13 December 2002 – Eric Thomson (c1213et.htm)
In regard to my retirement from writing, if the ZOG censors my Internet material, it would be one small step for them to censor my snailmail correspondence. It has been done before. As long as I am able to write about what I think and report what I see, I shall continue to do so, regardless of the number of my readership.

I note in the jewspapers that ZOG says the CIA can kill U.S. citizens who are "members" of Al Qaeda. Do they have official membership lists? Membership cards? "I have an Al Qaeda Gold Card!"? Is possible association a sign of "membership"? Would "association" include chatroom participation, sitting next to an Al Qaeda member or suspected member, or expressing thoughts with which an Al Qaeda member might agree? Should we trust the CIA to make fair judgment? Should we have trusted the CIA in its Indochina capers? I don't think so, but it is obvious that ZOG will make no distinction between U.S. citizens and foreigners. So much for U.S. citizenship!

In his Holohoax trials, the Zud ignored my advice to rebut the kikes, rather than introduce additional material. This had something to do with his jewish dominatrix' admonition: "If you win, the jews will kill you." This he repeated to me various times, so I remember her statement exactly. When I asked him if he believed that, he would say nothing. She had total domination over his thoughts, memory and actions. I would not have believed it possible if I had not seen it for myself. At any rate, Zud inundated the jury with additional information and lots of zany and sometimes counter-productive witnesses. This did not increase his popularity with the jury, who were quickly bogged down with all the foreign concepts and terms. I am sure they enjoyed their revenge by finding him guilty of "purveying false news". The two Holohoax Trials proved that (1) Juries do not like long trials and (2) A hundred cripples do not make a gladiator. The Zud said correctly that I should have been on trial, for I would have put up a more effective defence. Not only was he right on that count, but he was being punished for things I wrote! I offered to testify that I had written the naughty items, but the defence counsel figured I was not a 'credible' witness, in view of my own zany background. It would have been fun, however.

What is "middleclass"? Is it one's standard of consumption? Orwell wrote in his "Road to Wiggin Pier", that the erstwhile middleclass would not identify with the proles, as they became proletarianized, and that they would cling to their tattered old school ties until the aspidistra wilted. My mother, who taught English, said that 'class' in America was based on one's use of English, rather than the outward symbols of consumption. If one spoke like a hayseed, that's how he would be evaluated. Of course, a hayseed with money is not to be disdained, any more than a bum with an Oxford accent is to be respected! The concept of class is subtle, as I learned as a gardener on a beautiful 30-acre estate in Louisville. I was having a sandwich in the kitchen of the manor house, in my workclothes, caught in the act of offering a box of cookies to the Black housemaid, who was having her lunch, by a farmhand who'd arrived from another of the master's holdings. He quickly doffed his hat and asked me what color I wanted the fence painted. I told him he would have to ask Mr. xxxxx. "Oh, you're not Mr. xxxx?" he said. Obviously, there was something about me that caused him to think I was the master. It certainly was not my clothes, nor my speech, which he had not heard, nor my circumstances of sharing a table with the Black housemaid! Do I fit some kind of 'master' stereotype? Maybe I do in Kentucky, for I certainly don't in Yakima! The reason for this is obvious: where I work, no upperclass person would be seen! The denizens of such establishments do not expect to see a lord of the manor on the premises, any more than I would. On further reflection, my age may have misled the farmhand into believing that I was the master, since no 50 year old White man would be doing hard labor in 100° heat and nearly 100% humidity, although an eccentric rich man might do so.

In regard to middleclass conformity, that applies to its consumption habits and status symbols. This is what disgusted me with many members of the middleclass, or at least, those I thought were members or wannabe members. My mother wanted to recover her middleclass status even more than she sought the income to do so. The expenditures required by middleclass status were always beyond our means, especially in regard to housing. The reason I never took up smoking was that my father smoked. Every morning, as he lit his first cigarette, he would cough, pound his chest and say, "I wish I didn't smoke!" He never, ever had to tell me not to smoke. Witnessing my mother's struggle and concern to keep a foothold in the "middleclass" deterred me from seeking such a lifestyle. I figured I would go for money, and if that were not available in sufficient quantities for a middleclass lifestyle, I would not pretend that I had sufficient to maintain such a lifestyle, for which I would have to borrow at interest, as my long-suffering parents did. Who would we be fooling, anyway? Perhaps ourselves. My parents were great teachers, for their struggles and needless concerns gave me a maturity beyond my years. They even referred to me as "the old man". Compared to them, I sure was, and very glad of it. The bonus of rejecting the folly of keeping up with the Joneses is that I can feel secure in my values on a campesino income. My clothes do not support me, nor my concept of myself. It is I who can demonstrate my character, despite any clothing or lack thereof. People have a very wise saying when they refer to someone as "an empty suit". I'm sure you know a few specimens. I prefer to associate with honest bums, for at least they have no hollow pretensions. When I mentioned my sojourn in Colombia to a yuppie, he asked me what medical insurance I had. I said that I never had medical insurance. He was aghast, "But what if you got sick or injured?" I said I would either get better or I would die. Besides, what good would a health card have been when I was in bandit country, two weeks from the nearest road, by horse and mule? Talk about "two different worlds"!

