c1222et.htm – 22 December 2002 – Eric Thomson
Many thanks for your letter and the vanguardnewsnetwork Terror Timeline! It makes concentrated reading, like The Protocols, and I must be fully awake to concentrate, so I have only been able to give it a cursory skim. It really makes great reference material. Yes, the Jews are murderous critters. The origin of the word, "Hebrew" comes from Habiru Sagaz (Desert Cutthroats). They have not changed. How could White people identify with such bandit-perverts? It's like identifying with the strictly kosher gang known as Murder, Inc. The key, as you mention, is for Goy authority to target the rich kikes, who direct the killer-kikes; otherwise, the murder campaigns will not stop. The problem to overcome is that the Goy authorities are in bed with the rich jews. That's what is known as "ZOG", which the Piercites eschew dogmatically. Russia had its ZOG under the Tsars, so the Russians were basically defenceless, even when they were the majority. The Christian authorities of East and West were also protectors of the jews, and The Inquisition actually protected jews physically by centralizing and restricting popular retaliation against jew predations, just as the Nazis did with their concentration camps. Otherwise, Gentile mobs would have taken their revenge, as they did in lands which had suffered jew-bolshevik misrule, as soon as the Red Army ran from the Germans.

I do not foresee any attempt by ZOG to undo the mud invasion of North America, which it wanted in the first place. President Wilson's sheenie overseer, House, wrote "Phillip Dru, Administrator", in which the U.S.A. annexes Mexico. As we know, it's vice versa, but the Judeo Freemasonic plan was stated, following Freemason Jefferson's advocacy of populating North America with an "American race" of mestizos. That was Merriwether Lewis' project. As far as Jefferson's own proclivities, the siring of mulattos was his department, after which, he wanted the Blacks repatriated to Africa. If he was one of North America's best minds, it's no wonder we are in such a mess! What we must consider is that no country is safe from sheenie depredations. Only recently, Germany was their H.Q., then Russia. Now, it's America's turn to serve as the kikes' toilet paper and get flushed down the sewer of history. Where they will go then, I do not know, maybe somewhere along The Great Silk Route, which they have infested throughout history. Barring some massive die-off, the North American population will resemble that around the time of Columbus. Such a deal! The mestizos appear to lack the continuity of the Chinese, so White artifacts will likely fall into disrepair and disuse, and will become the stuff of more White God legends. Why do I feel that all this has happened long ago? The recent discoveries of caucasoid skeletons of pre-Columbian origins, around 10,000 years old, give me this feeling, along with the White mummies of Sinkiang, and their ancient steelworks in Turkmenistan. When will we ever learn? As the German newsreels would say, "The Struggle Continues!"

In regard to my stint with The Zud, it was the only game in town. If I'd known of a better one, I'd have joined it. Of course, it was a lost cause from the beginning, but I did my best to make it succeed, despite the Zud and his jewish dominatrix. Obviously, when the Captain orders that his ship be steered into the iceberg, the First Mate cannot stop the disaster. The Zud controlled the zogbucks and I did not. Had I found a source of financial support, I'd have struck out on my own, but I was broke after my collaboration with Dietz, and the blightwing's massive non-response to the White Power Movement concept, because our Star & Swastika emblem was "too American", as one blighter told me. He wanted something more Confederate-Nazi in appearance. Our uniform of bluejeans and white hardhats was "too modern, and, yes! too American"! We had to look weird, like the bedsheet brigade and/or out of time and place, like 1860 rebs or 1930 Stormtroopers. The blightwing speweth.

The middleclass tradition of keeping up with the Joneses was almost affordable back in the fifties, but is no longer today. In the fifties, car ownership was not the major expense it now is, which is like supporting two of me on one income.

David Galula may be a pen name, but he appears to have French counter-insurgency knowledge from Algerian experience. As I recall his book, what he outlines is exactly what the French achieved in Algeria: handover to a neo-colonial native regime, which is currently battling Algeria's Moslem majority, on behalf of the French judeo-capitalists.

I'm glad to see Paul Fromm is on the Internet, but he may be "Zudulating" himself. It works like this: Imagine that I take offense to a crowd of ruffians who hang out in a local pubs I can go into the pub and tell them all what swine they are: result, I get thumped. Instead, I can go to my batcave and type a nasty note which the postman will deliver. The bartender may pass the note around and the ruffians may express their annoyance, but I do not get thumped. Or, I can pull a 'Zud' by typing the note in the safety of my batcave, then, take the note into the pub and read it out loud to the ruffians. Result: I get thumped, but my typewriter is safe in my batcave! The Zud did this by having his ostensible jewess put his thoughts on the Internet and allow people to receive them in Soviet Canuckistan, where CANZOG kangaroo courts thumped the Zud. Eventually, Paul will learn that he can only express his thoughts on the Internet by moving where such thoughts are not liable to be illegal. In any case, I wish him luck.

In regard to Plan A or B, I really don't think Whites have any plans, one way or the other; nor can we get them to consider that they may need a plan for survival, sooner than they think. After witnessing White behavior in Rhodesia, I know that anything is possible, no matter how stupid and cowardly. Right now, Whites are in a state of denial, just as were Rhodesian Whites: "It cannot happen, for it would just be too terrible!" That's what they told me, word for word. I asked them what made them think that terrible things cannot happen, but I could not change their beliefs. Then there were the hedonists who believed in indulging themselves like pigs fattening themselves for the slaughter. That's how I see our present White North Americans, in a fantasy world of denial or acknowledging that things will worsen, so let's indulge ourselves to the very last.

