c1215et.htm – 15 December 2002 – Eric Thomson
I agree with the dire emergency which confronts Whites, everywhere, but I see no way of waking them up, as yet. Yockey was a Spenglerian, in that he opined "imperium" as inevitable. It is not, as you point out. Whites in North America are already outnumbered, since ZOG stats deem mestizos as "White". If mestizos are "White", why not mulattos?

I do not see how World ZOG can survive without North America. Will these Judeo-capitalists move to China? Why would the Chinese accept them? Would you accept a "foreign devil" with a bag full of I.O.U.s? I wouldn't think so. Besides, China is invading North America quite well. The Global System requires bases of support, which can provide military forces and which can offer Judeo-capitalist exploiters some degree of security. Would Israel be a good place to relocate? Liberia? South Africa? I think not, and neither do most jews, many of whom are going to Australia. I don't know how you would define a ZOG-collapse in North America, but I would define it as requiring the return of all ZOG-forces emanating from the U.S.A., as the Roman legions were recalled, in defence of Rome. The contemporary version of the Roman mob requires more and more feeding, as it continues breeding and invading North American territory. The prison population is growing, as well as the welfare population, while the productive means to pay for these burdens are exported to China et al. Perhaps ZOG intends for "USrael" to explode and then disintegrate, somewhat as India split into Pakistan after the British Raj ended in 1947.

Race war is well underway on this continent, but Whitey is not defending himself. The relative quiet we experience is due to our abject surrender to the non-Whites, and not to their peaceable natures. Other analysts have correctly pointed out that World ZOG can only continue to exploit and distort the world economy as long as it has military superiority, but jews are busy selling the latest weaponry to China, as did the Loral sheenie, and Israel. The power of Judeo-capitalism is largely symbolic and specious, like Enron's finances. It could vanish overnight, like Enron et al., leaving bilked investors in its wake.

The "Michael" bunch are Catholic social creditors who fondly delude themselves into believing that people can breed, rather than work their way to prosperity, by issuing money according to the number of people. Banking, like military forces, is not evil in itself. In my model economy, based on National Socialist experience, I would nationalize the banking system. This would eliminate taxation and permit rational control of economic and social development by government, rather than bankster criminals who now control the banking system. To allow jews to own and operate a country's banks is like allowing street gangs to run the country's military forces.

Thank you for your insight on the timing of Mugabe's takeover of White farms in Zimbabwe. As you say, the entire divestment of White-ruled colonies by the mother countries was carefully planned and orchestrated, as I witnessed when I was in Africa. No doubt the plan is proceeding according to outlines drawn up over a century ago by the powers that be. What I see looming in Africa is a Black population crash. This will leave the continent open to others, like the Chinese, who already have a sizable force in The Sudan. The simple fact is that no one needs niggers, not even niggers, themselves. They are at the bottom of the evolutionary totem pole and use up space and resources desired by more capable people.

As you say, we have wandered far astray from reality in our choice of political systems, but events are likely to require fundamental changes in our behavior, followed by changes in our ideology. As the Englishman said, "The prospect of hanging concentrates a man's mind wondrously." Our downbred, jew-dazed minority, here in North America, might just be able to wake-up when it feels the bristles of the hemp noose around its neck, similar to those Rhodesian Whites who understood it was time to flee, but, as you say, nothing is guaranteed, except that things are bound to get worse. That does not mean they will get better, either.

First will come the struggle for brute survival. If we succeed at that, then form will follow function, and we likely will see a return to feudalism, as occurred when Rome collapsed, What the racial make up of the new warlord fiefdoms will be is unlikely to be White, unless Whites choose proper leaders and become proper followers. We may see the working out of this process in our lifetimes, for events appear to be accelerating.

I heard yesterday on NPR that Congress will discuss the possible abolition and/or further privatization of the Postal Service, in view of the new technologies that make the letter obsolete. Some writers have pointed out that mail delivery for profit would largely preclude people living outside cities from receiving mail. Rural postal service is likely to go the way of rural newspaper delivery.

