03 January 2002
Millions of zogbucks were spent on thwarting the Y2K Bug, which was touted as a Sign of the End Times. You remember, boys and girls, that all computers were supposed to shut down, because they would "think" that it was 1900. For that matter, it was deemed possible that the computers would vanish, for none existed in 1900. Y2K turned out to be pure hype, as I modestly told one reporter in 1999. Although I know very little about computers, even I could reason that someone would have to instruct a computer to shutdown on 2000, if it were going to do so. My digital watch is a 24-hour indicator. Whenever it reaches 0000, it keeps right on going, until it needs a new battery. The only casualty I suffered as the countdown began to Y2K was the demise of my 1950 model electric clock, which gave up the ghost a few days before!

The Mark of the Beast is also an accouterment of the fabled End Times. Those who bear the Mark are the only ones allowed to buy and sell in such industries as furs, diamonds, meat-packing and booze. Moreover, those who bear the Mark are the only ones allowed to levy (get it?) a tax on goods involved in interstate commerce, in direct contravention of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The payment of this tax on such items as aluminum foil, scouring cleanser, ketchup, one brand of beer and many other foods is known as a "hechschur" (as in hexer) , which is usually represented by a U or K, signifying "kosher". As a non-jew, I don't want any rabbi to 'hex' my hot sauce, but I must pay him anyway, whenever I buy the product. The Number of the Beast is 666, dear reader, so which MARK would best accord with that number? The Star of David has 6 points, 6 triangles and 6 internal angles. I challenge everyone to produce a mark which represents the Number of the Beast better than that!

Since many End-Timers are jew-lovers, they categorically reject The Star of David as The Mark of the Beast, so they claim that The Mark will be The Injectable Microchip. The microchip is an object, not a mark, and it has no connection with 666, but End-Timers are never right and never logical, so what can we expect?

As a White man, I do not reason backwards, so as to 'prove' what I want to believe, as jews do. I believe what I observe, whether I like it or not. I observe the relationship of 666 to the six-pointed star of jewry, and I observe that their Babylonian Talmud is evil codified. End-Timers have eyes, but they will not see, for they prate mindlessly that "jews are God's chosen people", even if that god has horns and a tail. So much for the hoodoo factor in the Injectable Microchip. Since I am addressing a largely jew-wise readership, I need not address superstition any further in this essay.

Since 9-11, most sheeple agree with the ZOG in regard to all sorts of restrictions and intrusions in our lives. I can no longer take a Greyhound bus to the next town, since my I.D. has "expired", although I have not. Were I to obtain a renewed, approved identification card, I would face the possibility of a baggage and body inspection, according to the local Greyhound clerks. If security procedures are on par with those of airlines, then I would have to leave my fingernail clippers, safety razor and belt buckle at home. I could not wear suspenders, for they also have metal clips. Maybe I could use a piece of rope to hold up my trousers, like Albert Einstein, but we all know that a piece of rope can be a deadly weapon! Were I to pay my fare in cash, I would be placed on the ZOG's watch List, for subsequent interrogation by zoglings as to my "Arab connections".

At present, the ZOG wants everyone to have a "smart card", which would not only be a proof of identification, but would include all vital statistics, financial records and criminal records. This is one step beyond the Soviets' internal passports and Franco Spain's I.D. cards, which featured a person's photo, place of residence and employment. Spanish I.D. cards had to be renewed every five years, with an updated photo, and a fee was charged, which also made the I.D. card a source of revenue. If, within the five year period, a person were to change employers or move to a room down the hall, a new card had to be purchased. Lack of a current I.D. card was an offense and failure to present one's card to a policeman was another offense, with serious consequences. This will be the case in the U.S.A., but just remember that Spain was "fascist" and the Soviet Union was "the evil, communist empire." Obviously, ZOG believes that we must become more like our enemy, if we would fight him. In some letters to the editors of newspapers I read statements that our enemies have already won, by converting us into a police state. Orwell had some trenchant words in regard to tyrannies' use of "wartime emergencies" in order to wage their wars upon the governed, but that is another matter.

The factors to be considered in this essay are (I) Readily-available, positive proof of I.D. (2) Acquisition, storage and access to personal data bases. (3) The security thereof.

(1) Positive proof of one's identity is something which should be kept on one's person at all times, without the possibility of transfer, alteration or duplication, which would prevent such current abuses as identity-theft. No picture I.D., nor microchip can perform this function with security and certainty. The personal I.D. one carries from birth is his fingerprints and retinas. They are presently used to prove positive identification, with more certainty than a photograph. A computer can 'read' one's thumbprint or retina-scan
as quickly as it can scan the data on a magnetic strip or microchip, so the latter items are currently unnecessary to prove one's identity. It is much more difficult, if not impossible for a person's fingerprints and retina patterns to be stolen, duplicated or transferred, as compared to the ease with which electronic data can be illegally transferred and altered. Even if these positive I.D. factors are destroyed, one's DNA remains.

(2) Everyone has an immense personal data base. These existed long before computers, as any geezer can recall, if he is not senile. Applied electronics has made the acquisition, storage, retrieval and updating of such data much faster and easier. Electronic access to data has also made it easier to destroy, alter and otherwise misuse, as so many hackers have proved.

(3) If one's I.D. is inseparable and particular to one's person, it is as secure as can be. Data, on the other hand, which is carried on a smart card or injected microchip is subject to erasure, theft, transfer and duplication. Such data will eventually be restricted to secure storage areas, rather than be carried in any form on one's person. A Jew York City restaurant which catered to fatcat ricos stole their data by sliding their credit cards across a hidden electronic scanner. The information was duplicated on other 'smart' credit cards and the fatcats suddenly found their bank accounts overdrawn. The same transaction could be achieved by using one's thumbprint on an electronic scanner, rather than a smart card, with far more security. In the case of the injectable microchip, a recent news report claims that a scanner can read its data through one's clothing, at least four feet away. A pickpocket's dream come true! People often enter magnetic fields or receive shocks from static electricity. Mechanics who work with microchip-equipped car engines must wear ground wires to prevent such static electricity from ruining microchips and circuitry. A microchip worn on one's hand would likely get zapped from such ambient electricity, and one under the skin of the forehead would be no more secure.

The injectable microchip may have a limited, practical application, not for data storage, but for locating people and animals, provided the chips are not transferred physically or electronically, and provided that their use is limited. We can listen in to everybody's phone conversations, all over the planet, but which ones do we deem important? Everybody has his personal I.D. at birth, without a microchip or smart card, but just imagine the problem of injecting and updating every Chinese with his personal microchip, then the next largest population, that of India, and so on, if such were possible. Assuming a miracle, that this were accomplished, and everyone carried his microchip data, we would require another miracle: to keep that data secure from theft, destruction, duplication, alteration and transfer! Even The Beast would find these tasks overwhelming, as will the ZOG, which is the minion of The Beast. I think the injectable microchip is getting an updated version of Y2K-hype, and I strongly suggest that all you End-Timers perform an experiment: wear a six-pointed star conspicuously on your person and you will learn the meaning of The Mark of the Beast.