29 JAN 02.

I heard part of Bushy's "State of the Union" speech which was written for him by the jew, Gershon, after being introduced by the kosher coven of Wertheiller, Shorr and Siegel. After Bushy read his jew jabber, the 3 jews, assisted by some possible Goyim, told us what Bushy had recited. S.O.S. (Same Old Shit). Will the Goyim ever catch on?

As you say,  there can only be one permanent solution to certain problem-makers. Your description of the police helicopter patrolling the neighborhood with a searchlight, instead of a gunsight, reminds me of the suburb of Loserville where I lived. The helicopter patrols increased, but so did the car and house breakins. Thieves were systematically robbing the cars parked in front of the apartments, which were built like flimsy department store windows, with all one's possessions on display, and even flimsier doors for easy access. The bottom-feeders of our society are not all Black, by any means, for Whitey has produced many dysfunctional Ostensible White subhumans who have partaken of MTV values, Jeffersonian hedonism, drugs & 'sexual expression', which easily metamorphose into drug dealing and prostitution. Obviously, the cure for most of their anti-social behavior would be the application of Rule .303 and/or the 7.62 retroactive abortion pill. S.O.S. (Shoot On Sight.)

Franz Kafka wrote a visionary short story in which some civilized, Vienna-like city is invaded by Khazar-type barbarians who terrorize the city folk, and do as they please, while the emperor's soldiers cower behind the iron fence surrounding the palace, and leave the citizens to the whims of the savages. In the time of writing, such an insane situation would be fantastic, indeed; the product of a jewish, that is, diseased imagination. Yet, we see this situation everyday in the Jew-Ass-Oy Veh. Who is preventing the productive citizens from defending their interests, and the interests of society, against the savages? Our very own. ZOG, that's who! This will not be stopped until every fatcat rico and limousine liberal has to rub elbows with the rabble with whom we must live. Then they'll discover that their social experiment is pretty dangerous and uncomfortable, but as long as others surfer for their decisions, things will become only worse.

The ZOG is still promoting "public housing" , as I understand. When I was up in Soviet Canuckistan, I happened to read an article in SLIME magazine or JEWSWEEK which showed the demolition of a large Chicago public housing project, which the nigs had rendered "uninhabitable" in just seven years. A major contributing factor was the denizens' penchant for pissing in the elevators. The ape urine ate through the flooring and caused the elevators to short out. The housing authority tiled the elevators, but that did not eliminate the problems. If public housing were to be practical, only the Singapore Solution would make sense: all discharge of bodily fluids, &c. would automatically receive the standard punishments meted out to offenders – six cuts of the cane and six-months hard labor, with harsher punishment for repeat offenders. Singapore police enforce anti-litter laws on the streets, as well. Since space is at premium, the Singapore Government favors eugenics. No wonder FEDZOG expresses such hatred of that tiny Chinese enclave on the Malay Peninsula! Chinese Nazis, you say? Oy veh! The ONLY solution to limited space and resources is the policy adopted by Singapore. If you prefer over-population and squalor, just buzz on over to Bangladesh. Any U.S. politician who dumps on Singapore should be dumped in Bangladesh and be forced to stay there!

I read Ford's THE INTERNATIONAL JEW , and also helped the Dietzes do some of the binding & collating. The series was produced, as you likely know, to prove or to disprove that the jews were applying The Protocols or Zion to America. Every invasion of jewish influence into American society is examined, and their destructive nature revealed. It's good U.S. history. I
used the books as material for a White Power Study Course when I was a cell leader in Toronto, for The Western Guard Party, just before its destruction by the Party Leader, a mini-Stalin or a Serb who adopted the name "Don Andrews". His original surname in Serbian means "He who thinks bad thoughts". How appropriate! Bad leaders are worse than no leaders. The Ford books are great Judeo-Americana. I have ordered one of Hans Schmidt's books, also. Well, it's getting light out, so I must go back into my box.

DOWZ & ORION! Eric Thomson

P.S.: The Baxter "suicide" does look like a very convenient 'coincidence' for the guilty parties. If he'd been killed by a meteorite, that would have been about as credible.