10 February 2002
The Chinese tentacles are reaching into all aspects of Judeo-American society, and the hebes seem to be welcoming them. The Loral-kike made sure they got our latest high-tech missile guidance systems, so their missiles can be aimed with accuracy. Whatever technology the sheenies steal from us, they sell to China, according to my sources. If I recall correctly, the jews opened the gates of Babylon to let in the Babylonians' enemy, and Babylon was sacked and laid waste. The hebes seem intent upon a similar scheme for North America, in which they have prospered. Then, they will write about their "American captivity". Stay tuned.

The Blacks are much like apes. If you let a monkey into your abode, he will mess it up in ways you could not imagine, were you to exercise your most malicious, destructive genius! A fellow who was watching the movie, "Gremlins", with me commented on the bar scene, in which the gremlins have taken the place over and are running the barmaid ragged.. One gremlin exposes himself to her; another gremlin is whirling around on the ceiling fan; two gremlins are playing poker; one draws a pistol and shoots the other. The gremlins are clad in colorful, garish, uncouth garb. My fellow viewer said, "They remind. me of niggers." Yes, indeed! And, they are not as cute as gremlins, either. The noisy, violent disorder in the bar was typical of nigger behavior. Now we know who the jew film director used for his gremlin prototype!

William W. Glenn could see through the misty myths of the Foundling Fathers, but I wonder if he could see in Palmerston the nihilistic premise upon which our present Judeo-American society rests, for Palmerston said about England that it had no loyalty to people, nor to principles, but only recognize. "interests". Very well, whose interests? Disraeli said it best, that those who do not understand race can never understand history. One Anglo-mestizo asked me why the modern Italians couldn't do a quarter as much as the ancient Romans. I said, because the present population of Italy is not Roman, and that Rome collapsed for lack of Romans exactly as the U.S. will collapse when it runs out of Euro-Americans. Decadent Rome relied upon German tribes to fill its legions, rather than Blacks, Semites et al. Some peoples are good warriors; others are not. In Africa, some Black tribes were much better soldiers than others. In Rhodesia, our best troops were Whites under White officers and Blacks, under White officers. Our worst troops were "coloreds" or mixed-race mongrels. Will the Judeo-American empire win their conceivably endless campaigns using such "Menschenmaterial"? I doubt it.

I agree that the ZOG is going all-out. What ZOG's goal is, aside from the destruction of the White Race, is a mystery. The hebes appear to be sawing off the limb they are sitting on by destroying their U.S. base and their loyal Goyim. What they are doing with their imperial resources baffles me, for I see no profit for anyone, outside of purely abstract financial gains, at the cost of real wealth in terms of goods, services and manpower. Our rulers appear to be plowing the sea; at great effort and expense, to achieve nothing, but ruin. Sun Tzu would. likely say that our ZOG is behaving like "mad bandits", who will defeat themselves with acts of insane desperation, exactly as they now appear to be doing. Unless I do not see what the ZOG sees, it looks to me as if disaster looms dead ahead for USS TITANIC and its passengers.

Like most denizens of North America, I do not know from one day to the next if I will have a job. That's why I never bank on my next paycheck, and get myself strung out in debt as do the Goyim. My hobby is searching for ways to cut a own my expenses, rather than acquire more toys and baubles. One fellow said that his favorite shaving cream had gone up in price, and he was considering switching to something cheaper. I told him that I use regular soap and lather, with a brush; the same soap I use for shampoo and washing up. His comment was, "Wow!" I blew his mind with a bar of soap. Versatile stuff, soap. All my shoes are black, so I only need to buy one can of polish. Of course, black shoes go with brown or blue suits, but brown shoes do not, &c. Multiple-use is the key to relieving oneself of "traps, encumbrances and impedimenta", and it often saves money. I hate dry-cleaning, for it does not clean. All trousers should be washable, even if the jackets are not.

I am not a conspiracy-collector nor have I seen a UFO, but I know serious people who have seen UFOs and are aware of conspiracies. I keep an open mind on such topics but I do exercise skepticism in regard to The Globe and The National Enquirer.

It is often a thankless task to attempt to teach Goyim about jew-media control. You might try this ploy: How many Russians, Chinese, Englishmen, Americans, &c. died in World. War II? Who do you think controls the media? How many jews died. in World. War II? The Goy brightly answers, "Six million!" after claiming that no one controls the media. Few Goyim, including myself, know the numbers of other nationalities who died in World. War II. I do know that six-million sheenies did not, at least of all from overdosing on free gas!

