06 December 2002 – Eric Thomson
Thanks for the photograph. That priest costume really takes the pederast prize, and I am glad to note that the nigger cartoons, which I copy and pass on, give due credit to the Christians for welcoming them in. Dr. Oliver said it was a toss up as to the ones who would do us in first: the jews or the Christians. I have pointed out the fact that Christianity was concocted by anti White jews, and was imposed on us by force and fraud. It is quite a 'coincidence' that Whites' introduction to Christianity was simultaneous with our enslavement, exactly as in the case of the Blacks who became both slaves and Christians upon their arrival in America. Nietzsche knew more than he may have let on when he described Christianity as "a slave religion."

Paul Fromm, publisher of the C-FAR et al. fliers, reminds me of another kosher conservative who used to publish Birch material, recycled for South African consumption. He never knocked the sheenies, nor supported White Nationalism until he was just about to croak, and Rhodesia had become Black Zimbabwe. Then, he said what may have been on his mind, long after it was too late. I take it that Paul, whom I know personally, is a Catholic, so he is weak on the racial issue, although he mentions it such more frequently than in previous decades. His caution did not save his teaching job, however, so I don't know what he does for a living. He must have a sugar-mommy in the closet. I wish him luck. The CANZOG regime is able to stoup him flat with their kangaroo court system, whenever they wish. If he needs to do a Zud and flee to the U.S.A., I could offer to adopt him. Wouldn't that be funny! I offered to do the same for The Zud, since I was two weeks his senior, but he decided on marrying his present yenta-gargoyle.

Indeed, all signs indicate we are going into an economic depression which will make the 1930s look like a picnic. All, that was needed to end the 1930s depression was money. Our current crisis cannot be cured by money, for we have lost too many jobs to China and we have a huge welfare class, including prisoners and pensioners. According to a local stock broker, 25% of the U.S. population is dependent, with no end in sight.

In regard to all the Mexicans: (1) They are unskilled and not very bright. (2) Their burden upon the tax-payers via welfare and the justice system combine to make Chinese labor very attractive. Mexicans have complained to me that the factories they got from us are leaving Mexico for China! The large Mexican population in the Yakima Valley deters manufacturers from locating here. So much for "cheap labor"!

Yes, the conspicuous consumers you describe aren't even on feet of clay, but clouds of credit. It's all "cash-flow", a lifestyle of consumption rather than wealth in the form of real property ownership. Things could change for them all of a sudden. As I see it, we are living from day to day. I keep a stock of canned meat and dry staples, such as oatmeal and macaroni, rice and canned vegetables which I obtain from the food banks. The vegetables are nutritious and they contain lots of water, because they are the cheapest brands. It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it, as wise men say.

I would like to see Libertarians alias Ayn Randians solve anything. It sounds like the Spanish Civil War slogan of "organized anarchy", and just as impractical. Bradley Smith, who is a race-mixer and an anarchist, told me that government is the 'baddie', that land which is abused belongs to the government, rather than private individuals. I let him say his piece, then I drew his attention to the fact that it is not government which abuses government land, but private crooks with clout to influence the government. Government is smaller than big business, so it does what big business wants. The only way to stop the abuses of big business, I told him, was to have a bigger entity than big business. I left him mumbling into his tape recorder. He became a Holocaust revisionist with his personal goal of "de-nazifying the Holohoax". I asked him what would be wrong with National Socialism if the Holocaust were proved to be a hoax, and he reverted to mumbling into his tape recorder. I must have made some sort of impression on Bradley Smith, but not upon his political views, which indicates that anarchism is a religion, like Marxism, with its goal of Rousseauvian Anarchy, the "return to the state of nature", with its supposedly idyllic existence. I agree with Burke or Hobbes, that "in the state of nature, man's life is nasty, brutish and short," especially when everyone attempts to do it. Imagine the entire population of North America turning into Kaczynski clones: we'd all run out of food, water and livingspace. Dr. Oliver noted that the initial inoculation with Christianity seems to propel a person from one fantasy to another, as with liberals becoming Libertarians. Liberalism, after all, is Christianity without a sky-jew, a timid version of Marxism.

