22 JAN 02
Dear Robert:

Niggers can sabotage progress most often when they are alive. But "Martin Lucifer Koon" can do so, with his jew-helpers, when he is dead. It is frustrating when this mestizo mini-metropolis goes from 'slow' to 'stop', but why shouldn't it resemble the Turd World in practice, as it resembles Turd World demographics more and more?

The equation of the White and non-White slave-owning elite of the Confederate South with today's Judeo-White establishment is certainly accurate. In the former, their self-definition and status required slaves. In the latter, their perks and privileges require "cheap labor", at the price of social chaos, poverty and destruction. I call it the Oriental Attitude toward work. I saw it in White-ruled Southern Africa, where Whites never shined their own shoes, nor cooked their own food, since those were "kaffir jobs". Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts, based on his experiences in Southern Rhodesia during The Matabele Rebellion. He saw city-bred soldiers suffer in the bush out of ignorance of ways in which to make the bush serve them. A Rhodesian who'd been in the Boy Scouts told me of a very uncomfortable camping weekend in The Matopos, where Scouting was first conceived. The White Boy Scouts got caught in the rain. Apparently, they did not locate their tents properly, etc., etc., so the cold, wet puppies gathered in a tin-roofed shed, where they could not think of, or could not start a fire. Fortunately, there were some Black Boy Scouts present, from an African troop, and those boys lit a fire and made hot chocolate for the miserable Whites. No, they had never made cocoa for themselves. either! As a National Socialist, I believe that every people should do their own work and that there are no "kaffir jobs", for all useful work is honorable. I practice this NS credo as my personal rejection of Asian values, although I used to perform menial tasks out of a sense of teamwork and cleanliness. If I see a full wastebasket at work, I'll empty it, etc. A scruffy business does not exactly inspire customers, and my jobs depend on customers. The race-traitor Whites who profit by impoverishing their own racial-nation do not seem to realize that they have made themselves into highly-visible targets for the mud bandits. They abandoned their own kind to poverty, and their own kind will abandon them, when they cry for help. "What goes around comes around." The more his economic law is defied, the more Jacques Saye is proved right: goods cannot sell if their producers are impoverished, and no lasting gains can be made by seeking personal profit at the cost of general prosperity. Of course, no economic system on Earth can provide infinite goods to an infinitely multiplying population, but Saye may not have bothered to address the obvious. It is easy to spot the race-traitors: they are rich, but those who live by the ZOG will surely die by the ZOG.

You mention a very interesting possibility in regard to flogging the remaining Ostensible White Judeo-Americans into action against the jews' perceived enemies. As you observe, the incident cannot mess up the ZOG's infrastructure. If that happens, mud riots and looting will result, and ZOG-forces will be needed to suppress domestic disorder, instead of fomenting disorder abroad, as our 'mad bandit' rulers have resolved, on behalf of their Jew World Order. Well, let's see. "The Turner Diaries" has a pretty good list of non-revolutionary, non-strategic targets, but I doubt that another OK City ZOG-building would goad the jew-loving Goyim sufficiently. Oil is the key in my opinion. My ploy, if I were the ZOG, would be a sudden, 'official' cut in oil supplies, especially gasoline. In 1973, ZOG petro-banksters created an artificial 'shortage' by withholding shipments to refineries. Tankers anchored outside their ports. Entire trains of full tank cars were stashed in out of the way canyons. A local official spotted several cases of this rascality and threatened to blow the whistle on the oil companies, but the 'crisis' suddenly ended, and the trains moved out. This was all hush-hush. ZOG willing, a series of spectacular incidents could be broadcast
by the jewsmedia, such as a refinery explosion or two. One of those could cause gasoline prices to rise suddenly in California and other western states. But, refineries are important parts of the infrastructure, so old, worn-out ones would be best, as well as rusty. disused tank farms, which could burn spectacularly, without using too much oil. Then, oil tankers could be sunk by alleged Arab saboteurs. This scenario could show footage of a few old ships ablaze "somewhere out at sea" and the numbers could be magnified without having to prove anything to the gullible Goyim, who'd believe that "the tankers must have been sunk, 'cause gas prices are way up! " As for assigning blame, ZOG could target domestic dissidents by linking White Nationalists, say, to "the Sand-Hitlers" of Arabia. Or, domestic Arabs could be blamed for domestic oil sabotage, and native Arabs blamed for tanker sabotage. This latter ploy would serve as ZOG's pretext for invading oil-rich Arab countries. I offer this possibility because it is plausible, practical and profitable, all at once, for the ZOG. High gasoline prices would quickly raise the urge to kill amongst the Judeo-American populace, without impairing the means of production and distribution. All that would be required
would be a short, sharp crisis. Imagine a sudden "oil shortage" due to "Arab terrorists' sabotage" of tankers and refineries. ZOG 'comes to the rescue' by invading Saudi Arabia, and/or Iraq, and maybe the Iranian oil fields, as well. Just as suddenly, oil prices drop, and all Judeo-Americans give prayers of thanks to their ZOG for 'securing' domestic oil supplies, even though North America receives less than 20% of its oil from the Middle East!

