11 December 2002 – Oil is Where You Find It. – Eric Thomson
This article fails to mention the known and producing liquid oil fields is Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Wherever one drills in Canada, one finds oil. My father was on numerous oil explorations in the Hudson Bay area, with productive results. The Canadian government is keeping its oil reserves capped, as per the 'advice' of The Petroleum Institute, alias Exxon et al. Exxon did not like their oil shale project, so I understand they abandoned it. My father said that his drilling operations in the Brazilian state of Alagoas were quite successful, and that his oil exploration company judged that, if the hump of Brazil is oil-rich, then so must be the notch of Africa, Gabon, for example. Gabon is now a big-time oil-producer, along with Nigeria. It seems that everywhere one drills, there is oil, depending on the depth. Seismic tests can locate impermeable domes, and, if I understand correctly, oil deposits. The Sudan in north central Africa is oil-rich and producing. The countries of the Malacca Straits, including Indonesia, the former Dutch East Indies, have long been oil-producers. Drilling on Hainan Island has proved oil deposits, and the China Sea appears promising. National Geographic of the 1930s reported producing oil wells in China which had been dug in search of brine for salt, with ancient percussion drilling methods, similar to the 100 year old wells of West Virginia that I saw pumping in the Reedy area, where oil springs flow from the hillsides, as in parts of Southern California. In Peru, I did some research on the Brea and Parinas oilfields and the refinery which was taken over by the military junta, which pretended to be nationalist, but was working in collusion with the Wreckafeller interests. Where can oil NOT be found, is my question.
Do not be fooled by ZOG-propaganda that all is well and that "prosperity is just around the corner". The symbolic economy of money can be fudged, just like Enron's accounts in which debts were entered as "assets". Our present money is monetized debt, I.O.U.s, and if it were possible to pay off this debt, with interest, we would have no money at all. The real economy of goods and services which we purchase with our I.O.U. currency is in crisis, as in an inflationary depression, in which wages fall, prices rise and unemployment threatens all of us.

I agree with your observations on the silly passivity of so-called White Nationalists. There will be crises galore, but they will not improve matters for us by themselves, just as truth makes no one free if he does not act upon it.

As I mentioned, the Whites are largely divided amongst Judeo-universalists, like Christians, liberals, conservatives et al. and those Whites who see themselves as Whites. The problem with this latter group, as you have observed, is their individualism, at the very time when collective action and unity are most needed. I agree entirely that the ZOG must go before we can embark on any racial survival program, for that is our first and worst opponent, after our own apathy, of course!

As usual, I think we are involved with semantics, rather than substance. Eugenics is an ideology; so is racism and Christianity.

The Mexicans do not reproduce because of their ideology, but because their reproduction is normally uncontrolled where they originate, and it is subsidized by non-Mexican tax-payers in the U.S.A., just as is the reproduction of the so-called American Indians. The Franco-mestizos used to proclaim that they were winning "the battle of the cradle", but they discovered The Pill and preferred new cars and TVs to squalling brats and dirty diapers. So much for their reproductive ideology! The Mexicans just do what comes naturally, and they brag about their fecundity, because the stupid gringos pay for it!

The anti-community, individualistic, selfish, shortsighted attitudes you describe are definitely linked to the anarchist ideologies of Locke, Rousseau and Jefferson. The yuppies just put them into practice. In order to maintain a community, from generation to generation, there must be an ideology of community, as well as community in fact. The individual must see himself as part of a whole, which serves his own best interests.

You have had the experience, as I have, of informing people, who reject the information (1) Because they fear the truth and (2) Because they will feel bound to change their behavior if they acknowledge the truth of the message. Holohoax debunking often results in horrified rejection, because the listener would have to accept the fact that his government is behaving like his worst enemy, by lying to him and extorting his support for Israel. I've seen that, too. As they say, "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink." If an ideology requires new behavior as well as new thoughts, many people will reject it immediately.

In regard to the imposition of Christianity, on the White people of Europe, we have a good example of how an ideology may be imposed on unwilling subjects: kill or co-opt the leaders, and the majority will follow. Fewer than one out of twenty have any leadership potential, and sheeples' minds associate might with right. The man with the sword and the cash reward is virtually god to the masses. The imposition of Christianity coincided with the imposition of slavery, with the Whites of Europe and the Blacks of America. That's how the Christian ideology was imposed upon Europe: by force and fraud, not by gentle persuasion. One shudders for humanity at the obvious effectiveness of this murderous tyranny.

You are correct in your idea for a theme on behalf of AZA: just do what the jews do in their propaganda. No matter how many Arabs they slaughter, when one of their kike tykes gets a scratch, they make lots of sympathy-sucking propaganda. The jews have always portrayed themselves as perpetual victims. One rabbi in the Jew York drug-money laundering business complained that the cocaine contaminated currency fumes made his money-counting staff sick! Boy, how they suffer!

The combination of tanks with tots sounds good. Imagine a lone Arab toddler sitting on the ground, looking up at the Israeli tank tread which is about to crush him, with his smashed toy already under the tread. I think that picture would convey a very accurate and compelling message to the viewer. A shot of an Arab child with his hands in the air, in front of a scowling, heavily armed and armored Israeli soldier would convey a similar message. As they say in "The X-Files", "the truth is out there!" I wonder if the Arabs know how to use the Internet for such informational purposes, if they would get their foreheads up off the ground for a moment and consider reality. I may be asking too much of them, I know. People who talk to "god" so much aren't very good at talking-to-people in order to persuade them to support a just and worthy cause. Maybe Allah wants them to suffer. After all, "Allah" is just one of Yahweh's aliases. Now you know the meaning of 'diversity'. Welcome to Babel!

I admire your energy and persistence, for that is what it takes to win in any conflict. We are not discouraged!