c1224et.htm – 24 December 2002 – Eric Thomson
In regard to the Rense.com download, "US Soldiers Executed in Afghanistan?" the circumstances and casualty figures may be exaggerated, but I have no doubt that USZOG forces are tied up in Afghanistan, and it's high time they declared "Victory!" and got out. A force of mercenary hedonists will become demoralized as they suffer the inhospitable terrain, weather and population, even if they only get mean looks. But if they are shot at, then their desire to be back in the land of the Big Macs will increase rapidly. They also must know that the longer they remain in their uncomfortable circumstances, the greater is the likelihood of their being shot or wounded by other means. I don't think that Iraq is a pretext for a pullout from Afghanistan, however, because the ZOG could withdraw its forces whenever it wants to. If, however, the "Pipelineistan" scenario is accurate, then ZOG mercs will remain. If we look at a map, we see ZOG forces are spread pretty far, from the Central Asian oil basin bordering on China, to the oilfields of Iraq. That's a whole lot of ground to control, given the ratio of ZOG-mercs to mad Moslems whom we are intent on alienating further, if that were possible.

Time is on the side of those who have resisted foreign invaders for thousands of years. I tried to point out that they (the denizens of Afghanistan et al.) may live under primitive conditions, but that does not mean they are stupid nor ignorant. Their corruption and sophistication run circles around Bushy and his ZOG-mercs, combined with their toughness and patience. Who could not draw useful conclusions from observing the Afghans' favorite sport: charging around on horseback, as they bash one another and wrestle for a dead goat? If that's their idea of leisure and fun, we'd best smile and back off! Combined with their native toughness and quickness to take offense at perceived slights, the Afghans are sly traders: "Hey, American! You friend. Want to buy some top-grade hashish? heroin? Only cost you 10 bullets or one hand grenade." Eric Margolis pointed out that USZOG switched places with the former USSRZOG, in terms of allies and policies, such as the 'empowerment' of women, and the attempted secularization of a fiercely Moslem theocracy. By corrupting Afghan society, ZOG forces think they will become more like us, and thus be more easily governed, but Afghans recognize corruption when they see it, and they prefer their own brand, as U.S. ZOGniks will discover, just as their Soviet predecessors did.

Despite all the ZOG's standoff weapons and satellite surveillance, it still comes down to rifle versus rifle. The only solution for such a military situation would be the total elimination of the Afghan population, sector by sector. But Judeo-America alias "Usrael" doesn't like such a policy, for they want slaves. They need to manipulate people against their will, to torment and terrorize them, just as we see in Zionist Occupied Palestine. As Lincoln would say, "ZOG can terrorize all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but ZOG cannot terrorize all of the people all of the time!" I see no profit in this insane pursuit, only profound sickness on the part of the Zionist perpetrators.

Re Iraq, which allegedly has all sorts of mass-destruction weaponry, according to ZOG. If I were Saddam, knowing that ZOG ATTACK is inevitable, I would certainly dust off my weapons and use them. The likely scenario is that ZOG will clobber Iraq again, and still find nothing. If they kill Saddam this time, they can say, "The crafty bugger died with the secret. The weapons must be here, 'cause we said it so often, and what we say often must be true!" to paraphrase The Bellman in his hunt for the snark. Once again, we may see the oil which we could have bought, burning up.

I still feel that Saudi Arabia is squarely in the ZOG's crosshairs, for all arrows point to that country in regard to bin Laden, Al Qaida and "terrorism". The latest is a jewsmedia connection between convicted Algerian "terrorist", Ressam and al-Qaida, whose spelling is still in doubt, and sometimes appears as "Al Qaeda". Maybe ZOG will claim that the multiplicity of spellings are really the names of different "terrorist" organizations, so we won't run out of excuses for bombing anybody, anywhere. "Al Caida" in Spanish, means "to the fall", which would indicate that there are Mexican terrorists posing as Arabs, or vice versa, since they all look alike. Castro and Arafat could switch headgear, and the Goyim would not know who was "the real Arab". No, we could not pose as Arabs, no matter how 'authentic' our garb!

The jewsmedia are crowing, or whatever jews do, in regard to David Duke, whom the Khazars sent back to "Usrael", as I anticipated. Duke is a prime victim of the kosher canard that "Stalin freed the Red Empire from the jews". Poor David will be the jews' main course in their kosher banquet of jewdicial proceedings, and their sounding board for more anti-White propaganda. I can also see that coming. Part of Duke's plight is due to the aforementioned intelligence failure, which was duplicated by Pierce and the Instauration boobs. Khazar = jew. How often must I say it?

