03 December 2002 – THE TURD WORLD COMETH! – Eric Thomson
Maguire wrote that our society was based on White values, without which, it cannot work. The essential TRUST factor is vanishing, right where the big bucks are, as in Federal Reserve, the Savings & Loan scandals, the stock market scandals, and more to come. As Al Gore said, "It's every man for himself!" The lesson is that we can no longer trust others with our money, nor our personal information. I lived in the Turd World where such lack of trust is the norm, and I see the rising tide of excrement has inundated once White North America, from top down and from bottom up. Turd World conditions are most annoying, not because of corruption at the top of society, but because of all-pervasive corruption from the bottom up, on the most petty matters, like the number of cigarettes in a pack, the condition of eggs in a carton, the purity of ostensible milk in a bottle, the security of your lunch bag if you leave it unattended for a moment. Beyond those trivia are the safety of your children: the lighter their complexion, the riskier it is for them, as we are seeing in North America. The rule of the Turd World is that every item you may possess has its predators, from the least expensive to the most. The multi-millionaire, Ludwig, who lost a bundle on the Amazon to mestizo bandido politicos could bear witness to that.

To make the Turd World more comprehensible to Goyim of light complexions, let us imagine that we are living in a gang-ridden society, which we are. Suppose you wished to have nothing to do with any gang, but chose to live as an individual. You would be fair game for any gang member who took a fancy to your possessions and your family. You could go to the cops, but they have their own gang connections, so you would be most unlikely to recover your missing property, or daughter, as the case may be. In fact, the cops would go after the other gang member who stole your property, so as to take it for their gang. Your survival would depend on which gang you joined, and you would hope your gang was 'in', rather than 'out', as we see with the gangs who rule Colombia.

Our society is moribund in the macrocosm (Enron et al.) and in the microcosm, as, for example, my local post office. Although the place is frequented by people, it is always in blackout status: the streetlights are out; the building interior lights are out, so P.O. boxholders must feel around inside their mail boxes for any items they may have received. In the dim light, I noticed a paper stuck to the glass door which served to notify the public that the place had been burglarized, and that cash, mail and other items had been stolen recently. Could this have something to do with the recently Mexicanized cleaning staff? They have access to all areas of the post office and can 'case' the place minutely. All they need do is drop a word to their fellow tribesmen, perhaps leave a door or window unlocked, neutralize any burglar alarm system, and it would be the proverbial piece of cake. More money for Mexico and its Number One Product: the mestizo bandido. The Mexican attitude is one of arrogance and avarice: whatever they find here in "Aztlan" is theirs for the taking, for it 'belongs' to them, because the Gringos 'stole' all this land from Mexico.

Cut to the Anglo scene: The jewspapers failed to mention that the key man in the latest identity-theft ring was not only an insider to the credit information, but also a Black. How many Blacks have the same attitude toward "the Man's" property as do the Mexicans, the Indians, the Chinese, and last, but not least, the jews?

If we do not defend ourselves collectively, we shall suffer individually.



Dear Mr. F.: I am a regular reader of Mr. Schmidt's publications, and I have degrees in International Relations, which involves historical research, journalism, propaganda, economics and intelligence analysis. I am also a former member of the U.S. Army Security Agency with a background in German.

Obviously, Mr. Schmidt's personal experiences which he recounts in "SS Panzergrenadier" have tapped your spring of emotionally-triggered Allied propaganda posing as history, which I formerly believed. In this regard, I offer two short essays of mine on "Stalin" and the "Holohoax" which are derived from Allied sources which you may check for yourself.

Incidentally, you are absolutely wrong about the food question following the German capitulation on May 8, 1945. Under The Morgenthau Genocide Plan for Germany, the seven year stock of emergency foodstuffs was taken by the U.S. invaders and given to "our gallant Soviet allies" in exchange for Stalin's belated declaration of war on Japan. The German soldiers who surrendered to Eisenhower's forces on May 8th were dubbed "Disarmed Enemy Forces", so our war criminal flunky could deprive them of their eating utensils and commence systematic starvation, in violation of The Hague and Geneva Conventions, to which Nazi Germany adhered. The Stalinist regime of Red Russia refused to abide by those conventions, so there was no reciprocity in their treatment of German P.O.W.s and no Red Cross participation. The Red Cross was not recognized by the USSR, so the Red Cross appears to have classed Soviet P.O.W.s as 'non-persons'.

Germany languished under The Morgenthau Genocide Plan until U.S. Occupation commissar McCloy pressured Adenauer to capitulate to another Versailles-style "war guilt" and "reparations" agreement, which guaranteed German support and funding for Zionist Occupied Palestine McCloy was an inlaw of the Sussman family and cozy with Nahum Goldman who drew up the Israel extortion scheme, based on the magical number of "six million" which The American Hebrew of October 1919 had already mentioned.

I hope my essays will direct your research into actual historical sources in Allied archives, rather than historical Allied propaganda, posing as history. As my righteous Hebrew colleague, Josef Ginsburg declared, "God is Truth, whether we like it or not." Obviously, your gullibility has led you far from God.