MESTIZOS' LAMENT by Eric Thomson

04 January 2002

When I first visited Mexico, I had heard of  "La Llorona", pronounced "Yorona", "The Crying Woman." All I learned of this mythical figure was that she was "bad luck" for those who heard her lamentations or saw her shadow. When I asked further questions, the mestizos would clam up or change the subject.

Decades later, the jews of "National (sic) Public (sic) Radio (very sick)" fell overboard in their Whitey-bashing, by revealing much more than their Learned Elders would recommend. I listened in amazement, for the subject matter was straight out of my essays on genocide by race-mixing! For this is what Llorona cries about: the extinction of her Amerasian race by rape, as well as the Spaniards' rape of her culture, blood-thirsty as it was.

Mexico's mestizos commemorate this tragedy every year in Xochimilco's floating gardens, just southeast of Mexico City, for they are the small vestige of the great Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital now known as Mexico City. Had the Dutch conquered Mexico, they would have kept the canals intact. Instead, the Spaniards came, with their fondness for horses, so they had the canals filled in and the lake drained.

As we know, Montezuma got his revenge: the Spaniards destroyed themselves with miscegenation, just as they destroyed the Indians, and the drainage project has caused many of Mexico City's major buildings to settle, out of kilter, while smog slowly suffocates the huge city's 21 million plus inhabitants.

Mexico justifiably pays homage to La Llorona, who stands upon a spotlighted pyramid in Xochimilco, holding her baby, while observing the boat in which her Spanish conqueror approaches. La Llorona kills her children, rather than permit them to fall victims to the invaders, but, inexplicably, she does not kill herself. If she does, then there may be another version of the play. The gist of the story is that miscegenation is a fate worse than death, as portrayed by the mestizo victims of miscegenation, although they don't care what it did to the Spaniards, for they took the active role as rapists.

The narrator of the NPR feature on La Llorona enumerates the plight of the mestizos: They are not Spaniards, nor are they Indians. They know they are the spawn of rape, of their mothers' violation by aliens. They therefore feel angry and inferior. The mestizo males play the role of the Spanish conquerors, for that is the only male role model they know. They are macho, that is, brutal and arrogant. The mestizas play their role of the Indian victims. They are hembra, submissive and long-suffering. It is sado-masochism with salsa, imprinted indelibly in their collective psyches, wherever they go, regardless of their wealth, their education and their social status. Worst of all, they are here!

Daily, I observe the darkest mestizos pursuing the fairest females available. Their motives include much more than mere male lust for a female. They include revenge, hatred of themselves and their chosen sex object; the desire to re-enact the primal rape scene by reversing the roles: the Indian conqueror rapes the Spaniards' women. The mestizas pursue the "nueros" (Whites), as I have previously noted, for comfort, status and lighter, prettier offspring than they could produce with a mestizo father. The mestizo is perfectly aware of the tragedy and loss he represents, but the White is not, and that is the real tragedy for Our Race.


INSTAURATION, R.I.P. by Eric Thomson

As I was perusing my modest archives, I came across some dusty copies of the now-defunct publication, "Instauration" ("an archaic word meaning restoration", according to a very unabridged dictionary), which sets the tone of the contents quite well. I cannot read a copy for very long, before I crave a breath of fresh air, for I find the atmosphere of the articles much like that of a tomb, with its sickly-sweet smell of decay, and its musty dead air, which one finds asphyxiating.

The writers and editors exuded a tone of super-informed, highly-educated complacency, best described as "effete snobbery". Their attitudes would be on par with first class passengers on The Titanic who looked down upon the passengers in steerage, after the collision with the iceberg, as if to say, "Oh dear, a little water makes those creatures carry on so!" Since we are all on the U.S.S. Titanic, I cannot understand such an attitude of detachment and complacency: "Oh my, the building is on fire, but I simply do not wish to be involved!"

The writers did have a refreshing command of English, unlike so many contributors to the Internet, but they unerringly recited major 'howlers' such as (1) jews are "White", despite scientific proof to the contrary in articles by jew hematologists in The Lancet and in the subsequently published book entitled "The Genetics of the Jews" by A.E. Mourant et al. in 1978. (2) The Soviet Jewnion became "jew-free" under Stalin, a Khazar.and his alter ego, Kaganovich, a fellow tribesman. This 'logic' would be similar to alleging that the International Crime Syndicate was no longer run by jews when Meyer Lansky bumped off Bugsy Siegel. Apparently, the origins of the "jew-free USSR" were Francis Parker Yockey and the jew, Fred Farrell, who took over editorship of "Common Sense", and who wrote that bit of disinformation entitled "Unwinding the Jewish Mysteries". I don't know how Yockey arrived at his conclusion, for most of the Soviet Bloc representatives I have had any dealings with were Khazars, i.e. jews, including "Mischa" Wolf, the head of East Germany's secret police and security apparatus. Instauration's attitude toward jews was similar to that of Injun John, a blightwing mestizo, who would declare: "He can't be a jew. He bought me lunch!" I suspect that key contributors to Instauration .were in bed with jews, literally or figuratively, which made them "wihite" .

(3) The USSR was a mighty monolith with the ever-present potential to destroy and/or conquer Judeo-America. Another 'howler', and a very important bit of disinformation for Instauration readers. The truth was entirely otherwise: The Soviet Jewniori was a dependency of U.S. banksterdom from 1917 to the present. It has been founded, funded and fed by the kosher plutocrats of the ZOG throughout its dismal, dysfunctional, kleptocratic history. Pentagonian zoglings have revealed the true state of the Soviet Jewnion: a paper tiger promoted by the U.S. military-industrial complex to hype the "Cold War", with missiles which were as likely to explode during launching as come anywhere near their targets.

The ostensible discontent with and ridicule of FEDZOGUSA, alias "the System", Blacks, alias "Willie" and jews, alias "Marv" , were snide comments, usually lacking any suggestions as to a means for remedying their abuses. Most writers appeared to vie with others to tell us 'how terrible' things were, with clever eloquence, as if a corpse were able to describe the symptoms of its decay, for the entertainment of the idle listeners.

The perpetual victims of "the System" and "the minorities" were a nebulous entity called "the Majority", which is growing rapidly darker with every census. Although I understood the "Majority" to be "White" in Instaurationist terms, possibly based on FEDZOG allegations, a quick visit to any post office with wanted posters reveals that most of the people FEDZOG classifies as "White" are not. Perhaps Instauration used the Brazilian definition of "White", which would include any White ancestry at all in a person who would be thirty-one thirty-second parts Black! Hey, if she goes to bed with me, she must be "White". No wonder Instauration was such a weak reed when it came to race.

If we were to accept all the gripes we read in Instauration as being sincere expressions of the writers, we'd be entitled to ask what they proposed to do or had done about the matters they addressed. My impression is that the griping was done for its own sake, because the writers were living well off "the System", and were therefore its creatures, spoiled ones at that, whose impossible dream it was to experience some magical. "instauration" of the past, with no effort on their part. Therefore I say, rest in peace and good riddance!