Let's consider another target with non-strategic value: the Olympics or other sporting events with large audiences in attendance. Imagine the results of a massacre at some stadium full of sheeple. As I wrote in my Strategy of Target Selection, the mere killing of people is rarely of strategic or revolutionary value. The destruction of things which people need to live on usually is. Certainly, ZOG's chosen targets could get a nasty reputation if the sheeple thought them responsible for blowing up a stadium, etc., but sheeple are quite selfish, and they tend to resume their consumption and don't care about others' deaths very much. Interference with their consumption would be most likely to hold their attention, with the bonus of stoking their ire at their masters' chosen victims. A mass-murder of a multi-racial nature might serve to propagandize 'unity' under ZOG, however, but tears are thinner than oil, and oil is what can goad the sheeple into mindless murderous rage, of duration sufficient to please the ZOG. If the above scenario and variations do not occur, I would be surprised. Oil has been used as a tool for manipulating fools ever since Pearl Harbor, so its use is likely in the near future.

We can discuss such topics and much, much more on the Internet, as you say, but as long as new information and ideas are merely deemed items for entertainment and consumption, the ZOG need not censor anything. Some sheeple equate the consumption of revolutionary ideas with revolution. ZOG knows it is safe, as long as the smoke of words strikes no fire in the recipients. Were the Internet used as a means of communication for activists, then it would surely be shut down.. The Brits have "freedom of expression" well under control. One can say pretty much anything in the speakers' corner in Hyde Park, as well as in Bedlall, but if one says important things anywhere else, precisely when such things are relevant, the old l8B rule may be applied in its present form and the speaker thrown into the Britzog-gulag, as many pro-White Brits have discovered. The hebes have tried to equate "obscenity" with un-P.C. subject matter. One pervert with political pretensions, alias "The Bird Man" on the Internet, seems intent on demonstrating that political dissent can be combined with obscene subject matter. Kiddie-porn seems to be the third rail of Internet usage, so if that can be linked with White Nationalist topics, both may be banned and their proponents punished. As you point out, "the moment of truth" will arrive when we face a crisis. Then we shall see the difference between a feedlot full of consumers and a national community. Without community of values and trust, possessions can endanger one, by making him an attractive target. World War III is mostly crime on a personal basis, including home invasions. I know that Canada has 'enjoyed' this aspect of 'diversity' for decades since the Asian invasion. In one case, in Toronto, while I was there, Asians surrounded a house, most likely with other Asians inside, for purposes of armed robbery. The police were called, and were confronted by armed gangsters who outnumbered them and had no fear of them. "Negotiations" took place, but I did not learn of any arrests! The cops are going to get the shock of their suddenly shortened lives when they come up against bandit army units like these Chinese gangs . The ZOG-mercs are spread very thin on the ground. According to my own ZOG-sources, the sieges of Ruby Ridge and Waco required ZOGthugs from all over the country. There really aren't that many. If the Waco wackos had terminated the ZOGthugs they'd captured, they would have made a noticeable dent oa FBI-ATF forces, sufficient to require military forces as reinforcements. That is the most probable reason for FEDZOG's hysterical haste in ending the Waco standoff so quickly: to free ZOG forces for other perceived emergencies. ZOG-mercs are scared, so
they are apt to be trigger-happy. Sun Tzu would accurately describe them as "mad bandits", without much of a future.

