to 74,000. We should not be fooled any longer.