I sent the Fields pamphlets for your amusement. If you leave them around somewhere, a liberal might find them and choke on his tofu. The Yahweh cultists cannot make up their addled pates as to whether Yahweh wants them to DO something, or whether Yahweh requires them to do nothing, until he decides to do it himself. In my experience, the Yahweh-cultists' output of political relevance is zero, amid all the verbiage. I enclose a recent catalog of Bible references which prove that Yahweh is a demon, rather than a deity fit for worship by good people. "So, ya wanta be a real jew, Pastor Butler et al. Well here's your god of Israel, right in your faces!"

In regard to worry, I gave up that vice when the second bomb went off at my residence in Cali, Colombia. I realized that one can only worry about things over which one has control. Once I have taken all conceivable precautions, I can no longer be worried. For me, it's a matter of laziness, rather than courage. I lack the emotional energy to expend in that unprofitable area. My Colombian experience paid off in that respect. Years later, I served in the "sharp end" of Rhodesia, where one of my morning tasks was to clear the dirt airstrips of land mines and report on the results by radio to district H.Q. There were many other duties to perform each day, so I would flip a coin with my assistant to see who would drive the Landrover up and down the airstrip to check for mines. The job had to be done; the terrs were pretty lazy, and there was a 50-50 chance that I would not be driving the Landrover. I never worried, although I was aware of the damage a land mine would do to a Landrover and its occupant. "What, me worry?" Not since Colombia.

Moving around the country is costly, time-consuming and interferes with one's productive and pleasurable activities, in my experience. I travel to get from A to B, and only rarely for travel's sake, since I cannot afford the luxury of where sightseeing. That may sound odd coming from one who has done so much traveling over the planet as I have, but that's how I see it. If I do recreational traveling, it is usually from a 'base camp' or central location to which I return to receive mail, earn more money, do laundry, &c. which cannot be done on the move. During the 1960s, I was mainly out of the country, so I did not experience the sort of lifestyle depicted by "On the Road" or "Route 66". One correspondent who is around my age, wondered why I didn't just get a car and drive cross country, stopping along the way to get jobs to fill my gas tank. I asked him when he last did such things (back in the sixties). I said that one cab drive from Mexico to Canada on the west coast, and find that all such casual labor jobs are filled by Mexicans. Those days are over, and if one is lucky enough to have a job, he should hang on to it as long as possible, and save what he can. These days, it's not that one may be fired or laid off; it's that one's employer may go out of business.

One correspondent expresses pessimism in regard to survival of the White Race. I am not a pessimist. If Whites choose not to defend their interests, so be it. I cannot love my race more than its members love themselves and their own kind. Where there is no love, there is no loss, as I see it. If, however, they choose to defend themselves, then I am prepared to make any sacrifice, for my race is the only future I will have, and it is the only future Whites will have, despite all the yata-yata of Yahweh's demented dervishes, who are partly responsible for the mess we are in. As one writer put it: the Brits sent their criminals to Australia and their religious nuts to America. I've never been to Australia, so I don't know what their criminal population is like, but I do know that America is amply populated by religious nuts, to this day.

In regard to being a loner, ten cripples do not make a gladiator, and one is indeed strongest who can stand alone, if need be. In politics, strength attracts strength, just as it can repel consumerist sheeple. A strong person shackled to a weak one has lost his strength, and accomplishes little beyond allowing the weak person to remain weak. Yakima is abundantly supplied with weak, degenerate, dependent bipeds who can drain one's energy and resources like a pack of vampires, if one permits them to do so. I don't attract such critters, for the word on the street is that I'm a Nazi. Who, me? I am a Problem-Solver, but I refuse to take care of Problem-Makers beyond that which ZOG extorts from me via taxes.