I recall the alleged Chinese war plans against the U.S.A., which were broadcast on the Internet. To my knowledge, these plans emanated from the Chinese military staff. They were ignored by the jewsmedia, and apparently by the Great Herd of Sheeple, without confirmation or denial, and without any follow up, to my knowledge. There they were in all their explicit simplicity: China would draw the U.S.A. into a ground war, designed to tie down its effective forces and stretch its logistical capabilities to the utmost. The ZOG has rushed headlong into the trap, if the Chinese war plans are valid and authentic, for the U.S.A. IS over-extending its forces and has its reserves tied down in "homeland defence". The U.S.A. is economically unsuited to carry on such a campaign in the long or short terms. According to the published war plans, China will wait for the U.S. to exhaust itself, before wagging its jew-supplied missile technology in our faces and stating its demands.

Taiwan, like Hong Kong and Singapore, are in Chinese hands, so an official mainland take-over of Taiwan will be symbolic. The Chinese are great ones for symbolism, as they affect the concept of 'face': Whoever officially takes over Taiwan gains face as an Asian power; whoever loses control of Taiwan loses face in Asia. We made the Chinese lose face on plenty of occasions, from the Opium Wars to our invasion of Peking after The Boxer Rebellion. Chinese do not forget. In thousands of years, they have remained the same people genetically and culturally. They will still know who they are, a thousand years hence, and when you know who you are, you know what you want. You know what's good for you and what's bad for you. You do not subordinate your people to any religion, but you adapt whatever religion to the purposes of your people with your identity soundly based in your race, you know that all swarms of mad-bandit mongrels can be defeated and their lands conquered and occupied, merely by consistent attention to your consistent interests as a great racial nation. ZOG willing, the Chinese will continue to have time and numbers on their side, as well as the latest White man's technology.

Meanwhile, the masses of asses who live upon the continent currently called "North America", are mongrelizing themselves merrily away, downbreeding themselves to the point .that they are much too stupid to consider the ongoing Chinese invasion and occupation of mongrel livingspace. The Chinese can win by playing according to our rules, for they are succeeding in politics, business and banking. They can also win by playing according to their rules, in which their opponents are made to lose face by performing the kow-tow of abject submission, as the Jesuits do before the Pope, in typical oriental fashion, as befits their Afro-Asiatic religion called Christianity. "Losing face" in its literal sense is to have your face in the dirt, as you lie prostrate before your acknowledged lords and conquerors. Even the dumbest mongrel sheeple will not like that, but if they continue to support the ZOG, they may as well get used to it.

The jews admit in their Old Testament their career of betrayal of host peoples. They prospered in Babylon and opened the gates to the invaders. They prospered in Europe and America, and they have done likewise. Benjamin Franklin warned that the jews were asiatics, who should be excluded from the U.S.A. Franklin, of course, was a member of the Freemasons who see themselves as loyal slaves of jew-King Solomon, so Sun Tzu would laugh: You stupid White devils exclude the jew, but import his philosophy! When we observe the demographics of Europe and North America biopolitically, we can olny conclude that the jews have acted as agents of asiatic invasion and conquest. The true 'homeland' of the jews is The Great Silk Route, which begins in China. Friends of mine have traveled its length quite recently and they report the occurrence of slant-eyed mongrels from Sinkiang into Austria. If the current demographic trend continues, the future of this planet will be asiatic. Those who believe this to be "a good deal" should at least visit China to see what such a future would offer, and if they think that's all right, they should be required to remain there. China may well disintegrate politically, as it has in the past, but its gene pool may dominate the entire planet, in the form of mestizos. As for the Black Race, current demographic trends indicate that it is already burnt toast, and is likely to disappear within the present century, save for certain mongrel enclaves in North America. The reported army of 700,000 Chinese who presently occupy the oilfields of the Sudan indicates China's claim to the African continent. Stay tuned for further developments.

White Man, I have seen the best of Asia and the worst of Asia, and I can guarantee that you would like neither. But if you allow Asians to invade your livingspace, you will never be able to escape Asia's suffocating overcrowding and regimentation. Your first task is to EXCLUDE THE JEW & HIS WAYS, before they destroy you and the future of your children.

Our more immediate problem in North America is our jew-dazed economy, which even zoglings admit is terminal: "Too much need and not enough feed," as one state senator told me. The U.S.A. is suffering from terminal Marxism and the symptoms will become apparent even to the dumbest niggerball fans, very soon.

DOWZ! Eric Thomson