08 February 2002 – Eric Thomson
I was thinking about Crumb, the cartoonist, the day before yesterday. R. Crumb really sums up the situation, although I think the Apocalypse will be slower, mainly by the absence of Whitey, rather than a presence of a White-directed nuclear holocaust. The nukes Whitey has left for the simian majority will likely produce a few Chernobyls on The Planet of the Apes, but the major instrument of the Apocalypse will be the muds themselves, as we see now in Black Africa, where war, famine and disease are rampant. The downloads on Pipelineistan are good background material, and the implications are clear: What in hell are we doing muscling in on an area so important to China? Are the Zionist petro-banksters so greedy that they are blind to the dangers of twisting the tail of the Chinese dragon? Mad bandits is what they are. As Engdahl wrote in his "Century of War", the petro-banksters' objectives are not really developing oil resources to increase production, but the inclusion of oilfields in their sphere of influence, for purposes of control. John D. "Wreckafeller" discovered that his control of oil refineries enabled him to control oil prices on the world market. Similar control over oil prices may be obtained by controlling access to oil reserves. Will China allow these alien profiteers to set the price on China's energy and petrochemical requirements? I don't think so.

I would not sell yourself short. Aryans too often busy themselves tinkering under the hood, to make the car run better, without paying attention to the one who sits in the driver's seat. Enough of us are diligent "hewers of wood and drawers of water", so it behooves some of us to look around and see who we are working for. Like you, I deem work I dislike to be the equivalent of slavery. Back in the late fifties and early sixties, I figured that I would work and save my zogbucks; then quit and live off my savings while I did things which I wanted to do. As savings would run out or a better job appear, I would return to the workforce. All that changed when I left the Jew Ass Oy Veh. After my return in 1992, I discovered that jobs were hard to find, in view of the Mestizo Influx. In Loserville, for example, I took jobs that no nigger wanted: heavy fieldwork out in temperatures around 100°1 F. with 90% to 100% humidity. Next time I looked, the hispano-mestizos had taken those jobs. Now, I stick with any job I can find. Inflation makes saving impossible, especially when I earn minimum wage, so I will likely remain a wage-slave into the foreseeable future, until I collapse or the U.S.A. collapses. If I were a betting man, I'd bet on me in a longevity contest with this country under ZOG. I may earn kosher funny-money, but at least I'm out of debt and have a balanced budget, unlike the Jew Ass Eh. I am glad that I did not wait until retirement to embark upon my travels. Had I done so, I would probably find myself in my present economic state, with no travel experience to reflect upon, while I attend to my trivial and tedious chores.

It's great that the Goyim are thinking about the ZOG's 9-11 Legend and separating Hollywood style fiction from facts, based on their practical knowledge. One ZOG-ploy is to cover
a real conspiracy with a multitude of kooky conspiracy theories. One blightwing rumor has it that Mossadniks planted explosive charges in the Trade Towers, which caused their 'implosion', following the collisions with the jetliners. Come on, now! The total destruction of the Trade Towers was unnecessary to achieve results beneficial to Israel and FEDZOGUSA, just as it was unnecessary to make a crater of the ZOG-building or City. Walls were left standing. So what?
The propaganda objective had been achieved. Not only would the planting of explosives in the Trade Towers have been overkill, but it would have endangered the perpetrators, should evidence of explosives have been found. Why not anchor an Israeli missile frigate in the Hudson River, to make sure the buildings would be demolished, if the planes got lost, or missed their targets? Even one plane in one trade tower would have done the job, but two planes, plus explosive charges would be what Brits call "tearing the ring out of it." I understand why so many planes were necessary: the first one was to get the attention of the Goyim; the second was to show those who'd missed the first one, and the third which hit the Pentagon was to enable the slow-Iearners to catch on that "someone was using airliners like guided missiles"... duh, huh? The plane which "crashed" in the boonies may have been a red herring, to make the gullible Goyim believe that the onboard "hi-hjackers" had fought with passengers and crew, and that
the aircraft went out of control or was purposely crashed by someone on board. I never heard that it flipped tail-over-nose. That would seem most unlikely, unless some great force had
been applied, externally. I am no pilot, but as far as I know, the closest any intact aircraft can come to putting the nose where the tail was is in a loop. I don't think any manipulation of the controls could make a jetliner flip, tail over nose, like a thrown knife or ax. Even if the wings were to drop off, this would seem unlikely in the realm of aerobatics. The more questions, the merrier, and the better, for us Goyim!