Your observations on talmudvision's themes of violence, non-White behavior, actors and anti White values would be deemed "hate", were the roles reversed. Imagine for a brief, delicious moment what the jewsmedia would say about a TV program which depicted Whites as heroes and non-Whites as villains, and which depicted cultured, polite Whites doing White things, rather than rabid ape antics. It would be culture-shock. Blacks, Asians and mongrels would howl in protest. Why is it that Whites do not, when they are constantly exposed to alien values and behavior, in a pervasive anti White context? In America, Whites are THE MINORITY, so where is our White Caucus, our United Race Party (La Raza Unida), our White Student Movement (La Mecha) &c.? Will we have a White History Month? Once we realize our real minority status, will we become as militant as the non-Whites, who presently claim to be deserving of 'minority privileges' such as 'affirmative action'? Will the jews support our minority merits? No, because that would prejudice the interests of the non-White majority, and that would be 'racist'! But Whitey does not understand that jew-rule means heads they win, tails we lose. Only stupidity and cowardice can explain our response or lack thereof to the Old Jew-Screw.

By attacking the Roman Catholic Church and demanding, successfully, that it become a judeophiliac entity, the sheenies seem to ignore the Church's ongoing service to the jews, in the form of defusing anti-Jewish attitudes in the masses of Goyim. Maybe the hebes believe that they no longer need Christianity as their glove to strangle Goyim, and now they can use their bare hands. As you say, they could be making a big mistake. The visible jew is the vulnerable jew, as "They Live" teaches.

In regard to expending energy on educating people, I see that events will make our job much easier and even superfluous, as the USS TITANIC finally heads for the bottom. We can then stop trying to tell the passengers why their feet are wet. I sometimes feel as if I were participating in a monstrous Monty Python skit, with a cast of sober-appearing fools, in which our situation is perhaps hopeless, but not serious. As you say, any strong evidence of White resistance to mud depredations will get around fast, for rats and cockroaches have keen survival instincts. A fellow I met in Rhodesia mentioned that a shopping mall in Florida was having trouble from Blacks, who would invade a clothing shop and walk out with armloads of expensive duds. The merchants were desperate, for the security firm they had hired was not effective in stopping the looting. One merchant suggested they go to the Mafia, which is powerful in Florida. They did and were told that the fees for Mafia security were five times that of their regular security firm. Nevertheless, the merchants paid, only to see ONE security guard for the entire mall! "We've been robbed!" they said. "Those Mafia guys are crooks!" But they were stuck with the 'contract', which shortly proved its value. The Black marauders came into a shop, as usual, and began looting. Security was called. He came, just as the bro's were walking out with the stolen merchandise. "Put the goods down," said the guard. The niggers laughed and derided him in their mutha tongue. The guard drew his .357 magnum and shot the first nigger between the eyes. The rest dropped their loot and ran. The next day, there was nothing in the jewspapers, nothing on the radio, no police investigation, no civil rights hullabaloo. Silence. The niggers did not return. Those who did were very polite and paid for their purchases. The merchants remained in business and they were so pleased, they may have felt a little guilty. Word traveled fast, as you observe. The Mafia is, of course, jewish. If it would promise to defend the lives and property of honest workers and merchants, I'm sure people would vote to have a Mafia government. "Mafia versus Marxists", coming to your neighborhood, soon! Demographically, North America is ripe for dictatorship. The only question is, whose? Mestizo Presidente Bush would like to be dictator, as he stated publicly, but not very humorously. If I were running for dictator, I would have the same political platform as that great jewish 'humanitarian', Lenin: "Those who do not work shall not eat!" The corollary to that is: "If you can't feed, don't breed!" The enemy garrisons, known as prisoners, convicts and felons who have made war on society, would no longer be fed and housed by society. They would earn their pay or be blown away, for society has better things to spend money on. These are not day-dreams, but practical necessities for the survival of those upon whom we all depend: the productive members of society. Screw them and we have Argentina del Norte. Reward the predators and parasites, and we have chaos and famine. These are not moral dictums, but material realities, practical policies dictated by necessity, as you point out.

Meanwhile, stay cool and give the others time to catch up.