c1216et.htm – 16 December 2002 – Eric Thomson
I suspect that the vaccination program is part of the ZOG's biowarfare scheme. I do not trust the ZOG's 'cures' nor 'preventions' for what ails us, thanks be to ZOG. A former colleague, David McCalden, who allegedly caught AIDS from his Mexican wife, opined that the AIDS epidemic would be ZOG's excuse to round up political dissidents. I said, "That will not happen, under ZOG, for the ZOG is the political and economic equivalent of AIDS." David died before he would learn that AIDS is the only deadly disease with civil rights. Under ZOG, we are forbidden to test, to isolate or even shun AIDS-carriers. AIDS is non-reportable, although sexually-transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea are still reportable by law, that is, an infected person must report with whom he or she has had sexual-relations so those persons may be contacted and treated by public health authorities. Apparently, New York State has decreed that AIDS is NOT a sexually-transmitted disease! So why are people urged to wear condoms by ZOG? Would one wear a condom to protect himself from the flu? The British doctor who prepared the AIDS report to the British Parliament warned that AIDS is primarily spread by homosexual behavior, sodomy, and hypodermic needle-sharing, but that "other vectors", such as sneezing, sweating, spitting, &c. may become virulent as the AIDS population increases, and, thanks be to ZOG, it is. TB can be spread by coughing. The ovine visna virus, the equivalent of AIDS in sheep, is spread by sheep coughing in the fold. Mosquitos spread the yellow fever virus, but every jew-quack will shout that they "do not carry the AIDS virus". Reason: "No studies have been done!" This is typically deadly jew-logic. Bell Glade, Florida, appears to establish mosquitos as the transmission vector for AIDS between the Haitian Blacks and the American Blacks who live on opposite sides of a swamp. Apparently, the mosquitos caught their AIDS from the Haitians and transmitted it to the American Blacks, but, as I understand, the CDC refuses to study this matter. ZOG only knows. The "West Nile Virus" is mosquito-borne, apparently from bird to man, so we have lots to look forward to. Ha!

I have never heard of Spectrum, but I have read a copy of Nexus which was sent me by a correspondent.

I'm sorry to hear about Harold C. I do not understand his motives for attacking blightwing personalities, ad infinitum. Maybe he wants 'job-security', for he will probably never run out of people to attack. My experience is that people will continue to support a zogling or loser until they, themselves, are burned. No amount of attacks or warnings from an 'outsider' will change their minds. Aside from advising people that so and so's basic beliefs do not accord with the facts, that his tactics are inappropriate, &c., I have no personal animosity. If I learn by hard experience that so and so is a crook, I will say so, but I will not wage my own personal vendetta in print, for there are more pressing topics for me to address. If one does not like any brand of chocolate, but one really likes chocolate, shouldn't he make his own chocolate? If it is as good as he says, then others will buy it. It is futile to denounce all the other brands, unless one has a brand of his own. One can condemn all 'leaders' if one is a leader, himself, but if one is unwilling and unable to lead, and has no group of followers, what would be the purpose? Assuming one's attacks were totally successful, and all other leaders and groups were destroyed, there is no guarantee that people would rally to one's own touted leadership. More likely, they would choose new leaders and join new groups. One hallmark of a leader is farsightedness, a good insight into the future. This would preclude him from abandoning his crowsnest in order to devote his full time chasing rats in the bilges. What good would that be for the ship, the crew and the passengers, especially if there are icebergs in the area!

The Germans have a good word for bad thoughts: Schadenfreude. This means the enjoyment
of others' misfortunes. I am also sorry to learn that David Duke is being extradited for an alleged tax-evasion matter, from the former Soviet Union to the U.S.A. When I met David Duke in Toronto, I asked him why he believed that the USSR was "jew-free". He told me that "a Russian" he'd met in Southeast Asia said, "Yes." I asked him if he would believe one American who said the same thing about the U.S.A., but Duke seemed not to catch on. One blighter even touted his arrogant ignorance by telling me, "who cares if the jews still run Russia or not? That's no reason for criticising a (blightwing) group and its leader!" In my book it is. For decades I have tried to educate the blightwing babblers that Khazar is kike, and that Khazar rule persists to this day. "Stalin", himself a Khazar, did not rid Russia of his own nationality. He killed some, but his nation remained in control, as it does to this day, under Putin. In one picture, Duke was supposedly addressing the Ukrainian Parliament about jews in America. Many of the grinning faces around him were Khazar. I do not know his actual motives but it makes no sense to me that a person would go to a kosher mafia in Russia to tell them about the kosher mafia in America, unless one had fallen for the lie that the Russian mafia WAS NOT kosher! To my knowledge, the first sources for the lie that Communism is no longer jewish stemmed from Yockey, who succumbed to wishful-thinking and Fred Farrel, the jew infiltrator of Common Sense, who wrote "Unwinding the Jewish Mysteries". Poor David Duke! I wish him all the best.

