02 December 2001

Effective contraception was the stuff of science fiction, like "Brave New World". When The Pill did arrive in reality, it was almost too bad or too good to be true.

Theocrats predicted a total collapse of morality, for people could finally do what they enjoy most, without the burdensome by-product of children born in or out of wedlock, and without recourse to the traditional backstreet abortionist or the official adoption agencies. Sin would be rampant, with people "doing it in the road", as The Beatles crooned.

Fear of pregnancy affected middleclass Americans' sexual behavior, as the death penalty affected their criminal behavior, in or out of marriage. It certainly had a chilling effect. Pregnancy out of wedlock proved that a girl had been doing what every 'good' girl pretended she was not doing. Usually, the youthful father was unable to support a family, for he would be unschooled and unskilled. Such a pregnancy, accompanied by the proverbial 'shotgun wedding', was deemed a burden, rather than a blessing, for most debt ridden middleclass Americans. The inadvertent parents, in their immaturity, would resent their obligatory marriage and the child who'd brought this dire fate upon them, as if any of it were the child's fault!

The advent of The Pill would end such social stress, it was claimed. From now on, parents could plan the arrival of each child, and every child would be wanted and loved. Accidents would no longer cause people!

The Pill appealed to randy males and to feminists, for the promiscuous male had nothing to fear but VD (now STD), which, in pre-HIV days, were curable with antibiotics. The promiscuous female could avoid unwanted pregnancy and enjoy the sexual freedom of the male, so it was believed. A former feminist, Germaine Greer, wrote of her experiences, which made her unable to bear children when she finally wanted them. Her post-Pill misadventures are not particularly unique, so we can learn from her example that (1) women are different from men and (2) free love is not free.

Birth control advocate Margaret Sanger opined that poverty was measurable by the number of children in an urban family. Therefore, effective birth control would ,eliminate increasing poverty in poor families, and it would reduce poverty in society as a whole, since those least able to afford children would be able to avoid having them. In this 'brave new world', only wanted children would be born into good homes and bright futures! The Pill was the embodiment of her fondest dreams, but we all know what happened.

Those who could afford children reduced their reproduction even further, and even worse, those who could not afford children began reproducing like rabbits. ZOG law had made it profitable for the unemployed to reproduce with welfare incomes derived from taxes paid by those who did not reproduce. It was classical Marxism with a capitalist twist, for capitalism must have an infinitely-increasing number of consumers. In regard to maintaining or improving Americans' standard of living, the words of the robber baron capitalists still apply: "The public be damned!"

The Pill was supposed to eliminate the practice of abortions. Yet, we see more and more abortuaries in the U.S.A. Does this mean that thousands of women never heard about the Pill or don't know how to use it, or do they prefer to get pregnant and kill their infants in the womb? Are women that fickle and that callous toward their own flesh and blood? Under the ZOG, men have little say in the matter and no legal standing to speak of, so it is up to women to answer these questions. I do not understand their motives. In Afro-Asiatic societies, including Arabia and Latin America, childbirth is considered a rite of passage into womanhood, a matter of pride and achievement. Do White women consider abortion their badge of womanhood? If so, then we live in a truly topsy-turvy world, with our racial extinction guaranteed.

Advocates of birth control have touted The Pill as a 'cure' for the disease of infinite population growth, claiming as do the eco-freaks that the U.S. population is already bloated, beyond the ability of the land to sustain it. We should, therefore, reduce our existing population. The White population appears to have heeded this Zero Population Growth message, only to discover that we are being displaced by floods of non-White immigrants, and that we are being outbred by native non-Whites, for whom we are making more space. This displacement of Whites is ongoing all over the world, for the non-Whites cannot sustain themselves in their own lands, and Whites are willing to give up their lands and pay non-Whites to invade them!

In socialist Scandinavia of the 1930s, it was generally agreed upon that all citizens deserved a decent standard of living. Since people are not equal, it was noted that some people could not earn sufficient for the advancement of themselves and their society. To provide these non-earners with a decent standard of living meant supporting them at tax-payers' expense. In order to avoid an ever-increasing tax burden upon the productive citizens the socialist governments decreed that the dysfunctional members of society who lived at public expense would not increase their own kind. This policy was indeed coercive, for it required all tax-payers to pay for the support of non-tax-payers, who were not allowed to increase their numbers. In suicidal countries, such as the U.S.A., only the tax-payers are coerced, on behalf of those who receive representation without taxation, and who increase their burden upon the decreasing number of productive citizens. This is how the Roman mob grew into such a burdensome danger to Roman society. The mob could threaten Rome, but could not defend it. North America is busily breeding such a rabble, and our Zionist rulers either have learned nothing from history, or they wish to inflict upon us the fate of Rome.

In our present social, economic, demographic mess, The Pill is a flop as the panacea touted by birth control advocates, regardless of its proven effectiveness, simply because the wrong people use it and the right people do not. Without a sane social policy, no pill, however magical, can solve our problems for us. Only we can do that. Those who refuse to resist the ZOG collectively will surely suffer individually.