06 March 2002
AMERICAN FÜHRER by F.J. Simonelli, a book review by Eric Thomson

This is obviously a 'mainstream' (kosher) biography of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. Mr. Simonelli may be one of the tribe, or a shabez Goy in need of status and shekels, for his approach to his subject is definitely kosher-partisan, and yet, he reveals the extent of jew media-control and jew authority in the U.S.A. almost as well as Rockwell. The jewish policy
of restricting, distorting and denying the Goyim (the majority of the electorate) news about personalities and issues reflects the jews' fear of democracy, specifically in their treatment of Rockwell and his ideas. They chose, as always, not to debate him, but to censor or "quarantine" him. No matter how they tried to demean him, Rockwell had the hebes scared, as revealed by their actions against him, despite their public pronouncements.

Like ex-Mossadnik Victor Ostrovsky, Mr. Simonelli reveals the plethora and power of jew organizations in the U.S.A., including their role in influencing law enforcement authorities, from the FBI down to the local police. Rockwell said it, but few believed him. Simonelli says it and backs up his statements with jewish sources. His section on Notes indicates his extensive and thorough research.

Much of this biography, in respect to Rockwell's personal life, echoes THIS TIME THE WORLD, Rockwell's autobiography. Rockwell described his often painful experiences with family members during his process of maturation, as well as his broken marriages. As usual, a kosher biography must include attempts to perform a Freudian-style psychoanalysis on the subject, at secondhand. Simonelli attempts to please in this regard, but he reveals Rockwell's quite sane and rational responses to his family members, some of whom were domineering, some submissive; some supportive, some antagonistic, &c. This appears to be the human condition, with which jews are never, ever satisfied. Simonelli uses this ad hominemic approach to a limited extent for he knows that he must discredit Rockwell, even slightly, or go unpublished. The knowledgeable reader knows, however, that all people, great or small, can be subjected to antagonistic secondhand psychoanalysis as a smear tactic. Sometimes, as in the case of Karl Marx, there is no way other than complete omission or fabrication to obscure his own objective character dysfunctions.

Those who favor those in power, view an individual's or a group's rebellion against authority in a critical and/or negative fashion. Simonelli describes Rockwell's rebellion in this context, but he reveals the extent of Zionist authority in U.S. society while doing so, just as Rockwell intended. Once the existence of this power is acknowledged, one can admire Rockwell's courage and determination to tackle it, on behalf of Gentile interests. Rockwell was as 'needful' of psychotherapy in the U.S.A. as any critic of "the workers' paradise" would have been in the U.S.S.R. Are the Chechens 'crazy' because they fight for their existence and their independence as Chechens? By the same token, the Floundering Fathers of the so-called American Revolution must have been just as crazy when they became 'terrorists' and 'illegal combatants' against their King. Insanity is in the eye of the beholder – those with the power to define, control, as Orwell observed. It is definitely in the ZOG's interest to have us believe that Rockwell and his White Nationalist successors are 'crazy', and, if we don't believe that, the ZOG will offer the political pretext that White Nationalists are 'terrorists' .

Simonelli attempts to deal with the racial issue by claiming that there can be no such thing as 'racial contamination' (adultery). He styles race as a social convention, like the jew, Israel Ehrenberg alias "Ashley Montague". Obviously, if race is a social fiction, so is genetic science. If this is so, why does the ZOG continue to push 'racial' integration and enforce laws against 'genocide' on a selective basis? Why harm Whites, if we "don't exist"?

Inadvertently, or by design, Simonelli reveals the dramatic contradictions, the outrageous hypocrisy, of those who claim to support 'democracy' and 'freedom of speech' .Jews are revealed to seek freedom of speech for their interests, and to smother those who disagree with them. Judeo-democratic regimes tout their 'democratic' freedoms, then use laws and tactics entirely befitting the most brutal of Orwellian tyrannies, against those who have the 'wrong' ideas. As one writer said, "jews tout universalism on behalf of tribalism." We must remember that when jews talk of 'humanity', they mean only themselves. This explains the apparent contradictions.

Rockwell, as he is quoted, knew that he could come to power only via crisis. He predicted race-war, followed by economic collapse, starting with massive inflation. We are likely to discover that Rockwell's response was far ahead of the ability and willingness of the Goyim to comprehend what is in store for us. Once again, Simonelli describes Rockwell as politically irrelevant, but that Rockwell established a legacy of followers. Thus is the reader led to believe that "his truth goes marching on."