by Eric Thomson                      24 December 2001
A few Ostensible Whites are bothering their braincells with The Great Non-Issue of White migration to northwestern states. As a long-time denizen of Washington State, I can at least impart some firsthand observations.

One writer who touts the Meaningless Migration has seen Washington's major cities, such as Seattle, named after the chief of the mestizo tribe whose reservation is nearby, and he reports that the major cities are teeming with Chinese. So is "Hongcouver", on the other side of the zogline dubbed "the Canadian border", which is largely meaningless in terms of Yellow migration. Above this artificial line on the map are teeming hordes of non-White Anglo-mestizos, some of whom are called "Indians", whose reservations sometimes occupy both sides of the zogline. Sovereign reservations and their rapidly-growing number of red-niggers are found in nearly every county of the northwestern states. Although FED-ZOGUSA deems these mestizos to be "White", along with Hispano-mestizos, it would take a  fool, a blind one at that, to mistake these bipeds for "White". Mestizos are the majority population of the Northwest, and most of them speak English. The Hispano-mestizos follow the agribusiness belt, from California's Central Valley, all the way to the Canadian border, east of the Cascades, thanks to anti-White growers. On the coast, Hispano-mestizos are  also hired by the fishing industry. The non-Whites monopolize jobs in the unskilled and semi-skilled industries, as well as in agriculture, from picking to canning, as well as meat-packing.

Like most parts of the North American continent, the Northwest is not 'crowded' with anthropoids, as in Hong Kong or Mexico City. There are indeed vast, open spaces, every  square inch of which is OWNED by someone, including FEDZOGUSA. Aerial observation reveals lots of squatter huts in so-called national forests, whose denizens included the Weavers and the Unabomber, until the ZOG got them to move on. This is what the DEA calls "methlab country", with good reason, although pot-growing is another sideline. Once again, the majority of this rural criminal sub-culture are non-Whites, Anglo-mestizos, as in many parts of Appalachia and the southern states, as well as the northeastern states. Injuns  are jumping out all over, due to the casino racket, even if these "Indians" are fifteen sixteenths White. Every member of The White Trash Nation brags of his "Indian" blood, in my personal experience. That wee dab of Amerasian sure wreaks havoc with bipeds, even  when they are blond pale-faces. Injuns who pass for White are already the majority of the pale-skins in America. FEDZOG deems them "White", but they are not. These are the demographic facts, whether we like them or not.
Let us assume that 'sufficient numbers' of Ostensible Whites follow the silly siren  song of the one or two who advocate The White Hopeland Concept. Let us also be realistic about the quality of such people: they are not military colonists, intent on blowing away present denizens of the land, in order to set up self-sufficient colonies, under their own rule. If sufficient numbers of such hardy pioneer types existed, The Northwest Migration would be unnecessary. The sound we would hear would be the squeaking sneakers of the muds,  as they stampeded OUT of white livingspace. In reality, few Whites want to fight the ZOG and its mud-minions, for we live within the ZOG's jurisdiction and partake of its economy. Even criminals work for the jew IOUs known as 'Federal Reserve Notes' or zogbucks. Since most of us choose to work for a living, within the cash economy, most of us must seek jobs. Only a few of us have the inclination to start and run our own businesses, so we must find employers. It took me six months to find a menial job in Eastern Washington, which was not already taken by a Mexican. If  I knew of any job available to a White person, I would invite him or her to come right up to the Great Northwest. Sadly, I don't. What I do know is that jobs which pay living wages, apart from welfare, are leaving Washington and Oregon, fast. Funny that anyone would advocate that wage-earners should swarm into a region with  the highest rate of unemployment in the U.S.A.! Of course, this period of economic depression may not last, and the Mexicans could all go home, and the Chinks could board a slow boat to China. Sure.

The Northwestern states are not unique in the wage/rent problem. In areas where jobs are to be found, rents and property values preclude the wage-earner from living there. In Seattle, with the departure of Boeing and the deflation of the high-tech bubble, rents have dropped, and so have jobs. Displaced Boeing personnel are leaving to work for Lockheed – in California! Welcome to Greater Mexico, gringos.

I stand by what I have said long ago: no change of place can save Our Race; only a change of mind can save our kind, and that change of mind must be accompanied by a change of ways. No amount of physical movement within the ZOG's cage is going to solve anything. White Flight did not 'solve' the nigger problem, nor will it solve the existing problem of non-Whites occupying our livingspace. Why can't we drive these racial enemies out of our homelands? Because the ZOG stands in our way. Our problem is not the muds who invade our livingspace. Our foremost problem is the ZOG which makes this invasion possible. The grim fact is that most Ostensible Whites still love the ZOG and believe its lies. Like the former White Rhodesians, they see no need to save themselves from racial conquest by alien invaders and occupiers. 'Their' government had reassured them that they had nothing to fear, "but fear itself ." Poor, dumb sheeple!

The blightwing is about as irrelevant and fatuous as its critics claim it to be, but the urgent warnings that Whites are facing extinction remain entirely valid. The pity is that most Whites ignore these warnings, along with the more dubious 'solutions' advocated by irrelevant people.

If any of you have time and money to visit the Northwest, by all means do so. Then you can see what I am talking about. Just watch out for the taco-wagons and totem poles.