In David Galula's book on counter-insurgency, he writes that it is much easier to change people's behavior than their thinking. Rhodesian Whites were good examples, for even the most liberal packed their bags and fled, or died in place. Those with the most powerful delusions, like the White farmers, took more killing, but they, too, have left or are leaving. I don't know what they believe at this moment, but their behavior has changed to fit reality. What slow-learners! The liberals are pretty hopeless, and I suppose they will soon be up to their old tricks with the typical delusional thinking that liberalism failed in Rhodesia, but it should 'work' in their new countries. This is like the Canadian New Democratic Party, the open version of the Communist Party, which has the program, but not the label. Many NDPers are former eastern Europeans who apparently believe that Communism was spoiled by their former rulers, but it should work perfectly in Canada!

Your apolitical, non-racist acquaintances will discover that their skin color is their uniform. Yes, this will be primitive and brutal, but so is hunger. When the kikes declared in 1974 that they were not White, the Blacks averred that they still weren't Black, and had no tribal membership. The jews got exactly what they wanted in Africa, and they were among the first to leave. Many have gone to Australia, where they will resume their subversion and destruction of White society, because it is in their nature. The jew is to Gentiles as a virus is to a healthy body.

My contacts in South Africa remain for reasons inscrutable to me, most probably inertia and habit. Some people will not leave unfamiliar surroundings, no matter how deadly they become. I am sedentary, to the extent that I will remain in a place until work runs out, or a better prospect appears. My settled periods last from 2 to 10 years, but when I move, it is usually far away. The U.S. Labor Department reported back in the early 1950s that the typical U.S. family moved within a city once every two years and between cities once every 4 years. An observer from outer space would think the U.S.A. was a jar full of swarming flies! What insanity!

Speaking of South Africa, I entered my favorite restaurant in Toronto and saw what I thought were riots in South Africa. It turned out to be "Battle for the Planet of the Apes". How prophetic! Do rednecks love niggerball, 'cause dem niggahs be in dere propah place? Your comments echo the old German saying, that it is better to eat from a clay jar as a free man, than to dine off a golden plate as a slave. That's how I feel, and I've lived accordingly, not out of pride, but for reasons of comfort. I feel most comfortable in a state of freedom.

There is some question about the comparative genetic makeup of our present White population, as compared to that of previous eras. My historical studies impress me with the activism of previous generations, in addition to their spirit of community, rather than savage, regressive individualism. It is much like the genetic (dysgenic) sorting process which occurs in a population under conditions of modern warfare, in which the fit fight and die, while the unfit remain to reproduce. Modern war has been dysgenic in the extreme, beginning with the Romans. The ancient Spartans knew this fact, so they would not send a man into battle until he had sired at least one son. Barbaric war is eugenic, for it is mostly one versus one, as with stallions, rams and bucks in the wild, and lions on the carnivore side. Over generations, it is possible to cull the best genes from a population, leaving the scrubs to breed. The Chinese correctly identified one out of twenty U.S. soldiers as gifted with leadership potential. The ZOG either kills or co-opts Whites with leadership potential and removes them from the gene pool systematically every generation. Since leaders have initiative, that is, motive, we see the systematic reduction in motivated people. We cannot, sadly, give people motivation via ideology, for they must first be motivated to accept it. Those without initiative can eventually be motivated by positive and negative incentives, like "stay here and starve, go there and eat", but the one who tells the sheeple that must also have motivation. It's like setting a heavy flywheel in motion, with the initial inertia to overcome first. As we know, the flywheel, once set in motion, requires the input of energy to keep it going; otherwise regression sets in and it stops.

I agree that people can change their ideologies, but not without leaders, even if they are the people's enemies. This accounts for Whites' switch from Paganism to Christianity, despite their initial and ongoing resistance to the jew-cult, which may also be genetic in origin, for it persists amid a largely Christianized environment, as in the present solstice celebration in which there are "Christmas trees" in the pre-Christian tradition, and Pagan revivals.

There are limits to education and environment. We see this with people's degree of aggression, sexual activity and varying interests. We see it within the sexes on a bell-shaped curve basis. Despite all the ZOG-feminist emphasis on math and engineering for females, these fields still remain largely male, whose aptitudes and interests coincide with such pursuits. I have known females who can work on cars, but I have never noted their ecstatic interest in all aspects of such machines, as I have with men. A few females do show interest in male pursuits, but most do not.

I would not claim that racialists deem civilization to be "an accumulation of artifacts", one term used by Pendell to describe the remains of a civilization after the diminution of the problem-solvers who create civilization. He states that the artifacts survive during the period before the decline of White civilizations. The survival of buildings, bridges, aqueducts, &c. delude the masses into believing that their civilization is still viable, as one might say of a still warm corpse whose heart has stopped.