I'm very glad to read that you got some respite from Zoo City. No, I would not like Baltimore one bit. I was reflecting on your description of nig-thugs on the corners, giving Whites mean looks. You must be ever-alert and keep your wits about you. Here, it is rare to see any congregating of subhumans and simians on streetcorners. In fact, there are very few pedestrians in 'downtown' (ghosttown) Yakima. I notice when there is anyone else on the sidewalk, on either side of the street. As the local crime rate goes up, I shall be more watchful, but this place provides mighty slim pickings for bandidos and muggers. Also, spic gangs take exception to a band of bro's standing around on 'their' street corners, so a drive-by shooting would likely occur and de bro's would be scattered. I am not just 'spiculating', as you know. A few years ago, I was lulled to sleep in my bunker by the crackle of smallarms fire. "Nine mil." I thought, and went to sleep. When I got up the next day, I learned that I was wrong. It was .45 and the 'gun-person' had done in two mestizos in the nearby parkinglot, across from the Besame Mucho bar & grill. One round hit the fleeing waiter/bouncer in his hip pocket, but did not penetrate the wad of $100 bills, which proves that money can provide security, as well as love. To this day, I do not know if the killer has been apprehended. Police found an abandoned car with the .45 pistol on the front seat, according to the local jewspaper. The car was in the northern barrio, where the hispano-mestizos have expanded from SE Yakima or Zone D, as it is better known. No one reported seeing anything, and the cops had to discover the car on their own.

If one looks on the brighter side of Baltimore et al., we can enjoy the perks of civilization simultaneously with the excitement of the jungle, thanks be to ZOG! Yakima is becoming decayed and fairly deserted, which is nice, as long I can earn a living here. Naturally, I live with the knowledge that my employers can go out of business at any moment, and I never need to worry about retirement. Does one worry cancel out the other? Stay tuned!

Yakima, aside from the automobile, is really like a cowboy/Injun town of the Wild West. The principal pursuits are drinking, gambling, whoring, fighting, and eating, when one can afford it. Cowboy hats are commonly worn by anglo- and hispano mestizos, and, members of The Yakama Nation appear often with their hair braided and secured with beaded headbands. No one pays attention, and no tourists snap photos of 'the local color'. Besides, snapping photos of the Mexicans is likely to constitute a health hazard to the photographer. Drug-dealing is THE growth industry here, as well as jail-construction, and many of the well-heeled vaqueros don't seem to put in 9 to 5 work schedules, any more than the nigger pimps, who also appear to enjoy lots of free time. All Yakima seems to lack are spies, and I'm sure that this fault will be corrected, thanks be to ZOG's "Homeland Security" program. The 'downtown' district is very well-supplied with surveillance cameras at intersections and on buildings, which could be used to record anybody's movements in the area, so we should all feel secure in the fact that Big Brother is watching over us. This gives local blightwingers their daily fix of paranoia, and ZOG-lovers their daily dose of warm-fuzzy feelings, so what's not to like? These people NEED the ZOG, but I don't. The concrete barriers around the Federal Court Building have been replaced by wooden sawhorses to deter parking on that side of the street. As a fashion statement, I would prefer sandbags which would provide us with ersatz nostalgia of The Blitz and "The White Cliffs of Dover", as sung by the jewess, Vera Lynn. I read that Bushy keeps a gasmask handy. Boy, wouldn't that be a trip down Memory Lane, to see all the civilians with their tin hats and respirator bags! Hebrewood could use them as crowds of extras in making ever new anti-German World War II movies. The problem would be that the majority would be non-White, but who cares about authenticity? I saw one film which depicted an all-Black U.S. Air Force which not only swept the German skies of Nazi aircraft, but bombed their cities as well. Now we know who fought and won World War II. I had a glimpse of The History (sic) Channel, which showed "the Normandie landings". There was Robert Mitchum stepping on the beach in the first wave! It reminds me of Tom Leher's Vietnam War song: "We'll send them all we've got: John Wayne and Randolph Scott..." Don't let the truth spoil a P.C. story! If the Brits and Americans were portrayed as muds, that would 'prove' just how nasty those racist Nazis were. Robert Mugabe would make a great Churchill, once he learns to lisp his lines, for his bombastic speeches are redolent with Churchillian hypocrisy. The way Mugabe says it, White farmers should be grateful that he has relieved them of their farms and their awful racism! Double-double good! Often, I think ZOG is giving us parodies of "1984" propaganda, but the sheeple don't seem to catch on. "War is Peace!" "Freedom is Slavery!" "Sleep." "Obey." "Consume." Yes, They Live!

I don't think we need consider the possibility of White guerrilla warfare in North America. In another generation, Whites will standout as they do in Zimbabwe or Yakima. I remember my time at The Army Language School in Monterey, CA, where 6 foot blond farmboys were studying Vietnamese, to 'blend' with the natives! Oh, yes!

