18 FEB 02
The Washington Post article on Saudi Arabia is most informative, for it reveals two outstanding trends: As U.S. dependence on Saudi oil lessens, the U.S. penchant for meddling in Saudi affairs grows, along with the Saudi Arabic population. Other writers have noted that the Saud family is on an increasingly shaky tightrope, upon which both sides, the U.S. and the Arabs, see the country's ruling family as corrupt, and playing for both sides in a doomed effort to compromise the uncompromisable. The Saudi ruling family has been striving to placate Zionist petro-bankster interests with its pro-ZOG oil policy, while striving to placate its own Arab population and the world's devoted, that is, fanatical, Moslems. Obviously, there would be no such conflict between the U.S. and the Saudis, nor within the country of Saudi Arabia, were it not for Israel and Judeo-American Zionist policies. The mere presence of U.S. infidels in the holiest of the Moslem lands is as provocative as dumping a bucket of pigs' feet in a synagogue. Few American boobs understand that their presence is a blasphemous abomination to believers who fear Allah's wrath. When people take their religion seriously, it is dangerous to tread upon their beliefs. The British found that out when it was rumored that their new musket cartridges were waterproofed with pig fat and/or beef fat, which enraged Moslem and Hindu sepoys, and nearly got the Brits ousted from India. The Brits are gone, but the religious attitudes remain. The U.S. is likely to attack Saudi Arabia, on behalf of Israel.

Your comment about FEDZOG's ostensible attempt to appease Black interests by appointing Colin Powell as Secretary of State seems accurate, which merely proves that the ZOG knows very little about Black mentality which views appeasement as weakness, and simply stimulates the demands for more. One local politico opined that the disproportionate number of non-Whites in government will split the U.S. along class lines, rather than racial lines, when the crunch comes between the haves and the have-nots. I mentioned my Rhodesian experience, in which I observed that rich Blacks sided with their own people, regardless of class distinctions. Few Whites are aware of racial reality, it would appear, including those who agree that the economic crisis is worsening. I foresee the ZOG splitting along racial lines, rather than class lines, as the Marxists would wish: What you mean, 'we', White man?

Thanks for the Rense.com downloads. I think one writer exaggerates and mistakenly perceives 'splits' in Judeo-American imperial policies. Any internecine conflict on the order he predicts would blow the Jew World Order out of the water. As far as sustaining a war economy goes, the author of that article appears to think the U.S.A. has the same diversified, robust territorial economy that it had in World War II. It does not, and military spending will drastically devalue the zogbuck's domestic purchasing power. The ZOG's imperial policies are designed to concentrate power and profit in the hands of the few, rather than benefit the many, whose support the jewsmedia hope to maintain through duplicity, rather than real rewards. It worked in previous wars for the mendacious malefactors' power and profit, when the U.S.A. was predominately White, but it is no longer, and non-Whites seem much more aware of their immediate, personal interests. I doubt that they will go to war on behalf of Judah.

Another download reveals Israeli duplicity against Bushy, in regard to Iran. Well, of course! An Israeli writer revealed Israel's unwavering policy toward the non-Arab countries which stand behind Israel's Arab neighbors. He mentioned Turkey and Iran as those countries which Israel seeks to use against Arab interests, despite the fact that they are Moslem. During the Iran-Iraq War, it was Israel which supplied the Iranian Air Force with replacement parts for the Iranians' U.S.-built aircraft, despite Iran's being on the U.S. 'enemy' list. USZOG puppets seem happy to serve Israel against American interests: give Israel the parts and let Israel sell them to Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran. Such a deal! Bushy is a happy little Zionist puppet who carries out policies which he neither understands nor initiates. Bush even forgets the lines written for him by his jew speech writer, as if his mind were elsewhere. Although he seems to enjoy being president, I'm sure he'd rather party. As for U.S. interests, I don't think they are anywhere on his radar screen.

The download on Chinese infiltration of the U.S.A. via Canada, with the complicity of the Canadian government, is somewhat alarming. The most alarming thing for non-Chinese Judeo-Americans is that the Chinese are speedily colonizing the North American continent, physically and financially. It is sufficiently alarming that they are here!