It never hurts to learn from the past, and your research into the Civil War & "Reconstruction" are relevant to current events. One writer commented that the North may have freed the slaves, but it enslaved the South. Another writer opined that the South 'won' the Civil War, because the whole U.S.A. was turned into a big plantation thereafter. I don't believe that the CSA was out of the banksters' clutches. There was far too much Rothschild influence in the South, including Judah P. Benjamin Y, who played a strategic role between President Davis and his very young wife. Booth had jews in his family tree, and the timing of Lincoln's assassination could not have been worse, for Lincoln apparently intended to repatriate the Blacks to Africa, and in restoring the South into the Union on easy terms, similar to General Grant's gallantry in permitting Confederate officers to retain their personal weapons, if I recall correctly. Those who stood to gain the most from Lincoln's assassination were on the Union side, not on , the Confederate side, as far as I know. Were I living in that time, I would have chosen to follow Mark Twain out West or, like one of my great grandfathers, I would have enlisted as a surgeon in a vain attempt to save what lives I could, with the primitive means available. Neither North nor South was worth a single drop of Aryan blood. One liberaless claimed that the Civil War was "necessary" to free the slaves. I said that was nonsense. Brazil had slaves longer than the U.S., and slavery there was abolished by government decree in 1888, with no civil war necessary! As I recall, The Emancipation Proclamation 'freed' only slaves in rebel states. Slaves living in Washington, DC, remained slaves. Lincoln figured that the slaves of the rebel states would revolt, when they learned that they were 'free', but the E.P. was a flop in that department. Had the Civil War lasted another year or so, the South would have drafted Black soldiers, in addition to the Black volunteer troops already serving. According to research done by Michael Hoffman, the first Black troops in The Civil War fought on the Confederate side.

I tend to take Thoreau's and Veblen's view of property: i.e. traps, encumbrances, impedimenta. ZOG holds the land hostage, by means of property taxes. Americans enjoyed many freedoms which were given away under FDR's Red regime. In crowded Europe, there was no freedom to be left alone, nor to go where one pleased. The traditional "Meldepflicht" or "duty to report" required active participation of all persons. If you arrived in a city, you would break the law if you did not report your presence to local authorities. Early in the 2Oth century, an American could live off his land, free of the cash economy, if he pleased, but now, he must pay property taxes or lose his land. In The Protocols, the jews' firm intention to eliminate independent farmers is stated outright, for a man who could feed himself and his family from his land would be free of jew control via the cash economy. Americans used to travel without passports! Indeed, it is no good to have a passport if the country you intend to visit will not grant you a visa, and if you can get a visa, you do not require a passport to enter that country! Generally, a piece of paper with your current photo and identification data, such as citizenship and date of birth, which is notarized, may be acceptable to the country you intend to visit. Been there. Done that. Some countries would put their visa stamp on a separate piece of paper, instead of in your passport, so there would be no proof you ever went there, if you happened to discard the separate visa. In dealings with governments, there are many possibilities.

Yes, I agree with your concept of "detachment", although my attitude is more like the state of mind one has when traveling through a minefield; cautious alertness. Most of ay ancestors were seafaring people, who traveled, fought and traded around the globe. For this reason, I feel at home most anywhere, and I adapt reasonably well to most circumstances. One example which is amusing for me to remember was when I left Bulawayo in the summer and arrived in Toronto in the winter, within 48 hours. Yes, I thought to have my warmest clothing handy!

As I recall from reading Crumb cartoons in the sixties, he was highly critical of the Judeo-American ratrace and its uptight, phony values, just as I was. So it turns out that
neither of us were hippies, and both of us chose life as expatriates. Here in Northern Mexico, I am still an expatriate, although I'd much prefer Sweden, Denmark or Norway!


P.S.: I was shocked, shocked! to learn that Dr. Pierce is not alone. Terri Gross of NPR interviewed a kike demento-rock star from the band, KISS. As he listed his names, his Goy stage name, his yiddish New York name and his Hebrew Israeli name, the kikess, Gross repeated them. When she gave his Hebrew name, the kike-crooner said it sounded "bad coming from a Gentile mouth." After a moment or silence, kikess Gross said her mouth was not Gentile. Does the hebe need glasses or did Terri get a nose-job? Imagine "They Live" in which everybody needs those special 'glasses' to 'see' the aliens, including the alien! Maybe we all look jewish.