In regard to blunders of the blightwing, I am reminded of the major malfunctions created by mixing illegal activities with dissident political activism. I cautioned one blighter in Toronto that he was under intense ZOG surveillance, and that he'd better stay out of petty larceny, &c. for the ZOG loves to pin criminal charges on political dissidents. The blighter asked me how I knew he was under intense surveillance, so I showed him a copy of The Toronto Sun for that day, with an article which quoted the Ontario Attorney General in that regard. This information had no effect, whatsoever, on the blighter's behavior, and he got caught in a CANZOG sting operation which was created just for him. Hint:. criminal activity is illegal, so it requires a very low profile. Political activity is public and requires a very high profile. Normal people seen to understand this, but not blightwingers. Still, we can't blame the blightwing for this failing, all the time. The Kosher Nostra or "Mafia" had Bugsy Siegel to deal with, and later, Joe Colombo, if I recall his name correctly, who were getting "too much publicity". The last publicity they got was the headlines announcing their deaths, due to natural causes, i.e. gunshot wounds to the head and body. This may explain why burglars do not invite the local TV news to cover their exploits. Blighters, take heed!

In regard to Walmart and other such chain retailers, which suck the substance from the local communities, we see the same relationship globally, in the form of colonialism, although that word is no longer fashionable. It is now called "globalism", but the mechanism is the same: the exploitation of people in one area for the benefit of very few people in an other area. This explains the strange phenomenon in which one area supplies raw materials that are shipped to another area for manufacturing goods, which are shipped back to the area producing raw materials. If the raw materials producers were also manufacturers, shipping costs alone could be cut in half, with the consequent savings in time and fuel. In reality, this form of economic activity would deprive the middlemen of profits and, most of all, it would deprive them of their power to control producers, consumers and prices, I believe Yockey warned that natural resources would not be the cause, but the excuse for wars. North America is rich in oil, for example, but, under ZOG, we 'must' import some oil from Arabia, and this 'justifies' our economic and military mischief in that part of the world.

The patterns of internal and external imperialism, that is, local and global imperialism are writ large, albeit in letters too large for many to read. The imperialists are Zionists, be they jews or Goyim who obey jew-orders. Their functions involve predation and parasitism against those whom they rule, within and without their countries of physical residence, just as Israel, which is in Arabia, but anti-Arab. On this side of the oceans, FEDZOGUSA resides in America, but is thoroughly anti-American in its exploitation of the land and people. Once again, I am only stating the obvious.

In the microcosm, let us consider Atlantic City, which welcomed the casinos, with the foolish hope that they would revive the city in all respects: more people coming to gamble would mean more customers for the hotels and restaurants. Wrong! The casinos were designed like spaceships, totally self-sufficient and self-contained. Customers would arrive in their chartered buses, enter the casino and be swallowed up in the all-inclusive, air-conditioned, clean environment, in which their every need was provided for: hotels, restaurants, nightclub and shops. No one needed the dingy, dilapidated, dangerous Atlantic City outside the casinos so, I understand that the influx of new money made the city worse off than before.

In regard to Walmart, which can sell goods cheaper than local merchants, and puts them out of business, we merely see what lack of community can do. We do not live in communities, for if we did, the local merchants would not seek to charge what the market could bear and a little more, nor would the community permit a foreign invader in its midst, who would suck money from the local economy. Least of all would a community permit its jobs to be taken by foreign welfare parasites and criminals whose declared intentions are to "retake their lost territory of Aztlan, with interest!"