c1214et.htm – 14 December 2002 – Eric Thomson
Yours of 12/3/02 was a trip down Memory Lane for me. Ah, those riots and demonstrations of the sixties led and fomented by jew agitators like Mario Savio, Ton Hayden, Jerry Rubin et al. I attended Berkeley as an undergrad from 1958 to 1960, when I graduated with a degree in Latin American studies. I got into the Bay Area too late for the Beatnik Era, but too early for the Hippie Era. After seven years of work and travel, I returned on a G.I. Bill scholarship and attended San Francisco State College, now "University", from 1967 to 1969, majoring in International Relations, for which I shall remain minus my doctoral dissertation, since it was stolen from me by armed ZOG-thugs at L.A. International Airport. As I observed, the Goyim studied their courses and the jews studied and manipulated 'their' Goyim. It was indeed like herding cattle. A few noisy hebes brought the college to a standstill and the dumb Goyim put up with it. The library was trashed, the administration building occupied, as per universities in many parts of North America and France. One got used to seeing mounted police charging across campus in pursuit of obnoxious rabble. The hebes used their jew-jitsu tactics and left the Goyim to the billy clubs and tear gas. I was running low on funds, so I got department approval to research for my doctorate in Peru, where a 'nationalist' military junta had taken over. I was walking into a ZOG set up, and I did not know it, for I trusted my jew faculty advisors. There was no one else to trust!

In regard to Hebrew hospitality, If I enter a jew-joint, knowing what it is, I am prepared to be polite. No, I would not have lit the Menorah, but I would have taken the chocolate. It would take a whole lot more attractions than that to get me to go into such a place, so I would not have such decisions to make. If I am in Mexico, I will stand for their anthem, exactly as I do here in Aztlan. The land belongs to him who occupies it, right? What good is a symbolic gesture of protest, when you are the only Gringo in the crowd? The political soldier does not get angry. He gets even. Anger and insults equate with impotence, and merely attract derision, and blows if the enemy is close enough and numerous enough. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a good tactic when he is thwarted: he smiles and says, "I'll be back."

A partial ZOG response to the Internet is what was done to Father Coughlin by the hebes: they just gave equal time to all and sundry Bible-bangers and drowned Coughlin's radio program in the Bedlam of babble. Then their friend, the Pope, told him to shut up, so he did.

One thing which I have seen on the Internet is outrageous disinformation, such as the Trade Towers collapsing from demolition charges in place, and not the two aircraft. As I pointed out previously, the two airplanes would have made the point, all by themselves, even if the buildings had not been totally destroyed. The Murrah Building was not totally destroyed by the explosion(s), but the effect was sufficient for ZOG purposes, as we know. The jews can take the truth and stretch it to absurdity, like the Rube Goldberg cartoons of impossible inventions, which were extraordinarily complicated, just to perform a simple task like opening a window or switching alight on or off. If the public detect the exaggeration, they are apt to disregard the facts. Why would a "nuclear device" be necessary to inflict the damage in Bali, as one writer alleged? A vehicle full of conventional explosives would have worked with sufficient virulence. Once again, is it necessary to obliterate a city to make a point? The Sniper download is interesting in this regard. How much is true? We suspect ZOG participation in support of the Sniper to some degree, but cui bono? How does ZOG benefit from this bizarre charade? All it indicates to me is that someone in authority is nuts. Was this a practice stunt? If so, for what purpose? The download suggests that the two alleged snipers were victims of "mind-control". A pair of felons involved with I.D. forgery, money-laundering and immigrant-smuggling would not be my choice of sniper recruits. I would pick people with a lower profile. What the download suggests is that these two subjects required so many cover-ups for all their other offenses in so many jurisdictions, that they may as well have been given a U.S. Marshall escort as they went about their sniping business. At this point, all we can ask is "Why?" I still think the ZOG will exploit the "Mohammed" connection, but they'd better do that soon, before the whole business gets stale in the public mind, as it no doubt is already. Will they discover Saddam's private phone number in the sniper's wallet? Stay tuned! The ATF has been concentrating on that peculiar gunshop in Tacoma, according to local jewspapers, which makes both the ATF and the gunshop sound very suspicious! Apparently, the gunshop's records are way out and the ATF inspectors are belatedly realizing that. If the gunshop is a ZOG-op, why wasn't the ATF warned off? If not, then what is going on? Mutual corruption and incompetence? Hey, nobody's perfect! It's downright grotesque.

As always I find informative articles in The Barnes Review, but I note the inclusion of esoterica, such as "treasure caves" full of pre-Columbian artifacts, based on the word of one man to be rather 'iffy', and more appropriate to The National Enquirer. My letter is in response to the article, "Sex, Revolution & Political Control" by E.M. Jones, who proves that indoctrination is not education and dogma confers ignorance.

I am amused that he believes, obsessively, in the 'evil magic of sexuality'. Sexual stimulation leads to satiation, like hunger and thirst. The German Wehrmacht recognized sex to be a valid appetite, as well as hunger and thirst, nor did Nazi Germany deem the female body nor the male to be objects of pornography as do Judeo-Christians and Moslems. In his Catholic-induced obsession with sex, Dr. Jones forgets that alcohol is just as taboo with Moslems, many of whom will drink anything to get drunk, as my father noted during his oil exploration work in Arabia. I wonder if the Zionists left any bottles of booze around in their rape of Moslem values. That is what the Germans did on the Eastern Front, according to World War II veterans I have been privileged to know. They would stock a forward bunker with all the alcohol they could scrounge and leave it for the Reds, whose greater numbers would force the Germans to retreat. After an hour or so, the Germans would retake their former position by killing all the drunken Reds, who had no discipline to speak of, either externally or internally.

Those who cannot get their priorities straight as warriors are just rabble and worthy of slaughter. I suppose Dr. Jones would stop defending his family, in favor of a sexual frenzy, were his enemy to leave some Playboy magazines around. Poor fellow! Sometimes we might even have to pass up a meal to win a battle. Now, that would be a 'real holocaust" as the sheenies say.

So the jews hope they can defuse Palestinian wrath by means of drugs and porn, according to Dr. Jones. Well, I think all parties should consider the Hashishim, otherwise known as the Assassins in this regard, and then, they should think again. Pornography is not seductive; it is an insult, almost as bad as defaming Allah or Mohammed. If anything, it will stimulate even more Moslem hostility toward Israel and The Great Satan. I understand that the Israeli invaders of Lebanon insulted and disgusted the Arabs there by defecating on furniture in occupied buildings. Semites also have anal fixations and obsessions as bad as their sexual phobias, which proves that Christianity is a semitic religion, as Marcus Eli Ravage wrote in his "A Real Case Against the Jews".

Although eugenics is taboo with Dr. Jones and his fellow dogmatists, I would advise him that it is both positive and negative in its true meaning: the encouragement of the fit to breed and the discouragement of the unfit. Dr. Jones can personally pay to support as many of his 'precious' offspring of parents who can breed, but not feed. The fit will not breed if they do not earn sufficient to feed their families, but the unfit will, as long as the fit pay them to do so, as we do right now in the 'best' Christian-Marxist tradition.