I disagree that the ancient, White Greeks were merely involved or "mired" in the "immediate and sensual". That is totally incorrect. How can the philosophers upon which Western Civilization is based, as well as mathematicians, be accused of such things? It is wisely, and popularly noted that "the Greeks have a word for it." Greek music was likely as profound as their plays, but it was not recorded, as with more modern music which was written down. Who knows what the jews and Christians destroyed in The Library of Alexandria? I do not think you can justly glorify the Jesus-cult which purloined and perverted White civilization to its own use. Even in Moorish Spain, the architects and builders were not Moors, but Spaniards. The same genes were in the heads and hands of those who built the Christian cathedrals as those who built the Spanish mosques, the Alhambra and the Alcazar. If the Chinese had conquered Europe, I'm sure the Whites would have built wondrous pagodas for them. As you say, people can adopt all sorts of ideologies, such as hedonism, individualism, asceticism and socialism.

Some writers have noted that people change their behavior before they change their ideologies. Truth in the form of an urgent problem which must be solved can change behavior, and if the person or persons recognize that truth as part of a greater context, their ideology may change, also. The White man must obey Nature's laws or perish, but will he see the truth and/or change his behavior in time? We shall see in a few more generations.

With all due respect, you still tend to view environment as over-riding heredity. You have picked one perfect example which proves the contrary: myself! I was exposed to all the decadent forms of Judeo-American society and 'culture'. My parents were from the same environment, with which they conformed, because they held its 'values'. There was nothing to tell me why I should not like things as they were, but I did not like theirs. I put up with them, as necessity demands but when I became an adult and independent of my parents, I struck out on my own and voted with my feet, against Judeo-America, which I left for the first long period in 1961, with short return visits which became shorter and less frequent as I found overseas employment. It was not that I found Nirvana outside the Jew Ass Oy Vey. It was that I found relief from the oppressive Judeo-American ratrace, by divesting myself of its ideology and behavior. I can assure you that my environment was just as "American" as any Joe Sixpack Honkey: same environment, different person. Only later did I discover that my ancestors were also self-motivated individualists. My great grandfather Thomson had fought with a cousin, knocked him out, and believing he'd killed him, ran off to sea at age 12. At age 28 he became the youngest captain in the British merchant marine. At age 34 he'd made his first fortune, that is, sufficient to retire for the rest of his life, on the Bombay to Hong Kong run. He lost that fortune with bad investments and returned to sea as captain of ocean liners sailing between Liverpool and New York City, from which he made his second fortune. Again, he lost much of that when his ships sank or the real estate market fluctuated adversely, so he returned to sea and died as captain of a freighter bound for India with dredging equipment, which broke loose during a storm in the Irish Sea, causing the ship to founder and go down with all hands. Both sides of my family include inventors, musicians, political activists, sea-farers and world travelers. Why am I not a sedentary Talmudvision-gazer? How could I be? My genetic make up precludes it. How many people do you know who made the decision to got to South America at age 8? Well, you know one, at least, for that is what I decided, there in Morningside Elementary School, San Fernando, California, as I looked at the map of the Western Hemisphere. I remember that day, as I did when I stood on the banks of the Amazon in Leticia, Colombia, with the realization that my plan had been achieved. I agree that most people are not like me, and I am sorry for them in many ways, for they don't seem very happy.

As you know, I see no technical panacea for our racial illness. When people do not seek a cure for what ails them, their disease only progresses. I therefore doubt the efficacy of a quick trip to Mars in racial terms, for the regressive proponents would be the first to jump on the spaceship, to make sure they could ride herd over the Goyim, wherever they go. And the Goyim would welcome the agents of regression, with their present ideology. This does not negate the potential of The Martian Expedition as a motivating myth for White political activism. If you recall Sorel's "Myth of the General Strike", you would know what I mean. Why was the general strike a "myth"? Sorel opined that a general strike would require the participation of all key members of society, so that the society could be shut down, absolutely: no orders from government would be obeyed. Nothing would move, period. Sorel wrote that the government would realize it was no longer the government, so it would resign, when it knew that a general strike could take place if the strikers' demands for a change of government were not met.

In the case of The Martian Expedition, as I said before: the requirements for such a project are the same as for the establishment of a viable White society on Earth, without which, there can be no Dynasophically successful Martian Expedition and colonization, for your levitation project requires, from what I understand, a large input of money, facilities and organization, which, under present circumstances, would be grabbed by the agents of regression and put to their purposes. If it were possible to wave a magic wand and produce a working model of your spaceship, I can see only counter-productive results, owing to the present regressive ideologies, for you would need sufficient people to guard and to occupy it. Ask any Ostensible White about the prospect of colonizing Mars, and you will likely hear a Star Trek version of space travel with Blacks, Yellows and jews included. This is why there can be no solution without motivation toward its achievement. That appears to be our problem. We know the cure, but how do we motivate the diseased to take it? If I find the answer, I shall let you know!

All The Best. DOWZ! & ORION!