At this stage of my life (63), I was hoping to be able to earn a bare living and have time for research and correspondence. Like the proverbial Devil's Contract, however, I am able to earn a bare living, but I have so little free time for thought, research and correspondence it is ludicrous. I enjoy your insights and humor, and I have long observed that those without a sense of humor are poor, indeed. Humor is definitely UN-AMERICAN. Like the old Dick Tracy cartoons, which had labels for things, like "two-way wrist radio", one almost has to announce that "this is a joke, folks", if one dares to tell a joke or make one in the first place. Of course, with all the nuts on the loose, we must take it seriously when an airline passenger says, "I've got a bomb." A recent jewspaper report featured the insane and stupid reaction of Greyhound bus passengers who complained that the driver was "lost". The driver apparently failed to inform the passengers that he was detouring in order to avoid traffic congestion, so they complained and criticized his driving them out of their way. One passenger asked, "Where are you taking us?" When the driver answered, "To the Taliban!" all hell broke loose. Passengers phoned 911 on their cellphones and denounced the bus driver as a "terrorist". Greyhound is likely to be sued by these Judeo-Americans for "mental anguish". Stay tuned!

As you note, race-mixing is upon us, and most Ostensible Whites are too dumb to notice. A local dairy business is run by "Dutch", but only their name is. They are all dark, Mongolian mestizo types. Their bad business practices serve to give the Dutch a bad name here. I point out that they look more Injun than many of the Yakama Nation, but few locals comprehend that. "If they're Dutch, they must be White," they say. I respond by saying, "Then Harlem is also White." Most people don't know what I'm talking about. Harlem was once a Dutch settlement, hence the name. In regard to the X-Files TV series which used the slogan: "The Truth is out there!" It may well be out there, but I see no sign of intelligence.

In regard to cattle, I worked with Dietz in West Virginia for 2Y years as writer/editor/typesetter/proofreader of Liberty Bell and White Power Report. The area was ideal cattle country with streams in every glen and rolling, grassy hills. In the bottoms grew 3 haycrops a year, in normal times, but the cattle industry was long gone, for no one got a decent price to justify raising the cattle. The Dietz family had two beautiful black angus steers, which they had slaughtered and kept the meat for themselves. It was delicious, what they let me have of it. Now, that area was surrounded by heavily-populated states and large cities, like The District of Corruption and Baltimore. Obviously, the denizens of these places ate beef, so why was there no longer any beef production in West Virginia? One answer: the jew! The middlemen paid so little for beef that it was uneconomic to raise cattle in that beautiful cattle country. The same thing applied to 'Lousieville', Kentucky. The bluegrass was everywhere in abundance, but the stockyards were disused and dilapidated. People ate lots of beef, but they did not raise it on their ideal pasture lands. Incidentally, the Reedy-Spencer area of West Virginia was also rich in oil. The old percussion-drilled, shallow wells were still producing and there were oil springs flowing from hillsides. Many properties advertised "free gas", since natural gas was abundant. If it had been peacetime, I might have bought a piece of that property and I would have used the gas as a source of free energy to run my own factory, &c. One would think such an area, with its natural beauty and convenient location to major urban centers would be prosperous, but not so. The denizens of the area were all inbred, downbred mestizos, most of whom lived on welfare. They may never move off their falling-down front porches, but in their wee minds, is the concept that they will fold their teepees and move on, somewhere else. They lift no finger to develop the resources they have, and just sit and sit. They may have Scottish names, but they are 100% Injun in their mentality and behavior. When it comes to race-mixing, "a little dab'll do ya." The 'growth' industry is the local 'mental health' facility. The trains do not stop there and the rails are gone. In 'Loserville', KY, I commented to a local that the town appeared to have seen better days. The fellow agreed: "Yo dang right. Things wuz a whole lot better in the fifties!" "Oh, the 1950s," I said. "No!" he said, "the 1850s! That dang Civil War done screwed up ouah economy: steamboats don't stop heah no mo'; trains don't stop heah no no' and the slavetrade ain't what it used to be." Louisville, KY, is a retirement center for rich jews and one either lives on welfare, burger-flipping or as a serf on one of their English-style country estates. Employment applications always ask, "Are you willing to relocate?" It's a Goy's life, as they say. A the German war newsreels used to sign off: "The Struggle Continues."