The article on Germany, from the Wall St. Journal, is revealing in regard to the Bundeszog's obsequious adoption of USZOG economic policies, i.e. deficit spending and tax cuts. In resource-poor Germany, with its crowded, multi-racial population, such folly is likely to show results much sooner than we shall see in resource-abundant North America. The adoption of the Euro is worse for Germany, for it ties the most productive elements of Western Europe to the neediest and least productive elements. This would be similar to a U.S. adoption of a single currency for the Western Hemisphere. Marxism in action, another term for inflation.

I entirely agree with your reaction to nigger noise. It is abominable to any White person. I think that wiggers who listen to rap-crap would be oppressed by constant exposure to normal levels of Black noise. They talk louder than necessary, unless they are deaf, and when they are not conversing, they are banging on something and/or emitting raucous noises. Not in my livingspace, please! Blacks are particularly bad, but other non-Whites also seem to enjoy unnecessary noise-making, unless they are the ones who want to sleep! I have seen mestizos who had nothing better to do than bang a piece of rebar on a curb, by way of entertainment.

Congratulations on seeking like-minded comrades. As Judeo-America's crisis deepens, such an outreach program will be well worth the effort. All such groups as I have encountered here are vociferously pro-mud in their political prattle, regardless of their allegedly anti-ZOG attitudes which stem from their infantile desire to have all things, without paying for them.

It is an 'open secret' that the 9-11 attacks were perfectly timed to thwart Saudi peace efforts in Occupied Palestine. Any Saudi Arabian efforts on behalf of their fellow Arabs will be deemed anti-Zionist, no matter how timid or how justified. It is as if the ZOG wants to lose its Saudi puppets in the Middle East, just as it lost the Shah of Iran. The ZOG does not want oil in the Middle East. It wants war.

White Flight is indeed disgusting, and the jews continue to push their Black Invasion agenda of White livingspace. I would propose an equal Black Invasion of jew livingspace by school and housing; vouchers with which to inject Black students and Black residents into jew schools and neighborhoods. If Blacks are 'good' for Whites, they must be just as 'good' for kikes. Genocide in the name of 'equal opportunity' .Only White Fight will work, for White Flight has been tried, and there really is no where to run to. If jews insist on claiming to be White, in order to infiltrate, dominate and destroy Whites, then why can't Whites claim to be jews? A jew need not be religious, just ugly and obnoxious. Whites can learn! I hear from ZOG-gulagniks that they get "better food and treatment" if they claim to be jewish in the U.S. prison system. So far, I have heard no reports on any proof required to obtain 'jewish' status. Whitey should show some life and some audacity, for a change.

I am sure your ex-employer felt you were the 'wrong' type to grade essays. Now, if your skin were darker and your eyes slanted. you'd qualify as having the 'right' stuff, even if your English skills weren't that great. Been there. Had it done to me.

Well, there is an old saying about those who are lucky in love when unlucky with money. In my own experience, the two seem very strongly linked, with money being the highest priority. A man's idea of romance is encapsulated in a beautiful woman. A woman's idea of romance is most often summed up in terms of money and everything it can buy. Men are aroused by women and women are aroused by money. How romantic! Women get the jews they deserve.

I must defend Yakima's reputation as an "all-American City"! We do have queers. I even encountered a transvestite. On one job I see a whole gaggle of lesbos who disdain all male contact except for a local nigger pimp and drug-dealer. Anyone who thinks lesbians are not a vector for AIDS has not seen their behavior around nigger males. There is even a "gay" bar which advertised a "drag night" in Spanish and English. Putos galore! Yakima may be small, but it is no less degenerate than larger towns. The local STD rate is outstanding with new diseases and virulent variations of all the old ones going around. It's equal-opportunity sharing. There are even 'midnight cowboys' .Yakima combines all the vices of the Wild West with those of Deep Space Nine. All it takes is eyes to see, when one is on the scene. Those with the means can live blithely unaware of the local demimonde, if they choose to look the other way. I must work in it, and I must be aware of what goes on. I think my aplomb in such circumstances results from my years living as a foreigner. I was born a foreigner and remain a foreigner, so I am used to behavior in others which I would deem egregious and alien for me. All this behavior merely brings The Great Culling that much closer, and our relative positions on the food chain will be revealed in due course.

It is becoming; obvious that the Judeo-American empire, based on the infinite greed of the few and the infinite needs of the many, can no longer sustain its population. Here comes the revolution, ready or not!

All the Best & DOWZ! Eric Thomson