I have no animosity toward heedless Whites, race-conscious or otherwise. A recent proposal is that pro-White Whites in the same locality form their own survival groups via the Internet. Why this idea has not been broadcast earlier is a grim testament to our lack of concern for our own survival, although I have advocated this idea for decades. It's called "community". We cannot make people survive despite themselves, but we can offer those willing to survive some means of doing so. Our wishful-thinking does not alter the possible.

You mention the fraud part of Christianity, which I said was inoculated into White Europe by force and fraud. I doubt that the Vikings succumbed to the blarney of Irish monks, no matter how glib. What they did succumb to was the desire for power. Along with the Christ-cult came the "divine right of kings", as "sanctified" by the Christian H.Q. in Rome. Pre-Christian religions were not centralizing ideas for power and wealth, which most kings desired, but Christianity served these purposes ideally. That is why the kings converted first, and then ordered their subjects to become Christians, also. The same thing occurred in Khazaria in 700 A.D., when King Bulan adopted Judaism and ordered his subjects to do the same, even changing the name of the nationality from Khazar to Jew. When Rome got too inconvenient, we see the fragmentation of Christianity under Henry VIII, Martin Luther and Calvin. The names of the churches changed, but the racket remained. Cromwell and the French terrorists of the Revolution put the chop to the idea of "the divine right of kings", after which, the Jesus cult began to decay in NW Europe. The new Christian god is Tolerance of non-Christians, just as the Whites tolerate non-White invaders and usurpers. As Dr. Oliver opined: "What was good about Christianity was not new, and what was new was not good."

I repeat my earlier statement in regard to mestizos (Eurasians; Yellow-White mongrels): American Indians are predominantly mestizos. It does not matter when they became so, either recently or in pre-Columbian times. What possible importance does this distinction have for us? Kennewick Man appears Eurasian, that is, mestizo. It matters not that mestizos were here before present day mestizos. The whole 'argument' of who was here 'first' did not deter the White colonists from invading the Americas. Why should it have? Will 'being here first' absolve alleged White Guilt for slaying the mestizos they found in their latest wave of colonization? Why should it? How come the Amerasians do not feel 'guilt' for slaying each other before the latest advent of the "White Gods"? My essay on "Demographic Dementia" refers.

Now that the dead weight of Pierce is gone from the National Alliance, I see more grassroots activism on the part of the members. That is very good. I agree with their equation of race with religion, for racial preservation is more practical than Pierce's "Cosmotheology", which his followers could not explain to me. One of my correspondents wrote for a description of "Cosmotheology" and received nothing from the NA, when Pierce was still alive. He may have dropped it as a potential tax-dodge.

As you may already know, David Duke is being extradited from "White, Gentile Russia", to the Jew Ass Oy Veh, where he will face a tax-evasion charge, as I hear from my sources. He fell for the Pierce doctrine that "Jews no longer run Russia", since the Khazar, "Stalin".

Thank you for forwarding X's letter. If he would like to correspond with me directly, please let me know. I knew an X in Toronto, briefly, in connection with The Zud's retouching business, but I don't know if he is the same X. In regard to White Rule in Africa, he is certainly right. No matter how many battles we could win with Black Marxists, we were going to lose, because we insisted on feeding the Black population explosion, which makes Robert Mugabe a much more effective Black-killer than Ian Smith! I agree with X's "one step back two steps forward" approach. That's why I advise Whites to leave Africa and let it find its natural level. Then we can easily retake it, unless the Chinese are there first. Right now, Whites can't even defend Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand, for our countries are being invaded by mud-people. I call it Colored Imperialism. Remember their lies? "All they wanted was for the Whites to give them independence and self-rule." As soon as that was done, they started invading our livingspace! Mexico has been independent, ever since it broke away from Spain. Although it is rich in all natural resources, its main export is Mexicans.

X really should read up on race. Firstly, race is not place. Genetics is not geography. Secondly, race is easily determined with modern White Man's Magic: DNA-testing. We are not all mixed, for even the CDC jew, Dr. Landau, let us know that "1 out of 100 Whites are immune to AIDS", much to his obvious regret. Mongrels are not immune, even if they look White, and 99 out of 100 actual Whites is not immune, either. If, as he claims, we are all mixed in terms of the 3 races, Black, White and Yellow, which include their subraces, then there is no point of talking about race in regard to politics. In my world experience, I have developed racial Gestalts, as many people do. For the beginner, anyone who looks less White than I do is doubtful as to race. Slant-eyed, blonde, paleskins are mestizos (Eurasians). People who look White, but who behave like non-Whites I deem non-White, for practical purposes.

Pierce was married to an obvious son-White and has one or more offspring by her. Pierce sold the ZOG-snitch Martinez an NA membership. Either Dr. Pierce, who had no background in International Relations, as I do, was acting in ignorance, or the price of membership in the NA conferred 'automatic Aryanship' upon the member. As I see it, the NA has a lot of racial hygiene to do. I would suggest that pro-White non-Whites be given membership in AZA, The Anti-Zionist Alliance, and that Whites could join the NA. If race is the NA religion, they really need to get their definitions straight. Jews define themselves. We cannot 'unjew' them.

I don't know if X ever joined a group with a bad leader, as I have done on several occasions. I can guarantee him that the bad leader will wreck the group, just as a bad engine driver will wreck a train. That's why I'd rather walk! I may not be right all the time, but I try to be, for I owe it to Our Race.