Many thanks for the enclosure from VNN on the Jesus-cult. Dr. Oliver opined that it would be a toss up as to the ones who would kill us off first: the Christians or the jews. Further research reveals the Jesus-cult to be a jew cult designed to kill off Whites most effectively. I would say the toss up is between the Christians and the capitalists, most of whom are not themselves jews, but serve jew genocide programs directed against Whites. There were many good reasons for my creation of the ZOG concept, for it gives us the most accurate Feindbild or portrait of the enemy. Next, we must have a Selbstbild or self-portrait, so we know who we are. As long as we lack both identities, we can never succeed in politics, nor in survival. When you know who you are, you know what is good or bad for you. I know this by now, so I can survive under conditions which others would deem adversity, in which a week in the Toronto Don Jail was a luxury! Incidentally, I have done more jail time than most non-felons, with never a criminal charge to show for my incarcerations. I take that as a normal 'fringe benefit' of my research and reportage. Of course, I deem myself lucky, for the ZOG could have arranged an 'accident' or a nigger party on my behalf while in custody. One fellow called Christianity, which incorporates the Holohoax cult "ethno-masochism", for Whites only.

You raise a very important point: Whites are indeed divided into two primary groups, the Judeo-universalists and those who see themselves as Whites. The problem which I see with the latter group of Whites is their suicidal individualism and lack of unity. Unity must enter their minds, along with White identity. That is, why I, keep saying Our Race is Our Nation! Maybe that idea will take, in say, another thousand years. As you can tell, I am an optimist. A combination of events, perceptions and leaders may speed things up, but there is no guarantee. After witnessing the White sellout of the land beneath their feet in Africa, I lost my faith in "the worse, the better", for the worse things became for Whites, the less resistance they put up.

Judeo-America is going through a Weimar phase, in which every losing combination is being advocated and applied by Ostensible Whites. In science, the rigorous application of erroneous principles results in the replacement of the theory which does not accommodate perceived facts with one that does, as we learned in the case of X-rays. When people still insist on applying the erroneous theory, they have left the realm of science and enter that of religion. Our hope for survival rests with those who see the error of their ways and adopt correct, survival oriented behavior. The religious bigots are welcome to go their way into oblivion. Perhaps we must experience hunger, if we are to abandon behavior which causes us to go hungry. Our abundance on this continent has fostered our idiotic foolishness, for we behave as if our resources of food, space and opportunities are infinite, and can cope with infinite population growth, especially of jobless welfare parasites. On the local level, crime has been high in good times, and now it is rapidly increasing in the form of robberies, thefts and home invasions. As we know, this is only the beginning. The reality for the majority is low wages, high living expenses, such as rent; sudden unemployment with curtailment of benefits; rising taxes and falling public services; vanishing pension funds, investment losses, &c. Funny how our living standard falls as the number of muds rises. Could there be a causal factor in this correlation? Only a jew-dazed liberal could fail to see it. In the real world, people occupy space, consume resources like food, fuel, water. For this, they require the means to obtain these items, usually jobs. In relation to the rapidly-increasing demand for all such items and their relative scarcity, there is a growing likelihood of conflict in the form of crime and political/demographic upheavals, exacerbated by diversity. How can it be otherwise? It is not a matter of IF, but of WHEN, and I see the signs of growing conflict already, on the local level. The picture of an upper-class Russian lady getting into her carriage after an evening at the theater comes to mind. The painting also reveals the ragged masses of starving city folk who observe her finery, from the distance maintained by the police. I see it when I walk home from the supermarket, whenever a dark-skinned mestizo points to my grocery bag, then to his stomach and motions with his hand to his mouth. The day will come when I must fight to eat, and I will not be the only one striving to cope with the afterbirth of the American Dream. Obviously, our abundance did not make us smarter, but quite stupid, bereft of any healthy survival instincts, as Elmer Pendell observed in "Sex vs. Civilization". This is the situation we have been paying to achieve, thanks be to ZOG.

In regard to one's associates, the measure of a strong man is what he can stand to put up with. Being on guard because of my company tires me out, and I don't need such companions. We live in 'interesting times', indeed. Take care.