At least I could pass for German in appearance, so that was what I studied. I had a choice of learning to operate coding equipment or studying German, which had obviously useful civilian applications. I can imagine serving 6 years as a coding machine operator, then going into the civilian job market. My resume would be no more appropriate than the IRA bloke who wrote on his: WORK EXPERIENCE: "Five years, rear-gunner on a breadvan." Now, to pass for 'German', I would need, to look more Turkish, so hispano-mestizos could take German. They can also pass for Turks. Won't it be 'wonderful' when anyone can pass for any national group, just by learning their language! Indians can already pass for Egyptians, who can pass for Mexicans, who can pass for Arabs, &c. Such a deal! In such a population, a White "guerrilla warrior" would stand out like a man in a Santa Claus suit. So much for "the fish in the sea" concept. This does not preclude strategic strikes, but it does impede one's ability to vanish in the larger population, in the manner of real guerrilla fighters. Some Whites in South Africa are, apparently, still capable of doing ANC-style merry pranks, with things that go 'boom' in the night, but they obviously forget who the majority are! The semi-nigger Eisenhower put the Germans on notice that any attacks on Allied troops would result in 200 German hostages being taken and shot. I saw a picture of the poster to that effect, on a street in Zionist Occupied Germany. Apparently, Dr. Goebbels championed the Werewolf idea, as an outgrowth of the People's Army concept depicted in the film, " Kohlberg". Partisan/guerrilla warfare had hurt the Germans badly in the East and elsewhere, but the Germans seemed not to know the nature of the enemy, because their reprisals often hit the wrong people. The Maquis resistance fighters were nearly all jews, who didn't care how many French men and women paid for their attacks. The same applied to multi-national areas of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Empire. Serbs would sneak into Croatia and snipe at Germans, who would exact reprisals against the local Croatians, sufficient to warm the Serbs' hearts. Jew partisans did the same in Poland, the Ukraine and elsewhere. Sometimes, they even dressed in German uniforms and committed atrocities on the Gentile populations! These facts come from jewish sources, in particular a book about the 'heroic' jew partisans, the name of which I forget. In this regard, David Galula's book mentions the necessity for complete control of sector access, in order to provide a just basis for collective punishment and reprisals. When the Germans understood that every Allied soldier they killed would cause the deaths of 200 Germans, they were deterred, and Werewolf resistance swiftly collapsed in occupied Germany. I did not study International Relations for nothing.

On a humorous note, I recall how the U.S. Marines were 'training' to combat Vietnamese guerrillas who wore no uniforms and made do with an assortment of weapons. The Marines were shown in some precursor to "Soldier of Fortune" dressed in motley clothing, including sombreros complete with machetes, but minus serapes. For full effect, they also had a motley collection of weapons. Somehow, these White men were supposed to win, using Vietcong tactics, with outlandish costumes! The Marines posed with big smiles in their frito bandido garb, as they brandished their machetes and Thompson submachineguns et al. Their smiles reminded me of the smiles on the faces of German soldiers who were rehearsing for the fake invasion of Britain during Operation Sealion. Obviously, there is no advantage in motley weapons and calibers, as any guerrillero will tell you. As for costumes which attract attention, let's get serious.

Che Guevara failed to achieve guerrilla success in Bolivia because there were no objective conditions for revolution, i.e. urgent popular discontent with the status quo. Worse, the Bolivians saw him and his group as meddlesome foreigners, which they were. Moscow's co-operation with Washington. betrayed Che's location to the Bolivian forces, which pursued his group, keeping them on the move all the time, to the point of exhaustion. This was Rhodesian Army tactics: keeping contact with the "terra" and waging relentless pursuit until the enemy ran out of steam, and were captured or killed. Rhodesian Light Infantry "sticks" of 5 men were resupplied and relieved by fresh sticks who were brought in by helicopter. Each stick had one or more trackers, most of whom had been taught the craft, and they were White. I asked one Army captain why the Blacks were not chosen. He said they were usually ignorant of bushcraft, even when they lived in the bush, and were very hard to train. I heard the same thing from the locomotive instructor on Rhodesia Railways, who said Blacks were hard to teach and forgot quickly, so Whites fired the steam locomotives when I was there!

The fantasy of guerrilla warfare depicted in Red Dawn is just that, for guerrilleros must be determined, disciplined and willing to sacrifice their lives in an instant, on behalf of their group and their mission. North America's White Remnant are light-years away from such qualifications. Also, guerrilleros kill anyone suspected of snitching, without blinking an eye. How many Whites have these qualifications? Very few, in my North American experience.