The jews are doing to us exactly what Benjamin Franklin warned about and exactly as their recipes for the enslavement and impoverishment of the Goyim are described in The Protocols. Their choice of Babel-style racial mixture and cultural chaos does strike me as potentially dangerous for them. The jews' standard of living depends upon the quality of their host population, not vice versa, so they are diligently destroying that which supports so many of them in such luxurious lifestyles.
We agree that jews are nuts, but we are even crazier for putting up with them! Revolution is not only certain, it has never ended since 1776. How it will go is up to us. As long as our people continue to "sleep, consume and obey", the revolution will continue to go against us. Life is dynamic, not static, and the same applies to politics! Nothing remains the same, and those who do not take active parts in directing change are doomed to be crushed under the juggernaut by those who do. All sheeple need to bear in mind what they must do, when the lights go out, for that will be the hallmark of The Wolf Times. Leaders will need to
be chosen, communities gathered together and defended, even now, in this late hour, but if sheeple wait until the lights go out, that will be much too late for nearly all of them. As you say, all survival-oriented communities must be exclusive. Times of crisis make such selection of members swift and brutal, but that is a consequence of not using our minds to think in advance of likely emergencies.

A "They Live" scenario in which humans destroy the vile aliens' media of domination would be one way of shaking the ZOG to its foundations, by teaching its subjects that ZOG is really "the man behind the curtain" and not the fiery Wizard. Another possibility is the capture of a powerful radio and/or TV transmitter to broadcast an anti-ZOG message. The electronic media are indeed foremost avenues for reaching the minds of the public, with the greatest impact on U.S. sheeple. The media of banana republics do not dominate people's sense of reality as they do in USZOGland, so rebels' capture of a radio station lacks the same impact in mestizo countries. Besides, they are used to rebels, anyway!

No, I do not think FEDZOGUSA is more powerful in this country today than it was in 1941. In terms of its ability to mobilize effective mass-support and massive military efforts, it is much weaker, because of its destructive demographic and economic policies. The U.S. regime has waged relentless war against its White population for decades, and that war has produced the depleted, demoralized population we have today. I doubt that this ZOG will re-institute the draft in the face of demographic realities, which means that it will continue to rely upon rapidly-darkening mercenary forces, on its chosen path to oblivion. The powers which the ZOG arrogates to itself are acts of desperation. Such laws are signs of weakness, rather than strength. What regime which has the full support of its people needs to declare martial law? That usually occurs when a government lacks the full support of the governed. The weaker FEDZOGUSA becomes, the more draconian its laws will be. Eventually the order to shoot will be disobeyed, and the ZOG will come tumbling down, as happened at the fall of the Soviet Union.

People don't like to admit the necessity of racial separation, especially between Blacks and Whites. The Southern rednecks apparently hated them 'Nazis', 'cause they believe a White man should do nigger work. One such used some starving German civilians for target-practice as they tried to pick up coal from the railroad tracks. He 'explained' to the incredulous U.S. soldier who witnessed the atrocity by saying, "Them Nazis tried to steal owah Bahble!" The jews rightly judged the KKK-types as being good German-killers, and I know of few exceptions. I am a White Nationalist. I don't NEED niggers. Only inferior Whites need those whom they can look down upon. As for a mulatto 'super-race', I would challenge any advocate thereof to check out a mulatto society and to compare it to a Black or White society. In my experience, Black African tribal society is superior to the mulatto pimp and whore society of the U.S.A. or Latin America. Any society which would defend itself needs good warriors. In Africa, the best were Blacks or Whites, but never mongrels of any mixture. The Zulus had good reason to respect the White man and despise the mulatto, armed or not. There is rarely a mixture which results in the best of both races. Usually, it results in the worst of both. I wish it were otherwise, but those are the facts, whether we like them or not.

DOWZ & ORIONEric Thomson