13 February 2002
The item I read on testosterone represents an interesting approach to history. There was also another on circumcision which jews only praise. Yet, the trauma inflicted upon a defenceless infant in one of his most sensitive areas appears to be totally ignored by the Freudians. As the brief article observes, the infliction of pain and consequent desensitizing of the male reproductive organ must have serious consequences in male behavior, but I don't think a jew would like to write about that!

The pendulum has swung back from nurture to nature, but the more we learn about genetic differences, the more we are supposed to ignore them! The Zionist Occupation Government orders us to avoid any form of discrimination. If a person's DNA reveals him to be prone to certain job-related illnesses, the employer MUST hire that person, anyway. Then, when the person becomes ill, he can sue the employer for a job-related injury! Naturally, if rapists are born, not made, a sane society would take steps to curtail  their behavior and reproduction. From my own experience, rape and crime tend to run in families. One would not expect to see such a correlation if such behavior were due only to environment. Any society which wants to survive must curtail anti-social behavior, regardless of its origin. As Hobbes put it: "The justice system exists for the protection of society, not for the protection of the individual." Unfortunately, Americans heeded the mad man, Rousseau, rather than Hobbes.

Yes, the Zionist Occupation Government deems jews, mestizos and so-called American Indians as "White", but as we know, that does not make it so. The jews pretended to be White in White-ruled Africa, but as soon as they had decided upon Black rule, they 'miraculously' discovered that they were not White. I was there when the kikes did this jew-jitsu. The Blacks were not stupid, however, and did not treat them as Blacks! At present, certain media-jews make loud claims to being White, but as we know, the jew cares nothing for truth. What works for him is good enough! (For the moment.) In regard to law, the ZOG has deemed mongrels to be White, however, it has created privileged groups within its arbitrary "White" category, such as jews and hispanics. If a Mexican kills a White, it is not a "hate-crime", for the ZOG deems it White versus White, but if a White kills a hispanic, it is a "hate-crime"! Consequently, a jew can kill a White without the ZOG charging him with "hate" and/or "racism", but a White cannot escape such charges if he kills a kike, for the jew  is privileged on grounds of religion and/or ethnicity. Whites who think jews are White are in big trouble, just as the Whites of colonial Africa. The ZOG wants us to be confused. I do not.

In regard to Sharon versus Arafat, I have long seen Arafat as a weak reed in Arab politics, similar to Mahatma Gandhi in India. Arafat is a secular Arab, which takes the steam out of his leadership in a religion-obsessed population, in which fanaticism is the driving force behind the fatalistic, passive masses. Arafat is the one lukewarm fanatic in the bunch, and that is why he has led such a charmed life, right up to the present. Sharon is a gangster, and it appears that he is now impatient with Arafat, whom he views as an unsatisfactory compromise. Arab "militants" see him in the same light so Arafat is likely to be crushed between the two uncompromising opponents.

In regard  to the pedophile scandal in Roman Catholic Church schools and other institutions, similar charges have been filed against Protestant churchmen. After all, Christianity is anti-Nature, so why should we be surprised that its adherents indulge in unnatural behavior?

In regard to dual-citizenship, I believe that it contradicts the U.S. immigrants' oath to have allegiance only to the U.S.A. People who are U.S. citizens by birth do not have to take such an oath, so they can be dual citizens! I knew a jew in Rhodesia who legitimately possessed 5 passports: British, Rhodesian, South African, Israeli, and U.S. Jews have no trouble becoming U.S. citizens, which they appear to achieve with no more effort than that of buying a cheap shirt. Since Mr. Baron was not born in the U.S.A., he must have taken the oath which he violated by retaining his other four passports and citizenships. But what's an oath, these days? The U.S.A. is a business address for all those engaged in "the pursuit of happiness", just as the ZOG desires.

Peter Tompkins' "The Magic or Obelisks" describes the importation of Egyptian obelisks from Egypt, first by the Romans, who took them as trophies. The Romans adopted the deities of all peoples they conquered and placed them in their Pantheon or "All Gods' Residence". In the 19th century, the Freemasons imported Egyptian obelisks into Paris, London and, I believe, New York City. The Washington Monument is the biggest obelisk or all, but it does not come from Egypt. It is made or native American stone. The Monument is made of two different shades of stone, for its construction was interrupted by the Civil War. The base stone came from the South and the top half came from a different quarry in the North, as I read. Obelisks are phallic symbols used in Egyptian sex-magic rites. Obviously, there are those in the Vatican, New York, Paris, London and Washington, DC, who have much invested in Egyptian sex-magic. A pox upon them!

Re internal passports or a U.S. identity card: the charges for these mandatory items will become a source or tax revenue for the ZOG. As you say, car ownership expenses are becoming so exorbitant that few low-income wage earners can afford one. I could not afford to own a car on my income, and I have successfully lived without a car for most of my life. I'd rather eat, than drive around in search or a place to park, like the Flying Angeleno, who was condemned to drive around L.A. forever, with no place to park. I've heard that his battered Model A Ford is sometimes glimpsed early in the morning on the L.A. freeways. Ha!

I am not entirely surprised to learn about the lack of mention in Egyptian records or the existence of Hebrew slaves. An Israeli archeologist perused the Egyptian records of the "Exodus Era" and found not one report of "thousands" of fleeing Israelites alias "Hebrews", although each and every escaped slave who was captured in that period was recorded, if such incidents occurred. The Israeli archeologist wondered why the jews would flee from one part or Egypt into another part of Egypt, by crossing the Red Sea. It is perfectly possible that the Old Testament is merely an edited compilation of tall tales told to desert cutthroat savages around their camel dung fires, as the tales of Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox were told to drunken loggers around their campfires. The Book of Esther (Ishtar) is another such fable.

The first U.S. Presbyterian church was established by a jew. The jew, Calvin, introduced Old Testament emphasis in his version of Christianity, along with his Gospel of Wealth. The Presbyterian Church is really a synagogue for rich and wanna-be rich Goyim, for whom poverty is the visible sign of sin.

It's now revealed that the B'nai B'rith is overshadowing  the FBI and this is not surprising ,but I am amazed that the ZOG would leave such information accessible in its files. Will wonders never cease? How can anyone with such information doubt the ZOG's existence?

ORION!       Eric Thomson