01 Jan 2002      Eric Thomson

Happy New Year!

The impression I got from reading the jewspaper articles lambasting the National Guards was the foreseeable one: that 'evil Whites' must go, and the Guards must have more 'diversity'. A majority Black National Guard, with Black officers would be even more corrupt and incompetent, but the jewsmedia would no longer mention these features. "Remember, Goyim, what we don't mention is nonexistent and certainly not a problem!" "Sleep. Obey. Consume." "They Live" was so right, in so many ways. Certainly, the best infantry the U.S. ever had are those Southern mountaineers; "rednecks" in peacetime, heroes in wartime. Rifle for rifle, they have been the best killers of their fellow Whites in The Civil War, World War I and World War II. I wonder if they will mow down more Whites, under ZOG orders, or if they will begin to "see" whose orders they are to follow. Stay tuned!

The Yakima County Militia are mestizo-loving, jew-worshipping, Christian Armageddonists, who put Israel first and foremost. By their definition, no jew could be a communist. The "Mark of the Beast" will take the form of a "National I.D. card", and ultimately, the injectable microchip, whereas, the Star of David and the U & K hechschurs of the kosher tax are divine symbols of "God's Chosen". As you may gather, I have spoken with several of these pathetic creatures, who take Birchism one step beyond. They deem all government 'evil', but I have seen none of them since 9-11, and I would like to ask them if 'evil' on behalf of Israel is still 'evil'. These guys, as I note, are gun-cultists, who lack any coherent, consistent, factual beliefs. They are selfish, anti-social, self-righteous hedonist race- mixers. At first, they dubbed me a 'communist', because I had many things to say on that subject, including my revelation that the USA was far more Marxist than the USSR ever was. Then, one day, I was reading a copy of The Barnes Review, featuring an article on Leni Riefenstahl. There was a photo of her standing next to Hitler, Goebbels and some other Nazi notables. "I used to correspond with her," I said, casually, to the militia moron, who was sitting next to me at the lunch counter. "But, she's standing next to... "um, gulp, aak." "Oh, Hitler, I never corresponded with him, to my knowledge." Afterwards, the militia goofs began circulating the rumor that I "was a Nazi ghost, sent to spy on them by the Feds". With critters like those on the loose, I almost feel sorry for the ZOG. The local militia may be deadly, but they are not serious. What a plight to be in: blessed with abundant ammo, and cursed by lack of brains! Their attitude toward me is one of fear and loathing, especially after my prediction that Jesus ben Yahweh would not close down to Earth in 2000, just as he had failed to appear in 1000 A.D. "Trust me," I told them. Now they view me as a minion of "the anti-Christ". I've got a better 'rep' with the local locos of the blightwing than if I were a member of Hell's Angels. What's even better: I don't need to buy a motorcycle. MY assessment of the militia types appears to be quite accurate. Another ex-militia fellow from Montana told me that "race wasn't important to them." Mestizo militias, in other words.

A possible scenario of the future, in view of Bushy's dropping of the fig leaf dubbed The U.S. Constitution, would be a military coup d'etat over FEDZOGUSA, on the part of those who no longer wish to bleed and die for Israel and Jew World Order Imperialism. Mercenaries have better sense than to die for pay, and I see a growing dissatisfaction throughout the American populace with the idea of endless sacrifice for undefined objectives. Once the Judeo-American idiots are consumed in the hebes' holocaust, the remaining mud majority will want to know what's in it for them. That's when the Bushites may find that their b.s. no longer works. I cannot conceive of this open-air zoo cum insane asylum becoming a horribly efficient, high-tech tyranny, when its rulers are kooks and crooks and its minions and denizens are chaotic subhumans, who are not only corrupt, but dysfunctional. The theme of "1984" , USZOG-style, is best encapsulated by the story of the "security guard" who 'inspected' airline passengers' luggage with an unplugged metal detector. Only an oriental despotism would have the will to slay half the U.S. population, just to 'get the other half's attention. Elmer Pendell observed, as the population becomes more stupid, government must become more brutal. "Sex versus Civilization" is the most important book anyone can read. It spotlights the dysgenic dysfunctionals I see all around me, on a daily basis. It takes quality people to run a quality dictatorship. It can't be done with the present U.S. population, for those with 'connections' can usually get around roadblocks which only deter the dumbest sheeple, provided the gatekeepers don't fall asleep or wander off. I have every reason to believe that crime, the drug trade and the underground economy will persist, along with illegal immigration, as long as the ZOG exists. Such a deal.